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July 10, 2024

On Tuesday, House and Senate Democrats held an “emergency” closed-door session on Capitol Hill, with tensions reportedly running high.  It started with a sprightly group of singing nuns bounding to the stage and singing “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Joe Biden?”

Just kidding about that last part.  Besides, a melancholy pipe organ would’ve been more appropriate, as the mood in the room was likened to a funeral.  (One attendee reportedly said, “That’s an insult to funerals.”)  Some were shedding “actual tears.”

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President Biden is still emphatically voicing his intention to remain on the ticket, but according to NEWSMAX, most of the House and Senate Democrats “wanted Joe to end his candidacy.”  Those facing re-election are no doubt dismayed by the thought of what will happen to their own chances with loser Biden at the top of the ticket.

But Biden’s cooked, because big donors are bowing out.  According to FOX NEWS’ Jesse Watters, a well-connected Democrat fundraiser “said it’s gotten so bad, some of Biden’s campaign bundlers have just given up.”  As THE NEW YORK TIMES reported Monday, “It is increasingly clear that the President is unwilling to accept the reality of his situation.  He is engaging in a staring contest with Democratic leaders, and he appears to be winning.*  The only way to persuade Mr. Biden to accept the need for new leadership is to demonstrate that the party is no longer following him.”

(* No surprise, he’s had a lot of practice.)

Chuck Schumer is said to be the one who’d have to tell Biden (and Dr. First Lady), likely this weekend, that it’s time to leave the race or else have “a political slaughter” down the ballot, with a Republican sweep of everything.  (Sounds delightful!)  That uncomfortable conversation might also require President Obama laying it on the line.

Here’s the NEWSMAX report; it says that so far no senator has called for Joe, a longtime senator, to leave the race, but we’ll update that to say Virginia Sen. Mark Warner is reportedly putting together a group of senators to ask him to go.

Not that Biden should take this personally; the DNC would run a bag of wet cement for President if it polled better than Biden does now.  Although...Democrats on late-night TV are (finally!) starting to ridicule Biden, now that they know he’s toxic at the polls --- the political equivalent of Hollywood’s “box-office poison” --- and that they’ve absolutely got to have a new nominee.  In a way, it’s kind of refreshing to see the Biden jokes now, but where were the late-night “comedians” during the 2020 campaign and the years of his presidency, when there was plenty to mock?  We certainly found plenty.  But, no, the media only covered for him.

So the Democrat Party is reaping what it sowed.  One way or another, they’ll have to get Biden to step away, as they all (except Biden) know he can’t win.  But there’s more:  As Mollie Hemingway notes, if he’s not qualified to be on the ticket, he’s not qualified to be President, either.  So it seems inevitable that Biden has to leave office one way or another, possibly very soon.  That makes Kamala Harris President --- the first black female President for those who think that’s important under these circumstances.

But that doesn’t mean she’ll be the nominee.  Some observers, including tech entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, anticipate a “speed primary” ahead of the convention.  Kamala can participate and “fight for her slot,” as he put it, but he doesn’t think she’ll get it.  He thinks that to beat Trump, the Democrats should nominate “a couple of moderates,” though he inexplicably counts someone like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as a “moderate.” The mind reels.

If Democrats’ Biden Problem lasts more than another week or two, he says, a whistleblower will likely come forward, someone perhaps inside the Cabinet or White House “who understands the [very deep] cover-up” of Biden’s illness.  (Stall a little longer, Joe, because a whistleblower would be great.)

But the long cover-up of Biden’s cognitive decline is unraveling; recall our report on Monday about a noted Parkinson’s specialist visiting the White House nine times in the past year, and once before that.  The White House has since put out a story that neurologist Dr. Kevin Cannard was visiting the White House as part of an initiative to combat neurological disease.  Well, how conveeeeenient that the White House began an initiative on Parkinson’s Disease involving an expert on Parkinson’s Disease just when the President was starting to be suspected of having...Parkinson’s Disease.  Also, Dr. Cannard met with at least one other doctor, a cardiologist, and Biden’s personal White House physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

There’s news about Dr. O’Connor as well.  He has intriguing ties to a Biden family business deal, Jim Biden’s Americore hospital scam, as revealed on Sunday in a letter to the doctor from House Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer, asking him to testify before Congress.

In February of this year, O’Connor assessed Biden’s health by saying that he was “a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male, who remains fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”  Really??  This man seems barely able to navigate his surroundings.  And no word about his cognitive fitness?  As Biden would say, c’mon man.

As reported by REDSTATE, “At issue for Comer is whether O’Connor’s assessments of Biden have been improperly influenced by his work with the Biden family and the company Americore Health LLC, along with the President’s brother Jim Biden.”  More on this to come.

O’Connor covered for Dr. Cannard’s visits by saying in a letter that the neurologist “is involved in a range of care for others beyond the President at the White House.”  Dan Bongino, who worked for five years on White House detail as a member of the Secret Service, is not buying that at all.  What O’Connor describes in this letter would not be happening at the White House, he said Tuesday on his radio show.  Maybe someplace else, but definitely not at the White House, where space is at a premium.

Even the White House Press Corps smell a cover-up, and Karine Jean-Pierre had an especially lame and cringeworthy press briefing Tuesday.  (Bongino thought her refusal to reveal the name of a doctor who was already listed in the public visitor logs was especially ridiculous.)  It’s not just FOX NEWS --- nobody’s letting her get away with the evasions and fabrications now.  And that has to be because they know Biden is out as the nominee.  They no longer have to play along.

As you know from our Monday newsletter, a number of neurologists have gone public with their strong suspicions of “Parkinsonism” after observing Biden for the past several years.  That’s an umbrella term for several progressive diseases, including Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia, that cause similar movement and cognitive disorders.  Since we wrote about Lewy Body Dementia, we’ve seen other news outlets starting to explore that.

REDSTATE referenced the same Mayo Clinic website, noting the symptoms of hallucinations (a hallmark of Lewy Body), movement disorders, poor regulation of body functions, cognitive problems, trouble with sleep (napping for long periods), and varying attention, with a tendency towards depression and apathy.  The disease progresses to severe dementia, aggressive behavior, a greater risk of falling, and “worsening Parkinsonian symptoms,” such as tremors and other movement problems.  It’s a tragic illness; the most well-known person to be diagnosed with it was probably the late Robin Williams.

We thought the fact that Biden was frequently trying to shake hands with invisible (to us) people might be indicative of Lewy Body Dementia.  Quadruple-board certified neurologist Dr. Tom Pitts, interviewed by NBC NEWS, Biden has the “classic features of neurodegeneration,” he says, noting such details as “loss of arm swing” and a robotic way of turning.  He didn’t have to examine Biden as a patient to see this, he said, adding that he “could have diagnosed him from across the mall.”

“He has Parkinsonism; I mean, that is a fact.”

This hasn’t necessarily affected Biden’s decision-making, though.  (It must be said:  Biden’s decision-making was always famously bad, ha.)  Dr. Pitts suggests that both Biden and Trump take the full four-hour neuropsychological screening test, which is “the hallmark test of cognitive performance.”  Maybe so, but could Biden stay awake for four hours?

The interview is a must-see, especially the last part, in which this doctor --- a Democrat --- laments that his own party has put our country in such a situation and says the kind of outrageous things you’d expect in, say, North Korea.  “I’m an American before everything.”  He sounds a lot like a Republican. Or at least not a current “Party uber alles” Democrat.



RECOMMENDED READING:  You didn’t have to be a neurologist to know something was “off” with Biden for a number of years.  David Harsanyi at THE FEDERALIST has nothing but distain for “journalists” who claim to be shocked now by Biden’s horrifying debate performance.  They helped their party cover up his obvious neurological impairment until it was exposed, and then they turned on a dime to help their party push him out of the presidential race.

The nature of their coverage is not driven by a desire to get at the truth but only to help Democrats beat Trump.  And now they know Biden has to go.




Tuesday, President Biden gave a speech to NATO allies in DC on the 75th anniversary of NATO. Sycophantic media outlets are haling it as proof that he’s recovered from his debate debacle and proved he can handle the job, because age-related cognitive issues are definitely the kind of thing you can get over permanently, and reading a brief speech off a Telepropter totally proves you can be President.

Here’s how Reuters reported it:

“The White House is hoping he can turn the page on speculation with his speech, in which he spoke with a strong and confident voice and avoided any verbal flubs or signs of confusion that marked his debate performance.”

And here’s what Nick Arama at REDSTATE saw. His observations are backed by actual video clips, but they’re probably just cheap fakes, so pay no attention to the man behind the Teleprompter.

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