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June 2, 2023

It’s June, which means it’s “Gay Pride Month” (Oh goody, I hear you say; we haven’t heard enough about this topic over the past 11 months.) That means President Biden, or whatever loopy leftist staffer who actually writes the stuff he can’t even read off a teleprompter, issued a Presidential Pride Month proclamation that goes waaaaaay beyond simply endorsing tolerance and inclusion.

It’s the most radical statement ever issued by any President, coming down strongly in favor of forcing girls to compete against biological male athletes and giving body-altering chemicals and surgery to confused minors, I assume regardless of parental consent. (Reminder: in blue New York state, it’s illegal to give tattoos to anyone under 18 because minors are too immature to understand the consequences of permanently altering their bodies – but if they want to chop off their breasts and genitals, full steam ahead.)

As long as we’re on the subject, here’s just one of the results of Biden’s obsession with erasing biological sex differences. Gee, if males who “identify” as females are real girls, I wonder how one of them was able to so savagely beat up two girls at once: 

Related: Lately, there have been a number of conservatives online calling for boycotts of various clothing manufacturers, retailers, etc., who sell Gay Pride themed products. I’m a bit concerned that they’re spreading themselves so thin and aiming so wide that they threaten to dissipate their effectiveness.

There should be some level of discernment between companies that market products like Rainbow T-shirts to adults and those that are actively promoting the grooming or “transing” of children. In short, don’t get so overwhelmed with boycotting every store that sells size XXL rainbow T-shirts that you’re too busy to notice when, say, a clothing manufacturer like Hollister, which is tied to Abercrombie & Fitch, not only markets the clothing, but also “partners with” and donates $250,000 to an organization that pushes to get LGBTQ+ propaganda into schools. The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) also works to put reading materials about how to “gender transition” without parental knowledge into schools.

Hollister is apparently so all-in with this radical agenda that they’ve promised to give that quarter million bucks to GLSEN “regardless of sales.” So that means that if their sales tank, that donation will hurt their bottom line even more.  Just food for thought…

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