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October 26, 2021

Many people are risking their careers by refusing to obey COVID vaccine mandates. For this, they’re being mocked, shunned and vilified (the Prime Minister of New Zealand is even bragging about how she’s used vaccine documents to create a two-tiered society that relegates the unvaccinated to second-class citizen status.)

So why are so many people saying no? Are they really all just ignorant, anti-science rubes, as some in the media or the Administration depict them? If so, how does that square with the fact that people with Ph.D.’s are among the most vaccine hesitant, or with all the health care workers who are refusing the jab (PR tip: if you want people to take something, don’t call it “the JAB.”)

The Epoch Times did something that few if any media outlets have done: they actually asked health care professionals why they are risking their careers to defy vaccine mandates.The full article is for paid subscribers only, but here’s the gist of what they said:

Some are pro-life and have religious objections to the use of fetal cells in developing the vaccines. Others said they’ve personally seen many serious negative reactions and don’t believe they’re being honestly reported. One registered nurse in Oncology/Hematology says they’re seeing an increase in hospitalizations and referrals for clotting and bleeding disorders. Some say they don’t want to risk vaccine side effects to avoid a disease with a 99% survival rate for those not in high risk categories, and for which we now have safe alternative treatments.

Some said the vaccines are “leaky” and that the majority of COVID patients they’re seeing are vaccinated. They don’t believe the vaccines are working and think they’re fueling the creation of new variants. One said this vaccine technology has never been deployed successfully and there’s no data on the longterm effects. They say the vaccines are still undergoing their first year of study, and their safety and effectiveness aren’t yet proven. They’re in touch with other health care workers and say they aren’t seeing the “surges” that the public is being told are happening. Some health care workers say they already have natural immunity from COVID exposure.

And finally, as the aforementioned registered nurse put it, “This is America! I have every right to make an educated decision regarding my health care. No matter what you are told, what I do has no direct effect on you.”

There’s more at the link for subscribers, but that’s the reasoning, from the mouths of health care workers. Please note that I’m vaccinated myself, and I’m not endorsing their views. You can disagree with them, say their concerns are unfounded or overblown, or argue that the risks of the disease outweigh those of the vaccines. But please stop saying that everyone who resists vaccine mandates is ignorant of science and medicine, because this shows that a lot of highly-trained health care professionals obviously beg to differ.

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  • Chris

    10/29/2021 03:45 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee:

    I am writing to express my feelings about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

    I HAD MY VACCINE, but I feel the shots should not be mandatory. A policy of forced vaccination is very troubling. This is a new vaccine using new experimental technology, with no long term data and limited clinical trials. The media and others are hard at work weaving a web of confusion and misinformation surrounding the COVID pandemic, and even members of the medical community are being censored and/or are scared to share their concerns. We don’t know who to trust.

    We were told you are protected when you get the vaccine whether others receive it or not. I am not sure if the unvaccinated are endangering the vaccinated. How is that possible, if the vaccines work? If everyone who wants the protection is able to get it, then why the drastic violation of citizens rights to force everyone to be vaccinated?

    This is a very complex issue.

    I am writing because I strongly feel no American should be forced to be vaccinated. It is especially sad to see federal employees and military members quit / or be fired.


  • Fmv

    10/27/2021 04:50 AM

    When you are allergic to the world except cats, you want to know if you are allergic to anything in there of which you have not been tested. Once in you to that degree, you cannot back it out. That can be fatal.

  • Pilon Sharon

    10/26/2021 09:23 PM

    I’m among those who can’t take vaccines without reactions. Even with an exception, the Governor in NM is playing god. She had instituted the following:

    “As a result, the Department of Health announced on Monday, October 18, that the state’s hospitals are permitted to implement crisis standards of care. This means that doctors may have to begin rationing care, making extremely difficult decisions about which resources go to which patients. It’s a place that our health care providers and their patients should never have to be in, and the vast majority of those being hospitalized with COVID-19 are unvaccinated. Most of us assume that if we get sick or injured, there will be a hospital bed available for us, but that is not the case right now in New Mexico. If you have not been vaccinated, please consider doing so to keep yourself out of a hospital bed – and ensure someone else in need has access to one.”

  • Elizabeth McFarland

    10/26/2021 08:43 PM

    Well it is up to each person to decide what they want to do. I for myself am allergic to all adjuvants used in vaccines and not only can not but will not take a vaccine to prove to anyone else it will kill me, however even if I were not allergic to it, I have done enough research on the substances used in this not miracle injection that is in fact NOT a true vaccine and just the idea of a substance that is a relative of antifreeze being in them is enough to stop me, not to mention other toxic ingredients that are in them that it is amazing to me that few of the "health professionals" even mention, which should be one of the most important factors! I will stick with my all natural remedies as they have kept me from taking the flu for right at 70 years, kept me from taking all kinds of things including the corona virus when I was working in a health care facility in 2020, and no it was not the mask due to the fact that I can not nor will I wear a mask as they cause me to end up with bacterial pneumonia, and yet everyone that did get sick wore masks NON STOP every day, yet they got the flu, strep throat AND corona virus. The fact also that NO ONE has ANY idea what the effects of those toxins are going to be in a year, two years, five years or 10 years, is enough that should make EVERYONE refuse to take it. MY body was made by God, given by God and it is NOT a humans guinea pig, especially for unproven, non vaccines, made by faulty humans!! God is the only one that makes ANYTHING perfect and I will stick with HIM!!

  • Jim Blanchard

    10/26/2021 06:45 PM

    I am 75. I got the shots and will get the booster. I get regular flu shots each year. Our expectations are apparently too high. So far the vaccines aren't as good as we would like, but I believe well worth taking, if you don't have other issues or good reasons you don't wish to have it. I believe the best thing to do is get the advice of your doctor that you know and trust. Time will tell...........
    I hate to think that worthwhile therapies are not truthfully reported, (it seems) and made available to those that need them and approved by a doctor they trust. Sad to say...Politics and opinions over what should be just undisputed facts, makes the vaccine debate a mess!

  • Patricia Owens

    10/26/2021 05:53 PM

    Because two of my 4 adult children are on Levothyroxine, or similar, I read with interest this article:
    In a DuckDuckGo search, I see there are several articles out, tho I have yet to check them out. What say you, good sir? Not that it matters, they've had the jabs, and one, tho a virus survivor, has to to have the third. Not sure just when. I would rather she retire. Thank you, I try to keep up.

  • Valerie O’Neil

    10/26/2021 03:02 PM

    My Body, My choice
    The jab has a lot of nasty ingredients, poison for 1
    I choose to live a long healthy life without drugs.

  • Haire Carolyn

    10/26/2021 02:09 PM

    And some of us not only agree with what you have stated, but further have severe allergies primarily to medication and vaccines. I am absolutely unable take the annual flu vaccine because I become so sick and have been warned by a specialist that not everyone survives an anaphylactic reaction. I always have huge reactions from vaccines with an extremely swollen arm and redness that can last a couple weeks, not days.
    I am not alone and we dislike being lumped in with the anti-Vaxxers.
    I self isolate to protect myself and others.

  • Amelia Little

    10/26/2021 01:53 PM

    Comments I see on fb would seem to indicate there are people who think fauci is the be-all-end-all expert on the panic-demic and the vaccine. They discount information from doctors, scientists whose credentials are every bit as stellar as fauci's. An advantage that many of these doctors have is--they have been actively praticing as a physician, have seen patients, have kept records--and I would say have an advantage over someone who has only been in research for quite a number of years. Yes, there are vaccines that have all but eradicated measles, polio, etc--but not all the other flu-viruses like H1N1, SARS, etc (because they are coronaviruses unlike the other diseases.) There are those who still seem to think that if EVERYONE would be vaxed, there would no longer be a covid19 case, and, of course, no further deaths--because they seem to think the vax given to those on vents, etc, would "get better." I know not all pro-vaxers think that way, but there are those out there. I also have a problem with a vax that allegedly was quickly formulated--and, regardless of fb tellin us constantly about the testing, etc--not a lot could be done, and no meaningful studies done in the short time. And, for us to be told side effects are "short term" is insane--it was said in relation to healthy teens developing cardiac issues after vax that only been given for maybe 3 months. Of course, AT THAT MOMENT, they were "short term"--but the proof is how they are doing 6 months, 2 years, etc down the road.

    We are also being given disinformation--as hospitals being "full" are actually, they have as many patients they can care for with the amount of staff that is left to care for them. Even the first round, it was made to seem all except emergenies were covid patients. Yet, groups of nurses from CA and KS were reported to go to NY to help out. You know, where the SSComfort sat wildly underused, and field hospitals also not being filled at any time.

    I am one who thinks--you want the vax--take it, I have no problem. If you don't want the vax, don't take it and you really don't have to list out all the reasons why you won't.

  • Patterson William

    10/26/2021 01:40 PM

    My thoughts this is a free country, if you want the shot then get the shot, my wife and I got the shots, plus the flu shots.
    If you don’t want the shots then don’t get them and let’s hope the ones that didn’t don’t get sick