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July 11, 2023

The office of U.S. Attorney Damian Williams in the Southern District of New York has filed criminal charges against Dr. Gal Luft, who is currently in hiding after being arrested in Cyprus on what he says were fabricated arms-dealing charges and jumping bail prior to his extradition to the U.S.  It makes perfect sense that this would happen, to shut down one of Congress’ key whistleblowers in the alleged foreign influence-peddling activities of the Biden family.

The indictment, unsealed Monday, lists federal charges of (yes) arms dealing, operating as an unregistered lobbyist for China (violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA), and conspiring to flout U.S. sanctions on Iran.  Prosecutors say that in 2015, in exchange for “letting” former Hong Kong official Patrick Ho give his think tank, the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security, $300,000 a year, Luft had agreed to “recruit and ‘educate’” a high-ranking American official --- name not released --- to “make public statements that were in the interest of China.”

The NEW YORK POST suggests that certain details about the work of this individual correspond to that of former CIA Director James Woolsey, who was a member of President-elect Trump’s transition team after the 2016 election.  Ho isn’t named in the indictment, either, but the POST was similarly able to match details in the indictment with incidents in Ho’s life, including his arrest by U.S. officials in November 2017 on bribery and money laundering charges.

Luft, a dual U.S./Israeli citizen who had been based in Israel, communicated with the POST last week through a 14-minute video --- which you must see --- recorded at an undisclosed location.  He starts by telling what we know: that he was senior advisor to the Chinese energy company CEFC at the time the Bidens were getting paid a lot of money.  “Under normal circumstances,” he says, he would be testifying before congressional committees about this, but he made the “fatal decision” in March 2019 to tell the U.S. government, during a two-day session at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, what he knew about the Bidens’ relationship with CEFC.  He did it at that time, he says, because there were stirrings about a Biden candidacy for President.  “I saw it as my civic duty to alert the government beforehand and give it enough time to probe the issue.”  He’s not a Republican or Democrat, he says, and has no political agenda.

“I did it out of deep concern,” he says, “that if the Bidens were to come to power, the country would be facing the same traumatic Russia collusion scandal, only this time with China.”  (Perhaps at that time, he assumed the Russia Hoax was actually true.)  “Sadly, because of the DOJ’s cover-up, this is exactly what happened.”

He then goes into the meetings in Brussels with six U.S. officials, including prosecutors from the Southern District of New York and also the FBI, and he names names.  They seemed to take him very seriously as someone with inside information, he says, and this was nine months before they got the laptop.  It was Luft, during these meetings, who brought up the name of Rob Walker, whom he calls Hunter’s “bag man.”

Speaking of the laptop, the agent who obtained it from computer technician John Paul Mac Isaac was one of the officials he’d spoken with in Brussels, Special Agent Joshua Wilson.  (For details of the FBI’s interactions with Mac Isaac, we recommend his book, AMERICAN INJUSTICE.)

It’s also in this video that he says he told them of a “mole” within the DOJ, distinguished by having only one eye, who shared classified information with Hunter and his Chinese partners about the partners being under investigation.  (As noted by the POST, partner Ye Jianming has not been seen since his detention by Chinese authorities in 2018.)   

Instead of investigating, Luft says, these government agents turned HIM into “public enemy #1.”  He skipped bail in Cyprus before he could be extradited because he believed he “would not get a fair trial in a New York court,” as they would do what it took to keep the name “Biden” out of that trial.  Be sure and watch the full account of his ordeal and what he says to refute the charges.

And here’s the update from the POST about Luft being charged in New York.  He says this is a political hit job to keep him from testifying before the House Oversight and Accountability Committee.  Committee Chairman James Comer of Kentucky has said Luft remains a “potential witness,” but that was before this indictment.  Let’s hope Comer can still make that happen, even if by videoconference!

Comer is bound to smell a cover-up here.  Bonchie at REDSTATE says the timing of this indictment suggests that the administration intends to use it to block Luft from testifying before Congress, which he was reportedly getting set to do.  “Can that be written off as a coincidence?” Bonchie asks.  “I’ll leave you to decide.”

If you have a strong stomach and would like to see how this is being reported by the left, Kyle Herrig, executive director of the laughably named Congressional Integrity Project, is quoted at length in this story at AOL.  One tip-off to his political agenda is his frequent use of the focus-group-tested term “MAGA Republicans,” and another is his insistence that there is no “single piece of evidence linking President Biden to any wrongdoing whatsoever.”  I guess Herrig doesn’t count Biden lying his head off, and that’s for starters.

In more unsurprising news, THE DAILY SIGNAL has obtained documents in response to a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request that show how the outgoing administration targeted retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, President-elect Trump’s choice for national security director.  These 215 pages from the National Security Agency are heavily redacted, but they “tell at least part of the story of a final-month rush by the outgoing Obama administration to torpedo the incoming presidency of Donald Trump.”

(Say, isn’t the deliberate attempt to undermine the results of a presidential election what the Democrats like to call “insurrection”? I believe they send people to prison over that, don’t they?)

The effort to “unmask” Flynn’s name in phone transcripts and gain access to raw information from the NSA about him involved many Obama officials, including then-Vice President Joe Biden.  They were busy bees from late November 2016 through early January 2017.

In May 2020, then-acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell declassified a list of names involved in the unmasking of Flynn and gave it to Congress.  Three of them are now high-ups in the Biden administration:  Samantha Power, Denis McDonough, and Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall.  Now, thanks to this request for documents, we see the actual requests and the emails among NSA officials about why the information was being shared.

Of course, we KNOW why it was really being shared.  Be sure to read the DAILY SIGNAL story through to the end.  You’ll see that Special Counsel Jack Smith is working on another way to target Flynn and other members of the Trump inner circle.

Finally, for when you have time, FOX NEWS has come up with a different list of White House personnel, this one naming those who have extensive ties to Hunter Biden.  He has a lot of friends in very high places.  Some of these friends we knew about, such as Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser; Kathy Chung, Hunter’s former executive assistant who is now deputy director of protocol at the Pentagon; and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who, along with his wife, has been especially chummy.  Others on the list are new names.  There’s a lot you can say about Hunter, but you can’t say he’s lonely.

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