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January 12, 2023



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1. Biden had MORE classified docs; why are we learning this now?

By Mike Huckabee

This scandal just keeps getting funnier.

On Wednesday, the news broke that another trove of marked-as-classified documents had turned up, this time in one of “the President’s other known spaces,” as reported by the DAILY WIRE. These documents were discovered during a massive, armed, early-morning, land-sea-and-air FBI raid of Joe Biden’s beach house. Just kidding.

Anyway, “other known spaces” is as specific as anyone has been so far as to where these other documents were found. No word, either, on when they were found, what level of classification they had, how many there were, if there might be more, or the nature of what was in them. Even without such knowledge, defenders of Biden are minimizing the seriousness of this, just as they maximized the seriousness of what Trump had kept at Mar-A-Lago. They just say what they say, based on nothing but expediency and situational ethics. Bless their hearts.

We also still don’t know the backstory; namely, what led to the original search that turned up the first batch of ten classified documents, as the National Archives had made no document request that would've caused them to go looking. Why on earth would they be going through the documents in that office? The story is that Biden’s attorneys found these papers during a cleaning-out of the office, but, again --- say it with me --- why would BIDEN’S ATTORNEYS be involved in this?

That first batch reportedly contained U.S. intelligence memos and briefing materials on Iran, the U.K, and (...drum roll, please…) Ukraine, and these were found inside Biden’s unsecured private office at the Penn Biden Center, which the University of Pennsylvania insists was NOT funded by Chinese donations but, in a roundabout way, was, and also was probably crawling with Chinese spies—I mean, invited guests.

Many have noted that Biden’s possession of these documents is very, very different from Trump’s possession of documents at Mar-A-Lago. And they’re right! For one thing, Trump, as President, had the authority to declassify documents and essentially do with them as he wished. (President Clinton, after leaving the White House, kept some materials in his sock drawer.) Biden, as Vice President, had no such authority. It makes little difference that Biden’s office cooperated after the fact. Biden did not have the authority to remove any classified material in the first place.

As we reported yesterday, about two weeks BEFORE Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed special counsel Jack Smith to investigate President Trump’s possession of marked-as-classified materials at Mar-A-Lago, he learned that Biden was potentially guilty of the same thing. This was also just six days before the midterm elections, and the notoriously leaky DOJ somehow managed to keep it hush-hush. To quote BREITBART NEWS: “Critics say Garland’s decision not to disclose the revelations before January was a political calculation to benefit the Democrats in the midterms.” You think?

As you know, Biden went on “60 Minutes” after the Mar-A-Lago raid to speak from his heart about how “irresponsible” Trump had been to keep classified materials there. That is just so fall-down hilarious now, I can hardly pick myself up off the floor to continue. So I’ll link to this Jonathan Turley column that talks about it, along with making numerous other good points. (It was written before the second batch of documents had been found.)

Since Garland has appointed a special counsel to look into Trump’s possession of classified documents, what is he supposed to do about Biden? Garland, according to Turley, has been put into a position that “now borders on the comical.”

After the second batch of marked-as-classified documents was found, Turley wrote again, saying that Garland’s decisions were moving quickly from “the inexplicable to the incomprehensible.” Garland has to admit he knew about Biden’s possession of classified documents when he announced the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Trump for essentially the same thing. There was already plenty of reason to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Bidens for the high-dollar influence peddling suggested by emails on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, but Garland has been steadfast in his refusal to do it.

Turley says Biden is “feigning ignorance” by pretending to be surprised about the classified documents. He likens this to Hillary Clinton being “surprised” by the discovery of the Rose Law Firm billing records that implicated her after they were not available to be used in the earlier Whitewater investigation. Why, she had no idea how they got into the White House living quarters!

Come to think of it, she also feigned ignorance about how information could be wiped off electronic devices. (“You mean, like with a cloth?”)

Right now, these apparently sensitive documents are like ballots from a Maricopa County drop-box: no chain of custody. Turley notes that Biden’s documents might have been “at various locations over a five-year period.”

Now that more documents have been discovered, more questions have been raised, and there’s no telling where this will lead.

One place it might be leading will seem controversial and even far-fetched to some, but we were already musing about it and anticipating that a few pundits would bring it up. Someone has: Matt Margolis at PJ MEDIA in, unfortunately, a subscription-only column entitled “The Media May Be Trying To Force Biden Out Of The 2020 Election.” Here it is; we’ll summarize and comment below.

Think about the timeline. The documents were discovered about a week before the midterm election. Naturally, the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) wouldn’t have wanted to do anything then that could hurt the Democrat Party. But why this long after the election? Why have they waited to let it out?

The media are acting out of character, suddenly reporting a scandal that damages Biden. (Until now, the strategy, for everything from the price of gas to Hunter's laptop, has been to blame Vladimir Putin whenever possible.) They’re reflexively defending Biden, of course, but the scandal is very young, and as Margolis reported, several anchors at CNN even admitted how damaging it is to him. What??

This is happening just as Biden seems on the verge of announcing his candidacy for 2024 --- never mind that most people, even most Democrats, do NOT want the old guy to run again. He’s ignoring this political reality. But even if he managed by hook or by crook to win a second term, everyone knows he wouldn’t serve it out. And then we’d have...who, “President Kamala”? The powers behind the throne have surely got something to pound her with, too, in a well-timed scandal that takes her off the ticket, if that’s what it takes.

They probably could have continued to hide the fact that Biden had these documents. But another benefit of revealing it now is that if they go after Biden, it makes them seem more even-handed when they go after Trump. Our guess is that the likely goal is to take out Biden AND Trump.

Pardon our cynicism, but little in the political news cycle --- especially when it comes to the Democrat machine --- happens by accident. Consider all the complex, multi-front planning that went into the Russia Hoax, which successfully dominated the news for years. Any time it appears that a switch has been flipped for the media hounds to start barking in unison over a particular story, one has to wonder why.

Leave me a comment, I read them.

2. Stacey Abrams is thinking of running again

By Mike Huckabee

Stacey Abrams somehow managed to blow over $100 million on a second failed race for Governor of Georgia and lose worse than the first time. She was criticized for poor spending decisions and ending $1 million in debt, forcing loyal staffers to be cut off from pay just before Christmas. Now, a new problem for her: a federal court has ordered “Fair Fight Action,” a group founded by Abrams, to pay over $231,000 in legal fees due to their groundless lawsuit against the state, falsely claiming voter suppression (FYI: historic numbers of Georgians voted, just not for her.

Despite this record of lies, waste and failure, Abrams was on Drew Barrymore’s TV show Monday, where she declared that she’s already thinking of running again. That drew wild cheers from the no-doubt heavily-Democrat studio audience.

Now, I’m going to ask a question of Democrats, and I swear, it’s not meant to be provocative. I honestly don’t understand and want to know what you’re thinking. My question is this:

“Why are you so wildly enthusiastic about backing a candidate who has been rejected multiple times by voters, doing worse in each successive run, and who draws vast amounts of money away from other races where it might do some good and simply blows it?” 

I get that Abrams fits several identity group boxes that are weirdly important to you, but you have this same bizarre enthusiasm for “Beto” O’Rourke, too. Why is doubling down on incredibly expensive failure so appealing to you?

Yes, I know I had two failed runs for President myself. But I didn’t waste hundreds of millions of dollars, and I also went into another line of work after the second loss. And unlike Stacey Abrams, I didn’t mysteriously become a millionaire by losing elections. Those runs cost me money.  

Don't get me wrong, if you want to throw away money that might otherwise fund electable Democrats, far be it from me to stop you. But I am curious to know why you continue backing these professional losers. Is it the cult of celebrity? I’ve long suspected that many liberals, having turned their backs on God, are trying to fill the spiritual void with worship of charismatic political figures (“Obama the Lightbringer,” etc.) Is that it? If so, I can assure you that you’d be much better off going back to church. It’s not only far better for your soul, but even with tithing, it will be a lot less expensive than continuing to fund the political pipe dreams of delusional egomaniacs like Abrams and O’Rourke.

Leave me a comment, I read them.


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3. Poll results

By Mike Huckabee

Do you support Kevin McCarthy for Speaker?

14,392 votes cast

7599 YES 52.8%

1076 UNDECIDED 7.5%

5717 NO 39.7%

4. Pete Buttigieg is an incompetent liability

By Mike Huckabee

Having taken months of paternity leave during a historic supply chain crisis, left on vacation during a threatened devastating rail strike, and gone toodling about on military planes during two crippling airline flight delays, alleged Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has become enough of an incompetent liability that he’s actually starting to stand out even among Biden Cabinet members.

This week’s latest airline flight mess caused by a crash of the FAA’s computerized safety system resulted in over 6400 flights being delayed or canceled, the first full stop of the commercial air system since 9/11.

Sen. Ted Cruz called it “completely unacceptable,” and said it “highlights why the public needs a competent, proven leader with substantive aviation experience leading the FAA.” Other Congress members blasted Buttigieg for focusing on woke nonsense like "racist bridges," his inability to “organize a one-car funeral” and his utter lack of qualifications for his job.

To be fair, Buttigieg did have two “qualifications”: he checked the gay identity politics box and he agreed to drop out of the 2020 presidential race and throw his support to Biden. One hoped he might have learned on the job, but that’s clearly not happening. 

I think it’s time for him to go when he’s actually achieved a reputation as the most clueless and incompetent member of Joe Biden’s Cabinet. Just imagine the competition for that title!

On the other hand, you don’t have to imagine it. Just read all the solid reasons why DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is now facing articles of impeachment.


5. Biden extends the pandemic state of emergency for 90 more days

By Mike Huckabee

Most of us are long past cowering at home in fear of COVID-19, but on Wednesday, the White House once again extended the pandemic “state of emergency” for another 90 days. Lincoln Brown at PJ Media has more on this, including some speculation as to why they keep extending the state of emergency long after the emergency has obviously passed, even as Biden is pushing to lift the Title 42 pandemic emergency order so that he can let more illegal immigrants come pouring across the border.

6. NBC soft pedals the Biden document story

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden’s PR agents at NBC News broke the bombshell story to viewers that there is “at least one additional batch” of misplaced classified documents from his office using such soft and fluffy verbiage, you could’ve packed a dozen eggs in it and sent them by US mail.

NBC News correspondent Ken Dilanian soft-soaped viewers by saying, “We don’t know if this was anything more than inadvertent error by whoever was packing the documents when they were leaving the Biden [actually Obama] White House.” As Nick Arama at notes, we also didn’t know if the same thing was true with Trump, but NBC treated that like the crime of the century, even though Trump had the power to declassify those documents and Biden didn’t. Also, Trump’s documents were safe behind locks and guards at Mar-A-Lago. Biden’s not only weren’t secure, we’re not even sure how many more are missing or where they are.

But here’s the real cherry on top of this hypocrisy sundae: Dilanian said, “Now it appears there are more documents that went astray.” Arama rightly points out that they’re trying to imply that Biden’s not at fault, the classified documents just somehow misplaced themselves! They weren’t handled carelessly by Biden; they “went astray,” like sheep that wandered off all on their own.

I wonder if any of those classified documents were secret government plans for an advanced form of genetically-altered documents that have legs?  



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  • Brian Heinz

    01/13/2023 02:43 PM

    How long oh <b>Lord</b> must we be deceived by those who are in power?

  • Doug Moon

    01/13/2023 12:26 PM

    OK, I just had to comment on today's morning edition.

    I am guessing that the revelation of Biden's second batch of "wayword" documents hadn't been fully exposed at press time for your newsletter, since we now know that that location was, wait for it, his garage, right next to his Corvette! There is even a photo floating about that shows "the Big Guy" in said car, in said garage, with a stack of documents in the background: could those be the ones in question? We don't know, but delight in speculating.

    When is Congress going to impeach that evil gnome, Merrick Garland? This man represents the weaponization of the Justice system more than any other single individual on the planet in the history of the planet!

    Now I know you like to include articles from the mainstream media that illustrate their bias, but I thought this was supposed to be a NEWSletter. Having an article titled "NBC Soft pedals the Biden document story" is about as news worthy as "Sun rises in the East"!

    Regarding your McCarthy popularity pole: I know I have beaten you over the head with this way too much, but I think it is obvious from your pole's results that not everyone loves that man as much as you seem to! So maybe there really was a legitimet reason for Congress to not sweep him into office? Actually, I think the fairest(and for the record, YOU generally win this title in MOST cases in my mind) summary of the Speaker election came from our buddy Kurt Schlicter, who spared no one's feelings in his article titled "The Conservatives' game of chicken pays off, we hope".

    You keep on being you, I'll keep on reading!

  • Jerry

    01/13/2023 08:51 AM

    Biden's actions thru out his life has been protected by the DOJ the FBI CIA all the agencies that should have been monitoring him maybe they have however have let do so without detection. Joe biden is like the Poseidon submarine traveling with out detection until careless mistakes were made biden so confident that he is untouchable in all his dealings has. Just maybe may crash and burn someday soon. Lets watch how the DOJ protects him if Garland can they are figuring a way to protect this sleazy president tic tok hopefully time is running out on this Rat the President joe biden the scourge of the planet today.

  • Anne Turner

    01/12/2023 05:51 PM

    Do these “journalists” have no shame? The answer is, it’s all excusable if Trump is not involved. Never has so much been blamed on one person. Why are they so fearful of Trump? If there was an election between Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Trump they would vote for one of the former. Somehow these folks got to adulthood with no conscience ability to discern right from wrong.

    Is Durham still alive?

  • Julie Lynn Bodley

    01/12/2023 04:00 PM

    The govt idiots putting these young people (AOC, Buttigieg, Talib, Omar, etc) that have absolutely no life experience, obviously have no knowledge and understanding of the world and or the American people need to stop being placed in any govt positions let alone those that control situations and subjects they don't understand 1 iota. Being a bartender, or in Buttigieg's case a loser mayor only backs the election fraud going on because these pips are only interested in living large and being in the public eye. They have no idea what they're doing or how to do it. They are mere puppets that the globalists know will easily be controlled. It's time for a real ethics committee to get into their business and fire them for inappropriate use of election funds and taxpayer funded planes, trains and automobiles. On the other side of this are the lifer politicians like Pelosi, Schiff, McConnel, biden, Clinton, waters, etc who have become super wealthy as public servants through insider info, paying to play w/foreign entities money laundering, and using election money to play pretend giving their families mega $'s and fake positions.

  • William B Harris

    01/12/2023 02:53 PM

    I) for one would Peter 'the bungler' should be removed from office and asked to return his salary for LACK of WORK!
    2) Governor of Texas should have handed O' lying' Biden an arrest warrant for a court date the next day for not upholding all Constitutional Laws of the U.S. of A. that he swore to uphold!
    3) The lawyers should be brought immediately into the House and explain why they had the right to look at PRIVATE DOCUMENTS they're not given clearance to SEE?
    4) Those Documents 'weren't missing from the Archives? Investigate under the HOUSE each person who work that and didn't know that many had been illegally missing for over 6 years.
    If no reason - they should be FIRED and loose all clearance to any gov. records for the rest of their lives - because they are in JAIL!!!!
    5) it's time the head (?) DOJ should legally be removed because he is a political Hack - his son-i-l was not investigated to selling the wrong kind of books to schools.
    6) Why hasn't the head (?) DOJ had Adam 'lying' Schift' for not up holding the Constitution when the Twitter release exposed him of illegally depriving people's free public speech and help those who have been slandered. etc with suing the LIER for money & into jail.
    and finally -
    7) Biden should have been sued by the truck driver who hit Biden's wife - telling people that he killed his wife - when it was Biden's wife & child - a million dollars each for his SLANDERED and BEARING False Witness and against him - I'd have sued him everytime he told people that lie

  • Paul Schaber

    01/12/2023 02:03 PM

    In my opinion I get the feeling there is a COUP going behind the scene to get
    rid of Joe and parts of his Administration and bring in Laughing Hynea Inept
    Harris to think she is running show when in reality all she is a nothing but a
    figurehead and the ral power is coming from Susan Rice and others under
    the direction of OBAMA and HILLARY from AFAR while bringing more of the
    OBAMA and Hillary as replacements.

  • Andrea Wilson

    01/12/2023 01:59 PM

    I agree with a girlfriend of mine. She said that Biden had to win to let America know just how corrupt our government is. If Trump had been put back in without Biden cheating we never would have seen how deep the governmental corruption is.

  • Jerry

    01/12/2023 01:49 PM

    Mike trying to figure a liberal or lefty is like tiny to find the end of the Universe. I will not know during my time on earth as a living Human Being. The bizarre world of the Dem is left for them to solve just do not include me. I love normal thinking advancing thoughts for the good of Men and women not looking backwards to what has already been solved and perfected as the dem. does. Watching a Dem like the Press Sec. is a step back into time it is like watching a person put a wheel on a cart for the first time and completely amazed at its operation; the Dems have so many of these backward and quite ignorant people, they really do not know people outside of their circle are watching them and are Amazed the lack of knowledge they have just like a much more intelligent Alien Being may be watching me. The Dem. what a terrible Being to lose. Not really it just makes me think to stay away from them. Not worth the investment..

  • stephen russell

    01/12/2023 12:02 PM

    Pandemic emergency ext ALL for Power & Control
    Useless now