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July 27, 2022

There’s so much breaking news on the Deep State and its choreographed attack on President Trump, it’s hard to know where to start.  Let's go with J6.

Based on sourcing from “four people familiar with the matter,” the WASHINGTON POST reports that Attorney General and world-class partisan hack Merrick Garland has opened a criminal investigation of Trump, among others, for “efforts to overturn the 2020 election.” As WAPO reports, “People familiar with the probe said investigators are examining the former President’s conversations and have seized phone records of top aides.”

This is out of control.

It should come as no surprise that the story is from the WASHINGTON POST. As we’ve seen and Sundance at THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE observes, “WAPO represents the interests of the Intelligence Community side of the deep state apparatus.” And the IC wants Trump gone baby gone. As Sen. Chuch Schumer famously said, they have “six ways from Sunday” to take you down --- even, it seems, if you’re a President of the United States. They’ve been out to get Trump since early 2016, maybe longer.

Sundance believes an attempt to convict President Trump for something like “seditious conspiracy” is so outrageous that it would lead to armed conflict within the U.S. This is strong stuff, but a must-read.

Still, it was utterly predictable –- clearly what the J6 committee had in mind all along. They’re trying to make sure Trump can’t hold office again. (Talk about interference with “our democracy”!) So now we apparently have the ‘Justice’ Department of one sitting President investigating his predecessor, banana republic-style.

But with the relentless “lawfare” Trump has already been through, FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich observed, “Politically, I’m not sure that this will do anything but help him in that argument that there’s unfair attack against him, which continues as a result of the establishment and the media, with the Department of Justice being politicized to go after him so he could not run for President again.”

As Jesse Watters said Tuesday night, this is a “pretty big leak,” and, true or not, it might have been done to send Trump the message that he might want to –- nudge, nudge –- rethink his candidacy. We’d say they’re trying to make him an offer he can’t refuse. But knowing Trump, that strategy will backfire spectacularly.

“How would it look,” Watters asked rhetorically, “if Joe Biden’s attorney general indicted Donald Trump, who would be running against Joe Biden for President?” Good question. So, is it just that after the Russia Hoax, the FBI/DOJ already looks so corrupt that, at this point, they don’t even care?

The WASHINGTON EXAMINER ran a related story Tuesday afternoon. Garland had been pressed by NBC’s Lester Holt about whether they were investigating Trump and dodged the question but said, “We will hold accountable anyone who is criminally responsible for attempting to interfere with the...legitimate lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next.” Knowing Garland’s background and the political pressure he’s received from Democrats, reading between the lines isn’t hard. We have our answer.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley spoke with Laura Ingraham later in the evening. He noted that the WAPO story was released right on the heels of Garland’s NBC interview --- “Well, it was a complete package, wasn’t it?” he quipped. Turley acknowledged that if there were any evidence Trump or any other President had done this, he should, of course, be charged. “That’s not the current situation with Donald Trump,” he said. The J6 committee has not made the case that crimes were committed by Trump, though he allows the possibility that a grand jury has information we haven’t seen. “But they need to be able to make that case with some clarity,” he said. “...After all this time, after nine hearings, we still have not seen that case being made with clarity.”

Instead, he said, the committee refused to allow alternative explanations. They edited “evidence,” to take out anything that might be mitigating, even Trump’s own statements. “That’s not how you build a case,” Turley said.
This isn't a case, it's a frame-up.

To really make the case against Trump, it comes down to intent. Did Trump intend to overthrow an election that he had lost –- which would be criminal –- or did he truly believe he had won. Those who “get” Trump KNOW he thought he’d won and that he strongly believes it now, with even more reason. And many millions of Americans believe that he did. Millions more think he likely did but that the 2020 election was such a mess, we’ll never know.


Yesterday, we reported that Liz Cheney had lied to Bret Baier on FOX News Sunday, trying to cast doubt on the fact that Trump had approved up to 20,000 National Guard troops for his January 6 rally. One way she did this was to craftily twist the truth and say he never “ordered” them, when what he technically did was “authorize” or “request” them, consistent with the power he had as President. Trump followed the law. Under the Constitution, the President can’t “order” troops; that was the role of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser after Trump had given the authorization. So, when you think about it, they’re the ones who failed to “order” the Guard, not President Trump. Yet Cheney is blaming Trump, with Pelosi and Bowser off-limits.

If you have a subscription to THE EPOCH TIMES, they spell this out, though I’d say we already have.

“She [Cheney] knows the truth,” Kash Patel told THE EPOCH TIMES, “45 [Trump] authorized the National Guard days before January 6, and Pelosi and Bowser rejected it.”


Nick Arama at REDSTATE has a piece further discrediting “star witness” Cassidy Hutchinson (check out the links there as well). Newly revealed text messages, which were first obtained by THE FEDERALIST, show a very different person from the one apparently lying about Trump’s behavior in the J6 hearing. Arama speculates on what might have caused this bizarre flip in someone who had seemingly been a big Trump fan. We did see her hugging Liz Cheney; maybe TDS is contagious.

Spencer Brown at TOWNHALL has more detail. This is an extremely good summary...


Finally, as all this is going on, let’s take a look at how the J6 political prisoners still awaiting adjudication are currently being treated. It’s not good. Reportedly, even murderers and rapists are treated better than these “insurrectionists” are. And some of their trial dates aren’t scheduled until 2023.

Also, it looks as though one of them, 33-year-old Andrew Taake, might have been entrapped.

And as long as we’re talking about lies related to January 6, here’s a new piece from Julie Kelly at AMERICAN GREATNESS about the death of Brian Sicknick, the Capitol Hill police officer who died not from blows from a fire extinguisher –- he had NOT been struck –- but from a blood clot after having two strokes, on January 7. But the lies about this continue. Excellent read.

No scandal here

Liberal media figures are desperately trying to make a scandal out of the dozen or so morons who showed up outside the Turning Point USA event last weekend in Tampa, waving Nazi flags. The women of “The View” (the show for viewers who actually want to finish a current events show feeling dumber than when it started) tried to paint them as attendees and attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for not condemning Nazis. Their take was so woefully inaccurate that (I assume) ABC’s legal department made them come on after the first break to “clarify” that the “Nazis” were outside the venue and had nothing to do with TPUSA or DeSantis.

Brad Slager of was on the scene, and he describes what a pathetic joke this obvious false flag political theater was. I think it’s safe to assume they were actually young Antifa types because there were so dumb, they were wearing masks and black clothes outdoors in Tampa in July.

To be clear, nobody has identified them yet, so we can’t say for certain that they were just leftist idiots making a laughably transparent and offensive attempt to tar Republicans as Nazis (who else calls everyone who disagrees with them “fascists” or “Nazis”?) There’s also the possibility that they were cosplayers who took a wrong turn on their way to Comic-Con in San Diego.

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  • John Paul

    07/27/2022 05:50 PM

    "To really make the case against Trump, it comes down to intent. Did Trump intend to overthrow an election that he had lost –- which would be criminal –- or did he truly believe he had won."

    So if he truly thought he won he could do whatever he pleased??? Like a Lawless One?
    Hey, I think all the money in that bank is mine.