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January 12, 2022

Steve Harvey said that cancel culture has “killed comedy,” and it’s caused him to step away from doing stand-up. He says that every joke these days allegedly hurts somebody’s feelings, and that when he finally does another stand-up special, he’ll probably have to call it “This Is It” because he’ll never be allowed to do another one.

Personally, while I understand his viewpoint, I believe that now more than ever, we need comedians to step up and tell as many jokes as possible about the “woke” left. Knuckling under to them only gives them a greater sense of their own power to censor and intimidate. Comedians have always been society’s greatest weapon against arrogant tyrants, and just because the tyrants are self-righteous “activists” with Twitter accounts instead of politicians or military dictators, that shouldn’t make them immune to richly-deserved ridicule.

In a related story, here’s a must-read article by Bari Weiss at Substack about the dire situation in Hollywood, where leftism and wokeism have many people terrified of saying anything that might offend someone and get them blacklisted (just using the word “blacklisted” can now get you blacklisted.)

It’s gone beyond a welcome openness to writers and creators of more diverse backgrounds to the point where there’s blatant discrimination against white job applicants. That means more racially diverse writers, but also means that good, experienced writers are being shut out, which helps to explain why so much of what we’re now seeing on our screens isn’t fresh, creative, thrilling or entertaining, it’s just transparent leftist propaganda that feels as if it were written by freshman UCLA film school students. It’s why, if you want well-written stories with sharp dialogue, original stories and believable characters, you’ll need a subscription to Turner Classic Movies.

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  • Joan Jacobson

    12/31/2022 08:53 PM

    Gensorship?????? I was unable to open the link on mail--in-ballots-los-angeles. Message I received was "this page you are looking for is unavailable", Newsmax. Why did I get that message?????

  • Ed Thompson

    12/30/2022 04:28 PM

    2022 is coming to an end. Good riddance to an entire waste of a year thanks in no small part to what passes as leadership in The White House and other areas of the government. Not to mention what passes as justus in so many courthouses and cities across America. We had a great chance to elect an entire group of people who would have/could have, helped turn the tables around on some really horrible policies that were passed with some Republican blessings! At this point if America ceased to exist at least a few generations of children would not be forced to pay for the ridiculous amount of money this ruling Democratic Party has saddled them with. It’s like “to infinity and beyond” has become their motto when it comes to spending money from the future! God Bless us,everyone! God HELP US ALL! Happy? New Year— Hope!

  • ken moore

    12/30/2022 03:05 PM

    send all ilegal migrants to delawere and DC by train loads they are VILOTORS of us LAWS WHY DO I NEED TO SUBSCRIBE TO US LAWS

  • ted r. shipman

    12/30/2022 01:44 PM

    I forgot to mention that the "greatest book ever written", , that is totally FREE is longer than the Bible, but really enhances it greatly "bigley" ;o) - instigated by M.Melchizedek (Gen.14 , friend of Abraham) 2k yrs before Christ which he predicted was coming!

  • Dorothy Caroline Pierce

    10/16/2022 03:11 PM

    i want to say that I enjoy your TV show and appreciate all that you have done for this country and are still doing. I also appreciate what your daughter did in Washington D.C. and what she is still doing! I live in Branson, Mo. and the Comedian YaKoff lives here and entertains here about 2 months. He is doing his part by trying to bring laughter back to Americans and I appreciate what he is doing. This is a frightening situation for all Americans and I think we should all do our part no matter how little that is or we will lose our country! Thank you for speaking up for all Americans!

  • Gloria B. O'Steen

    01/24/2022 11:24 AM

    I am sorry Steve Harvey will not continue to do stand-up and speak up!

    My husband, Ray, and I find ourselves watching more news shows and lots of re-runs. Our Saturday night watch list includes your show and then Dr. Pol. On Sundays it is Mark Levin then "All Creatures Great and Small." In between there are women's basketball games ( we remain VU Women's basketball fans). We also like Larry's Country Dinner on Thursday--of course, our neighbor and friend Keith Bilbrey is the announcer there also. Love Keith and Emy Joe.

    Thank you for encouraging others to stand up for what is correct--and right!

  • Gary Penton Penton

    01/24/2022 10:57 AM

    Freedom of Speech should encourage us to speak out on subjects of decency especially if it offends UnGodly public people.

  • Roy Turner

    01/24/2022 10:25 AM

    Thanks again Gov., I enjoy Steve Harvey. He pushes it sometimes but that is really the reality of today. I do miss those great comedians that have passed. I am old enough to remember Bob Hope and Abott and Costello. I remember listening on the radio to Fibber Magee and Molly. I miss those days a lot but I realize that time marches on. I just hope we can remain sane and march with it doing our part to keep history alive and our sense of humor intact. Keep up the good work Mike.

  • Edward Drake Sr.

    01/24/2022 09:23 AM

    I have watched some of my favorite TV shows and now alarmed by the leftist views on most shows. Thet all now have at least one gay couple and mixed race couples. I do not watch entertainment shows for political statements. I will turn this mess off.

  • Charles A Rose

    01/24/2022 08:43 AM

    This is so True! You can't watch CBS especially OR any major network for that matter without seeing some agenda! That is why Gunsmoke, Mannix, Matlock and Wagon Train are getting so much viewing! Hopefully more people in the business will stand up and be like Wil Rogers with Walter Williams intellect!
    Take care Brother Huckabee and get your daughter elected, then yourself to follow! Y'all are my news source for national and international news,??