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April 20, 2021

The Media Research Center released a study comparing media coverage of Presidents Trump and Biden, and it appears that when I called them Democratic press agents and Biden’s neutered lapdogs, I might have been understating it.

The study compared ABC, NBC and CBS evening news coverage of both Presidents during their first few months in office. In 2017, Trump was relentlessly hammered, receiving about 1900 minutes of coverage compared to only 726 minutes for Biden. Trump’s coverage included 1,687 “evaluative comments,” which were 89% negative and only 11% positive. Biden’s coverage included only 264 evaluative statements, of which 156 (59%) were praise and support for Biden. Of the few negative comments about Biden, one out of six were that he wasn’t going far enough to the left.

The only issue on which Biden got mostly negative comments was his perversely disastrous handling of the border (82% negative), but they were still more negative about Trump’s handling of the border (93%), even though the border situation is far worse under Biden.

The networks also focused only 45% of their Trump coverage on policies, while mostly trumpeting “Russia collusion” or going ballistic over something “controversial” that Trump allegedly said. For Biden, they spent 90% of their time on policies while ignoring his outrageous statements and bald-faced lies. For instance, his false and divisive claim that Georgia’s election integrity law was a return to Jim Crow merited a combined 39 seconds of coverage on all three networks.

There’s more at the link, but you get the leftward drift. If you wonder why I write so much about Biden and what he and the Democrats are saying and doing, it’s not because I enjoy it, Heaven knows. And it’s not because I get a kick out of irritating you. It’s because if all the major news outlets can’t bring themselves to tell you what’s really going on, somebody has to.

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  • Betty Estep

    04/22/2021 12:07 AM

    Thank you.