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February 19, 2024

Over the past couple of days, we’ve learned more from the three reporters --- Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibi, who are known from their work on Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files,” plus Alex Gutentag --- who investigated the CIA’s role in originating the Russia Hoax.

Shellenberger appeared on JESSE WATTERS PRIMETIME on Thursday for an update.  According to their sources, the CIA has a 50-page report that they’ve been hiding at their headquarters, and even members of the House Intelligence Committee have been unaware of its existence.  There might be other copies of this top-secret report elsewhere, but he’s not specifically aware.  According to Shellenberger’s “multiple, credible sources,” it proves “without a doubt” that Russia, in truth, favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump to become President of the United States in 2016.

It was all a lie. The Trump-Russia scandal made its formal launch on January 6th, 2017, when the office of the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper published what’s called an “Intelligence Community Assessment,” or “ICA,” as it’s universally known in Washington…

What the hey?  Haven’t we been hearing for years that Trump was Vladimir Putin’s guy?  What is this?

The “agent of Putin” allegations against Trump were totally invented by our own CIA, and then-Director John Brennan used the phony, Hillary-financed Steele “dossier” to create the impression in an Intelligence Community Assessment in January 2017, after Hillary’s surprise loss, that the Russians had been helping Trump win.  The reverse was actually true.

The material in this hidden CIA report reveals the “best evidence” was on the side that Hillary was preferred by Russia for the “continuity and stability” of a Clinton administration.  Trump was a wild card; they were concerned that he was erratic, an unknown and therefore unpredictable.  “The quality of the evidence that contradicted that was much lower,” Shellenberger said, “and...Brennan’s people manipulated the sourcing, so to speak, the quality ranking given to the sources, to come up with really the opposite outcome of what the truth was.”

Shellenberger broke this down into two separate, massive intelligence scandals:  1) The manipulation Brennan did of our foreign allies during the campaign to “basically entrap” Trump associates like George Papadopoulos to “create the pretext” for the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation of Trump, and 2)  Brennan’s orchestration of that phony Intelligence Community Assessment “that comes to the opposite conclusion of what their own raw intelligence was telling them.”

“What we’re witnessing is the political corruption of both intelligence gathering and intelligence analysis by John Brennan.”

He believes this newly-uncovered report is probably incorporated into this 10-inch binder we’ve been hearing about, and says Congress has to take action to get this.  “I know for a fact,” he said, “there are members of the House Intelligence Committee, whose...constitutional to oversee the CIA, to demand that the CIA be a nonpolitical institution.”  (Cue laugh track.)  “They need to hold them to account --- there need to be hearings on this; we need that 50-page report, and the binder and the rest of the documents.”

The CIA is known for interfering in other countries’ elections, but they’re NEVER supposed to interfere in ours.

Another piece that’s emerging is that the CIA seems to have been running this “Five Eyes” operation through their London office.  This fits with what we knew:  Bill Priestap of the FBI flew to London for a week, and upon his return, “Crossfire Hurricane” was opened.  Recall also that Christopher Steele was a British former MI6 agent.  According to this new report, then-London station chief Gina Haspel, who was later promoted to CIA Director (ironically, by Trump, who at that time knew nothing of this), was conspiring with Brennan.  The “binder” documents are said to implicate her.

We’ll have more on this from Shellenberger on Monday.  In the meantime, the big question is, WHO RECOMMENDED GINA HASPEL TO TRUMP to replace CIA Director Brennan?  If this story is borne out, then whoever recommended her was no friend to Trump, just as Chris Christie was no friend when he recommended Christopher Wray for FBI Director.  Remember that Trump was new to DC and didn’t (yet) know the cast of Swamp-dwellers.  Steering him towards Haspel might have been part of the continuing scheme to take Trump down.  Notice that Haspel is still CIA Director under Biden.

Fortunately, there’s one person who definitely knows who recommended Haspel:  Trump.  

RELATED STORY:  Shellenberger also posted on X about the firing by Paramount Global of CBS NEWS’ excellent reporter, Catherine Herridge, formerly of FOX NEWS.  This was part of a purge of 800 employees at Paramount, including 20 at CBS NEWS, but we can’t help but wonder at the timing.  Shellenberger called her a “hero,” noting that she has been “facing financial ruin and even prison for protecting her sources.”  She is one of the finest journalists out there.  Maybe CBS just figured out she was too good for them.

Other conservative commentators joined in, with Collin Rugg of TRENDING POLITICS pointing out that “Herridge was fired just hours after she reported on how Biden may have ‘retained sensitive documents related to specific countries involving his family’s foreign business dealings.”

As reported in the NEW YORK POST, Herridge ran into “internal roadblocks” at CBS for her reporting of the Hunter Biden laptop story.  She was supposedly brought in to be a “balanced voice,” but did she think she would be given that kind of respect and freedom?  Anyway, we’d love to see her working as an independent journalist, as Tucker Carlson is now, with no one tying her hands.  There is no one more respected or credible.

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