August 6, 2018

 Must-See Video!  On the subject of social media censoring conservatives, Facebook banned a four-minute video ad for California GOP congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng. They claim it violated Facebook’s ban on ads that “contain shocking, disrespectful or sensational content, including ads that depict violence or threats of violence.”

Well, it’s true that it contains shocking depictions of violence.  That’s because it starts with photos of the carnage wrought by the communist Cambodian genocide, which her parents fled to come to America.  In fact, the story of how her parents came to be married is so shocking, it’s like something out of a spy novel, but it’s true – and it formed the basis of a loving marriage that’s lasted over three decades. 

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This ad that Facebook won’t let you see may be the most horrifying but ultimately inspiring video you will see all week.  When you see how far Ms Heng and her family have come – and compare it to how little the Democratic incumbent has done for his struggling district – you might want to move there yourself just to vote for her.  This is someone that her district, the US Congress, and America need in Washington.


Today’s Must Read!  The story of a man whose parents had to make a heartbreaking sacrifice to bring their family to America from their native Guyana, and how they waited, studied, worked and struggled for years to become proud American citizens. 

There’s also another aspect to his story that you never hear in the media, even though it’s more common among legal immigrants than you’d imagine: how all the sacrifices and work to follow the rules and become citizens made the writer agree with President Trump that our immigration laws exist for good, even humanitarian, reasons and need to be enforced – even though, as an immigrant and a gay man from New York City, daring to voice his honest opinion born out of hard personal experience caused many of his “tolerant” liberal friends to stop talking to him.



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