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July 8, 2021

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Search Is Called Off For More Survivors
  • Lawsuit Filed
  • Door To Door
  • Better Way
  • The IRS Backs Off
  • NEA CRT Update


Mike Huckabee


In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:1


Search Is Called Off For More Survivors

By Mike Huckabee

With 54 victims of the Miami apartment building collapse confirmed dead and 86 still unaccounted for, Florida officials have called off the search for more survivors. However, the rescuers refused to go home and are continuing to search. Because that’s what heroes do.

Lawsuit Filed

By Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, former President Trump announced that he will be the lead plaintiff in a major class action lawsuit against the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter and Google. The suit accuses the Big Tech companies of politically-motivated censorship of himself and other conservatives in violation of terms of their federal protection against lawsuits. It seeks immediate reinstatement of his accounts and punitive damages.

Since much of the coverage by the media is of the “ignore, dismiss or mock” variety, here’s the full lawsuit so you can read it for yourself.

And here’s a more entertaining write-up by Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media:

Incidentally, if it goes to a jury, good luck finding 12 out of 12 people who don’t believe that Big Tech companies are politically biased and actively worked to defeat Trump and elect Biden.

Door To Door

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden says the government will send people door-to-door to convince unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated. And you thought Census takers had a tough job. First of all, will they actually identify people who’ve yet to be vaccinated and show up at their doorsteps? If so, how will they obtain those records? If they don’t, do they really believe Americans will reveal their personal medical histories to some stranger who shows up at their door and claims that he's from the government and he's there to “educate” them? Not a job I’d want!

Sen. Rand Paul issued the unofficial GOP response to this latest hare-brained overreach plan.

Better Way

By Mike Huckabee

This seems like a much better way to counter resistance to the current COVID vaccines: Obtain FDA approval for a new vaccine from Novavax that’s a traditional vaccine and doesn’t use the genetic technology that so many people are wary of. It’s also reportedly over 90% effective at preventing disease and death.

The IRS Backs Off

By Mike Huckabee

The IRS dropped its attempt to block a Christian nonprofit from getting tax-exempt status because its values were also associated with those of Republicans (is it their fault that no Christian values are associated with today's Democrat Party?) No explanation (and of course, no apology), but I have a feeling that the fact that a media spotlight was shined on it and the group got representation by a conservative legal organization probably had a lot to do with it. I wonder if the cockroaches would have scattered so quickly if this had been some small church without much support or resources to fight back.

Reminder for those about to vote: the Democrats want to hire thousands more IRS agents and do more of this.

NEA CRT Update

By Mike Huckabee

UPDATE on the story of the NEA teachers union voting in favor of teaching Critical Race Theory in schools: They’ve now scrubbed the story about voting to do that from their website.

Their odd belief that simply editing the record changes history tells us a lot about the quality of history teaching that’s been going on lately. It also helps explain the dumb leftist politics and false ideas about America that are way too common among recent graduates.



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Comments 1-10 of 22

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    07/09/2021 03:16 PM

    I can guarantee that anyone showing up at my door to push anything I do not want will receive a welcome they will never forget. Many people in my community feel the same way.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/09/2021 10:28 AM

    Door 2 door: wont they use maps to ID whose Vaxxed & whose Not?
    Then I read have No Dbase of who was Vaxxed day 1.
    Rerun Rev War??
    Invasion of privacy

  • Jerry

    07/09/2021 09:28 AM

    I doubt Biden supporters understand how easily they can be managed by CNN and the msm watching the impeachment’s Avenitti Biden and the press releases from the White House Biden supporters are like carp they will swallow any garbage the Biden collection throw at them no lure needed ignorance is easy to manage

  • Beth Crane

    07/09/2021 09:04 AM

    If anyone tries to knock on my door to convince me to take the vaccine they will meet my Annie Oakley and had better make it right with God because they will be meeting Him. That is against the HIPPA Law.

  • Dick Algire

    07/09/2021 08:52 AM

    Somebody is tracking those of us who haven't been vaccinated. My wife and I both get text messages from grocery chain, Kroger, saying,"someone in your household who is over 12 years of age have not received the vaccine." Now, just how would they know that if the government is not illegally tracking us.

  • Sharon Binkley

    07/09/2021 08:17 AM

    I am an elderly concervative who absolutely loves your take on the events, and activities in this crazy world. I believe that a revival has begun in America, truth will be revealed, and order restored. Keep telling the truth, until people come to the saving knowledge of Christ our Savior!!!

  • Jerry

    07/09/2021 07:42 AM

    Biden is a farce and truly unfit to be a president. His assessment of the Afghan military is a huge mismanagement of the truth it is kissing the enemy and handing their weapons over to the enemy the world is watching and it knows what a fool Biden and his collection are

  • Judy Radley

    07/09/2021 01:44 AM

    Regarding the fact that Joe Biden said, "we will go door-to-door to get people to get vaccinated against covid", this is the opinion article I sent to our local newspaper, online, about that 'gestapo-like' behavior:

    This is what I wrote, but it probably won't get printed in my exact wording:

    In America, our government cannot force ANY ONE to be vaccinated or not, especially without their consent. So going door-to-door to check, is just like the gestapo, and how did that work out for them? If the govt. does this for vaccines now, what will they do for other things later? If anyone promotes this idea, then who are they really, and are they truly Americans? or some covert communist operatives?

    I'm sure my opinion article won't be published as the news org. called "The Daily News Online", but it is printed in Watertown, NY, which is almost to Canada, where socialism rules. I received an email back from this newspaper editor stating, 'we cannot publish articles from the same person within 30 days of each opinion article", unquote, which is another way they get away with censorship. However, the more Conservative newspaper online, (yes there is one in our area), called "The Batavian", actually reports on news and local news, and does not use biased news reporting, but actual journalism, and the owners of this paper, are local citizens of Batavia, NY, in Genesee County, a husband and wife small business team. The stories in their publication are not the same ones that the mainstream media touts as 'news', but we know it is really fake news. The editors of "The Batavian", actually report unbiased versions of national news, occasionally. But mostly, they report on local news and positive news articles about President Trump and other Conservative leaders like State Representative, R. Stephen Hawley, who is our local Conservative Republican State Representative, and also Congressmen Chris Jacobs, who is the Conservative Republican who represents us here in Western New York State. Unfortunately, this publication does not have an opinion section, it only reports on local news, and Conservative reps. articles.

  • James Evart

    07/08/2021 11:17 PM

    Speaking of history, has anyone ever seen a country more deluded by insane ideas couched as "progressive thinking" as ours is today? Germany under Hitler before WW2?
    I believe that our country is under God's curse by the bizarrely inane ideas that now pass as liberal "intelligence" that are acted upon by a seemingly unconscious Administration.
    Hopefully a few stiff lawsuit rejoinders will wake these idiots up.

  • Jerry

    07/08/2021 10:37 PM

    Door to Door vaccination salesmen i don't think they have thought this tru. Unless biden is sending convicted felons to sell vaccines door to door i can not see a drug free person a non suicide person attempting to do this job. The person that takes a job like this has to be brainwashed by the Left while using the low IQ template to quickly get this operation under way.
    People with common sense should be insulted if asked to do this insane job. My reaction would be here are the directions to the sand pit GO POUND SAND LOSER!!!