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January 27, 2022

Thanks to Robert S. for this thought-provoking idea...

Nancy Pelosi has announced that she will run for another term of office. I can see her making this announcement so as not to be a lame duck Speaker of the House. But I wonder if there isn't more afoot here. If Pelosi runs for another term, and wins, she can still retire after the first of the year. If she retires, then Governor Newsom, her nephew, would be able to appoint Nancy's replacement. So he would be able to appoint another Pelosi family member to fill the seat. Or maybe himself. Just a wild thought from Texas.

From the Gov.

Thanks for writing, Robert. Gov. Newsom is not technically Nancy Pelosi's nephew, though the two families were once related through marriage. There's no blood tie, but certainly a political one. And it's true that if she retired after being re-elected, he would get to appoint her replacement. That might be another member of the Pelosi family, or someone else entirely.

One benefit of running again is that Pelosi will get to fundraise a giant "war chest," whether she ends up keeping her seat or not. One downside is that as a candidate, she will likely face more scrutiny over the outrageous stock market gains she and her husband have made while she's been in office. It shows in her eyes that she's uncomfortable about being in the hot seat over that, and for good reason. But ego sometimes trumps risk-avoidance. Besides, she'll manage --- because she's doing it "for the children."


Here's a question about Ashli Babbitt from reader Glen G:

I have been supporting Ashli all along. Her getting shot in this manner was dreadfully wrong. But I don't understand the point of this story. Mainly speaks of her trying to stop the process she was in, and then goes through the broken window. How's is that supposed to be understood as good evidence for her?

From the Gov.

Glen, Aaron's point is that his wife was trying to stop the riot, not join in, and that when the situation got to be too intense, she tried to go through the window not to interfere with the election certification process but simply to get to what she thought would be a safer spot. Any evidence of that --- such as the videos, her law enforcement training, and the testimony of those who knew her --- would be considered exculpatory.

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  • Loretta Grabow

    01/29/2022 09:28 AM

    I sent 3 proven articles from a Cardiologist. It tells you why, People are dying from the Vaccine and why Fauci and Biden are lying about the Vaccine. I keep getting censored. Maybe, you can talk about it. Thanks

  • Vee Patreic

    01/28/2022 05:30 AM

    Offering another wild thought: Biden nominated K Harris for supreme court, approved by democratic congress. Then Biden nominates Hillary to replace Harris, also approved by same. Biden is then removed from office under 25th amendment bringing about Hillary's dream and USA's nightmare.

  • Nora Boyd Vincent

    01/27/2022 07:01 PM

    I watched your interview with Meatloaf, my cousin. His mother and mine were sisters. He mentioned my brother, whom we called "Pudge", in the interview. I want to affirm that M. L. (what we called him) was a baptized believer who, according to those who knew him, prayed nightly, never drank alcohol or took drugs, and loved his Mother, Aunt Wilma, who was a fine Christian woman, a school teacher, and a conservative Christian. I am 82, so he was closer to my brother, Pudge (Carl) who was also born in 1947, in April before M. L. who was born in September. Our grandfather was a minister of the Gospel, so his Christian roots are deep. Wilma died in July 1967. M. L. was in California trying to break into show business. Her death was very hard on him, for he was an only child and the two of them were very close. As you may know, his father was an alcoholic--but also a baptized believer who could not overcome the demon of liquor. I write you because you liked him--and said so on your show--which i watch and like. I don't know if he died from covid. I do know that he would have been someone who believed that mandates were an infringement on personal rights and dignity. He was in bad health, as you know, and was 74. Thank you for having him on your show and letting people see the real M. L. Sincerely, Nora Vincent, Plano, TX [email protected]