May 9, 2019

I must be getting old because I remember when the New York Times’ motto was “All the news that’s fit to print” and not “We’ll print any moldy old garbage as long as it makes Trump look bad.”

At the link is President Trump’s response to the Times’ big “scoop” from 30 years ago: that Trump’s tax forms from the ‘80s and ‘90s listed heavy losses and loans that on paper showed him billions in debt and saved him having to pay any taxes.

I already pointed out that this was typical for that era when both real estate and the tax code were going through major upheavals and everyone in the industry was using depreciation and every other deduction and loophole to stay afloat.  But I didn’t mention that this is such old and well-trod news that Trump actually wrote a book about it 22 years ago called “The Art of the Comeback” and talked openly about it on “The Apprentice.”

At the time, the troubles of Trump and other developers were widely covered by the New York media.  The Times even dubbed Trump the “Comeback Kid” back then for his shrewdness in structuring deals to avoid losing his empire. Now they’re condemning him for the same thing they once praised him for.  What could have happened?  (Oh, that’s right: he became a Republican and got elected President.)  

This stale, well-chewed nothingburger isn’t likely to have much impact.  Trump supporters will shrug it off as old news (“Wow, rich people use tax write-offs.  Stop the presses.”) while his detractors might find it good for about a day’s worth of Trump-hate fuel now that they no longer have “Russian collusion” to burn about.  Beyond that: ho-hum.  The only real scandal here worthy of further investigation is how the Times got hold of Trump’s private tax records.

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For his part, Trump has never denied exploiting the tax code. While campaigning, he even used himself as an example of rich people who have the resources to take advantage of it and said that’s why it needed to be reformed.  But the Congressional Democrats who gave us that boxcar full of baffling baloney that is our tax code just want to jail Trump for exploiting it.

I like to look on the bright side, so I’m going to thank the Times for bringing this appalling situation back to the national spotlight.  I’m sure that now, the Times, all other liberal media outlets who are trumpeting their story, and all the Democratic politicians who are making a fuss over it (I’m looking at you, Speaker Pelosi) will join me in my longstanding effort to replace our complicated, unfair, loophole-ridden and economy-crippling tax code with the simple, IRS-abolishing Fair Tax. 

Welcome to the Fair Tax side, liberals!  I’m glad Trump finally helped you see the light!   


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  • Adina Holt

    05/12/2019 01:47 PM

    Personally, there doesn't seem to be much benefit from releasing tax returns. Any reports on them are usually skewed to the interpretersers benefit. But, we believe that if one candidate must produce a tax return, then all who run for federal office should show their tax returns. And do it each time they run for re-election. The returns should include any information, say where a congress person made money on insider trading, government “hush-money” payouts, or even "book sales". Political donations should also be reported, such as all those $90 benefactors, and where did those donors get their funds to donate. Maybe then we’d learn how our reps often come out of office vastly wealthier than they began.

  • Firewagon

    05/12/2019 03:20 AM

    “I must be getting old....” LOL! I know I am. Remember one wag pointing out, at the time, a very factual reality, that Donald Trump bankrupt would still be worth more than almost any other 100 Americans ‘combined!’

  • Marilyn DeMarco

    05/10/2019 11:12 PM

    I am SO SICK of the Dems and their unpatriotic actions, they are really hurting this country and dividing us like never before. Thank God for President Trump, I don’t even know how he is able to do anything with them. I just pray that God sees fit to put this President back in for the next 4 years as well and blesses us for standing behind our President and this country. I just hope He can also quiet the dems and help them to see we don’t agree and despise their actions and we are so sick of them and their whining and lies. God bless you Senator and your lovely daughter, for fighting and standing with our President and our country.

  • Raymond Lee

    05/10/2019 02:14 PM

    Honorable Mr. Huckabee,
    The Liberals at the office think Pres. Trump IS losing that kind of money today. Present tense. Talk about ignorant and not thinking for yourselves.

  • James C Harkins

    05/10/2019 10:23 AM

    Used to be required reading in New York Catholic high school and college for news and proof reading quality. Now saving a lot of money and time avoiding a GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT “publication”

  • Adele Bennett

    05/10/2019 05:42 AM

    Amen! Pass this knowledge and wisdom on to as many people as you can reach, especially the democrats.

  • Anne Amato

    05/09/2019 07:39 PM

    Dear Governor,
    The issue with President Trump's tax forms are just stupid! As a former small business owner, I invested plent of my own (and borrowed) money on equipment and supplies. My taxes were done for years by a resgistered IRS tax professional. Personally, being focused on RUNNING my business, I had basically no clue what he was doing and I had only the basic knowledge most business owners have....income, expenses, etc. The tax preparers are the people who basically decided how much of my business expense to "carry over" from one year to the next. Sometimes this carryover was large enough to offset any taxes owed! That is just the way the laws work!
    Unfortunately, I had continuing health issues and had to close the business. But the actual OBJECT of having tax attorneys and professional preparers is so they do the best job they can taking legal advantage of the tax laws on the books. That is THEIR job! So what if President Trump's preparers took advantage (on a much larger scale than others)......when the expenses are larger......and can be carried over....that also allows the opportunity for business growth...or to invest more to save your business.
    i see absolutely NO reason for people to be upset that this President used the legal resources available to all businesses. And...perhaps people should look into the corporate tax returns for.....oh...I don't know....Amazon, CNN....and am pretty sure there are many others!
    My advice to President Trump is to remember...."when you fight the DC Swamp, wear a hazmat suit....because the "crap" will certainly be coming your way!"
    TRUMP 2020!

  • Darlene stelzried

    05/09/2019 04:10 PM

    This Comment site is being jammed. Cannot leave any comments!!

  • michelle bauck

    05/09/2019 02:37 PM

    You are so right on this, especially. What a lot of garbage and I am sick of it. And NOW we have a Republican--so called--subpoena-ing Don Trump Jr? What is wrong with this picture? Kick him out!

  • Jen Yost

    05/09/2019 02:22 PM

    What the President did on real estate in the 80s - 90s was the norm. I remember it and it was very common. The interesting thing about the left bringing this up is they are extremely judgmental even though no laws were broken. Then we have the left, that continues to break all kinds of laws and have no conscience about it. They are bold and think it’s the norm. The laws broken by so many (Mueller & his merry band) in government at high levels is considered the right thing. The atrocities done would cause John Q Citizen to land in prison.

  • David Womer

    05/09/2019 02:14 PM

    What used to be a well respected newspaper has become little more than an over priced tabloid.

  • Jeff Medler

    05/09/2019 01:52 PM

    It doesn't quite equate, but back in my youth Mad Magazine did a parody of the NYTimes with the slogan: "All the news that fits, we print".

  • Anne Turne

    05/09/2019 01:49 PM

    Thank you for continuing to describe the true picture. The problem is that the hatred on the part of the never Trumpers is so great they will believe anything. They truly are deranged. For those far lefties, nothing is going to change their minds. They have built his win to the point of hysteria. If he should win in 2020, I cannot imagine what the reaction will be. Will they be throwing themselves out windows and from bridges? So many decent people, who have served long and honorably, have had their lives and livelihood, in some cases, ruined by these people. What is taking so long to uncover the DNC culpability. I am beginning to think that will never happen. Why are these people so powerful? I guess it is because of the media. Our media no longer reports, it controls. Many of these Dems on Congress are really behaving in an evil manner. I cannot believd what is coming out of Pelosi’s mouth. I thought she was more level headed but I guess derangement is catching.

  • Lauri Norris

    05/09/2019 01:10 PM

    I would like to see Congressional member’s tax records how can they be millionaires and billionaires on government salary? How can they cane the gall to say anything about Trump, who was an ordinary citizen/business owner/entrepreneur until 2+ years ago. I’m more curious about their financial gains in office, via American government employ. I suppose Republicans wouldn’t want theirs exposed either! There needs to be a couple overhaul of our government and the IRS. And get rid of these Trump obsessed leftists. So sick of them getting nothing done but OBSTRUCTION!

  • George Steele

    05/09/2019 12:57 PM

    It used to be "All the news that's fit to print;" now it's "All the news that fits in a toilet, we print." The hysterical part of the "scoop" (you know - the tool you use to pick up with after you walk your dog) is that it formed a major part of the introduction shot to "The Apprentice," and President Trump wrote a book about it: "The Art of the Comeback." So the NYT rehashes an intro that we all watched over a decade ago on TV and calls it a scoop. I didn't thing that when they called themselves the newspaper of record that they meant making headlines over record-old news. I'm not sure even dead fish would want to be wrapped in something that stale.

    On another note - if the Dems want to impeach Barr because he is getting the goods on their impropriety with an eye towards Grand Jury and indictments, doesn't THAT constitute obstruction of justice?

  • Jerry Korba

    05/09/2019 11:55 AM

    This breed they call themselves the Left what a group of Hippocrates. I believe the gene pool that produced them is awful. The breeders of this group went into it blindfolded. These people on the Left never had a chance if the parents of these people are alive they would try and rescue them some have been in office for 30 years no one has come forward. The breeders changed their names or are in hiding very embarrassed as to what they produced. As I am. Look at Tim Tebow Sarah Sanders Huckabee this is what proper reproduction and parenting look like. The people on the left that are on judicial committees are the product of ill advised breeding habits they never had a chance to be decent

  • Nena Close

    05/09/2019 11:53 AM

    I read yesterday on another post that the supposed tax records were pulled from a data base of wealthy persons/businesses in a certain category and "averaged" out. They weren't actually DJT's personal tax records. The Dems just want something else to bark about, to keep the dogs chewing on old bones.

  • Deborah Myers

    05/09/2019 11:47 AM

    I agree with you 100 percent. I remember him talking about the write off and stating that the tax codes need to be reformed. Maybe we should take a look at the members of congress and the deductions they took (Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, etc.). This whole situation is so disgusting and all it is proving to me is that the only thing they care about is taking down President Trump. They do not care about our Country. Sick of them. Also, your daughter is amazing. I respect her more each day.

  • william fuhrer

    05/09/2019 11:43 AM

    New York Times has to do something to try to sell newspapers.....the Times might try telling the TRUTH. What a novel idea for the times to tell the truth. The Times has the obits going for them and the sports. Maybe the Times should put the CARTOON on page 1

  • Ronald A Moscatello

    05/09/2019 11:41 AM

    Mr. Huckabee,
    I need help for my son. Maybe you could guide me ? Lately I keep hearing about second and third chances but without money or knowing the right person I really don't know who to write to or who will listen. In the past I have wrote to Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo, and many other officials with no response whatsoever.
    Over Ten years ago my son made two drunken phone calls threatening his ex girlfriend. He had a bad drinking problem at the time and lost control of himself at times. To make a long story short she, with the help of her Police Chief uncle, completely ruined his life. He never hit her. He just made terrible threats. Words not Actions. I got him a lawyer but to no avail. By the time she was finished with him he was given two serious felonies which made him unable to work anywhere. Every job he applied for turned him down. He was even fired from stock boys job after they reviewed his record. Remember this was just two drunken phone calls.
    He lives with me and now he is in his thirties with no life and a drug problem. I know if he could get a second chance he would quit the drugs and be a great worker. He is also smart and very literate, just down for the count. I'm now sixty eight, married with a great wife of seventy two, and we both know when we pass away he will have no where to go. You as a past govenour may know people in New York that can help us. I don't have much money but whatever I have I will give to try to get this monkey off his back. It is very embarrassing for me to write this to anyone but I know your a man of faith and can understand my dilemma. By the way my son Loves Trump as I do also ! I have been reading your newsletter for a long time and followed your and your daughters careers and admire both of you. You have to be very proud to have such a wonderful daughter. She is a gift to America and the World.
    Ronald Moscatello
    100 Einstein Loop #9F
    Bronx, NY 10475

    I hope you can help !

  • Jeannie Rice

    05/09/2019 11:37 AM

    Governor Mike, I forgot to tell you that out of the blue Senator Chuck S of NY started to e-mail me & he & I have been trading barbs ever since to say I was surprised was the statement of the century! who me? nah! one of my e-mails back to him was this, I told him he & Mrs Pelosi needed a very long vacation, one that should be on a remote island very close to a Russian missile site, wonders! I did receive another e-mail on that one I told him I would row him & his friend to the island but I would be returning alone, never did get another e-mail! hmmm A big scardy cat!!!!!!!! Jeannie

  • Patricia Varhol

    05/09/2019 11:29 AM

    On The Five yesterday Juan Williams said Trump had his rich daddy bail him out of his losses. Is that true? And if it is what’s wrong with that! I remember reading Trump’s book way back then and thinking what a great President he would make. And I was right!

  • Ann Williams

    05/09/2019 11:16 AM

    I am 79 years old and still work because one can't live in SoCal on Medicare and because I like the people I work for. Obviously, I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination but I still use any legal method possible to avoid paying more taxes than I have to so why wouldn't Trump, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc. BTW, even if someone saw Trump's tax returns, it wouldn't tell the whole story. There are probably multiple returns as I'm sure that his holdings are not all under one company. Of course, the liberals would pluck out anything that made him look bad and leave the rest alone. I would much rather see the returns of all the members of Congress starting with the year before they first entered politics and all the years since!

  • Betty Franklin

    05/09/2019 11:13 AM

    Do you know how much I care about Trump's tax returns? Zero. Less than zero. Zilch.

    What I care about is having a President and a Congress who are working together for the best interest of our country. Instead, we have a group of Senators and Representatives who cannot concentrate on anything except trying to destroy the President (for the 'sin' of beating their favorite candidate in 2016 after they had made a mockery of his candidacy) that they will not put their prejudice aside and begin doing their jobs again. It is disheartening and tiring. This isn't why they were elected to office.

  • Billsyr814

    05/09/2019 10:56 AM

    Wow. So right on. Now let’s make the Fair Tax a reality!!