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November 10, 2022

Just as Tuesday night turned into Wednesday morning (at least in Central Time), FOX NEWS projected that John Fetterman had narrowly defeated Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania in a race Oz should have won, considering that Fetterman is cognitively incapacitated to some degree, not to mention so far left it’s not funny.

And just about that same time, TOWNHALL broke the news that Project Veritas’ hidden cameras had caught illegal electioneering going on in Philadelphia for Fetterman and also Democrat gubernatorial candidate Joshua Shapiro, who also won. Undercover journalists were told whom to vote for as they walked into one of the city’s polling places. “Committee” members passed out Democrat Party materials, apparently a Democrat ballot that told voters exactly how to vote. They told voters they were “scared of” Dr. Oz and that the Democrats were for the “poor people.” Their video also shows pro-Fetterman and pro-Shapiro campaign posters hanging right at the door of the polling center.

So, what happens now? Considering Project Veritas’ cameras can’t be everywhere, it seems likely that this one example of malfeasance is the tip of the iceberg in this Titanic of an election.  But we don't know. Who’s going to investigate to find out who these “committee” people were? Biden’s Department of ‘Justice’ will ignore it. Gov. Shapiro will ignore it. The media will ignore it. To be honest, I’m not sure what it’s going to take at this point to fix what is deeply wrong. The reform we were so hoping for is not to be, at least for now.

Jonathan Turley has a piece on this race as well, reporting that even as ballots were being counted, Fetterman and a couple of Democrat groups were working with infamous former Clinton/DNC counsel Marc Elias and his Elias Law Group to ask federal courts to negate a state provision that ballots with incorrect dates or no dates on their outer envelopes should not be counted.

They chose to do this NOW? They couldn’t have dealt with it earlier? This tells us they were using it to delay the count if they needed to. Sadly, it looks as though they didn't need to after all. But here’s what they're trying to do to go around state legislatures.

Since the state Supreme Court has already ruled that the provision is clearly stated and mandatory, Elias wants that part of the law struck down. His challenge is being brought under the First and Fourteenth Amendments as well as the Materiality Provision of the Civil Rights Act of 1964--- not the Voting Rights Act as one might have assumed. There’s a unique clause in the Civil Rights Act that says, “No person acting under color of law shall...deny the right of any individual to vote in any election because of an error or omission...if [it] is not material in determining whether such individual is qualified.”

Elias argues that the date on the outside of a ballot envelope is immaterial to whether a vote should or should not be counted. (Well, of course he does. Elias’s stated purpose is to elect more “progressive” Democrats to office; he’ll argue anything that helps them win.) But the state legislature has clearly concluded that these dates are material to the security of the mail-in voting system. Elias wants a federal court to override them and say their requirement is merely “a trivial procedural formality.”

If federal courts can tell state legislatures that their idea of a secure election is invalid, then what is next? What else on the outside envelope, or inside a polling place, is, to their mind, “trivial”? Marc Elias has dedicated his career to fundamentally transforming the voting process to elect more Democrats, and he will go as far as he has to. Tragically, it seems Pennsylvania voters –- who also appear to be cognitively incapacitated –- have elected Fetterman without his help, but Elias’s work is never done.


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  • Trudy

    11/15/2022 09:14 AM

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  • Janet Shilling

    11/11/2022 06:36 PM

    I live in rural PA. Everyone I know was stunned, saddened and disgusted that 2 major Democratic cities in PA (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) determined the election. Plus, given that some 16K people in Pittsburgh couldnt remember who they voted for by mail in ballot in 2020 and got to vote a second time, there is a good possibility that some kind of voting shenanigans happened again in this election. I told my husband that we need to move to a Republican state, like Arkansas or Florida!