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November 26, 2022

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Mike Huckabee


8 The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.

Isaiah 40:8 KJV

Nothing but pity

I could comment at length on this story, but all that really needs to be said is that if you’re watching “The View” for either news or theology, then I pity you. Stop that immediately.


The luxury fashion house Balenciaga issued an apology after sparking outrage with an ad that was described as “normalizing child pornography.”

It shows a little girl alone in a large room, carrying one of the brand’s purses shaped like a teddy bear in bondage gear. If you zoom in closely enough, you can tell that the photo includes a page with an excerpt from a Supreme Court ruling that made virtual child porn protected speech.

Balenciaga apologized “for displaying unsettling documents in our campaign,” and claimed they didn’t know it was there. The company also said some of the items displayed in the pictures were “unapproved,” that they “strongly condemn abuse of children in any form” and stand for their “safety and well-being,” and “sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday campaign may have caused. Our plush bear bags should not have been featured with children in this campaign.” They say they’re taking legal action against the creator of the ad campaign.

That didn’t sway critics, who pointed out that fashion ads go through layers of approval and are examined so closely that arguments are made over whether models’ pores are too visible, so it’s hard to believe they missed that document.

But to the larger point, even if that document weren’t there, it still looks creepily like a child porn set-up: a small girl alone in a big room, looking wary, being photographed and holding something that looks like it came out of the S&M section of a sex shop. To normal people with any sense of propriety, that’s beyond “unsettling” all by itself. The fact that they thought it was okay to run that ad at all is a disturbing signal of just how much our society has already allowed for the sexualization of children and the normalization of child porn.

I think comedian Jamie Lissow nailed it on “Gutfeld!” when he said, “If you look really closely at this photo…you’re a pedophile.”  

New York Democrats are openly defying the courts

The Democrats running New York State keep getting their unconstitutional gun laws slapped down by courts, and they just keep openly defying the courts and passing new and even more restrictive unconstitutional gun laws.

What is it going to take to force rebellious Democrat state officials to obey the Constitution? Will Washington have to send occupying troops and “reconstruct” their governments? Just wondering, because I keep hearing that today’s Democrats are nothing like the ones who started the Civil War, yet so little seems to have changed.

The Real Reason Why Liberals Hate Twitter Now

The White House Twitter account made a false claim about Biden cutting the deficit, and it was actually fact-checked for real on Twitter.

Worth noting is that the new fact-check feature is described as “Readers added context,” proving what I always suspected: random Twitter users in their bathrobes are much better fact-checkers than Big Tech’s professional “fact-checkers.”

The Whole Problem in A Nutshell

Elon Musk tweeted a video of what he discovered in a closet at Twitter headquarters: several shelves stacked high with T-shirts emblazoned with “#StayWoke.” I’ll bet the former employees also expected to get those T-shirts free with their free lattes and wine on tap.

Elon Musk @elonmusk
Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr ????

Predicting The Future

Hat tip to David Wolfe on Twitter for unearthing this prescient video and to Liberty Daily for identifying it as a Dan Smoot clip from the 1960s. It explains why America is a constitutional republic, not a “democracy,” and how the left will subvert the language to convince people we’re a “democracy” to undermine individual liberty.

I Just Wanted to Say

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  • Jerry

    11/27/2022 09:13 AM

    Americans have no one to blame than themselves. People trust mail in ballots, fools for sure and are people that basically are just to lazy to vote in person. I voted in person and the machine counted my vote all I could look at was the number indicated on the machine and I made sure it increased by one and it did. If Americans want to live like a Communist and it seems they do make sure your ballot is counted they way you filled it out at the the polling station. If a citizen wants to live by our Constitution then vote at the polling station That is what I think is happening to a degree. In my community I was in and out quickly meaning most people mailed in the ballot or dis not bother to vote at all. It seems the country wants to be a communist country bernie Sanders Joe biden style where the destruction of the Constitution is happening every day and what is left of the true American is disappearing you can tell with the reluctance to join the military the dependance on Federal and state aid the fall of the 10 Commandments the new people anchoring propaganda outlets with extreme anti American value denouncing the Caucasian population Asian populations and Hispanic populations and the Native American is having its history demolished by taking away their symbols and identity. Our streets full of indecent behavior as our schools are teaching hate in most of our Urban communities and one can view the lawlessness on TV everyday our cities are in decline as only the people with assets can leave leaving the hate lawlessness and the ignorance behind and a voting block left to repeat the misery.

  • George A Reynolds

    11/26/2022 09:43 PM

    Dear Mike,

    Every week I get two or three "invitations" to subscribe to your FOR PAY Substack newsletter. I do not want to pay for something I get free in email, despite the ads in the free edition. I enjoy reading your twice-daily (usually) newsletter, and the news it provides, but I have no desire to pay for it. I already pay for the Epoch Times, both online and in weekly newspaper form. I am not "made of money", as my dad used to say. I am retired and on Social security, and after my tithes and offerings and bills and support of worthy charitable Christian and other causes (like the Fellowship of Christians and Jews and TBN) I cannot keep paying out money for every worthy cause. Is there some way you can stop sending those "invitations" to subscribe?

  • stephen russell

    11/26/2022 11:52 AM

    Americas 2 Thanksgiving:

    One held in 1540 then TX NM
    other 1620.
    Merge both
    Share both
    Unite cultures

    See 1540 Thanksgiving online
    Must address on TV show & share

  • stephen russell

    11/26/2022 10:43 AM

    Would love to see Elon delete all Leftist accounts on Twitter: Never/Anti Trumpers
    RINOs, radicals & have them sample what Weve had for 4 years +
    & hope he can produce own phone since Apple & Google cancelled him
    But he must focus on Tesla issues or Lose sales
    Love to sample FSD Tesla Used to Rent

  • Jerry

    11/26/2022 09:39 AM

    Joe Biden is brilliant at stating the untruthful myths of todays Issues having a close relationship behind the scenes with Bernie Sanders; the sinister biden is very good at setting up mob like scenarios to destroy the nation intimidating incarcerating innocent civilians the elimination of oil here in the country allowing an invasion of people from all over the world with out any resistance is with a lack of respect for our constitution biden the dunce or Biden the brilliant depends on what one is a constitutional or a communist if constitutional biden is a criminal if you love communism then biden is brilliant