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December 21, 2022

There are several major court decisions to cover today. The biggest came from the Supreme Court, which put a temporary stay on President Biden lifting Title 42, the pandemic-era order requiring asylum seekers to remain in Mexico. It was set to be lifted on Wednesday, and border states were bracing for a massive influx of illegal entrants, dwarfing even the previous massive influx of illegal entrants under Biden. The SCOTUS ordered the policy to stay in effect while a lawsuit by 19 states to keep it in place is adjudicated.

Meanwhile, former President Trump issued a statement on the attempts to end Title 42, Biden’s open borders policy, and how to clean up the disaster he’s wrought and ensure that it never happens again. This is the type of policy statement that he needs to be making if he wants to show he’s really serious about making another run for the presidency. I strongly recommend that you read the whole thing:

And the Biden White House made clear that it will continue its current policy of firmly denying reality.


In a victory for Arizona GOP gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and election integrity efforts in general, a judge denied a motion to dismiss her lawsuit against Democrat Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County election officials and ruled that a trial will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

Lake’s attempt to get a redo of the embarrassingly botched election in Maricopa County is still a longshot, and the judge dismissed a number of constitutional claims that I think do need to be addressed. But this is a welcome sign that courts may finally be growing a backbone and will stop shirking their responsibility to ensure honest elections for fear of being accused of “wading into politics.” Sometimes, that's necessary when the politics trample on the law. 

The defendants claim Lake is misrepresenting how they conduct elections and there’s nothing untoward about it (they also tried to claim that Hobbs shouldn’t have to comply with a subpoena and testify – I thought Democrats believed subpoenas were sacred? – just as she thought she didn’t have to debate during the campaign. She's a queen, apparently.)  But Lake claims to have 270 exhibits of evidence, eyewitness testimony from multiple whistleblowers and expert testimony from a top cyber expert that system-wide failure of the ballot printers one day after they were tested could only have happened intentionally.

I think Hobbs’ best response to that would be that you should never underestimate her ability to screw things up.

But we’ll see where this goes. Lake promised further updates at today’s Turning Points USA AMFEST meeting in Phoenix, so stay tuned.


In a 4-3 vote with the liberal majority carrying it, the North Carolina Supreme Court struck down the state’s requirement to show an ID before voting.

Even though the prevailing judges admitted that most voters have at least one form of ID (I’d go out on a limb and say “all of them”), and that the law “appears neutral,” nevertheless, its intent is to discriminate against black voters. I would say that not only requires them to have amazing psychic abilities to read the minds of the people who passed it and divine their “secret” intentions, it’s also incredibly racist in itself.

What are they implying? That black voters are too stupid to know how to obtain an ID? Or since they admit that most voters have an ID, that they are too stupid to bring it with them to the polls?

I fail to see how requiring everyone to show an ID to vote, just like you have to do to cash a check or enter a government building, is racist. But this ruling is positively dripping in racial condescension. In fact, this ruling, not the voter ID law, just might be the most racist thing to come out of North Carolina’s government in years.

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  • Gary Conner

    12/22/2022 05:37 PM

    There are a number of court cases that need to be finalized and this administration shut down!