August 28, 2020


August 28, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


I’m not going to have a detailed write-up of night four of the Republican Convention because I was out late last night. My wife Janet and I were on the White House lawn, watching history be made as President Trump accepted the nomination for reelection. And we got home late for three reasons:

1. Trump spoke for 72 minutes (the Dems considered it a miracle that Biden spoke for 20 minutes, and Trump did something Biden could never do: he ad-libbed.)

2. That magnificent fireworks show that seemed to go on and on. One commentator said that Trump was giving Americans the July 4th fireworks display that the Chinese virus denied them. When the sparks actually spelled out “TRUMP 2020” in the sky over Washington, I swear the booming noise was the sound of liberal heads exploding.

3. We had to wait to get past the mob of threatening protesters who’d shown up (with prop guillotines) to make Trump’s point that they are the violent enemies of free speech and freedom of thought. Rand Paul said he was attacked by a crazed mob of over 100 people and credited the DC Police with saving him.

This was one time when I was glad we had our face masks since Janet and I were able to don ours and leave with the crowd without being recognized. (Yes, Twitter scolds, we had masks, even though it was outside in the wind, the least likely place to transmit a virus.)

Incidentally, it was reported that even the “protesters” shut up for a while and watched the fireworks show. Maybe it came as a surprise to them that you could shoot fireworks into the air rather than just at cops or into occupied buildings.

Steven Kruiser at PJ Media had a great observation on how we know that the Dems realize how good this speech and the convention overall were: by the way they’re running around barking, “Hatch Act!,” like scared Chihuahuas.

The theme of the final night was “Land of Greatness.” Even though Trump loves to use the word “great” bombastically, this night seemed completely sincere in its message that Republicans see America not as an irredeemably racist, imperialist colonizer with a shameful history that must be torn down, but as the greatest nation ever created…one that may never have been perfect, but that has constantly pursued perfection, even at great struggle and cost. Americans aren’t bound by a single race or culture, but by the fact that we are all the descendants of the people in foreign lands who looked around and said, “There’s got to be someplace better than this,” and who had the guts to risk everything to find it.

Whereas the Democrats want to dismantle America and scare everyone into lowering their expectations, Republicans see America as a big nation of big ideas, big dreams and big, seemingly impossible accomplishments. This is the nation that decided not only to put a man on the moon, and to do it within the decade, but accomplished it with five months to spare. I wonder what JFK would think of his Party now, led by a group of tunnel-visioned bunglers who can’t even keep the lights on in California.



Hurricane Laura came ashore near Lake Charles, Louisiana, yesterday and moved northward, leaving devastation in its path all the way up into my home state of Arkansas. The winds were so strong that in one moment described as “surreal,” it reversed the direction of the Mississippi River flow from south to north. President Trump vowed that FEMA will help the victims survive and rebuild, but right now, there’s an urgent need for first responders with basic supplies. As always, Samaritan’s Purse is among the first on the scene. If you can help them help your fellow Americans, it’s much appreciated, as are your prayers. You can donate online at


Here is the full CSPAN feed of last night’s final night of the Republican Convention, and what an incredible night it was:

And for fun, the PJ Media live-blog commentary

…And the live blog commentary

This is a good article on the five most important takeaways. Be sure to watch the video about millennial socialists who have converted to Trump supporters (it reminded me that one person I would have loved to have seen speak is Brandon Straka who founded the #Walkaway movement)…

Finally, Katie Pavlich has a good summation of the major points of Trump’s speech. My favorite line: “How can Joe Biden claim to be an ‘Ally of the Light’ when his own party can't even keep the lights on?”


As with the other nights, there were human stories both inspiring and moving. One of the most inspiring of the whole convention was the testimony of Alice Marie Johnson, sentenced to life in prison for a first-time non-violent drug offense under a law co-authored by Joe Biden, and released thanks to Trump’s First Step prison reform act. While in prison, she followed her Christian faith and helped others in many ways, but never imagined she would ever be free again. She recalled running across the road to hug her grandchildren for the first time: “I was once told that the only way I would ever be reunited with my family would be as a corpse. But by the grace of God and the compassion of President Donald John Trump, I stand before you tonight…and I assure you, I’m not a ghost! I am alive, I am well, and most importantly, I am free.”

(But leave it to the media to try to tarnish that moment with a little condescending racism.

One of the most emotionally devastating speeches I’ve ever seen was that of Ann Dorn, widow of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was brutally murdered when looters broke into a pawnshop where he acted as a security guard. You could feel her broken heart with every painful word as she described this man’s joy of life and his love for those around him, and theirs for him…and then his senseless killing, not by “protesters” but by murderous rioters and looters so monstrous and without conscience that they live-streamed his death on Facebook as his grandson watched.

This is the kind of brutal violence and lawlessness that’s taking place in Democratic cities that the media try to deny is happening and that the Democrats at their convention preferred not even to mention. I urge you to watch this, even though it is very hard to watch. It will make it abundantly clear what the stakes are in this election. But I warn you to have Kleenex handy because you’re going to need it.


Here’s a final thought on the conventions, directed at people who really are still “on the fence” about who to vote for; who actually haven’t yet decided which of two radically different visions of America’s future they want to see put into reality.

Set aside all the issues you heard about at the conventions. Forgot all the talk of the candidates’ accomplishments (or lack of same), their personalities, the policies they say they'd impose or the people who would come into office with them. In fact, forget about politics entirely. Just consider this:

Both parties were forced to stage a convention under unprecedented negative conditions and limitations. The Democrats responded with a dark, depressing, scaled-back convention that looked like an episode of “The Office” about a semi-competent Dunder-Mifflin Zoom meeting. After three days of blaming every problem on Earth on their opponent, they considered it a triumph that their nominee actually got through reading a 20-minute speech off a Teleprompter in a closed room, then a few people hiding in the corners pretended to “surprise” him by popping out and tossing a few balloons.

On the other hand, the Republicans worked within those limitations to create what even critics are being forced to admit was perhaps the best-produced, most moving convention in history. They appealed to our optimism and patriotism and honored American heroes from all walks of life. It ended with their candidate standing before a crowd at the White House, giving a 72-minute speech, complete with funny asides and ad-libs. It was followed by the most spectacular fireworks show I’ve ever seen.

Now, consider: as we’re learned just in recent months, with the pandemic, the economic reversal, the riots and the hurricane, the next President will have to deal with crises we can’t even begin to predict now. When that happens, who do you want to be in charge? The people who surrender to the difficulties or the ones who consider adversities to be a challenge and find ways to overcome the limitations? Do you want leaders who expect you to lower your expectations, or who find a way to greatly exceed them?



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  • Ronna Royer

    08/29/2020 03:32 PM

    Thankyou,thankyou, for your sane,positive approach of the resl news.Please continue to be a beacon of truth.

  • Mike Horst

    08/29/2020 02:09 PM

    Gov., I thought the Presidents acceptance address at the White House was excellent. I did think that it came off a little like a state of the union address. He can save it for the 2021 state of the union address as I'm sure the Democrats weren't listening anyway. Then I listened to President Trump in "Campaign Mode" last night in Manchester New Hampshire. WOW! Did he "Tune Up" Biden & Company or what? After the president was done all that was left of Biden was a bloody mess. The real Donald J Trump came out of the closet! The president even mentioned that he took a kinder and gentler approach on the 4th night of the RNC at the White House. There is no way Biden wins if the Lamestream Media reports the campaigns truthfully which you and I know they won't. I'm going to trust that the American people are intelligent enough to read between the lines and lies. In my heart of hearts, I believe that the election has turned in favor of Trump and the Republicans. Lord knows these miserable human beings referred to as Democrats need to be totally run out of town. As you know, I am, for one, extremely angry as to the way President Trump as so horribly been treated. The time has come a for a reckoning. Dems have overplayed their hands and stepped over the line one too many times!

  • Nadine Zerbe

    08/29/2020 12:01 AM

    I also wanted to say that I had a beloved sweet little chihuahua ( attacked and killed By a German Shepherd May 3, 2018 ??) who was so far above SO many of the animals in the DemocRAT party or running presently that I will FORCE myself NOT to be offended at your comparison! (You must be sure that I am kidding about taking offense but not at ALL kidding about how awesome my little friend TootZ was! I MISS her MANY times EVERY day!!!)

  • Kathy Knighton

    08/28/2020 11:00 PM

    President Trump should show the lines of cars getting gas to evacuate and the lines after the hurricane for people returning home and people buying gas to run their generators. Then the question what if gas was eliminated and everyone had electric cars that take how long to charge?

  • cathy gerhard

    08/28/2020 08:23 PM

    BLESS President Trump and Mike Huckabee....KEEP GOING STRONG. PATRIOTS ALL THE WAY.

  • Irma Cresswell

    08/28/2020 07:30 PM

    Awesome. I pray every day for the victory in November and for our wonderful president. The First Lady was gorgeous in the “GREEN” dress.

  • David Berry

    08/28/2020 07:06 PM


  • Sarah Menne

    08/28/2020 07:03 PM

    This is the first year I've watched four full nights of the Republican Convention and I'm sure glad I did. It was encouraging and uplifting. I agree that the best site was C-Span for viewing. I accidentally watched Fox last night on my TV. There were no commentators until the end when Wallace began his negative opinion. At that point I turned off the TV and went to C-Spam on my computer for the wonderful Convention finale. I so loved the inspiring music at the end. The whole Republican Convention was uplifting and gives us true hope for the future of America - under President Trump's leadership, of courses! :)

  • Roxie Jones

    08/28/2020 07:02 PM

    I have always been proud of President Trump and Vice President Pence but after watching the Republican Convention I am thankful that God gave America Leaders who truly love America.

  • Marla McKelvy

    08/28/2020 06:48 PM

    RNC was great! Uplifting and very patriotic! Speakers were inspiring and spoke from the heart, one of the most meaningful moments for me was when the young man stood from his wheelchair for the flag, wonderful, praying for his victory in the election young and patriotic! Awesome speech from President Trump! Trump 2020!

  • Reacherfan Marmot

    08/28/2020 06:23 PM

    Your closing paragraph said it all. The Dems have surrendered hope, set all expectations so low our country would get thrown into reverse. Their vision of our future is dystopian and hopelessness and their opinion of their fellow Americans one so insulting to anyone of intelligence, ambition, and fundamental goodness are made to feel ashamed of their achievements.

    I have no problem with people of different races or national origins, race, legal immigrants, LGBT, deeply religious, or agnostic people. I am tired of being told I am inherently racist, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, anti-everything just because I expect people to follow the same rules all my naturalized citizen friends and relatives have. I am sick of being told how awful this country is by people who have more money that 100 hardworking everyday people will ever have because they can play a sport and despite all evidence to the contrary, proclaim themselves "victims".

    There are other good countries, but no better country with greater opportunities than the USA and I'm tired of the Democrats demonizing the country and its citizens!

    Trump 2020! (And trust me, that NOT something I ever thought I'd say!)

  • Dave Newbry

    08/28/2020 03:50 PM

    Governor, could you please re-post the 12 things you must believe if you're a democRAT?

  • Debi Hughson

    08/28/2020 02:31 PM

    Thank you for another wonderful articulation of current events. God Bless!!!!

  • Carolyn Wright

    08/28/2020 02:26 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, I was sent something from a friend, it's on You Tube and I was hoping you could take a look at it and maybe give your thoughts, Pastor Dana Coverstone gave a prophecy on what is to come after the 2020 election. Than Mario Murillo shared a responce to Pastor Danas prophecy. Both were very troubling. I hope our awesome President will have extra police , guardsman and Federal officers covering the big cities where there's already rioters and looters after he WINS another four years.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/28/2020 01:43 PM

    Thank you

  • Marc Eisenstein

    08/28/2020 01:37 PM

    Last nights convention was just plainly outstanding. I really did expect Nancy P. and Chuck S. to announce this morning that they were opening up an investigation to find out if tax payers had to pay for the fireworks!

  • (Rev.) Michas M. Ohnstad

    08/28/2020 01:12 PM

    At 94 I realize this may be my last opportunity to vote and I will proudly cast it for President Trump.

    A WWII Army "Atomic Veteran" who was under 30 September 1945 Orders from Gen. MacArthur to serve with the Atomic Bomb Commission at Hiroshima/Nagasaki. (see 'Encounter With Disaster' by Dr. Averill Liebow)

  • Jerry Korba

    08/28/2020 01:10 PM

    ?? Does the people that complain about America's history have any ancestors from the era 1776? Do the people complaining know that God did not create the Perfect person. Our Country based on God, God knew their were going to be growing pains however not to sure He was ready to see these complainers stop growing and stay in a state of comatose for 80 years. IQ.s of the complainers are at 4 year old's level. ?? The DNC does not know the Feds do not control State controlled policy the DNC says the GOP can not take care of the urban problems. Well let me give you some advice DNC draw a Red Line and tell the President not to cross it or tell Joe Biden the Donald Trump is not fictional character named Corn Pop. DNC tell Donald Trump to clean up your Cities mess ,before you can cash your next check your cities will start to shine and build not burn and flounder don't bother with the half wits Pelosi Schumer Tom Perez IF you have a pair of stones draw the RED line and let Donald Trump, Cross it!!!! MAGA you half wit.

  • Elaine K Ludowese

    08/28/2020 12:56 PM

    Thank you = am sending an e-mail (for your info on BLM)

  • Ron Buice

    08/28/2020 12:49 PM

    Wished I had watched the RNC on C-Span. Why did Fox put Chris Wallace up first, I wouldn't expect Chris to say something positive so no surprise there but the very first comment after such an up lifting program...Chris Wallace is the turd in the punch bowl and he's proud of it.

  • lynn wilson

    08/28/2020 12:38 PM

    My favorite of all the speakers was Alice Johnson. She was refreshing. I thought President Trumps speech was good, but honestly, too long. I love President Trump!

  • Stephen Russell

    08/28/2020 12:02 PM

    2 counter rioters:
    o ID communications
    o ID logistic sources
    o track funds from Soros
    o Make public
    o name names
    o Prosecute.
    Then riots reduce or subside maybe
    BUT need armed populace or nothing works