December 7, 2020

From James:

The sentiments of Patti are shared by me as well. The advertising funds for the Senate seats in Georgia have been estimated at $300 million! Most of [this] comes from foreign and out-of-state sources. Why is this allowed?

I too have turned off MSM sources and avoid network programming because of the nauseating political propaganda. There are a few sources on FOX I follow. Outside of the information you provide, there seems to be no honesty, transparency or truth in news outlets. All of this disinformation is designed to create chaos and confusion, which in turn will lead to people no longer having confidence in our democracy.

The challenges by DJT must be heard. People who have sought to corrupt our voting system should be vigorously prosecuted. We are still trying to hold people accountable for their actions in the 2016 election. No action taken to date. Why? If the bad actors are not found and prosecuted for the apparent fraud in the 2020 election, what will happen? What will people do to right the ship?

From the Gov:

You ask a great question about how hundreds of millions of out-of-state dollars can be allowed in a statewide election. The Ted Cruz v. “Beto” O’Rourke contest in Texas was the most expensive in history, and now this one in Georgia looks to eclipse that. It’s really just not right, as the principle of self-determination is being violated when outsiders come into a state like this. (The line going around is that Georgia hasn’t been invaded on this scale since Gen. Sherman marched to the sea.)

Big-time organizers on the left are leading this trend, as when they tried to make “Beto” a senator. (Note to lefties in Hollywood: looking a little like Bobby Kennedy and being on the cover of VANITY FAIR is not enough in Texas to win you a Senate seat.) It's reassuring to know all those millions didn’t work that time, but big money still has to be raised and spent on the right simply as a defensive move.

It’s gotten so out of hand that one has to wonder what might be done about it. But it would take the greatest constitutional scholars we have to come up with any limitation that wouldn’t violate the First Amendment, if that is even possible. So voters will just have to be like those Texans who were wise to outsiders who tried to come in and buy their vote.

From Woodrow (w/slight editing):

What good is a wake-up call if you've got nowhere to go? I am sorry, sir, but Republicans seem more worried about their party than they are about their country.

It makes absolutely no sense, for example, to have a runoff election using the same machines that just defrauded the American public. It makes no sense to refuse to do a forensic audit when so much doubt has been cast on this election.

We have only one shot at this and Republicans are telling us to do this that and the other for the good of the party...Only thing that any one of us should ever be concerned about is the good of our country. As I said on Parler last night, I had thought I was watching the death of the Democrat Party [but] am beginning to wonder if both parties are not in their death throes.

No way in hell am I going to vote for a Republican who sat on his [bleeping] hands while this fight was going on. Enough ranting on my part. I will end by saying it is my sincere belief the Republican Party cutting its own throat by trying to save itself.

From the Gov:

You had me till the last paragraph, Woodrow. No matter how frustrated you are, it makes no sense to help Democrats accomplish their ultimate power-grab. Talk about “releasing the Kraken”! And anybody living in Georgia and getting ready to vote for Senate in January needs to understand one thing: The damage to America --- the very concept of "America" --- if Democrats have both the House and Senate, especially if Biden and Harris win the White House, is incalculable. You know that. Go ahead and rant, but giving up on the Republican Party and helping Democrats set their own power in concrete is exactly what the party of AOC and Kamala Harris wants you to do.

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  • Carl "Bear" Bussjaeger

    12/08/2020 01:25 PM

    You said, "No matter how frustrated you are, it makes no sense to help Democrats accomplish their ultimate power-grab."

    Kurt Schlichter shares your opinion and has told Georgians to "win this run-off outside the margin of fraud." It can't be done.

    1. We voted.
    2. The counting started.
    3. Metro Atlanta counties stopped and watched every other county’s results.
    4. Everyone else finished.
    5. Metro Atlanta counties saw how many votes they needed for B/i/d/e/n/ Harris to win and produced them.

    Since the same corrupt people who stole the November 3 election in Georgia are still place, using the same techniques, and the same systems, the result will be the same. The Democrats don't need our "help" of not voting to steal the run-offs. As demonstrated, they do just fine no matter how we vote.

    We lost this all the way back when SOS Raffensperger signed the consent decree agreeing to violate Georgia election laws, thus facilitating the ballot fraud in Fulton County and the rest of the metro Atlanta area.

  • Ron Botten

    12/08/2020 10:16 AM

    Sounds like the liberal media has been successful and has won the support of Woodrow and probably many others. If conservatives whether republican or independents sit this run-off election out, the democrats and the liberals will get what they want, control of the USA. This is likely our last chance to fight the fraud and criminal activities that we have witnessed during this Presidential election.

  • Elaine Fortune

    12/07/2020 11:43 PM

    Vote the Governor and mayor and Sec of State and anyone else you can that is not working for you but you had BETTER vote republican senators in right now or you are giving the country to Dem Control in house and senate...that would be the beginning of the end. If by some miracle we make it till election day without a civil war breaking out, We absolutely need both Senators elected in the upcoming election, but the voting rules can not be the same. NEW RULES, no mail in, absentee mail in only, counters on both sides with observers, signature matching and VOTER ID!

  • D Griffiths

    12/07/2020 06:58 PM

    Frustrated does not begin to cover what I am feeling about this entire situation. I cannot believe the republicans are going to stand idle while the will of the people and the constitution is being trampled to death over very obvious voter fraud in the election. I am with Woodrow on this-no way will I support a political party that wil not stand behind the man that made them relevant again. Republican's cave time after time to the democrats so just let them have it all and be done with it.

  • Robin Walker

    12/07/2020 06:53 PM

    Fight for Trump ! Stop the steal ! Joe Biden is not our President and never will be. We will not back down ! Stop the corruption end the deep state ! Stop the steal for election integrity ! Give us life or give us death ! We fight for our Constitution !

  • Jacquelyn Fann

    12/07/2020 06:50 PM

    Christians and far right Republicans feel betrayed for several reasons:
    1. Donald Trump, best President ever, lost.
    2. Evil appears to have won over truth and goodness.
    3. Worst of all: Leaders we thought we could trust do not seem to care about #1 or #2.
    It is difficult to convince a large group of hurting people to trust those they believe are in on doing the hurting. We just want someone to stand up and fight for President Trump and Truth!!!
    And, if I may selfishly add, we want Justice to be administered now, here on earth, instead of waiting for that glorious Day of the Lord!

  • Erin Stephenson

    12/07/2020 06:38 PM

    Don't you literally run HuckPAC, which funnels out of state money into state elections? A little hypocritical here, aren't you?

  • John Eastep

    12/07/2020 06:34 PM

    Mike, why in a Runoff Election, are New Voters allowed to Register? The original Election was on November 3rd and the last day to Register for it was also by that Date... Since this is a Runoff of the Same Election, shouldn't the ONLY Voters eligible to Recast a Vote, be those who were Registered by the original Deadline?

  • Kimberly Smith

    12/07/2020 06:01 PM

    We must vote. We must vote from now on and be diligent in our efforts to never let the tyrannical left bully us or try to pull the wool (black sheep wool is the wool of the left!) over our eyes. We now see how important it is to be 'One Country Under God' and stick together even in our differences no matter how great or small... having a free country to live in 'trumps' all of them.

  • Patricia G Kelley

    12/07/2020 05:55 PM

    POTUS won and should be inaugurated January 20. Vote the Republicans in if you want freedom.

  • Jeffrey Lynn Runion

    12/07/2020 05:54 PM

    The criminal filth that comprises the Democratic Party has to be brought to justice for this; otherwise, we no longer have a country!!!
    Donald Trump is the lawful winner of this election and should have been declared so On the night of November 3rd!!!!