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June 24, 2022

Friday morning, just as we were about to go “to press,” the Supreme Court finally released its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, and just as the leaked draft suggested, it does overturn Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood, sending the issue of abortion's legality back to the states.

Surprisingly, it was not as close as some believed, with even Justice Roberts concurring. However, Roberts wrote a separate opinion agreeing that Roe’s viability line “never made any sense,” but saying he would have taken a “more measured course.” Instead of overturning Roe, he would have continued recognizing a right to abortion that extends “far enough to ensure a reasonable opportunity to choose, but need not extend any further.” In short, he would have continued to micromanage an issue that the Court had no right to be involved in at all.

It’s a great day for the pro-life movement, which has worked tirelessly for nearly 50 years to not only save the lives of babies and help pregnant women choose life, but to win hearts and minds, and convince people what an obviously bad and unfounded ruling Roe has always been. While I don’t kid myself that radical pro-abortionists will bother to read what Justice Alito wrote, as he carefully explained why the original decision was wrongly decided, I hope that anyone on the fence will at least read it with an open mind.

And if they can’t bring themselves to agree with pro-life Christians, then agree with the radical pro-abortion activists who, upon reading the leaked document, screamed that a bunch of unelected judges shouldn’t have the power to make decisions for the entire public about such a personal issue as abortion. This Court completely agreed, which is why they overturned a ruling that did precisely that and sent the issue back to the elected representatives of the people.

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  • Pat Kennedy

    06/28/2022 04:49 PM

    I see the Republicans are still underestimating the ferocity and violence of the left. Imagine, if you will, if second amendment or other unfavorable rulings were met with such ferocity, Nancy would be Jan6ing these all over the place.

  • Ed Thompson

    06/28/2022 09:53 AM

    Isn’t it just amazing that now we hear these people screaming about “women” and what a “woman” demands for her own body but just a few days ago not one of those people could explain what is a woman! And I also applaud the Supreme Court for knowing that if idiots can take a knee during our National Anthem, a person can take a knee in prayer and it IS protected by the Constitution. Try stopping any Muslim from prayer in our public schools and see what happens! Christians need to understand what we need to do and it’s VOTE these democrats and RINOS out of office!

  • Sharon Foust

    06/27/2022 05:51 PM

    Thank you Governor for your steadfast allegiance to this issue. You have stated that this issue is what got you into politics and propelled you to the Lt Governorship of Arkansas. If there is any positive thing about the debacle of Bill Clinton's presidency, it is that you became Governor of your state and thereby were propelled onto the national stage where you almost became the Republican nominee for POTUS in 2008. I wish you had. You could have run a better race against Obama than McCain ultimately ran. The ideas contrast would have been much more sharper and bolder with you, running as Everyman, against Obama, the Liberal Elitist. Now we are faced with Biden the Idiot Puppet being in office for 2 or 3 more years!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    06/27/2022 03:43 PM

    To Pat Pearce: can the tired old crap about poor mama and unwanted babies. This isn't back in the day of dog patch: birth control devices and adoption are very real. And excuse me but what is being attacked and fire bombed by your cowards provides help to poor mothers.
    To Mr Burr: no one has ever won an election on being pro abortion or pro gun grab. Period.
    And it has only been 3 days - people will soon know what this ruling really means. Red Tsunami for sure.

  • Pat Pearce

    06/27/2022 02:44 AM

    So my question is EXACTLY what do YOU proposed to do with the unwanted babies that a woman doesn't want/can't afford. If she is alone and has a low paying job. If she has other children How is she to pay for hospitalization (not cheap) pay for child care (not cheap) and feed and house herself and her children when she can't work?
    An unwanted child can send her and her other children in abject poverty. This is true of all low income families - not just single mothers. No birth control method is 100% Surely there is to be compensation if YOU force a woman to have a child she doesn't want and can't afford. Does the woman's life and the lives of her other children count for nothing? I'm not pro-abortion.. But stuff happens - there needs to be some solution - men do not face this problem... if their birth control method fails - their life goes on as before - they can go to work run as fast as ever - sleep anyway they want Not have to take weeks off work for a delivery. I was a single mother with boys to raise - An unwanted pregnancy would have sent all of us to the 'poor house' Was never faced with that awful choice. but it would have been devastating. I'm old enough to remember what women did when they had an unwanted pregnancy - not at all pretty and many women died trying to dislodge the unwanted child - that's not a good solution.
    So what will you do with the unwanted babies?

  • Robert E. Carter

    06/26/2022 10:23 PM

    I respectfully disagree with the concept of non-involvement of the court in issues like abortion; they involve right to life, as guaranteed by the Constitution.
    And, as I've written to you before, the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973 stated that the decision would be null and void if the definition of life could be clearly defined; the full decoding of the DNA chain gave us exactly that - when the egg and sperm meet, a new unique creatures of the homo sapiens type is formed with the DNA of that new human being in every cell from conception on - it'a a person!
    I feel the SCOTUS decision should have simply focused on that fact, and stated that it enables full compliance with the intent of the God-given rights clause. I still feel that an amendment to the decision should be issued to that effect, leaving the states with just a responsibility to clarify the only exception being to save a mother's life, and whether to prescribe a "morning after" pill to victims of forcible rape, based on a timely emotional trauma assessment of the victim.

  • Cody U Watson Jr

    06/26/2022 06:59 PM

    Thank you for posting the link and revealing Alito's cogent reasons for over turning Roe vs. Wade. This was one I never heard or considered "have diluted the strict standard for facial constitutional challenges," Plus I just read a letter from David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress. It describes how the NIH is funding putting scalps of aborted 5 to 6 month old babies on to rats at the University of Pittsburgh! These premature babies were aborted alive via "labor induction". This is used for harvesting livers and kidneys. This was news to me. You should link this horror for your readers.

  • Bill Mills

    06/26/2022 06:58 PM

    Amen to your comments. I too hope that people will read Justice Alito's opinion. The Roe v Wade decision was deeply flawed. I also hope that Justice Thomas' comments will also occur.

  • Richard Kurkowski

    06/26/2022 06:48 PM

    Abortion is murder. God's commandment says Thou shall not kill.

  • Susan Bartl

    06/26/2022 05:52 PM

    Praise God for overturn of RvW. On another topic...We love Mr. Trump but can you share this fact with him please? He must give more glory to God for his accomplishments. We believe that was why God allowed him to lose. It was God who gave him all his presidential accomplishments. It is God who should be glorified. Thank you.