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June 13, 2022

From Joey P, on Substack:

My goodness. And the networks really believe I will tune into this poopoo show. Good luck.

From Scott Adams podcast (Episode 1771), “Real Coffee With Scott Adams”:

“Let me say this: Any time people show you edited video, whether the clip is edited or it’s put together with the other clips from other things, and any time they put an audio overlay over that, especially if the audio comes from a different time or place, which is what the January 6 committee is doing…are we not sophisticated enough yet as voters and the public to know that when anybody does this, it’s propaganda? It wouldn’t matter who did it. If the Pope makes you a “mix” video, it’s propaganda.”

You are being manipulated. If your best friend does this, “he’s not your friend. I don’t know how much more clearly I can say it.”

“Every bit of that is criminal, basically, or should be criminal. We’re allowing our government to do something right in front of us that should be against the law [when the other side isn’t allowed to respond]. But the only reason it’s not is that the people doing it make the laws….and I’m kind of amazed that we put up with it.”

We’ve said it wasn’t the riot that was a threat to democracy, but the REACTION to the riot, and Adams observed essentially the same thing: “If I had to rank them for which was worse, the events of January 6 or the hearings, it’s not even close. The events of January 6, with the violence: REALLY BAD. But, it’s not as bad as what the Democrats are doing in the hearings. I consider that worse, ‘cause the risks are higher. There was no risk that the country was going to be overthrown on January 6...but this me, this is a gut-punch to the Republic.”

The fact that we even allow this makes Adams want to “have an insurrection right now,” he said. He never felt the urge before, but he does now. It’s the lack of any counter-argument. The Democrats are doing this with such impunity, that –- although he stressed he does NOT recommend violence –- he said that if he “were going to do an insurrection, they’re talking me into it.”

Adams thinks there should be “a hearing about the hearings.” The GOP, when they retake the House, should look into why these hearings were allowed to happen and how they were put together, “and then the Democrats should not be allowed to respond,” haha. He’d also like to see impeachment for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for his incitement of violence against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, who was refused a seat on the January 6 committee by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, said essentially the same this weekend on “Sunday Morning Futures.” We need to see ALL depositions, ALL documents, he said. He also reminded us that the committee had previously altered evidence, a text exchange between him and Mark Meadows. Those snakes had to admit it in December of last year. Don't believe anything they put in front of you in these hearings.

I would add that we'll also need to find out about the elephant in the room: the FBI’s role (before and during the event), and the lack of security in spite of the FBI’s intel report to Capitol Police just days before. Another question: why did they not ever locate the person who planted a bomb outside RNC and DNC headquarters? What’s the real story with that?

In Tucker Carlson’s Friday monologue, he explained why this “hearing” –- shown, he said, on every news network except FOX News –- wasn’t a real hearing, because in a real hearing, “the other side can speak.” That’s what we’ve been saying: that Thursday was essentially a prosecutor’s opening statement. Actually, two things are missing from a prosecutor’s opening statement: 1) any opposition, and 2) EVIDENCE. Selectively edited video is not evidence.

And, yes, NEWSMAX did finally give in and run the political theatre --- to provide it “without the spin,” they said. At least they had some good commentators, such as former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker and legal analyst Alan Dershowitz.

This literally was a show trial, to the point where it was scripted and read off teleprompters.

Tucker’s hypothesis is that they’re doing this because every minute they devote to January 6 “and some imaginary threat from QAnon” is another minute “they’re not covering the collapse of the American economy.” As I’ve said, when leftists first started mentioning the so-called right-wing menace of QAnon, my staff and I had to look it up, because we didn’t know what it was.

Later in his broadcast, he recalled what so many seem to have forgotten: “It was just two years ago, live on television, summer of 2020, a mob of Biden voters tried to storm the White House; remember this? They torched a church across the street. They attacked Secret Service officers. A mob called for the President of the United States to be lynched. He was taken to an underground bunker for safety. We don’t like to be hysterical, so we kind of downplayed it at the time…”

“This is what our country’s capitol looked like,” he said, with video of raging fire, broken glass and protesters breaking down barriers in the background.

“It’s just too much,” Tucker said. “Stop lying to us! Stop telling us things that we know for a fact are not true. We watched them in real time.” But no, we’re expected to believe that “January 6, 2021, remains the single worst thing ever to happen to America.”

Ashli Babbitt’s widower Aaron was also on the show. We’ve learned more about her shooting death in recent days, such as that killer Michael Byrd admitted he knew Ashli was likely unarmed, that he never even had to file a police report, and that he received a $200 donation on his GoFundMe page from –- get ready –- committee member Adam Kinzinger. As you know, the committee on Thursday night never mentioned Ashli’s name.


Interesting note about Monday morning’s hearing: In an announcement late Sunday, one of the people called to testify --- in his case by subpoena --- is 2020 Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien. Stepien now happens to be campaign manager for Harriet Hageman, Liz Cheney’s Trump-endorsed opponent in her Wyoming congressional race, who is beating Cheney up in the polls. So, Liz Cheney will be interrogating her current opponent’s campaign manager. (Of course, Cheney’s side, the “prosecution,” is the only side doing any questioning.) This is one more hop away from the rules for this kangaroo court.

Jonathan Swan reports that a knowledgable source tells him Stepien might not be a “friendly” witness. Maybe he’s not fond of kangaroos.

Upon hearing this development, Taylor Budowich, communciations director for Trump and Save America, tweeted: “This circus is beyond embarrassment and will forever stain the integrity of Congress.”

Nick Arama at REDSTATE comments:


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  • Fred Sayin

    07/08/2022 06:36 PM

    Since you are a minister, you might find this interesting. The way that I handle issues with the Democrat party is I ask permission to take them to court in Heaven. In all cases, I am always the Defendant and Jesus is my Counselor. Only need one accuser and it may be a charge of "Not, following instructions". Jesus asks me to provide witnesses, living or dead, that can show how I followed instructions in the past: parents, teachers, friends, Scout Leaders and Community Members. When everyone is finished with all their testimony; I stand before the judge and say:
    "Your Honor, I would like to file a counter charge, not for financial damages or for revenge, I ask for justice and fairness. Thank you". The person sitting on the judge's bench is an image of Judge Wapner, the star of the comedy: "Night Court". Democrat party has already accused Trump, maybe you could pretend that Jesus asked you Mr. Huckabee to be a counselor for President Trump and everthing that the Democrats don't want to come forth in the January 6th committee meeting comes forth on the Republican show. It would be a very poor idea for the liberal media or Democrats to make fun of the Republican show.

  • Brian Sherman

    06/14/2022 06:02 PM

    OK. Let's recognize too that there is another elephant in the room that no one is talking about and I want to know why, and what can be done about it. Senator Schumer said a few years ago that Justice Kavanaugh would reap the whirlwind, remember? Was the recent attempt on the Justice's life what Schumer had in mind? I want to see him publicly questioned by the FBI. At the very least, Schumer may qualify as a terrorist. It takes very little to get that title these days. Just ask parents who disagree with the school boards. Schumer needs to be publicly questioned for his possible role in the attempt on Justice Kavanaugh's life. But first, he needs to be led away in handcuffs. I may be wrong but hey FBI, isn't that your job to rid the nation of terrorists?

  • JanC

    06/13/2022 07:24 PM

    I have said all along that QAnon is a creation of the left to mislead, "stir the masses" and do exactly what they did. Someone should investigate them.

  • Daniel Pruitt

    06/13/2022 03:34 PM

    Mike, I agree that these hearings are a "put-on" affair whose only purpose is to find some way to punish Donald Trump and prevent him from running for further office. This "circus" and that's what it was, is a phony as a $3.00 bill. The totally unfair hearings don't even justify being called a 'hearing"; rather call it a "witch hunt" and the head witch, "Nasty Nancy Pelosi" has shown from the beginning that she is not interested in any "facts" save those who support her vendetta.
    Secondly, the so-called "gun control" schemes of the democratic party. Aside from the un-Constitutional nature of the hearings, what with all democrats or (RINO republicans), there is no independent representation. On the contrary, all the info is totally one-sided, meant to support the allegations of Nasty Nancy Pelosi and her democratic cohorts. These folks aren't interested in anything firearm supporters might say. My version of gun control for the democrats is to outlaw their possession of any firearms at all, remove their Secret Service guards, and drop them off in the middle of downtown Chicago, then see how anti-gun they are. These people think nothing of breeching our Constitutionally guaranteed rights. Biden's goal has always been, to find a way to disarm the American citizens and leave them at the mercy of his "jack-booted thugs.

  • Christine M Davidson

    06/13/2022 03:27 PM

    Will you please share the results of your poll question regarding who readers would prefer to support in the next Presidential Election - President Trump or Governor DeSantis?

    Thank you.


    06/13/2022 03:04 PM

    Where are the REPUBLICANs (Congressmen & US Senators,Governors)? Except for Gov. Mike Huckabee, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, I don't see any continual uproar over the Biden administration. Seems like the Republican Congress has been silenced...or bought off. Highly disappointed in the Republican Party. Where is the "Unity" of Republicans? Am seriously considering changing party affliate from Republican to Independent.

  • Ellena ANDERSON

    06/13/2022 02:39 PM

    I keep hoping they'll eventually have enough rope to hang themselves, but I'm afraid the destructive agenda is globalist and wonder if anything can make any difference.

  • Tom Bennett

    06/13/2022 01:27 PM

    GEE why no mention of the PAID RIOT ACTOR'S were some of the same as the PAID RIOT ACTORS in San Francisco were the same as the ones at Jan 6th. BULLSHIT IS ANOTHER TERM FOR PROPAGANDA we are being fed daily. Poor fools that believe this gaslighting BULLSHIT.

  • Anna Boggio

    06/13/2022 01:22 PM

    Unbelievable! Did you ever think we'd see fascism running America? We need to put some teeth into the constitutional oath these politicians swear to before being allowed to take their position. It's out of control.

  • Daniel Alvies

    06/13/2022 12:38 PM

    Dear Mike, I like Trump, he has so much baggage against him that I'm afraid they would get him some way. I will not judge him. He was good for the country. That said right now I would like to see Ron De Santis elected. Knowing the left they could very well go after him as they did Donald. Thanks. Dan Alvies

  • Brigette Richardson

    06/13/2022 12:23 PM

    My first thought on the Jan. 6th 'hearings' was that it's a smoke screen and distraction to avoid addressing the rotten economy and raging inflation.

  • Patrick Barrett

    06/13/2022 11:59 AM

    Adams is absolutely right about those who have never thought of INSURECTION as an answer, are slowly pulling their heads out of the sand, and leaning more towards that end, because there seems to be no legal answer to how to stop this kangaroo court! We are ALL on trial here, everyone who ever loved America the way it used to be. They are pushing harder to take guns away from anyone who thinks like Adams! They are ramping up all the attempts that were stalled before, to try and get them passed into law before November. Kicking Conservatives off ballots. Red Flag gun take-aways. They are a bear, trapped in a box canyon, and that means they are going to fight to the end to get away. I don't know what is the answer, but they can't continue to do what they are doing right now. Every obvious Socialist attack must somehow be countered. Can the SCOTUS rule the 1/6 comittee illegal due to their not following their own rules? all Socialists? No Opposition Responses? No Defense witnesses? NOT acceptable. We are feeling destitute and unable to breathe! that is a dangerous situation.......