August 21, 2020


August 21, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


The Democrats’ virtual convention ended Thursday at nearly midnight, and never has the phrase, “Thank God it’s Friday,” held so much meaning. If you want to see the whole thing, you masochist, you, it’s here.

Here are the far more entertaining liveblogs of the highlights from PJ Media

And from

And here are five important takeaways from the final night:

I’m too burned out (and frankly, after four days of this dour, angry, bitter convention, just too weary and relieved it’s over) to go into detail about all of night four (although I will say they needed better joke writers.)

If you saw any of the first three nights, it was mostly more the same. Lots of Trump-bashing and gloom and doom about America, with hardly a word about China or the shocking violence in the streets of Democrat-run cities. So I’ll concentrate on the “big reveal”: Biden’s acceptance speech. There was a lot of buzz beforehand, not so much about what he would say but how he would say it, or if he would get through it at all. So here are the two most important points:

1. He did a surprisingly good job of presenting the speech. It was a long speech (maybe too long), but he presented it well with no major gaffes and without wandering off-topic or the stage. He was emotional, at times angry (maybe too angry), but controlled and professional. He definitely allayed any fears that he might not be able to perform at least the Presidential function of reading a speech off a Teleprompter. That sounds like a low bar to clear (although it was Obama's chief skill), but it’s not meant as an insult: a lot of people were genuinely concerned that he couldn’t clear it, and he obviously did. I’m sure a big sigh of relief could be heard in the control room and in every Democratic household in America.

2. The substance of the speech is where the many problems lay. It was a mess of contradictions of things we all have lived through and of everything his fellow Democrats have said over the past three nights. Probably the most stunning “What the...?!!” moment was Biden’s claim that when he heard Donald Trump say there were “very fine people” among the violent neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, “at that moment, I knew I had to run.” Problem: Trump never said that.

Trump said he was sure there were fine people on both sides of the debate about removing a statue of Robert E. Lee, but as for neo-Nazis and white nationalists, they should be “condemned totally.” The quote Biden cited as the motivating factor for his run has long been verified even by liberal “fact-checkers” as fake news. So does this mean he’ll pull an Emily Litella; say, “Never mind!”; and quit the race?

This was especially stunning, considering much of Biden’s speech was an attack on Trump for allegedly not caring about “facts.” Biden’s speech was also rife with other claims that are wildly at odds with known facts. For instance, he claimed that Trump’s tax cut only benefited the rich (most of the benefits went to the middle class)…that he will ensure equal pay for women (we already have laws requiring equal pay for women)…that he will create a good-paying job through government investment in rebuilding our infrastructure and creating green energy (we heard that from Obama; it cost us hundreds of billions of dollars and even Obama admitted there were no “shovel-ready” jobs)…and that he will help workers by strengthening unions (that’s code for passing a national version of the widely-hated California law that’s destroying the state’s gig economy, putting musicians out of work, and killing Uber and Lyft in the state.) He also backs doubling the minimum wage, which has cost jobs and shuttered small businesses everywhere it’s been instituted. Real facts: under Trump, wages were rising for the first time in years, and the gains were greater among the bottom half of earners than the top half. That is, until a Chinese virus and Democrat Governors shut down the economy.

Perhaps Biden’s most stunning claim was that he will be a fighter to end the outsourcing of American jobs. This was the major issue that got Trump elected. Trump is actually bringing back jobs after years of outsourcing under Obama/Biden and previous Administrations. Fact: Biden was one of the biggest boosters of job-exporting legislation. He supported and promoted NAFTA, which cost us at least 5 million jobs and 50,000 manufacturing plants, including a Chrysler plant in Delaware that he’d promised would increase hiring. He supported normalizing trade with China, which cost us 3.4 million jobs. And he was pushing Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership that would have sent even more of our jobs to Asia if Trump hadn’t killed it.

He claimed that Trump has done nothing about the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus except hope for some miracle to make it end (first time I’ve ever heard standard herd immunity described as a “miracle,” but okay.) Reminder: Biden criticized Trump for shutting off travel from China quickly, which was the most important factor in slowing the infection spread until we could prepare for it. Democrats predicted deadly shortages of ventilators and hospital rooms, which didn’t happen because of Trump’s actions; and a death toll of 2.2 million. Yes, there have been 170,000 deaths, which is horrible, but that’s the fault of China (and in large part, certain blue state Governors – two of whom were featured convention speakers - who insisted on putting coronavirus patients into nursing homes.) The US does not have the worst death toll in the world per capita, and we only have the largest number of deaths because we have a population of 320 million, and China is plainly lying about their death toll.

Biden claimed Trump does not listen to science. From Dr. Anthony Fauci: "The President has listened to what I have said... When I've made recommendations he's taken them. He's never countered or overridden me."

As for Biden’s bold plan to stop the virus – developing a test and forcing everyone to wear masks – there are already such tests (I drive down the street and see “Free COVID-19 tests” signs in front of every medical clinic), and he has no Constitutional authority to order everyone to wear masks. Also, five million people have NOT lost their health insurance. But a lot of people lost their policies when the Democrats passed Obamacare.

Biden claimed that kids suffer a “daily fear of being gunned down in school.” Putting aside that most kids aren’t even in school at the moment, thanks to teachers’ unions, school shootings are actually extremely rare. Although they might become less rare if Democrats defund the police and remove officers from schools. Right now, it’s far less dangerous to be in school than it is to venture into certain areas of any city that’s been run by Democrats for decades.

Biden claimed that he would not put up with foreign interference in our voting. Fact: Russia interfered in the 2016 election, and Obama and Biden did practically nothing. Well, they apparently did collude with some Russians to try to undermine the results of the election, but that’s another story.

Biden claimed that Trump will do away with the payroll tax, which will lead to cuts in Social Security. Fact: Trump has only called for a temporary suspension of the tax to help people get through the virus shutdowns. That would not affect Social Security, which has a $2.9 trillion surplus. Trump does want to do away with the tax permanently, but Congress would have to do that and arrange alternate funding.

Biden blamed Trump for this dark atmosphere of hate and negativity, even though it was the Democrats who started the “resistance” rhetoric the second Trump was elected, who have refused to accept his election, who attack him and his family 24/7/365, and who had just spent three and three-quarter nights relentlessly and hatefully bashing Trump, putting down America and its history, and painting anyone who opposes them as an angry, misinformed, racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, transphobic xenophobe. It was a pleasant surprise to hear Biden say he wants to reach out and be the President of all Americans, considering how many of us are the white supremacist spawn of an oppressive, unjust nation that’s responsible for all the evils of the past 400 years. And I’m glad he says he wants to help even those who didn’t vote for him. However, he’s running on a platform that will absolutely devastate most of those people.

One thing I learned when debating Trump myself in 2016 is that he doesn’t attack people who don’t attack him first. I followed Reagan’s 11th commandment and didn’t attack my fellow Republicans, and Trump didn’t attack me. Even though I’ve had occasion to criticize some of his comments and policies, we remain on good terms (I just taped an interview with him at the White House that will air this weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN.) It seems to me that Democrats hate him with the searing heat of a thousand suns for two real reasons: they can’t get over that Hillary lost, and Trump refuses to be a “typical Republican” and just stand there and take their unfair attacks. They would have us believe that he’s another Hitler, but they’ve compared every Republican President or nominee to Hitler or the Nazis since Truman did it to Thomas E. Dewey (only Eisenhower escaped it, but that was because he actually defeated Hitler, so even the Democrats didn’t dare try it.)

Trump actually punches back when he’s attacked, and Republicans aren’t supposed to do that. They’re supposed to be docile punching bags. That’s not Trump’s style, and frankly, it’s a big part of why the base supports him. They’re sick of being slandered as racists and fascists by people who really do act like racists and fascists. That’s where we got the term “crybullies.” Leftists love to attack others, but they cry “Bully” when anyone punches them back.

If today’s Democratic leaders really do care about all Americans and are willing to work across the aisle, then why is Nancy Pelosi citing ridiculous nonsense like the “Disappearing Mailbox Conspiracy” as a feeble excuse not to get back to work and pass extended coronavirus relief?

Speaking of Trump fighting back, here’s his response to Biden’s speech: "In 47 years, Joe did none of the things of which he now speaks. He will never change, just words!"

It is telling that, as several commentators pointed out, Biden has been in national politics for nearly half a century, but the Convention was all about the huge things he’s going to do, with almost nothing said about what he’s actually accomplished in all the years before.


“We Are What America Looks Like!” – Tuesday’s online Democratic Convention featured a panelist who wants to do away with police, ICE and prisons and who identifies as a “nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King.” Well, I guess that’s a voting bloc the Dems have a monopoly on. I know the Democrats will let people identify as anything, but claiming you’re a mermaid sounds like a fishy tale to me.


Since “Russian collusion” finally imploded, the Democrats’ new “Trump is rigging the election” hoax is a ridiculous claim that he’s gathering up all the mailboxes so Democrats won’t be able to mail in their ballots. If you’re dumb enough to believe that – or not to know that you can always mail a ballot at the post office, or just leave it in your own mailbox and the carrier will pick it up – then maybe you shouldn’t be voting at all.

Nancy Pelosi is trying hard to make a federal case out of it, but it’s so mind-bendingly stupid that not even the reliably liberal “fact-checking” sites can bring themselves to go along with it. For instance, here’s Politifact ruling that, no, a photo of a stack of mailboxes is NOT proof of “massive voter suppression.” It’s a photo of a company that refinishes old mailboxes for the Postal Service.

Politifact is so in the bag for the Dems that they had to stick into this story a line about Trump making a “false” claim that mail-in voting is rife with fraud (Okay, it’s rife with errors that give it a tremendous potential for fraud, is that precise enough? And of course, we all know voter fraud never happens. Oh, wait…)

But that still can’t balance out the sheer willful idiocy of this story. What’s next? “Hey, I found three stacks of crackers inside my Ritz box! It’s massive proof that Trump is trying to hide food from the poor!”

Probably shouldn’t even say that. Nancy will convene impeachment hearings.


Just a warning that even if the Republicans keep the Senate, if Joe Biden gets into the White House, there’s going to be an amnesty for at least 11 million illegal immigrants, and here’s how it will happen.


Speaking of the Democrats’ demand for mail-in voting, President Trump tweeted, “If you can protest in person, you can vote in person!” I don’t think he understands that the coronavirus can spread at polling places, but it doesn’t spread at anti-police protests. Why won’t he listen to the science?!!



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  • David Steuber

    08/24/2020 02:29 AM

    From Biden's acceptance speech:

    "Our current president has failed in his most basic duty to the nation. He's failed to protect us. He's failed to protect America, and my fellow Americans, that is unforgivable….As president, I'll make you a promise: I'll protect Americans."

    From the context he was clearly talking about Trump’s supposed failure to protect us from Covid.

    Sorry, Joe, but Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Madison, et al., would be astounded at the notion that the president’s “basic duty” is to protect us from disease (or anything else).

    If that were in fact his “most basic duty,” one would expect to see something to that effect in the Constitution. But you’ll look in vain for any such language in Art. II, which states instead that the president must swear to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution,” and that “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

    It’s a sad commentary on our educational system that he can get away with such nonsense without anyone (to my knowledge) calling him on it (and instead applauding him for it). The picture one gets is of nation of helpless namby-pambies looking to our great white Daddy for protection.

    South Dakota Gov. Noem’s statement that “The people themselves are primarily responsible for their safety” is much closer to the Founders’ intent.

  • Amelia Little

    08/22/2020 01:23 PM

    One of the reasons (and there are a few) that I voted for Donald Trump is that he is NOT a good ol' boy politician. One of the reasons (and there are a few ;) ) that politicians, whether democrat or republican, are ticked off that this man can't be bought by anybody. I have long been screaming at the tv, paper when I read how republicans capitulated to whatever kookaide the democrats were serving--promises of "if you vote for this-as it is presented-we will vote for (insert a measure republicans are trying to pass.) Just like with Lucy and Charlie Brown, the democrats "forget" they made that promise, and rinse, repeat. And the republicans fall for it. Maddening! And, of course ALWAYS blame the republicans if something doesn't pass--because of the irrational content of a bill (rarely is that irrational content made known to the people) so, it's republicans' fault there wasn't more put in the military budget--or pass a stimulus package. I am grateful to see more and more republicans who are following the President's lead to stand up to the bullies. Let's hope they sustain that momentum even in 2025 when Donald Trump will have to step down as President.

    As I read the synopsis biden's speech, I notice he is promising things that President has already accomplished--are they IGNORING those accomplishments and hoping that the people won't realize what THEY are promising is already fact.

  • Craig Cameron

    08/22/2020 10:14 AM

    You hit the nail right on the head! Not once did they mention how huge of a tax increase they will do to EVERY working American. You and Trump both have Christian values and though Trump is a businessman, not a politician gives him the leeway to not be politically correct. That's usually an oxymoron anyway. Hopefully this will bring to light what a lot of Democrats knew already about Trump's accomplishments. The message has been clear since Trump stepped into office and just because they hate the messenger, doesn't take away from his proven, factual progress that has been made. They use Trump's morality as their platform yet, If Bidens questionable morality was explored Americans would see the truth. If it were to be that somehow the Democrats pull this off and the election goes his way, we are in deep trouble. A lot less jobs, gas prices and interest rate skyrocket. A very weak man as our leader puts us all in danger. More crime because of defunding the police, other nations will step on us again, businesses lost to foreign countries, taking away our constitutional rights to bear arms, killing babies, illegal immigrants flooding our country. Welfare and food stamps paid for with high taxes on hard working Americans. Our safety on a global scale would be comprised, subjected to attacks internally as well as from abroad. God would be removed from everything and He is the only reason why we live free today.... I could go on about Clinton's involvement in sex trafficking children, Obamas desire to have America turned into a Muslim nation, etc.... PLEASE vote for Trump and save our children from being exposed to the evils of the Democratic party.

  • Nadine Zerbe

    08/22/2020 01:42 AM

    You, sir, are an amazing man and an amazing writer!!! I didn’t watch one minute of the democratic convention because there IS NO POINT! Every time their lips are moving garbage and lies are being spewed forth!! It was SO much BETTER to read your HONEST, well established, factual recap! And you make the trash they spew a tad bit easier on the stomach because you present their ludicrous, deplorable claims with humor!!! Lord above knows, we can ALL use at least a smile and a good laugh is “medicine for the soul!” Thank you SO MUCH for enduring the fiasco to free us from having to do so!! You are greatly appreciated; God bless you richly, always!!!

  • Linda Wolfe

    08/21/2020 08:10 PM

    Sleepy Joe needs to thank God his teleprompter didn't go out. Remember when Obama's went out and he got all bumfuzzeled up ?

  • Martha Schafer

    08/21/2020 06:44 PM

    To add to "The Disappearing Mailbox Conspiracy", Kurt Schlicter in his 8-20 column for Townhall titled "The Post Office Conspiracy is First Class Stupidity" wrote and I quote "...I have no problem with you not voting if you are too stupid to mail a letter (from your own personal mailbox if you can't find a USPS box or go to a post office). Democracy then dies in dumbness."

  • Bevily B Josey

    08/21/2020 05:58 PM

    Is it true that 70 republican national security officials are supporting Biden?

  • Nancy McNeely

    08/21/2020 03:10 PM

    I’m glad the convention is over too.... you know.... I bet his team had him practice over and over and over in order he would say it correctly.
    Nancy McNeely

  • SM

    08/21/2020 02:54 PM

    Good for Biden. He could read a speech from the teleprompter. It takes more than that to be President. If he left the basement, he would know.

  • SM

    08/21/2020 02:51 PM

    What a joke. The airwaves today are focusing on propaganda that the mail service is only bad now. Complaints about the Post Office have been going on for a LONG, LONG time. Even I have filed complaints (long before Pres. Trump was in office) about items not being delivered, gone missing, improperly delivered (received others mail).
    Take to the internet. "Google" postal workers that have hoarded or stolen mail. Hundreds and thousands of pieces of mail have not been delivered and it started LONG before 2020; in many states; by both genders and different levels of employment at the Post Office from carriers, to sorters, etc. It is an absolute mess. It needs a complete revamp and instead of just continuing to throw money at it (like Biden and the other administrations have done), let's fix it, make it profitable (as it can be). Instead Biden and company want to just throw more money at it. No. If you went to the bank for a company loan and showed your financial sheet that only had billions of dollars of losses, would you get the loan? NO. There is a lot of mismanagement going on in the post office. If it was not carried by the taxpayers, it would have gone belly up long ago. And, I like the Post Office as a wonderful US institution. But, like Congress, it needs a complete revamping.

  • Helen Sustachek

    08/21/2020 02:10 PM

    Can you give this speech at the Republican Convention?

  • Jerry Korba

    08/21/2020 01:35 PM

    8 months ago I mentioned how unhappy Leftist were the country was at its BEST, of all time Prosperity, Fantastic enthusiasm I could feel it all around my State I was working BB games as an official thru out the Metro and outstate sites, the schools with its banners, pride, kids participating. as a crew we are greeted and escorted to our rooms you could feel the excitement in the halls. I have not worked since the 1st week in March, and watching bits of the DNC they are not only unhappy, they are filled with Hate and gloom. I got home in time to watch Trump today give his rebuttal and he took me back to those days in December, January, and February where it was a grand day to be an American. The DNC can cry alone the negative outlook they have I almost feel sad for them but I can't I can't let them have my positivity of this country. MAGA vote for a Conservative and bring the Prosperity Home to all Americans yea even the DNC maybe you can be happy for awhile. Try it you will like it or when you lose again, what do you have to lose? Forget the gloom and the doom it will be gone with a conservative way of thinking.

  • James Evart

    08/21/2020 01:25 PM

    Other than bad-mouthing others who have done a great job for our country the past 3+ years.the Democrats have shown nothing to offer. Is the only argument for being allowed office the belittlement of another? Really?! Since when, are they pillars of virtue or can show any definitive proof of bettering this nation?!

  • Doris Huckleberry

    08/21/2020 01:04 PM

    Biden was so pumped up with memory enhancement and energy shots. Why do you think he was “basementized” all this time. The few times he was let out was practice runs so they could control amounts. Did anyone think to do a blood drug check? ??

  • Judy Davenport

    08/21/2020 12:45 PM

    I have seen some information that would seem to indicate that the mailing envelopes for mail in voting have a place on the bar code where there is either and R or a D, thus showing which party the person voting is affiliated with and making it easier for votes to be eliminated easily by "losing" that piece of mail. Can you speak to whether this is true or not?

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/21/2020 12:32 PM

    Boy I need some coffee

  • Rebecca Cullum

    08/21/2020 12:07 PM

    How many tv viewers watched last night?

  • Stephen Russell

    08/21/2020 11:51 AM

    Dem Convention:
    Buddy games, elitist,Put the voter down, Were the answer.
    Confused, dytopian, unreal, funny, odd.
    Vision None but what Mark Levin read on Hannity lastnight ( get copy from Mark Levin for Hannity show 8-20)
    Must read manifesto from Dem,s