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August 10, 2022



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FBI Director makes himself scarce

When FBI Director Wray was being questioned by the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday, he surprised them by saying they'd have to wrap it up because he had to catch a flight.  But he misled the committee about that; in reality, he was taking a private government Gulfstream luxury jet to the Adirondacks for a vacation, so he had no set departure time.
In retrospect, he was high-tailing it out of town before the raid, which took place in the pre-dawn on Monday!  It occurs to me that while he was sitting there in the hearing room evading the senators' questions, he had to be well aware that all hell would break loose in just a few days.  What a cool character.
It's ludicrous to think this raid didn't happen without Wray's blessing, and that of at least someone at the highest levels of the White House, which seems curiously unconcerned about such an outrageous abuse of power, the worst in modern history.  But Wray had arranged to be out of town as they were preparing to raid Mar-A-Lago, trout fishing in the middle of a lake high in the Adirondacks!  And why not?  Everything had apparently been set in motion.
At the time of this writing, there still has been no word from him.  So, is he back in the office yet?  Hard to tell.  (Wray takes "unavailable for comment" to a new level.)  Sen. Chuck Grassley announced Wednesday he'd spoken with Wray by phone and expressed his concerns, but this story has no word about what Wray might have said to him.
Probably just that he "doesn't comment on ongoing investigations."

Primary Roundup

Tuesday brought primary elections in Connecticut, Vermont, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Here’s info on the key races and the latest results.

Those first three states are usually considered so deep blue that Republicans don’t have a chance. Like victims of Stockholm Syndrome, voters there keep saying, “Thank you, sir, may I have another?” as they repeatedly elect and reelect Democrats who keep hiking their taxes, lowering their standards of living and raising their crime rates. Vermont gave us Bernie Sanders, for gosh sakes! The question is, have the past couple of years of ruinous Democrat rule finally dropped the last straw onto the camel’s back so that the expected red wave in November will actually drench Connecticut, Vermont and Minnesota?

Wisconsin is considered a purple swing state, but the Washington Post actually got something right for once: it’s more like two states. A big, mostly red state and a smaller state of blue cities like Milwaukee and Madison. The rural areas are getting redder while the cities are getting bluer (high taxes and rampant crime do make people blue, but they've yet to grasp the connection between that and their voting patterns.)

November’s results in Wisconsin will depend on which side is more motivated to vote. As for the other states, hope springs eternal, but Stockholm Syndrome and leftism are both powerful mental illnesses. But who knows? Maybe the $6-a-gallon gasoline and out-of-control crime (Minnesota was Ground Zero of the Defund-the-Police insanity) will shock them back to reality.

If the intent of the outrageous FBI raid on former President Trump’s home was to intimidate his backers or scare Republicans away from the polls, it certainly didn’t work. Candidates endorsed by Trump won a clean sweep Tuesday, bringing his endorsement win/lose score up to 192-11.

In one of the most-watched races, one in which many Democrats were rooting against their own incumbent, Don Samuels, a more centrist pro-police Democrat endorsed by a number of city and state officials, fell short in his challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Well, they’ll get it unless they come to their senses and elect her Republican opponent, who will be Cecily Davis.

She’s a pro-business, conservative black woman who promises to stand up to Marxism, end the weaponization of race, and focus on “supporting our police, cutting outrageous taxes and depoliticizing our classrooms.” Or they could have two more years of Ilhan Omar spouting socialism and racist, anti-Semitic and anti-American rhetoric on TV. As I often say, this won’t be an election, it will be an I.Q. test.



Inflation update

The Labor Department reported Wednesday morning that in July, for the first time in three months, the year-to-year inflation rate wasn't higher than the previous month.

The rate in June was 9.1%, while the July inflation rate was 8.5%. While that will be touted by the White House as a great achievement, there are a couple of major caveats:

First, it’s still incredibly high. The inflation rate normally hovers between 2 and 3 percent.  Second, the decline is being driven by a drop in demand because Americans can’t afford to buy anything. For instance, gas prices are finally dropping because people are cutting back to the bare minimum of driving, which increases the supply. That’s good for the inflation rate, but not so much for the American people. If the Administration would just ensure a steady supply that exceeds natural demand, prices would be dropping naturally without the burden of sacrifice falling on the people. 

Hillary is not self aware

Self-awareness has never been Hillary Clinton’s strong suit, but it’s hard to believe even she didn’t realize how bad it would look to debut a line of fundraising apparel with the slogan “But her emails…”

And on the same day the FBI staged the outrageous armed raid on Trump’s home, under the pretense of searching for classified documents (actually, cocktail napkins, dinner menus and other personal and pointless junk.)

I get that Hillary's ill-conceived merch must have been in the pipeline a long time, so the debut date was a coincidence. Still, it couldn’t look worse, thanks to Hillary’s predictably smug gloating over the Trump raid. Just what she needed at that particular moment: a fresh reminder of the shocking difference between the way she waltzed away scot-free after destroying Internet devices containing 33,000 government documents (some classified) and how Trump got the Elliot Ness treatment. If you were looking for the perfect illustration of a two-tiered, politicized, banana republic justice system, you couldn’t do any better.

But then, what more could you expect of someone who seriously thinks it makes her look cool to arrogantly mock people who believe that exposing classified documents to our enemies was a crime – which it actually was. James Comey’s excuse for giving her a pass was that “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her. Obviously, the feds don’t have reasonable prosecutors anymore.

Incidentally, even if Trump did have classified documents, they were on paper in his secure home – and as President, he couldn’t expose “classified” documents. Presidents have the power to declassify anything they want.

Maybe Hillary forgot she wasn’t President. Let’s hope she’ll never be, and cringe-worthly moments like this make it even less likely.



Big Tex Choice Awards

The judges at the State Fair of Texas released the 10 finalists for this year’s savory and sweet Big Tex Choice Awards, a major honor in the field of decadent fair foods.

This year’s heart-stopping creations include the Deep-Fried BLT; the Deep-Fried Lasagna Roll; something for gourmets, the Fried Charcuterie Board; and Deep-Fried Rocky Road Fudge with Blue Bell Ice Cream.

Notice that no matter how weird the recipes are, one thing you’ll never see is what wealthy globalist elitists are trying to make us all eat: insects. Americans are not going to eat crickets, even Deep-Fried Crickets. Before we get hungry enough to resort to that, we’ll eat Deep-Fried Globalist Elitists.

The Democrats' plan backfires 

I think my readers long ago figured out that the goal of the January 6th Kommittee, just like the raid on Trump’s home, was not to get to the truth but to prevent Trump from running for President again. But I’m glad to say we’re not alone, and that plan seems to be backfiring bigly.

A new Issues & Insights/TIPP poll found that 89% of Americans say those House “hearings” have not changed their minds about what happened on January 6th and who’s responsible. In addition, most Americans think the hearings are partisan, and 60% believe the main goal is just to prevent Trump from running again. That includes 48% of Independents, 70% of Republicans and even 62% of Democrats.  And probably 100% of whatever Liz Cheney is these days.


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  • Jerry

    08/12/2022 08:27 AM

    Our homeless people on the curbs of urban areas are complaining that the illegal migrants are getting better treatment than the homeless so our most dependent population is complaining about their benefits they are getting from the government while they use drugs poop and pee on our cities sidewalks puts on display the effects of the biden administration policies

  • Jerry

    08/12/2022 07:40 AM

    As the moral fiber of the federal government continues to decline the time has long past due for disposal of power at the top at the fbi director Wray of the FBI needs to be fired investigated along with the leadership of the agency the IRS needs to be abolished and reinvented the tax collection needs to be overhauled and discontinued after a fair collection agency can be installed fair for all contributors the fair tax for individuals will be an user tax and a corporate tax that does not effect individuals as the individual will already be taxed on its use this needs to done quickly

  • Mike Spears

    08/11/2022 05:04 PM

    Gov Huckabee: What the DOJ/FBI has done concerning former President Trump most definitely does NOT pass the "smell test." With all the times they've gone after him and over such a long period of time: If he was a criminal, they'd have nailed him long ago. One question/comment regarding the raid: Why did they go to a very low level magistrate judge to obtain the warrant (with ties to Obama and Epstein). One would think that if they had "the goods" on Trump, they would have gone to a highly credible and clearly non-biased high profile judge. With the expected backlash, one would think they'd have been taking all precautionary, proactive steps ahead of time to maximize their own credibility once the story broke. It doesn't seem that they did that. As Mr. Mulvaney said: The DOJ/FBI do not have the "benefit of the doubt" on their side anymore.

  • Janis Hook

    08/11/2022 04:29 PM

    What a horrible place our great Country has become. My thoughts are the Liberals and Democrats have figured out a plan for never leaving office.

  • John koehl

    08/11/2022 11:31 AM

    I suspect eating global elites would require a state of utter starvation since the stench of field dressing one would be almost impossible to bear.

  • Robin Rebhan

    08/11/2022 10:23 AM

    RE: "FBI Director makes himself scarce". No answer is an answer. He can't handle the truth, so he took the cowards way out, run and hide.

  • Paul Kern

    08/11/2022 08:12 AM

    It is going to be a challenge this next elections. I agree when Glenn Beck said the raid on Trump's home was an act of fear. The powers in DC know if Trump runs and wins they are done! Most of the Republican Party have outed themselves as cowards and traitors now! Only a few spoke out. They must have stated that Caesar is Lord! If Gallup correct I see a big split caused by false ministers and religious institutions. Rolling over like the Church did for Hitler and Stalin and other tyrants in history. We had better be seeking God's intervention!

  • Jane Burr

    08/11/2022 07:20 AM

    I am wondering if Trump will eventually be accused of orchestrating his own raid in an attempt to garnish political sympathy.

  • Jerry

    08/11/2022 06:44 AM

    I am happy for the people in nyc that the mayor is so little in physical size the little fella is stuffed with maximum stupidity New York City people you need to hide from embarrassment that little fella is making you look more foolish than when you elected The tall boy Bill another stupidity stuffed fool New York City a city of fools what an embarrassment

  • Jerry

    08/11/2022 05:27 AM

    Mike you see a broader section of this country’s population my narrow view is limited to a few counties in a metropolitan region. Being the oldest man among the group I work with leaves me on the outside of the group’s political views the younger guys to my amazement 65 and younger do not embrace trump and the America first idea the policies are what I am interested in my personal relationship with Presidents are never going to be a reality sharing an Appetizer platter with Politicians will not happen my question is the guys I work with are good people they share what they have and work hard they seem to embrace our freedoms they seem to embrace conservatives policies however they seem to hate trump it appears that trump has fought for all the freedoms they enjoy still they condemned trump I can’t be sure how they vote but the people I work with leaves me a bit bewildered as what are these people I keep my self to the simplest lifestyle as I can I work for currency and spend for needs and wants I don’t have debt but I pay for convenience that’s all I require simply simple