August 1, 2017

While all the media attention is on the White House, the Democratic Party is undergoing a battle not only for its political future, but for its very soul.

It came to a head when after years of promoting abortion rights while claiming to respect those who disagreed, new DNC Chair Tom Perez declared that the party would withhold its support from any candidate who wasn’t pro-choice. He said that was “not negotiable.” It sparked a backlash from some Democrats, even Nancy Pelosi, who argued if they ever hope to win back enough seats to take the House, they can’t write off Catholics, churchgoing African-Americans and other Democratic voters who oppose abortion. This week, Rep. Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman, insisted that there no "litmus test" on abortion for Democratic candidates.

But that was immediately countered by Howard Dean, who tweeted that he would withhold his support from the DCCC if they helped pro-life candidates. And Mitchell Stille of NARAL Pro-Choice America declared, “Throwing weight behind anti-choice candidates is bad politics that will lead to worse policy. The idea that jettisoning this issue wins elections for Democrats is folly contradicted by all available data."

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Of course, bad politics, worse policy and folly contradicted by all available data is what today’s Democratic Party is built on. But you’d think that if you’re going to declare yourself the “party of science,” you wouldn’t adamantly refuse to look at the growing body of scientific evidence that a baby in the womb is a human being, not a “clump of cells.” If they continue down this road, the Democrats will manage the neat trick of somehow becoming a party that denies both religion and science. Aborting babies might be the only thing left that they actually believe in.


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  • Jan Ross

    08/01/2017 06:48 PM

    With the growing number of millennials turning pro-life, if the DNC doesn't change its position, it's doubtful they will recover from the loss of support they'll receive going forward. Excluding a large segment of our population by taking such a firm stand on murder of preborn children will come back to bite them. But, if that's the way they feel, good. It will cause more and more people to make a decision on which side of the fence they stand. More and more people are questioning the pro-choice point of view especially when causing the death of a preborn child through any other means is considered murder by our legal system. Those of us who promote the sanctity of life from the moment of conception must make sure our voice is heard and that we do so in a loving, non-judgmental and compassionate way. Our country is ripe for change on this issue and it will happen sooner if those who doubt the pro-abort position would come out of the closet and boldly stand for the rights of the preborn to fulfill their God-given destiny and purpose.