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October 11, 2021

For years, with the help of a complicit media, leftists have been drilling home the message that Republicans are dumb racists and that they are the truly smart people whose ideas work and will make America a Utopia. Problem is, that’s all a lie bordering on a psychotic delusion. There’s not a single idea that so-called “progressives” espouse that hasn’t been tried for well over a century and brought nothing but misery. Just ask Venezuelans, who used to enjoy a prosperous life until they elected a socialist leader, and now 76.6% of the population lives in “extreme poverty” (but not their socialist leaders, of course: they have billions tucked away in foreign bank accounts.)

Unfortunately, over time, leftists managed to hoodwink the voters into putting more and more of them into power until, like the proverbial dog that chased cars until he caught one and didn’t know what to do with it, they got into power and are imploding before our eyes. Yes, they’re still very dangerous because they have power until the next election and like all radicals are using their tiny majority to try to ramrod through massively destructive policies.

But they are learning just how many Americans oppose and resist their crazy ideas and how badly they crash and burn when taken out of the faculty lounge fantasyland and put into effect for real. We’re already seeing them resort to the authoritarian bullying, censorship and threats of jail that all statists fall back on when their failures become so glaring that the people start calling them out on it. And the pressure is starting to make some of them crack.

In fact, that’s the theme of several news stories that all came in at once: Leftists jabbering incoherent nonsense.

I could give you all sorts of examples of President Biden spouting gibberish, but let’s skip the obvious and focus on something he said that was semi-coherent but crazy. He actually bragged about how his draconian vaccine mandate is forcing huge numbers of Americans to lose their jobs.

Biden declared, “When you see headlines and reports of mass firings, and hundreds of people losing their jobs, look at the bigger story…United went from 59% of their employees vaccinated to 99%.” Yes, that’s what happens to percentages when you subtract a large subset from the whole. Countless people lose their jobs, already understaffed companies are even more understaffed, but the few who still have jobs are vaccinated, so in Joe’s world, that’s a win!

Well, I guess it’s as close to one as he’s had so far.

Nicole Hannah-Jones, the creator of the anti-American and historically illiterate “1619 Project” was roundly mocked for her attempt to brand school choice advocates as racist. In her never-ending quest to brand everything as white supremacy, Hannah-Jones tweeted, "Why do 'school choice' advocates never advocate eliminating school district boundaries/funding schools by local property tax and allowing poor, Black students to attend white, wealthy schools in neighboring municipalities? They don't really want choice, just privatization."

She was quickly answered by people telling her that she’d just described precisely what school choice advocates like me have promoted for years: giving all students (especially poor black students stuck in a cycle of poverty because of bad inner city public schools run for the benefit of teachers’ unions instead of students) vouchers to attend safe, superior schools anywhere they want. She was actually arguing against school choice by arguing for school choice.

But when you talk about leftists spouting crazy gibberish, nobody can touch the queen, Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Nobody but AOC could have squeezed this much ignorance into only a one-line tweet:

“Health care is not an ‘entitlement’ to be earned. It is a human right.”

At the link, Tom Knighton takes on the task of unraveling all the “misinformation” packed like sardines into those two short sentences, from explaining the difference between a “right” and a “privilege” and why health care can’t possibly be a “right,” to explaining that “entitlements” aren’t earned. They’re things the government just gives people, like Medicaid or food stamps. You’d think AOC would know that, being a Congress member and all.

Even with all that, he failed to mention that AOC’s side of the aisle are currently the ones demanding that hospitals turn away unvaccinated people. Wait, I thought health care was a “right”?...

If you listen to this brain drool for very long, you start to understand why leftists are desperately trying to declare logic to be a white supremacist concept and ban it.

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