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April 28, 2022

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  • The Giant Twitter Meltdown/Tantrum Continues
  • Another leaked call
  • Sage advice from Admiral Ackbar
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The Giant Twitter Meltdown/Tantrum Continues

The giant meltdown/tantrum of the left over the idea that there will be even one media outlet where people who disagree with them have free speech rolled on yesterday, and they're getting even more unhinged with each passing day. Ben Shapiro compiled a few of the more fevered comments.

Simply for wanting to restore free speech to Twitter, Elon Musk went from being an Obama-supporting electric car messiah and ACLU member to a white supremacist who probably supported South African apartheid and maybe a pedophile (groundless name-calling being what passes for intellectual arguments in Left World these days.) The British government even had to shoot down questions about whether Musk will be arrested if he allows speech that "distresses" people. (Note: This is why we fought the American Revolution.)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren emerged from her luxury teepee to rail against the dangers of free speech to “our democracy” (the left’s latest euphemism for “our media monopoly”) and propose her favorite prescription for every problem: taxing away other people’s money.

Fellow Democrat Sen. Ed Markey attacked the scary idea of free speech on Twitter with a favorite hilarious tactic of the left, taking some current buzzword and attaching the word “justice” to it. In his case, passing laws to promote “algorithmic justice,” to protect “the children” (children justice!) by preventing billionaires from having “dangerous influence” over powerful online platforms.

This is such a dire emergency that no Democrat gave a hoot about it until one of those billionaires actually suggested allowing Republicans to have free speech, too.

But the glass-like transparency of their hypocrisy was best demonstrated by MSNBC’s Ari Melber, who wailed about billionaires owning social media platforms, “You could secretly ban one party’s candidate, or all of its candidates, all of its nominees, or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us might not even find out about it until after the elections.”

Really, that could happen?! I have three words for you, Ari: “Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

As Ben Shapiro rightly says, if Musk wants to restore trust in social media, his first actions at Twitter must be “to release information about its prior practices, make any new algorithms far more transparent and fire employees who object to such practices, of whom there are many.”

Don’t worry about them; I’m sure they’ll find there are lots of other companies out there that let their junior employees run the company through temper tantrums and drive away half their customers by forcing their radical political views on them.

Oh, wait: there aren’t…

Fighting crime

The Biden “Justice” Department is asking Congress for a $2.63 billion increase in its budget, supposedly to help cities deal with the huge jump in crime and murder rates. Tuesday, Attorney General Merrick Garland tried to convince the Senate Appropriations Committee that the money was justified, but Republican Sen. John Kennedy grilled him like a cheap steak on that.

Kennedy started by saying he believes this DOJ is losing on crime, drugs, immigration and Chinese espionage, and demanded to know whether they would use this money to fund procedures that we know work, like to “stop and frisk” known gang members. Of course, Garland couldn’t endorse that because it’s been demonized as racist, so he tried to wiggle out of saying what the money was actually for.

Garland said there is no federal “one solution fits all” for state and local law enforcement, and that he believes local officials know what works best, while “We provide our technical expertise.” Click the link for video of the entertaining exchange.

Just a few points: if state and local leaders in blue areas (because that’s where the crime surge is, and we all know why) know “what works best,” then why is what they’re doing obviously not working at all? In fact, the local leftist prosecutors’ policies are making crime exponentially worse. If the DOJ can’t even tell them that hogtying police while providing a revolving door to criminals is their problem, then what “technical expertise” do they have that’s worth spit, much less an extra $2.63 billion of our money?

Here, I’ll tell those localities how to solve their crime problem: “Start arresting criminals, and once you do, keep them in jail!” That’s all the “technical expertise” they need, and I just saved the taxpayers $2.63 billion. You’re welcome.

Stop Promoting Miseducation

If our current Democrat government actually did care about fighting “misinformation,” then it would stop the Department of Education from promoting Miseducation. As part of our never-ending stories on the left’s assault on science, common sense and the English language, check out this DOE training video. It shows a lesson about pregnancy by an alleged biology teacher who strains credulity by trying to convince us that women don’t produce eggs. “Ovaries” do. If only there were a simple biological term for people with ovaries!

The “teacher” says, “We can show our support for trans and non-binary students just to clean up that language, be more precise. We can be more accurate and be more inclusive. So I would say, no, it’s not women that produce eggs. It’s ovaries that produce eggs. That’s accurate, that’s precise. We’re acknowledging that not all women produce eggs and also, not all egg producers are women, for example.”

Okay, if you want to be accurate and precise: it’s true that not all women produce eggs. Not women who are infertile, or who’ve gone through menopause. But sorry: all egg producers are women. The “pregnant man” is not a biological fact, it’s a laughable emoji.

But if we’re going to have a federal speech police that cracks down on “disinformation,” I’ll need its phone number because I have some disinformation to report.

Another leaked call

It’s not just the twits at Twitter who are trying to censor any dissent from leftist dogma. Video of a leaked Zoom call revealed employees of discussing ways to undermine sales of Matt Walsh’s satirical children’s book, “Johnny the Walrus,” that ridicules radical transgender ideology.

And speaking of spreading “disinformation”: No, Matt has never encouraged people to bully transgender kids into committing suicide. He actually cares enough about the mental and physical health of these children to save them from people who want to mutilate them in pursuit of their sick political agenda. He advanced that mission by writing a clever book that points out the ridiculousness of their position, which is what they really can’t stand.

Sage advice from Admiral Ackbar

Today, several Senate Republicans are meeting with Democrats to talk about bipartisan immigration reforms. At the link, the writer Bonchie at explains what the proposals are and argues that it’s a potentially fatal mistake for Republicans to go along with this. To quote that great military leader, Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!!”

Democrat attempts to gerrymander aren’t panning out

The polls are causing almost as much depression among liberal politicians as their COVID policies have caused among students.

Unfortunately for Democrats, their attempts to game the system by getting Republicans thrown off the ballot or gerrymandering districts aren’t panning out as they’d hoped.

For once, Republicans fought back in court, and they’ve been mostly successful at preventing Democrats from drawing disproportionate district lines. The big surprise win just came in New York, where the Court of Appeals sided with Republicans and struck down the Democrats’ gerrymandered House map. In a ruling that can’t be appealed, they ordered that not only must a new map be drawn before this year’s election, it will be drawn by someone appointed by the Court to draw it based on the state’s fair districting provisions. That means no map where the 40% of voters who are Republicans get 15% of the districts.

As noted at the link, all the other cases have either been settled or put off until 2024, and the Democrats will not have an advantage due to gerrymandering. If they want to win legitimately, they’ll have to convince voters that they have policies that work and that help regular Americans. So I hope the Republicans are prepared to prevent voter fraud.

Buying homes

We hear a lot from the left about the American Dream being dead. I refuse to believe that, but there’s no question that the American Dream of owning your own home is becoming harder to reach, and that’s largely because of the policies of the left.

According to a new report by the real estate brokerage Redfin, due to rising home prices and mortgage rates, homebuyers nationwide need to earn at least $76,414 a year to afford the average home mortgage payment. That’s $19,478 more than a year ago, or an increase of 34.2%.

But that’s only the national average. It can be much more depending on where you live. The link has a list of cities where the increase is over 40%. For instance, in Tampa, the average buyer will need to earn 48% more than a year ago to afford a house.

Of course, this doesn’t even go into the issue of giant investment firms snatching up houses and driving up the costs, or the way this inflation bubble is setting us up for another real estate crash. You’d think 2008 would have taught our government and our “too big to fail” financial institutions some lessons, but as one of the leaders of the IMF recently admitted, our international financial authorities are like a soccer team of eight-year-olds who can only focus on the ball in front of them and don’t notice anything else on the field.

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