July 5, 2022


We all knew a kid in school who just had to run everything. Remember the classmate who insisted on picking the games you’d all play at recess, where you’d go after school, even who was “in” or “out” of your group? In high school, that kid had a compulsive need to be the leader of every student organization. You just wanted to say, “Hey! You’re not the boss of me!” Whatever happened to those kids? I wouldn’t be surprised if most ended up in government. We certainly have no shortage of people there who think they know how to live your life and spend your paycheck better than you do.

I’m convinced the world is divided into people who just want to live their own lives and those who, for some reason, have an uncontrollable urge to tell everyone else how to live. Unfortunately, to that latter group, government seems like the ideal place to work, and at the moment, they are getting 99.9% of all the attention from the media. As more of them gravitated toward government, Congress abdicated much of its legislating authority to unelected bureaucrats. Their bureaus grew like kudzu, and so did their regulations with the force of law (but no input from the people.) Then one day, we looked up and discovered we had a crushing national debt and were paying huge salaries to an army of people who enforce how big your soda should be and who couldn’t be fired and who is allowed to come into your daughter’s locker room. That’s when sane people realized that government is the LAST place these out-of-control control freaks needed to be.

The temptation for government to overreach is hardly new. In fact, it stretches back to the beginning of recorded history, and I bet even earlier than that. There’s a story in the ninth chapter of the book of Judges in the Old Testament about Gideon’s son Abimelech, who craved leadership and stature - not to serve the people but to control them and make them serve him. He said, “Give me dominion over your lives, and I will simplify your existence.” Wow, does that sound familiar? It’s basically the entire Democratic platform. Our government has taken us pretty far down that same road, but does your life seem any simpler -- or just a lot less free?

Anyway, back to Abimelech. He had a very smart younger brother, Jotham, who came up with a clever tale about three trees: an olive tree, a fig tree, and a vine tree. All three were fine trees that produced lots of fruit. All were offered the exalted position of “King Of All Trees,” but all three turned it down. The plant that wanted to be “King Of All Trees” was the bramble bush, a weak plant that produces no fruit at all. Jotham’s point was that only the weak and nonproductive have the desire to rule everyone else. Does that lesson not resonate like a gong right now?

When anyone aspires to a position of power, take a long, hard look. If that person seemingly crawled out of the cradle with an ambition to be President, then beware! Anytime someone talks about “running the country,” alarm bells should sound. No one – not the President, not Congress, no one person – “runs the country” or should aspire to.

That’s why the Founders took such pains to divide and limit federal power, and why we need to reinstate those limits that have been trampled in recent years, whether by Presidents ruling via executive order or out-of-control judges legislating from the bench or unelected bureaucrats abusing their power to try to influence the results of elections. If we allow any one person or entity to ignore those limits and assume the power to run everything, we won’t be able to stop them when they run America into the ground.

We should pick leaders who resemble the trees in the Bible story that don’t need or crave power but that have shown they bear good fruit. As it is said, by their fruits ye shall know them. Government has more than enough nuts already.

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  • Goodwin Jessica

    11/26/2022 07:20 AM

    We desperately need term limits on all elected officials! For example, look at Pelosi, Schumer, Biden, et Al! They all want this country to go into Socialism so they have power and we get what they deem is needed by us!

  • Julia Dunlap

    11/26/2022 06:53 AM

    I wanted to thank you for your dailly newsletters. I cannot imagine the time and effort that you and your staff exert to produce the items that are printed daily. I looked forward to reading them each day. You are keeping this insane world a little more bearable.
    Thank you

  • kelly mccartney

    11/26/2022 06:26 AM

    our nation as well as the rest of the world needs JESUS!

  • Bill L. Walker

    11/26/2022 05:02 AM

    I agree with your assessment above.

  • Amelia Little

    11/26/2022 02:50 AM

    I think, in addition to term limits, there should be something established to determine competency. While President Trump did, biden to date has not. Also, it's a travesty about Pennsylvania (I wonder about election shenanigans) that a person who still has a long way to go in recovering from a stroke was even on the ballot. If the election was upright, one would need to wonder about the intelligence of so many voters in that state. I have said for a long time that epa, irs, cdc teacher and other unions and other "agencies" should be gutted, assessed for need to be an agency, and have strict policies to follow, have specific areas to oversee--and not be able to add others areas just because. They can suggest/refer findings and possible solutions to Congress, but NOTHING should be done without debate, without input from the citizens. And now, doj/fbi need to be added to the list. They might have been doing shady things all along, but recently, it is all out in the open and they don't care that what they are doing (promoting far left idiology, being paid of by clinton's team, probably being paid off by soros. There are so many issues that should be determined at the state level--they should be returned there and federal gov't take a hike. Maybe the Convention of States can have an affect on this issue.

  • Mike Lommatzsch

    11/26/2022 12:41 AM

    If we don't find a way to reign in politicians on both sides of the aisle, we,
    the people, will lose complete control if OUR government.

  • SandraTrank

    11/25/2022 11:00 PM

    I believe that is why theyhave pushed the word democracy rather than Constitutional Republic. In a democracy the rulers rule and in a Constitutional Republic the people rule. Words matter and many Americans tell right into democrat terms.

  • Holly Vaccaro

    11/25/2022 10:47 PM

    As usual, your opinion is right on the mark. You are a wise and Godly man who knows how to write in away that keeps one interested and everyone can understand. You also inject humor which also makes your opinions easier to hear.
    If I were you, I could have written this in a much better way.
    God bless you , I appreciate all you do for the Lord and this country.
    I am also so happy for Sarah’s win in the election. She will make a great Governor. I am afraid we won’t hear much from her on Fox News, though. I doubt she will have the time to continue as Fox News contributor. I hope I am wrong.

  • Cathleen Miller

    11/25/2022 10:43 PM

    I am a law abiding U.S. citizen in my 60's and in a matter of weeks will no longer have a home which is fully paid for after 20 plus years of paying a mortgage due to the fact there is no one open to speaking to me and possibly getting me the help I need yet I see illegals, the ones some prefer to call "asylum seekers" being given a place to stay, medical attention, food, etc. while myself and others in my situation are shoved aside. I never thought I would be in the scary place I am nor did I ever see this country become what it has. Thank you.

    There's a term limit on a U.S. President, it should apply to Congress who is completely out of control, term limits have to be put in place NOW & to be decided by we the people, the LEGAL citizens. It must be nice to have a job which allows you to show up when & if you decide to do so, always be allowed to openly break the law w/no consequences. 99.9% of politicians have no morals or values. It is the complete opposite of what our parents instilled in us. I regret putting my trust and faith in President Trump, believing him when he said not once but twice "the forgotten people" will no longer be forgotten as that is exactly what was done to me when I reached out. I contacted them four times only to be completely ignored EVERY. SINGLE. TIME and it spoke volumes. We won't be voting in the Georgia Senate race on December 6 as a result. Our vote(s) in the 2022 midterms was the last time we will vote.

  • Bob Ogan

    11/25/2022 10:08 PM

    Get new fresh blood into the system!