April 22, 2021

Paul Rossi, a math teacher at the private Grace Church High School in New York, has been fired after speaking out publicly against the school’s so-called “anti-racism”/Critical Race Theory policies. Following a segregated “whites only” Zoom meeting in which faculty and students were told that concepts such as objectivity and individualism were “characteristics of white supremacy,” and other racial grievance propaganda, Rossi spoke out and even wrote an article titled, “I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated.”

In true Salem Witch Trial tradition, the school launched a fierce attack on his heresy, even ordering the other teachers to read a “public reprimand” of him out loud to their classes. He was at first told to stay home, then informed he was fired for causing “harm” with his words and ideas. The school tried to claim that Rossi misrepresented what was said, but a recording backed up his version.

Rossi is refusing to back down. Interestingly, he said students had been telling him privately for several years that they were frustrated with this racist indoctrination, and they said that the meeting where he objected was a “more productive and substantive discussion than they expected.” What, they didn't need casts and tourniquets for the harm caused by his words and ideas?

So it seems that at least some teachers can see what racist leftist brainwashing this is, and the students can see it, and I assume many of the parents can see it, even if they’ve been afraid to say so. So who’s in favor of it? The administrators imposing it and the people making bucks pushing it?

You know, if everyone who’s afraid to speak up would take a cue from Paul Rossi, steel their spines and find their voices – and considering it’s a private school that depends on parents writing tuition checks – how hard would it be to replace the administrators and activists who think schools should be teaching toxic racial divisiveness with teachers like Paul, who think it should be teaching math?

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  • Linda Kay Kurtenbach

    04/23/2021 04:44 AM

    This article has done an excellent job of sharing what has been happening in education ever since teachers had to put up with Obama's Common Core. They have had to deal with the "dumbing down" of learning in our schools for quite some time. This is why teachers from the "old school of thinking" where teachers still set high standards and expectations are finding it harder to survive. The cancel culture has redefined what the purpose of schools is to be. Ironically, one advantage of the parents having to home school their kids during the COVID pandemic shutdown has been a new awareness of exactly what teachers have and have not been doing. There is more knowledge now, more than ever, about what is appropriate curriculum and what is indoctrination. Many parents have decided that what once was rejected as a foreign idea--the thought of home schooling their children--has now taken on a new significance. Conservative parents are attempting to withdraw their children from liberal institutions totally that reject the basic principles on which America was founded. This new awareness has created a deeper sense of accountability for teachers as well as for students.

  • R P Mann

    04/22/2021 04:11 PM

    Will he sue?
    How can we support him?

  • Betty Estep

    04/22/2021 02:01 PM

    Tell him to run for school board, or get into politics we need some good men with good sense.

  • Syd Bates

    04/22/2021 02:00 PM

    Which denomination runs Grace? Is this a doctrine imposed just at this school by this church, or is it something supported on a broader scale by the ruling denomination?
    Seems the ruling class at Grace is dominated by a Jezebel spirit and populated by modern-day Pharisees.