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July 18, 2022



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Righteousness exalts a nation,

But sin is a reproach to any people.

Proverbs 14:34 NKJV

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Count 'em: 21 ways the 2020 election was flawed

The January 6 committee has taken another break, no doubt because members are exhausted from bending the truth so hard, in their insistence that any talk of 2020 election fraud was a lie. The real lie is the one the committee stands by: that the election was flawless.

As John Solomon says in his latest column, “From Phoenix to Detroit, and Madison to Austin, there are now nearly two dozen credible confirmations of problems that undercut the claims of bureaucrats, journalists and Democrats that the November 2020 election was perfect. In fact, it was quite imperfect.”

Solomon goes on to list 21 examples of these problems, uncovered by JUST THE NEWS during 18 months of reporting. From the Zuckerberg-funded drop boxes recently ruled illegal in Wisconsin, to the alleged violation of state anti-bribery laws (also connected to Zuckerberg and the Center for Tech and Civic Life), to the suppression by the FBI and media of evidence from Hunter Biden’s laptop, to illegal ballot harvesting from nursing homes, to “dirty” voter rolls, to many thousands of questionable signatures, to faulty chains of custody and (yes) election machine vulnerabilities and more, the election of 2020 was a hot mess. This is true when in some states the margin of victory was only a few thousand votes.

Read it and weep, Democrats. As you try again to use COVID reports (new variants!!) to scare voters away from the polls and provide cover for mass mail-in voting, be warned: we will do whatever we have to do to make sure you don’t give us an encore this fall, and again in 2024. The system has got to be cleaned up and made transparent and verifiable, no matter how much you want it not to be. The way the rules were bent in 2020 –- thanks, Marc Elias –- you were given a license to cheat. And it looks as though there was plenty of it.

Republicans, you know this is the take-no-prisoners strategy we have to have now. Get involved at the state and local level. Encourage in-person voting. Volunteer to be a poll worker or watcher, and be ready for every kind of funny business, especially where races are close. Because THAT’S the only way to protect “our democracy.”


Soros: Reports of his death are greatly exaggerated

A reader wrote in to note it had been a long time since he’d seen George Soros and asked us to find out for sure if he’s even still alive. The answer: I have to confirm that, yes, Soros is still alive, at least as of May 25. On that day, he appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos –- after all, what would the WEF be without George Soros? –- and was preserved for posterity on video.

The 91-year-old “billionaire philanthropist,” as he is euphemistically described, definitely looks and sounds aged in this video, extremely so, but there he is. To those who like to picture the fires of hell licking at his heels, I would point out that upon his death, there’s no telling how many radical leftist/globalist organizations will be raking in money after the reading of his Last Will and Testament.

According to Wikipedia, he has, over the years, donated $32 billion to the Open Society Foundations. Only $15 billion of that money has been distributed so far. And in March of 2021, his net worth was still estimated at $8.6 billion. So after he’s gone, his legacy will endure.

Here’s a link to the video. He begins speaking, answering reporters’ questions about Ukraine, at about 3:00. I recommend checking this out even if you don’t want to watch HIM --- just scroll down and read the sharp comments, one after another after another! We like this one: “Soros is like a glazier who walks around town at night breaking windows and the next morning he’s offering his help...”

Speaking of Wikipedia, the entry on Soros offers a great example of why you don’t want to rely on it for anything other than basic facts (such as a birthdate). The summary glosses over Soros’ survival of Hitler’s ‘final solution,’ saying that “Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary and moved to the United Kingdom in 1947.” How he survived is much more complicated than that, and later paragraphs minimize his experience during that time and, in particular, how he felt about it. While Soros was only a young teenager then and probably had a much more limited role in assisting in his protector/guardian with the confiscation of Jews’ property than many believe –- he said he was only present and seeing it happen –- he said it was “not a problem” for him.

In this now-infamous 60 Minutes interview from 1998, he said (starting at 7:45) that posing as a Christian while watching his fellow Jews being shipped off to death camps was “when my character was made.” He learned “that one should think ahead, should understand and anticipate events” when one is under “threat of evil.” But when interviewer Steve Kroft asked him if it was difficult for him, as a Jew, to go from house to house with his guardian as the worldly goods of the other Jews were confiscated and they were sent to concentration camps, he answered, “Not at all, not at all. Maybe as a child [editorial note: he was 14], you don’t see the connection, but it created no problem at all.”

He continued: “Well, actually, in a funny way [editorial note #2: funny??], it’s just like in markets –- that, if I weren’t there –- of course, I wasn’t doing it –- somebody else would be taking it away anyhow, whether I was there or not –- I was only a spectator –- the property was being taken away.”

So Soros says that he himself wasn’t physically removing the property; he was 14 years old and simply accompanying his guardian while this was happening. But listening to his matter-of-fact account of this and how he felt about it is chilling.

As for his extremely consequential moves in world markets, he told Kroft, “Whether I or somebody else does whatever is happening in the markets, it really doesn’t make any difference to the outcome. I DON’T feel guilty, because I’m engaged in an amoral activity which is not meant to have anything to do with guilt.” Well, okay then.

Yet here’s what Wikipedia says about the right’s condemnation of Soros: “His extensive funding of political causes has made him a ‘bugaboo of European nationalists.’ THE NEW YORK TIMES reported in October 2018 that ‘conspiracy theories about him have gone mainstream, to nearly every corner of the Republican Party.’ Numerous American conservatives have promoted false claims that characterize Soros as a singularly dangerous ‘puppet master’ behind many alleged global plots. Conspiracy theories targeting Soros, who is of Jewish descent, have often been described as antisemitic.”

It also says that “because of his Jewish identity, wealth and philanthropy, Soros has been described as ‘the perfect code word’ for conspiracy theories that unite antisemitism and Islamophobia,” essentially dismissing valid criticisms of this meddlesome man as born of prejudice. Soros apologists fail to understand that our criticism has nothing to do with his Jewish heritage or even the fact that he is a wealthy man.

Consider that in the 60 Minutes interview, Soros said this: “I am basically there [playing the markets] to make money. I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do.” Yes in almost the same breath, he contradicted himself: “...I am actually trying to do the right thing, and sometimes what I do has an unintended negative consequence.” Later in the interview, under questioning by Kroft, he acknowledges this dichotomy, saying, with a slight smile, that he is “one person, who at one time engages in amoral activities and the rest of the time tries to be moral.”

It seems that Soros’ ability to manipulate markets (and, indirectly, elections?) is rivaled only by his talents for rationalization and compartmentalization. Not surprisingly, we also learned from Wikipedia that his degrees from the London School of Economics are not in economics but in philosophy. His thinking: Hey, if I hadn’t done it, somebody else would have! It all would have unfolded the same way regardless, so I bear no responsibility for the consequences. I might as well be the one making money.

Anyway, reports of Soros’ death are greatly exaggerated. And if you don’t like that, well, according to Wikipedia you’re just a conservative who doesn’t like rich Jews.

Biden in the Middle East

Originally published on July 17th.

President Biden is continuing his visit to the Middle East. Friday, he gave a press conference on what he had discussed with the leaders of Saudi Arabia. It probably sounded pretty impressive, if you were half-listening from the other room while doing your ironing. Unfortunately, it turned out to be one of those classic examples of a politician speaking at great length without actually saying anything.

He talked tough on some issues, but there was no evidence he actually got tough. He brought up the killing of Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi, but seemed to accept Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s claim that he had nothing to do with it. Those for whom that’s a major issue were even more incensed by the image of Biden fist-bumping the Prince, whom he had once branded the leader of a pariah nation and claimed he would hold him to account when Trump wouldn't.

As for his attempts to get the Saudis to pump more oil to bring down gas prices, there were a lot of words about how they share our urgency on this issue and that “I expect we’ll see steps in the coming weeks,” but nothing concrete, even about what those steps might be. His speech contained so much gas, it could've brought down gas prices by itself. Just hours later, Prince Bin Salman announced that they’re already pumping at near-100% capacity, so they won’t be providing any more oil.

Say, you know who has oil? Texas, Louisiana, Alaska, Oklahoma…heck, if he just can’t bring himself to let Americans produce oil for America, he could at least buy it from Canada! All we need is a pipeline to transport it! Oh, if only someone had thought of building one of those!

Here is the link to Fox News’ continually-updated headlines on Biden’s Middle East trip.


Abortion politics in the House

House Democrats have passed two bills to enshrine abortion as a federal right. The “Women’s Health Protection Act” (love those fuzzy euphemisms for killing babies in the womb) would shield abortionists and mothers from any state restrictions on abortion, and the “Ensuring Access to Abortion Act” (wow, they actually used the word!) would protect mothers from any penalties for crossing state lines to get abortions.

I could write at length condemning the morality of these bills, but why bother? This is just empty political theater, designed to do nothing but inflame passions so that people will be too emotional to think straight and therefore vote for Democrats again.  

Here’s some cold reality: These bills are going nowhere because they can’t overcome the GOP filibuster in the Senate, and Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have already made it clear that they’re not going to vote to kill the minority filibuster. Also, all Americans have the right to cross state lines, and you can’t be prosecuted back home for actions that are legal for the state you were in at the time (for instance, a state that bans gambling can’t arrest you for hitting the casinos during your Vegas vacation.) Finally, the Supreme Court just ruled that there is no Constitutional right to abortion, so the issue is under the jurisdiction of the states. Even if this law were passed, it would be struck down as unconstitutional. 

Why are the Dems so adamantly opposed to letting the people's elected representatives in the states handle this issue? Why do they hate our democracy? 

I hope that by November, all this phony hysteria will have grown exhausting, and Americans will look at what the Dobbs ruling really means and realize they’ve been had. They might also take a moment to think about why, if the Dems really care so much about this issue and feared Roe v. Wade would be overturned, they never codified abortion rights into law during any of the multiple times when they did have the votes to do it over the past 50 years. Maybe, for all their caterwauling about what a sacred right it is and how much they care about it, they really wanted to keep the threat to it alive because it was so useful as a divisive political and fundraising tool.

You might think I’m being too cynical. But when you’re dealing with these people and this issue, I don’t think it’s possible to be too cynical.   



Navarro update

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has rejected what his attorney called a “perfunctory” plea deal offer from the Biden DOJ to plead guilty and serve time in prison for criminal contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a subpoena from Nancy Pelosi’s January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee.

His attorney issued this statement: "The government made a perfunctory offer to allow Mr. Navarro to plead guilty and serve time in jail as the penalty for following instructions from the President he served. For more than 50 years, the U.S. Justice Department has recognized that a Senior Advisor to the President has testimonial immunity and cannot be compelled by Congress to testify about the performance of his official duties. The government has never before leveled criminal charges against a Presidential advisor in circumstances such as these — and we wonder why it has chosen to ignore that well-established precedent now. This is a dispute between the Office of the President and Congress and Mr. Navarro has been unfairly caught in the crossfire. The government’s offer is unacceptable and Mr. Navarro is determined to aggressively defend his rights in court.”

As you know, I’m especially interested in this story not only because of the blatant abuses of power by the House Committee, but also because Peter Navarro was set to be my guest on “Huckabee” when he was arrested while attempting to board his plane to Nashville. It was an obvious ploy to humiliate him publicly. He was able to come on my show a couple of weeks later and tell his side of the story (something that no pro-Trump person has ever been allowed to do at this Kommittee’s hearings.) If you missed that interview, or would like to watch it again, just click here:

A great victory for free speech and religious freedom

Congratulations to Texan Charlene Carter for winning a great victory for free speech and religious freedom. Carter was a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, which fired her for expressing her religious, pro-life views on her social media pages. Carter questioned why the Transportation Workers Union that she was required to join was using her dues to attend the Women’s March and support pro-abortion efforts. Before firing her, the airline ordered her to attend a meeting where she was confronted with her posts and questioned about why she posted them.

Carter sued TWU and Southwest for this violation of her protected Constitutional rights, and a federal jury in Texas awarded her $5 million in punitive and compensatory damages. The union’s attorney said they will appeal and claimed the jury must’ve misunderstood the case.

But the president of the National Right to Work Foundation, which provided Carter’s attorneys and opposes forcing workers to pay dues to unions that violate their beliefs, said, "No American worker should have to fear termination, intimidation, or any other reprisal merely for speaking out against having their own money spent, purportedly in their name, to promote an agenda they find abhorrent." If that was their argument in court, then I assume the Texas jury understood the issue at hand perfectly well.


NCAA Woman of the Year?!?

As recently as a couple of years ago, if you’d said that men were so superior that they even made better women than women, you would have been denounced by the left as a disgusting male chauvinist pig. Now, if you question that assertion, you’re a disgusting transphobic hater. All of which is just to prepare you for the news that the University of Pennsylvania has nominated fully biological male swimmer “Lia” Thomas as NCAA Woman of the Year. So one more title Thomas can take away from a woman who falls under the archaic definition of what a “woman” is.

Related: Derek Hunter of examines how and why the Democratic Party has been taken over by “reality-phobic” people who are in desperate need of professional mental health help.

My favorite line of his: that the Democratic Party has become like an unraveling Afghan: there's nothing left but fringe. 

A “Good Samaritan with a handgun”

Sunday at the Greenwood Park Mall in Greenwood, Indiana, a man started firing a rifle at the crowd in the food court. Three people were killed, and two others are being treated for injuries.

But as tragic as it was, the death toll would certainly have been much worse (the gunman had a rifle and several magazines) if not for a 22-year-old man on the scene who had a concealed carry permit and a pistol, which he pulled out and shot the gunman dead almost immediately after he started firing. The local police chief is praising him as a “Good Samaritan with a handgun,” or as the media calls that, one of those “nonexistent” good guys with guns.

The mayor said, “This person saved lives tonight. On behalf of the City of Greenwood, I am grateful for his quick action and heroism.” I assume that if this were New York City, he’d be facing murder charges. There’s seldom been such a stark exaples of the difference between New York City and America.

Our deepest gratitude to this heroic young man, and our prayers for the dead, the injured and their families.

Uvalde Report released

A Texas House committee released a 77-page report on the tragic Uvalde school shooting that shows the police response was even worse than we already suspected. The report doesn’t cite any one person for the lack of response, but blames “systemic failures and egregious poor decision making” for 80 minutes elapsing between the first 911 call and police confronting and killing the shooter. In all, 376 officers from various law enforcement agencies, many better trained and equipped than the school district police, quickly arrived on the scene, but did nothing.

The report describes the scene as “chaos” and takes some of the blame away from Pete Arredondo, the school district police chief. He claimed he didn’t believe he was in charge, and the report found that there was widespread confusion, with some officers just assuming Arredondo was in charge or not knowing who was in charge.

Anti-gun activists are trying to have it both ways by claiming that if 376 cops couldn’t stop a nut with an AR-15 then we need to take guns away from everyone, but their narrative was immediately disproven by one good guy with a gun stopping a would-be mass shooter with a rifle in Greenwood, Indiana.

The problem wasn’t that there were no “good guys with guns” in Uvalde. The problem was that there were incompetent and/or cowardly police who refused to protect the kids and stopped any good guys with guns who would’ve taken on the job from doing it.

A mom who rescued her own children from the school had a blunt message for the cops after seeing the report: “…Turn in your badge, this isn’t the job for you, you aren’t willing to protect and serve. If you can’t own up to your job, turn in your badge. You let everyone down…All the cops mistreating us outside need to be punished. If they would’ve just left, all the parents would’ve done way more than they would’ve done."



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  • Hal K Peters

    07/18/2022 07:18 PM

    The Dems Seem to think Electric Vehicles are the "TOTAL ANSWER" to the Energy / Oil Problem. To my knowledge, the Infrastructure is NOT IN PLACE to support a Massive Change To Electric Vehicles at this time and probably not for a Long Time. Charging Stations everywhere and accessible? Charging Times? Availability, Wait Times, Cost, Payment Method, Reliability, Etc. To drive this point home AND to put the Dems in the Public / Common Sense Spotlight...Get Fox News or Some Other Entity to Stage and Document an Electric Vehicle driven by the Average Citizen across the United States and PROVE how unrealistic it is really is....This should be a real "Eye Opener" concerning how realistic and impractical it is at this time. Showing how STUPID it is for BIDEN to cripple our Energy Source at this time! We are years away from a realistic, massive transition from Gas Vehicles to Electric Vehicles!!!

  • Jerry

    07/18/2022 06:22 PM

    When I look at the White House today I see a store front for the most powerful criminal syndicate in the history of the United States. When I look at the Capital Building I see the strong resemblance to the White House The Halls of Justice is an oximoron for defending the Consitutional laws of the United States while defending the Lies. For all of this one has to tip its cap to the Obama crime family it has placed all his people in the powerful agencies while he pulls biden around from disaster to disaster. Anti United States is no longer in the closet the White House is in full sight and open for any business destructing anything good in the United States.

  • George Reynolds

    07/18/2022 05:37 PM

    Here is a link to some hilarious responses to the latest resignations from Kamala Harris's staff.

  • Joseph Orsini

    07/18/2022 05:17 PM

    A VOTING ISSUE coming down the road: Rank Choice Voting.

    Many cities and some states now have it, or soon will, and more are coming.

    Is this good or bad, and how will campaigning change?

  • Dan Barberree

    07/18/2022 03:22 PM

    Uvalde Cops:

    I think that the problem was that there were too many of them and they started acting like a committee instead of a first responder. Typical big government response.

  • Judy Gregg

    07/18/2022 03:16 PM


  • Jerry

    07/18/2022 03:07 PM

    I would not refer to another person that is a private citizen that is in the same mental condition Joe biden has today. I would help an individual that is in the same condition biden is in however I will never get close to biden to say to his face if I could I would be talking thru biden at his handlers who I believe are the worse primates on the planet. Some one should write a movie script Low Life Primates of the District of Columbus / How we destroyed America

  • Jerry

    07/18/2022 02:17 PM

    I think the 2020 election was as good as the the condition of our nation is today. Climate change is a HOAX this is why I think that 1 carbon dioxide is necessary for plant life to survive plants produce oxygen for humans and the the rest of the animal kingdom to survive so I hope I have carbon dioxide in necessary abundance, The idea of EV is ok however someone is going to look for help to improve the EV's effects reliability maintenance fuel safety and the costs. Reports are that an EV will lose 25% of its battery capacity when operated north of the mason dodson line during the Fall Winter and Spring time the cold temps zap the batteries faster. People in the tropics have not tried to start their cars while 20 below zero our numb skulled Leftist fail to bring that to our attention . The range of the EV is equal to my Full size SUV so no big trade off there plus I need a large vehicle because of my size and some disabilities, over the road travel, comfort and safety are important to most Seniors as we need restrooms and gas Stations while traveling across the country and we have many of them, the EV vehicle has limited places it can allow us to travel to. The clime change HOAX is just a tool used to the US to a socialist style of Government People denounce the the Green New Deal it just a form of extortion to get power away from the individual and more control over the Individual's lifestyle and its pursuit of its happiness denounce biden and his Obama style of Government,

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/18/2022 01:09 PM

    Republicans should use as a campaign pointer that Faux Squaw Warren - in the middle of an economic meltdown no less - wants to shut down support centers for moms and babies.
    Imagine Roosevelt wanting to shut down mission soup kitchens ?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/18/2022 12:13 PM

    Most Americans oppose abortion on demand and unrestricted and as no one has ever lost an election pro life they are finding that they and their paid brownshirts are the only ones "emotional" about this issue. Red Tsunami 2022 and Trump 2024