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October 10, 2023



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18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James, 3:17-18

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I wrote last month about an investigation into all the liberal groups that fund and feed “information” to the A.P., and how that helps to explain why so many “news stories” on subjects like “climate change” read like activist group press releases. From those stories, you’d think there is no other viewpoint other than turned-up-to-11 hysteria. 

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Israel's 9/11

Just as we were going to press on Saturday, word came of the horrific terrorist attack/invasion of southern Israel by Hamas. Since then, the news has turned more tragic with each passing hour. Naturally, in a newsletter like this, we can’t possibly provide you with up-to-the-minute news on such a fast-breaking story. But if you will bookmark this link, it will take you to Fox News’ page of the latest stories, continually updated:

All we can do, aside from urging you to pray for Israel and the victims of this unconscionable terrorist assault (those who were killed, injured or taken hostage), is give you a brief recap of the major news thus far, point you to some of the most important commentary, and add some of my own.

To bring you up to speed: On Saturday, Hamas staged the biggest attack on Israel in years from the Gaza Strip, launching a barrage of thousands of rockets in an attempt to overwhelm Israels’ Iron Dome missile defense. The militants also infiltrated Israel and attacked unarmed men, women and children, even slaughtering at least 260 people who were gathered for a music festival. Depending on the source, the current death toll is reportedly between 800 and 1100, including nine Americans, with more than 2,000 wounded, and an unknown number taken hostage, which might include Americans, but that’s not yet verified at this writing. Many are calling this Israel’s 9/11, and I don’t think that’s an overstatement. Here is just one example of Hamas’ savagery, and I don’t even want to describe it here.

Israel has declared itself to be in a state of war for the first time in 50 years, and Prime Minister Netayahu has deployed tens of thousands of troops to the Gaza Strip. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said he has ordered a “complete siege” of Gaza, cutting off water, electricity and food, adding, "We are fighting human animals and we are acting accordingly." Netanyahu predicted that this war will be long and difficult, but military officials vowed to “kill every terrorist in Israel.”

Of course, the big question looming over this atrocity was how such a massive attack could have been planned and executed without Israeli intelligence getting a whiff of it? That question might have been answered by Hamas and Hezbollah leaders, who revealed that the attack was planned with help from Iranian security officials and greenlit by Iran at a meeting last week in Beirut. Judging from the military equipment the terrorists are using, including sophisticated drones, it’s likely Iran also helped supply the weaponry. Iran’s “Supreme Leader” even praised the barbaric attack as it was happening.

This shouldn’t have been a surprise. Some of us have been warning of the dangers of Iran for years, even as the Obama and now Biden Administrations have done everything possible to lift sanctions, release frozen assets and claim that Iran’s leaders can somehow be bribed or schmoozed into giving up their rabid hatred of America, Israel, Jews and any non-radical Muslims who dare question them. Here’s your answer for how well that idiotic notion works out in reality. Now, imagine them with nuclear weapons.

Donald Trump saw this coming last month, when Biden unfroze $6 billion in Iranian cash to get some US hostages released (reportedly really $16 billion; the other $10 billion didn’t get as much press.)

Trump predicted it would be used to fund terrorism, but the Biden White House insisted that, oh no, it could only be used for “humanitarian” purposes. Secretary of State Antony Blinken is desperately trying to spin that, still insisting that none of that money was used for this attack, and it wasn’t US taxpayer money but “Iranian resources that Iran has accumulated from the sales of oil.”

What an impressive string of irrelevant points. Who cares if the money that funded this atrocity came out of that particular Iranian bank account or another one? It came from IRAN, which is why we shouldn’t be freeing up funds, lifting sanctions and letting them build nuclear reactors. And thanks for inadvertently admitting the truth that Iran has accumulated a lot of resources from selling oil. That’s billions of dollars they wouldn’t have accumulated if Joe Biden hadn’t declared war on the US fossil fuel industry and driven up the price of oil while making other nations more dependent on sources like Iran.

And just to be abundantly clear, here’s a former State Department advisor on Iran explaining precisely why the Biden crew’s frantic spin about that $6 billion is garbage, and it actually “freed up huge reserves” that Iran could use to continue funding terrorism through groups like Hamas.

There is also a claim by a high-ranking Israeli Defense Forces commander that some of the equipment left behind in Afghanistan during Biden’s botched pullout was used to attack Israel.

If you think this Administration has the slightest idea of what it’s talking about when it comes to Iran, here’s a reminder that just eight days before the attack, Biden’s “National Security Adviser” Jake Sullivan was boasting of all their accomplishments in the Middle East and declared, “The Middle East region is quieter today than it has been in two decades.”

Another very disturbing aspect of this attack has been watching the attempts by people in the US and Europe to put the blame for it on Israel, Republicans, Donald Trump or anywhere other than where it belongs: on the vicious, barbaric, hate-filled Hamas terrorists who committed it.

I am fed up to my eyeballs with the moronic moral equivalencies and immediate calls for a cease-fire dished out by far-left, anti-Semitic “Squad” members in Congress, MSNBC commentators and other useful idiots of radical Islamic terrorists.

We even had an official government agency, the US Office of Palestinian Affairs, tweet out, “We urge all sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory attacks. Terror and violence solve nothing.” That was quickly deleted with the State Department saying it was not authorized and doesn’t reflect US policy, which is to unequivocally support Israel’s right to defend itself.

Good. I don’t want to hear any balloon juice from liberal bureaucrats urging Israel to show restraint and end the violence, which can be translated as “let their people be slaughtered and do nothing to stop it.” We had something like that in the 1930s and ‘40s, and Jews and all other decent people all over the world vowed, “Never again.” “Never” means “NEVER.”

The “Democratic Socialists of America” held a rally in Times Square on Sunday to cheer the Hamas attack on Israel and the slaughter of innocent civilians. So the next time some “Democratic Socialist” tries to convince you that they’re not REALLY your dad’s America-hating socialists, remember this and realize that you can call a scorpion a butterfly, but it’s still a scorpion.

Here’s something that I sincerely hope will make people rethink sending their kids to an Ivy League school: 57 student groups at Harvard signed a statement holding Israel “entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.” Yes, they think it’s Israel’s fault that Hamas terrorists murdered hundreds of innocent people and injured thousands more. I wonder if they’d blame Israel or Trump if some of the millions of unvetted illegal entrants allowed into the US under Biden turned out to be terrorists and attacked a music festival they were attending?

On that subject, look at how many people inside both the US and European nations are celebrating this barbarism and ask yourself how they got there and if they might do it, too.

And here’s more blinkered stupidity from Human Rights Watch, who previously slammed Israel for having too much security on the barrier between Gaza and Israel.

But the biggest morons on the planet had to be the pro-Palestinian protesters from a group called “Queers for Palestine.” One commentator asked if they were aware that the only place in the Middle East where they could be openly gay and not be executed is Israel?

Finally, I will urge you again to pray for Israel and for the victims of this horrific attack, and end with this thought-provoking commentary from Victor Davis Hanson:

Hanson also posted this on Twitter (X)…

“Here we are 78 years after the end of the Holocaust and once again, thuggish killers dressed in black are pulling Jewish elderly, women, and children out of their homes and executing them, and then throwing their bodies into the street. But in 1945, we were fighting the SS murderers, now we are sending millions in subsidies to their modern Hamas killer squad counterparts. We the American people should demand not one more American cent to these Gestapo and SS killers.”

Hurry Up

The attack on Israel has some people calling this the worst possible time for the House to be without a Speaker. It appears that this might light a fire under Congress to hurry up and elect a new House leader.

Federal judge allows ban to go into effect

A federal judge in Oklahoma allowed the new law banning so-called “gender-affirming medical care” (actually, hormones, puberty blockers and surgery that attempt to alter a child’s true gender, not “affirm” it) to go into effect. More details at the link.

As noted, there are various federal court rulings either allowing or blocking similar laws, so this will probably have to be settled by the Supreme Court. Let’s hope this isn’t one of those times when they’ll pull a new right out of thin air, like the right to disfigure children with unnecessary elective surgery because 13-year-olds always know what’s best for them. You’d think this entire argument would be settled by the physicians’ rule of “First, do no harm,” but no.  


More Good Court News:

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has expanded an injunction on the Biden Administration that blocked it from colluding with big tech platforms to censor free speech.

The court added CISA (the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) to the list of agencies previously blocked, including the White House, FBI, CDC and Surgeon General’s office. The court found that prior to the 2020 election, CISA actively worked to brand some political opinions as “misinformation” and try to get them censored or banned from social media in violation of the First Amendment.

A CISA spokesman responded that the agency “does not and has never censored speech or facilitated censorship.” I’d say that sounds like a big fat lie, but I don’t want them throwing me off of Facebook.


Not making this up...

Apparently, allowing the US to be overrun with unvetted illegal aliens, fentanyl, Mexican drug gangs and unincarcerated criminals wasn’t making life dangerous enough for the average American. So now, President Biden is going to release grizzly bears on us.

As Dave Barry says, I am not making this up…

Hypocritical Democrats

As you all know, I love dogs. So this story makes my blood boil so much that I will have to restrain myself while relaying it.

After the Bidens' German shepherd Commander was removed from the White House for repeatedly biting staffers and Secret Service agents (it was just revealed that there were more incidents and some more severe than previously reported), Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all files related to the First Family’s dogs.

Since this is the second time this has happened (the Bidens’ previous dog Major was also removed for attacking people), Judicial Watch suspects a pattern that might have more to do with the owners than the dogs. They also claim that an unnamed source told them that Joe Biden mistreats his dogs and he has punched and kicked them.

Okay, that was where I had to stop writing and count slowly to 10. To me, that is such an unconscionable, beyond-the-pale thing to do that I’m going to try not to believe it until there’s more evidence. Although it is hard to believe that Joe Biden just happened to get two vicious dogs in a row by random chance. I will try to wait until this is confirmed or debunked before saying more, other than I’m glad Commander is out of the White House and that he will hopefully be placed in a loving home and the biting will cease.

But I will say this: Biden’s record is horrible on everything from energy to border security to freedom to taxes to foreign policy to the economy. Still, that might not prevent him from being reelected. But if it’s proven that he’s one of those stereotypical liberals who “weeps for the masses and kicks the dog,” then he’s toast. Americans will put up with a lot from politicians, but mistreating dogs is the ultimate deal-killer.


New Kurt Schlichter column on why it’s pointless to feel sympathy for residents of blue cities for all the hellish pain they’re enduring when they just keep voting for more of it. I especially enjoy his description of his neighborhood, which is filled with wealthy liberals who would never tolerate the crime, filth, homelessness and lousy schools they’re fine with inflicting on inner city poor people.

Related: For all the female voters who think only the Democrats will protect women’s rights, that might be true only if it’s your right to go to an ER. A New York Post report found that under the Democrats’ criminal-releasing, anti-police policies, felony assaults on women have jumped by 41% over the last four years.


Another Newsom veto

California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have decriminalized the possession and use of hallucinogenic mushrooms. He probably looked at who’s in power in California and decided that voters aren’t obeying the anti-‘shroom laws anyway.


How did we (and Israel) NOT KNOW IT WAS COMING?

It was the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War --- actually the day after, so it would fall on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath and also Simchat Torah, the day when Jews celebrate reading the Torah.  We’d just seen President Biden preside over a prisoner swap in exchange for $6 billion in freed-up money to Iran.  (And it doesn’t matter which Iranian “pocket” that money goes into; leftist media need to stop insulting our intelligence trying to split that hair.)  This was also after Biden’s 2021 delivery of nearly $400 million to the Palestinian Authority (!!), which experts have been warning would help Hamas and cause them to organize more terrorist attacks.  Tensions had reportedly been escalating.  Yet Israel was caught off guard, and so, it seems, were we.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday, “Hamas is ISIS.”  We would go further to say that in helping Hamas, however indirectly, by telling Iran it was about to be $6 billion richer, we gave aid and comfort to our own (and Israel’s) enemy.

Now, AFTER the worst attack on Israel since the Holocaust, we know that Iran, the #1 state sponsor of terrorism, spent weeks --- months, more likely --- plotting it with Hamas.

On Monday, Biden “put a lid on the day” early and attended a barbeque that night.  He must not have been overcome with curiosity about how this huge, well-orchestrated attack could’ve happened without the knowledge of either America or Israel, the countries with arguably the best intelligence agencies in the world.  Have we perhaps been spending too much time trying to ferret out those dangerous Trump supporters, maybe at church or bingo?  How on earth could the U.S. not have known that Iran was working with Palestinian terrorists on this attack?

According to THE GUARDIAN, “it is a mystery why Israeli intelligence appears to have had no idea it was coming.”  They explained that “Israel’s surveillance of Gaza is intense.  It monitors activity, communications and daily life via state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, including drones flying over the strip.  It also relies on human intelligence via informants, many of whom are blackmailed or otherwise coerced into assisting Israel.”  Sadly, that’s the way covert operations work here, too.

“The intelligence failure is monumental,” they went on to report, “and will shake the Israeli public’s faith in their government and army’s ability to protect civilians.”  As Eli Maron, a former head of the Israeli navy, said, “All of Israel is asking itself, where is the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces], where are the police, where is the security?”

THE GUARDIAN reports that many people in Gaza just want to live their lives, free from repeated wars and conflicts.  “They resent the fears imposed on them and the fear instilled in them by Hamas rulers.”  And, “the apparent lack of knowledge of Hamas’ plot will likely be seen as a prime culprit in the chain of events that led to the deadliest attack against Israelis in decades...The ferocious attack, which likely took months of planning and involved coordination among multiple militia groups, appeared to have gone under Israel’s intelligence radar.”

Retired Israeli Gen. Amir Avivi said that without a foothold in Gaza, Israeli security forces have relied on technological means to gather intelligence, and Gaza militants have found ways to evade these.  “They’ve gone back to the Stone Age,” he said.

(Scary sidenote: while our intelligence agencies have been laser-focused on the “threat” of Trump supporters, concerned parents and traditional Catholics, they’ve assured us we have little to worry about from foreign terrorists because there are now “electronic fences,” social media surveillance and other high tech security, just like what Israel relied on in Gaza.)  

Avivi also said that Israeli security services were wrong about Hamas’ intentions:  “Israel’s security establishment has in recent years increasingly seen Hamas as an actor interested in governing, seeking to develop Gaza’s economy and improving the standard of living for Gaza’s 2.3 million people.”  He and others say the truth is that Hamas, which calls for Israel’s destruction, “still sees that aim as its priority.”  And now we’ve seen which one of those views turned out to be right.  They’re really just dirty terrorists.

But that still doesn’t explain how such a devastating, multifaceted attack could have been planned without the knowledge of Israeli and American intelligence.

“...The weekend’s assault, which caught Israel off guard on a major Jewish holiday, plunges [their intelligence] reputation into doubt and raises questions about the country’s readiness in the face of a weaker but determined foe,” reported the Associated Press.  “This is a major failure,” said Yaakov Amidror, former national security adviser to Netanyahu.  “This operation actually proves that the [intelligence] abilities in Gaza were no good.”

Amidror had no explanation, either, saying lessons must be learned “when the dust settles.”

Chief military spokesman Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari said the army owes an explanation, but for now, “First we fight, then we investigate.”



As reported in THE HILL, U.S. intelligence officials refused to call this an intelligence failure.

On Sunday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken sidestepped the question.  “We will have plenty --- we will have plenty of time to --- the Israelis will have plenty of time to look into that,” he stammered.

He told FOX NEWS SUNDAY host Shannon Bream that “there will be a time and place to look back on exactly how this happened, who knew what when, but that moment is not now when we’re still in the throes of the attack, as your reporting just showed this is still ongoing.”

Wrong, Mr. Secretary of State.  This IS the time and place.  Blinken is stalling for time until he and his people can devise the story they want us to swallow, and Americans are sick of that.  It doesn’t make sense that our government wouldn’t have been able to foresee anything about this.

(Maybe our patience is just running thin and our trust is gone after January 6, now that we know our FBI had quite a bit of information on, and involvement with, activities leading up to Trump’s rally.  Benghazi comes to mind as well.  They’ve lied to us so much that their old playbook really doesn’t work any longer.)

As for the Iranians, they’ve certainly had their own spies in place.  Recall the story we ran last week from Matt Taibbi in TABLET, about Biden’s chief envoy to Iran Robert Malley being involved in a high-level Iranian spy ring busted in DC.  Sean Hannity addressed this on Monday with guests former CIA station chief Dan Hoffman and Florida Rep. Mike Waltz, who called this “an absolute intelligence failure.”

Waltz expressed concern that “actually, we WERE picking things up, and then you’ve got so many Iran sympathizers in the Biden administration that they were simply looking away.”

Ah, at last, somebody said it!

Waltz continued:  “Not only do you have Robert Malley, who was the chief negotiator for the Iran deal under Biden and Obama, essentially running a spy ring, you have the chief of staff in the Pentagon, of our Special Operations on to all kinds of departmental programs; she’s still on the job.  She still has access to all kind of classified systems, yet she was calling the Iranian foreign ministry before and after briefings to Congress about their nuclear program.”  (We assume he’s talking about Wendy Sherman, whose only defense of human rights in Iran was “saying things forcefully”…)

By the way, in light of the attack on Israel, the Robert Malley story may turn out to be, in the words of California Rep. Darrell Issa, the “worst State Department scandal since Alger Hiss.”  Incredible details here, in this must-read piece… 

Also, from the archives, here’s another must-read, about Joe Biden’s role as “Tehran’s favorite senator” thanks to his “political games.”  It’s from August 2008, just after Obama chose him as his running mate.  Here’s who is in the White House now...

So, this intelligence failure is one more thing congressional Republicans have to look into.  “How far did this go, how much influence, how deep were these tentacles?,” Waltz asked.  “And was it really a failure of collection, or was it people turning a blind eye at the most senior levels?”

Similarly, after working for many years with Israeli intelligence, Hoffman was “shocked” by this failure.  But he did note that Israel needs to keep information about it close to the vest right now, so they don’t expose vulnerabilities.




Just a few days ago, critics were expressing concern about the Army cutting its Special Ops budget, with 10 percent fewer personnel, and shifting its focus away from counterintelligence in the Middle East.  (WHAT counterintelligence?)  Rep. Waltz was one of them, saying he was “stunned and appalled.”  The idea sounds even crazier now…

We’ll end by quoting what retired Green Beret Lt. Scott Mann said very presciently just days before the attack:  “You know, they are regenerating in Afghanistan and there is very good chance that we could see a resurgence of them.  And you can’t mass produce Special OPS after an emergency occurs; that is a Special Operations point.”  Also, “al-Qaida and ISIS have an enduring desire to strike the homeland.  They’ve proven that they can and they will.  And they now have a new unfettered safe haven in Afghanistan.  And they’re gonna make that happen.”



 RELATED READING:  For when you have time, Alex Marlow, author of the new book BREAKING BIDEN, has an unsparing explanation of why Biden bears responsibility for Hamas’ attack on Israel.  Our hope would be that editorial writers at THE NEW YORK TIMES who actually blamed Trump for this --- not kidding, and they never mentioned Obama or Biden or their Iran policy --- would read it, but of course, they won’t.


President Biden interviewed in classified documents case

In news that was almost buried under the deluge of horrific stories out of Israel, President Biden was interviewed on Sunday and Monday by Special Counsel Robert Hur (remember him?) in HIS classified documents case.

Recall that Biden is alleged to have kept classified documents in his office at Penn Biden Center, at a storage warehouse in Chinatown, in his home library, in his attorney’s office in Boston, in his garage near his Corvette, and probably someplace I’m forgetting because there are so many locations.  THE NEW YORK TIMES had details on who else has been interviewed…

“Among [those interviewed] are Steve Ricchetti, a top White House aide, and Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser, people familiar with the case said.

“Prosecutors have also spoken to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, who has been a key Biden foreign policy adviser for decades; Ron Klain, who served as White House chief of staff until earlier this year; and Michael R. Carpenter, the former managing director of the Penn Biden Center, who is currently ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.”

One would assume that with Biden being called in, the special counsel is just about to conclude the investigation.  While another special counsel, Jack Smith, is putting the screws to President Trump over his alleged possession of classified documents (that he, as President, had the authority to declassify) at his heavily-secure home with both Secret Service and armed private security protection, we’ve heard not a peep about the investigation of Biden over something similar and arguably much worse.

More to come.



More on Israel

A reminder: We can’t provide breaking news on the attack on Israel, but this link will take you to a Fox News page that continually updates with all the latest bulletins and a summary of current major headlines:

To recap some of the developments of the past 24 hours: Following a relentless airstrike pounding of Hamas targets in Gaza, Israel says it has reclaimed control of the Gaza border. The known death toll now stands at around 1600, including 900 Israelis and 700 Gazans. Rocket sirens went off in Tel Aviv as another barrage of rockets were fired from Gaza, but there were no reports of injuries thanks to Israel’s advanced missile defenses.

Fox News reports that IDF airstrikes reportedly killed two senior Hamas officials: Joad Abu Shmalah, the Hamas Minister of Economy in the Gaza Strip who oversaw the funding of terrorism and led a number of operations targeting Israeli civilians, and Zachariah Abu Ma'amar, a senior member of the Hamas' political bureau and head of its office for internal relations. He was a senior Hamas decision-maker and coordinator between terror groups in the Gaza Strip.

Here's a report on the hundreds of foreign nationals from around the world who were visiting Israel and were killed, taken hostage or are still missing.

The Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah is reportedly mobilizing forces on Israel’s northern border in Lebanon and Syria with the possible intention of launching a second front attack. But they will not have the benefit of surprise that Hamas had. If they want to volunteer to be obliterated by Israel, that will be the first good thing they’ve ever done for humanity.

Back in the US, Secretary of State Antony Blinken has postponed a planned trip to the Middle East scheduled for later this month. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Charles Q. Brown Jr. said the US sent a strong warning to Iran “not to get involved” (a bit late for that, don’t you think?)

Four Israeli-American families whose relatives were killed or taken hostage will hold a press conference later today to demand immediate action from President Biden. Hamas claimed that they have been acting within Islamic instructions by keeping hostages safe, but warned that they would begin killing Israeli hostages for every Israeli bombing of civilians’ homes without warning (if that were true, the hostages would remain safe because Israel doesn’t bomb civilians without warning, Hamas does.)

This is a developing story, and it’s such a horrifying, heartbreaking atrocity, I don’t even want to describe it. I will link to it, but I warn you, it’s extremely disturbing.

Meanwhile, the cheering of murderous, anti-Semitic terrorists by spoiled Western useful idiots continues around the world. Some social media influencers are celebrating the slaughter of innocent Israelis, proving that they should not be influencing anyone.

Harvard reacted to 57 student groups signing a statement blaming Israel for the carnage by putting out a stunningly mealy-mouthed letter (you can read it at the link; I don’t want to quote it and get pablum on my keyboard) which doesn’t even mention their own sadly miseducated students’ support of murderous terrorists.

Here’s some reaction to that, including former Harvard President Larry Summers showing what the current school leaders should have said.

Shockingly, some of the moral equivalence, “blame Israel” mentality and calls for an immediate ceasefire right after Hamas murdered 900 Israelis are coming from inside the House. And I mean our House of Representatives. The sympathy for the devil from “Squad” members was too much even for some Democrats to stomach. New York Rep. Ritchie Torres, who calls himself a pro-Israel progressive, told Jewish Insider, “U.S. aid to Israel is and should be unconditional, and never more so than in this moment of critical need. Shame on anyone who glorifies as ‘resistance’ the largest single-day mass murder of Jews since the Holocaust. It is reprehensible and repulsive.”

On the Republican side, Rep. Lindsay Graham was even more blunt. He told Fox News, "Hamas is a bunch of animals who deserve to be treated like animals." He added, “To the ‘Squad’: Shut the hell up. You're emboldening the enemy. You're a disgrace to the United States Congress. You're siding with terrorists over a democracy called Israel."

As shocking as these reactions are, they shouldn’t come as a surprise. In March of this year, a Gallup poll found that Democrats supported Palestinians in Gaza more than Israel by 49-38%, with 13% saying they didn’t support either side over the other. Republicans supported Israel by 78-11%. This article notes that “the 38% support for Israel was a historic low for the Democratic Party.” I couldn’t have put it better myself.

I will just repeat what I said to Sean Hannity last night, and to all the leftists like the Squad members who constantly claim, with zero evidence, that they’re on “the right side of history.” The Bible tells us in Numbers 24:9, “Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, And whoever curses Israel will be cursed.”

I’ll also share with all the sick and twisted people celebrating this terrorist atrocity Proverbs 17:5: “The one who mocks the poor insults his Maker, and one who rejoices over calamity will not go unpunished.”

Some good news

Amid so much tragedy this week, I’m glad to be able to report some good news. As I mentioned on this weekend’s episode of “Huckabee” on TBN, your protests on behalf of the Romeike family were heard loud and clear.

This wonderful Christian family came to America to escape persecution in Germany for the crime of homeschooling their children. Since then, they’ve been model residents in Tennessee and haven’t sought a penny of taxpayer aid. But despite all the illegal aliens pouring into our borders, the feds decided that the Romeikes were the only non-citizens worthy of deportation. They were about to be sent back to Germany to face persecution and punishment, and being separated from their children.

But after Tennessee lawmakers sent a letter to ICE protesting the action, the Romeikes have been granted a one-year stay of deportation. That’s not the permanent solution that should have been offered, but at least it buys them 12 months to fight any future attempts at deportation. And hopefully, those will be harder now that the whole nation knows about this and the feds know that any actions taken against them will not go unnoticed.

For stepping up to help the Romeike family and block this outrage, I give a Huck’s Hero salute to those Tennessee legislators and to all of you!

Will Hurd drops out of presidential race

Former CIA agent and Texas Rep. Will Hurd announced that he’s ending his GOP presidential bid. He said Monday, "It has become clear to me and my team that the time has come to suspend our campaign." Since I assume that's the first time most of you heard he was running for President, that’s probably a good call.

Hurd is a vocal anti-Trumper, and he threw his support to Nikki Haley. Considering that the most recent poll I could find that mentioned him was a Sept. 29 Morning Consult poll that had him at 0%, I don’t think that’s going to boost Haley much.

News You Can Use:

A new study of over 12 years of health data found that climbing five flights of stairs (about 50 steps) every day may reduce the risk of some types of heart disease by up to 20 percent.

Democrat Paranoia

I hope that all the Democrats who are launching baseless partisan prosecutions of former President Trump read this story and start feeling very paranoid.

Retired USAF General comes under fire for tweet

Former CIA and NSA Director and retired Air Force general Michael Hayden, who pushed the Russia collusion hoax and signed the letter falsely branding Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation” to influence the 2020 election, is under fire for using his Twitter account to call for the assassination of Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville. When called out, he doubled down and stood by it.

So let me get this straight: THIS GUY still has a Twitter account?! And people who just said Hunter’s laptop was real were censored?

Reason #10,314 Why The Internet Was A Bad Idea:

Another naked photo of a member of the Biden family has popped up online, and this time, it wasn’t Hunter.


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  • ken moore

    10/10/2023 03:09 PM

    illegal immigrants are illegal protect our border with any means necessary with all means those that have arrived ship to delaware via train box car to me illegals are a threat to my safety if you agreew post this unlike previous non listed comments many have made with simular concerns