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February 27, 2023

Earlier, I wrote a message specifically to anyone who had raised their approval rating of President Biden based on his vow to make “the wealthy and corporations” pay their “fair share” of taxes. That message was that the IRS was actually cracking down on underpaid service workers to make sure they reported every last penny of their tip money so that Uncle Joe could seize his “fair share.”

Well, if that wasn’t enough to convince you that the IRS is not the friend of the working person, try this: Following Biden’s unconstitutional order to inject “equity,” or race-based practices, into the federal government, the America First Legal Foundation has launched an investigation into the IRS because they suspect the agency has illegally altered its audit algorithm to include race and ethnicity data, “for the purpose of ensuring that more white, Asian, and mixed-race Americans are audited based solely on their race or national origin.”

For the record, they point out that “Congress has prohibited the IRS from collecting race and ethnicity data from American taxpayers. But since President Biden took office, the Treasury Department has been using ‘racial equity’ as a ‘key factor in the design of tax compliance,’ and illegally ‘examining the tax system through a racial equity lens.'”

Who guessed that when Biden vowed to go after wealthy tax cheats and make them pay, he was talking about waiters in Chinese restaurants?

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