September 17, 2018

The Washington Post dropped a bombshell over the weekend by printing an article revealing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s 11-1/2 hour accuser and her claim against him.  At the link is the original letter that Sen. Diane Feinstein sat on until the last minute.  The (REDACTED) parts are that it was written by Christine Blasey Ford, a Northern California research psychologist and Palo Alto University professor, and the other boy she claims was in the room was Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge.  (Warning, this contains upsetting adult content.)

And here’s some good analysis and background of the charge and its political aspects from Fox News:

It’s a serious charge that, if true, was surely traumatic for a young woman. On the other hand, it’s also an unsubstantiated allegation made about a then-teenage boy 36 years after the fact, backed by no evidence, no witnesses (the only other person she claims was in the room, Kavanaugh’s friend Mark Judge, also denies that it happened.) And she admits that she didn’t mention it to anyone else for nearly 30 years.  

Ford claims she sought “medical treatment” for the incident, but that actually means she brought it up during a couples counseling session over 30 years later, so there are no contemporaneous medical records to prove any assault.  And the counselor’s notes show she didn’t mention Kavanaugh’s name even then, just that she was at a party with some prep school boys who’d been drinking (there are also some discrepancies between those notes and the story she’s telling now, which she attributes to the counselor writing it down wrong.) 

The source and timing also raise inevitable questions, such as why she never brought this up in nearly four decades as Kavanaugh rose to the level of DC Appeals Court Judge and went through numerous FBI background checks and a previous Senate confirmation vetting.  The accuser is on the record as an adamant Trump opponent and Bernie Sanders contributor, and her attorney is also a liberal activist with a history of dismissing claims of sexual impropriety against Democrats such as Bill Clinton and Al Franken for lacking hard evidence.

Naturally, this has Democrats demanding that Kavanaugh withdraw or his confirmation vote be postponed pending a thorough investigation (although how you can investigate a 36-year-old “he said/she said” allegation with no witnesses or evidence is unclear.)  Some Republicans such as Arizona’s Jeff Flake, the GOP’s top Trump critic, said they would withhold their votes, but they might have been planning to do that anyway.  If the investigation can be dragged on long enough, and Democrats can take over the Senate, then Kavauagh’s confirmation can be killed and his career derailed based on an 11th-hour blindside allegation with no evidence.  “Social justice warriors” might celebrate that, but I fail to see how it would represent justice in any form.  

As with all the #MeToo allegations, this is a delicate matter.  I never discount out of hand allegations of sexual assault, which should always be treated with the utmost seriousness.  I also try never to let partisanship dictate my responses.  In the cases of both Roy Moore and Al Franken, I said that if they were guilty, they should own up and face the consequences, but if they pleaded innocent, then both deserved due process.  There are good reasons why we have the rule of law, due process protections and statutes of limitations on allegations of crimes for which evidence degrades and memories get fuzzy over time.  In this case, the FBI simply passed the letter on to the White House, because they recognize that a 36-year-old allegation with no evidence or witnesses would be inadmissible in any court.   

It’s also impossible not to question the motives of Kavanaugh’s opponents, who made it clear that they intended to stop any Trump appointee by any means necessary, even before they knew who that nominee would be. Their hypocritical opportunism couldn’t be on more obvious display if there were a spotlight on it outside Grauman’s Theater:  DNC head Tom Perez, who is righteously demanding a full investigation of Kavanaugh, has had little to say about his fellow DNC official and Democratic candidate for Minnesota Attorney General, Keith Ellison, who is accused of much more recent domestic violence.

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At this link, David French lays out the details very well, including why certain people such as Bill Clinton, due to their long histories of questionable sexual behavior, are less deserving of the benefit of the doubt than someone like Brett Kavanaugh, who is accused of behavior as a high school boy that seems completely out of character with the way he’s lived his entire life.


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  • Gene

    09/18/2018 11:30 AM

    Why is no one asking about those notes the therapist provided and whether they were from 2012 as in if they're hand-written can a forensic analysis be done on them? What if it's a scheme and the notes are not from 2012 but were recently produced to push their narrative?

  • Susie Bushaw

    09/18/2018 07:24 AM

    I'm praying for honest discernment...and praying politicians on both sides of the isle start being more humble and moral to "we the people their employers" instead of believing themselves to be more important than the dumbies they think we all are... THIS is not a game...they need to find that out. One thing is for sure...I pray they're all made aware that "God indeed knows".

    I'm praying for midterm elections that God's Will and not human will intervenes and is this stage of the process... The Book of Jude comes to mind... humanity has sold their souls... and aren't the least bit ashamed... :(

  • Athina V Campbell

    09/17/2018 07:40 PM

    So well said - thank you. Personally I am very disturbed by this latest democrat attack. Disturbed in my spirit as I see that they will literally stop at nothing to usurp this administration - and it doesn't matter the name - just the party. I've found myself saying (again), "just when I thought they'd stooped as low as they can...", they come up with yet another low. I hate what they are doing, with abandon, to this judge, and I HOPE THAT WE DON"T LET THEM DO IT!!! This has to stop....and men, you'd better be paying attention....if they will do it to this judge, what makes you think you are not next. While I am a strong advocate for the "truly abused", I cannot believe this vicious attack as of these last few years...peoples careers toppled at the voice of one. I would be the first to go after an abuser - but this....this has to stop...stand up republicans, and JUST SAY NO!!!

  • Michael Towne

    09/17/2018 07:33 PM

    How many lives are affected by this especially if not proven true? Not just Mr. Kavanaugh, his family, and the accuser, but future nominations to the judicial or executive branches who would have the same scenario play out if the political opponents are using this as a last minute strategy to delay a vote.

  • Marcia Cooper

    09/17/2018 06:50 PM Check out where Russell Ford (husband of Dr. Christine Ford) works. Seems that their work may be adversely affected by recent FDA approval process streamlining. Also, are there any cases upcoming to Supreme Court concerning approvals?

  • james randolph

    09/17/2018 06:48 PM

    DUE PROCESS ... simple.
    Just subpoena Christine Blasey Ford, remind her of perjury felonies, and allow a prosecutor and jury to confirm / reject her accusation. If the jury finds her accusation valid, then all the technicalities of justice (statutes of limitations...) will be applied. If the jury finds her accusations fraudulent, then the counter-suit to destroy her reputation with civil penalties is allowed.
    We used to call this JUSTICE ... Both sides, plaintiff, defendant, judge and jury ...

  • Vickie Wedge-Heckman

    09/17/2018 05:39 PM

    First I would like to thank you for your daily news, articles I know I can trust to be well written, factual and to the point. Now to the accusations by Ms Ford about Judge Kavanaugh. This sickens me and I can not believe they are true. Judge Kavanaugh has a long history as an honorable gentleman and I deeply believe the DNC is behind this. There have been many cases of harassment and sexual misconduct and I do not want to minimize the true situations that should be prosecuted to the fullest, however there have been many false accusations recently as well. I strongly believe Ms. Fords claims should be fully investigated by the DOJ and changes be brought against her when they find out she is lying. I’m frustrated with women that through them selves at a man and when rejected by him, they blame the man. My husband has me monitor his Facebook page and you would not believe the women 20 to 25 years his junior and the comments they leave requesting “friending” him. At his request, I decline on his behalf. Thank you for listening to my view on this despicable situation with Judge Kavanaugh. I will continue to keep you and your family (especially your wonderful Sara Sanders), Judge Kavanaugh and family, President Trump and family, Vice President Pence and family and our beloved Country in my daily prayers. God bless America and continue to make America great again.