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December 22, 2021


"I have been suffering from lumbar and sciatica pain for over a year. I had X-rays today and found I had two lumbar compressions pressing on my sciatica nerve and another nerve. Please pray that the medications will help."

"New arrival of a newborn reveals she has a recessed chin. Delicate and extensive surgery is needed. Pray for the medical team that will endeavor to help little Rainey."

"Prayers requested for my son, lost his job yesterday. Raising in prayer everyone on this Tree. Merry Christmas and may God bless us, every one"!

"Please pray for the health of my Dad, Kent. May his health be restored so he can continue to inspire people. Pray for my Mom Judy that her health be strong and she keeps her humor. We ask this in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Amen."

"Prayer for a dear friend who is married and recently his wife, having an affair online left him taking their three children with her. He is devastated he needs comfort and wisdom on how to proceed."

"I have a home Bible study group mostly former drug addicts & street people I give them Bibles & other resources & cook meals for them Mostly young men I’m praying for a man of God to help One who ministers in Deliverence & Healing My group needs it Especially young man w/call of GOD on his life named Angel Manuel Thank you &God richly bless."

"Please pray for me and esp. for my wife and family. I have RSD/CRPS. This causes constant severe burning in my R. Mid forearm down covering my entire hand. The pain is a constant 7/10 and up. My pain clinician says the pain pump insertion is my last chance. I am SO VERY TIRED as I just can't keep doing this anymore! Please my sweet Jesus hear this and please oh please keep me strong, walk beside me and my family that puts up with me...

Thanks... David..."

"family members are sick with Omicron variant. Sara Roney, d-i-l, has fever for last 2 weeks around 104 degrees. Youngest granddaughter (Abigail), also has fever from virus. After 2 weeks ill, I am still not over cold or covid. Not sure what it is affecting me. I do not have fever. Thank you."

"Sharon Tullis Smith. Finished chemo and radiation but now suffering excruciating pain from radiation burns on neck and face, and inside her mouth, making eating and drinking nearly impossible. She is losing weight and is quite sick from the treatments she received and needs a miraculous healing!"

"My significant other - severe case of Covid in a small town with less than ideal healthcare."

"Please pray for the Lord to heal me of hypertension and atrial fibrillation. It's really affecting my ability to be productive, and I cannot live as an invalid. Thank you. God bless you. Rosalie Gilliland"

"Pastor Kenny W. had a tracheotomy yesterday ... he is stable and we ask for prayers for his recovery to overcome covid and pneumonia ... PRAYERS WORK! We appreciate your prayers ... TY"

"My daughter is an alcoholic and has been clean for 3 years she is back drinking saying she can quit anytime... she is loosing her 7 children and 2 grand children by this act. I pray for her conviction in this matter with Gods help."

"Please pray my daughter Brandi who is struggling with worldly issues, she knows Jesus but the world has its grips on her. Thank you!"

"My family needs healing, please pray for us"

"I have had strange symptoms develop on my skin, as well as increased bruising, which seems to require long-term healing; symtoms that i do not remember having before receiving the covid vaccinations. I think we're basically being used as guinea pigs by a bunch of morons, who are trying to take over the world...farfetched???..maybe; maybe not, but i know i need some fast help from the Good Lord, and prayers before i go to the dermatologist...thx, pray for Donna C"

My sister, Analicia lost her husband to covid this year. Please pray for her peace and joy to return to her and her adult children. They all love our heavenly Father.

Thank you... India Z."

"My brother-in-law is being sent home from the hospital today under Hospice care. He has bone cancer in his hip. I have given this to God; I know who the great physician is and who has final say. I just have to say that I do not believe Bob got the care he should have had and I wonder how some doctors who took an oath to do their job sleep at night. Please pray for Bob and my sister Sue. Thank you and God Bless you."

"Please pray for my wife, Gayle, for healing from stage 3 kidney disease and for healing for her knees. She has been basically bed ridden for years."

"My mom Nan: She is 96 and suffers from dizziness and memory lapse. Pray that she feels God’s presence and that I have wisdom and strength to know how to care for her. She still does some things on her own even though I live with her. Thank you and God bless"

"Please pray for my daughter who has sjogrens. Please pray for healing. I have a bad hip and would like healing. Pray for America. Thank you all and be blessed."

"Please pray for my health. I have several health issues like COPD and the most important is Chronic lymphocistic leukemia. Recently I had a Ct scan which showed enlarged nodes in my abdomen."

"Stuart for protection of his health and mind that he may be the man of the home that God created him to be."

"Please pray for my daughter in law, Tammy, she will be having surgery in January for a cyst on her brain, pray for healing so surgery won't be necessary. Pray for my son that has ulcerative colitis, diabetes, and seizures. Please pray for my bouts of depression from loss of husband due to covid in May. I am praying for all of the prayer requests that are posted on here. God bless all."

"We have a friend named Darrah, who has a great history of evangelism, but now is facing some very serious health problems. His wife has not been able to help him. He is now in special care in the hospital and is really need of our prayers for wisdom on how to handle these health problems."

"I wish to say a prayer for Senator Manchin. May god bless him and keep him strong in the fight to save our nation."

"Sick w/flu like symptoms. Cherri Lucas"


"In memorial of Fernando Cantens recently deceased, for his widow Ana Cantens, as she faces the difficulty and unknowns of the days ahead after nearly 51 years of marriage."

"Ten years ago my husband,Scott, and I held our breath through the Christmas season waiting for results of his biopsy. Our children were both grown and far from home. We spent Christmas Day with one of my brothers and his wife. It was a sweet quiet day…the last Christmas we spent together in this life. I want the world to know that Scott was a faithful husband, father, friend. He was a patriot, Army veteran, and spent his working career in different law enforcement areas. He was a gift from heaven to me and I am waiting for the day when I will stand with him before our King Jesus!"

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  • Christine Patrice McNally

    12/23/2021 09:43 AM

    Dear Gov Huckabee, Reflecting upon my evolution & journey into the GOP, I knew I had to reach out & thank you personally because you were the first that I resonated with as a kindred spirit. Your overall grounded, reasonable & winsomeness were what drew me; but, it was your ability to Always Make Me Laugh that ultimately won me over. I realize you represent all the best aspects of my late father who unfortunately grew up in an abusive, alcoholic family & couldn't break free of the cycle - But for the Grace of God thanks be to God for my Catholic Faith & the Ala-Teen 12 Step program I was the only 1 of my entire family tree to break free of the cycle of abuse. So thank you, God bless you always & wishing y'all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year - may 2022 be the year of a GOP mid-term Red Wave, especially here in PA! <3 In Christ, Christine


    12/23/2021 08:15 AM


  • Tina Meyers

    12/22/2021 01:43 PM

    Please pray for my husband, Allen. He is in total renal failure and on dialysis. He has had a stroke and has heart issues and a diabetic. I am his ft caregiver. He needs a kidney to have aby quality of life. Thank you

  • Georgia J Hllstrom

    12/22/2021 10:35 AM

    for myself healing after shoulder surgery, shingles. And for my sister her husband is very abusive, need prayers to resolve somehow. For husband who has cancer. Son, mouth teeth issues need massive dental work prayers for best person to do work and for best outcome.

  • Lisa Cabello

    12/22/2021 09:48 AM

    I am praying for all your needs and concerns. Please know you are not alone! I will continue to pray for all of you! Be Blessed