June 6, 2018


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Today's Commentary: IG report remains in the hands of those it investigated --- Join me in Branson on June 12 -- This D-Day Anniversary -- "Where's Melania?" -- Steven Hayward's climate change -- Evening Edition - Daily Verse

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For all of us who knew “the fix was in” on Hillary and the investigation of her mishandling of classified emails and destruction of evidence, the anticipation of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report has been like waiting for Godot. (Spoiler alert if you don’t know the play: Godot never arrives.) Now, sources tell Sara A. Carter that our worst fears about this interminable delay may be well-founded, as the report now sits in the hands of the DOJ and FBI.

Now wait just a minute! Aren’t the DOJ and FBI the subjects of this report? Yes, they are. And the report is expected to be scathing. But they get to see it before we do, and no doubt they’ll do whatever they can to lessen its impact: edit, add notes, change wording, redact. Numerous sources tell Carter that everyone mentioned in the report gets to review it before it sees the light of day. The 400-page report (some say 500) is expected to be extremely thorough –- and it better be, considering how long this has taken. Work started almost a year and a half ago.

Although the report has been finished for several weeks, its release has been repeatedly delayed. (Unbelievably, sources told Carter that Horowitz originally delayed releasing it until former FBI Director James Comey’s book tour was over! But I’m thinking that maybe he wanted to find out what Comey was saying in interviews.) It’s not known how long the current review process is going to take. Gosh, it sure will be ironic if the report turns out to criticize the DOJ and FBI for stonewalling, slow-walking and heavily redacting documents, because that’s what they’re probably doing with it RIGHT NOW.

Won’t it be hilarious if it turns out they redacted the part about all the wrongful redacting they do? Of course, somebody would have to get it un-redacted for us to ever know they did that.

Now, who might that person be? Alleged Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Trump’s campaign, but this IG report has nothing to do with that. It’s about the way Hillary’s use of a private server to conduct State Department was investigated --- or not --- by the DOJ and FBI. We already know that her “investigation” was handled very differently from most, so much so that I often feel compelled when discussing it to put quotation marks around the word “investigation.”

Anyway, there is no excuse for Sessions to retreat from this. He needs to take control of it and shine some light on it or be fired. This report concerns Hillary; it has nothing to do with the investigation of Trump, so if Trump fires Sessions over it, no one can say it’s obstruction. (Well, Chuck Schumer and everybody at MSNBC will call it obstruction, but it won’t be.)

So we wait. In the meantime, Congress is still conducting oversight hearings. Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee are trying to get Andrew McCabe’s testimony, but he reportedly wants immunity first. (Please don’t give him that; subpoena him and make him plead the Fifth if necessary.) And Bill Priestap, head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division and Peter Strzok’s former boss, was reportedly very cooperative during a closed-door hearing with members of the House Judiciary and Oversight committees.

According to a report in The Hill, Priestap was involved in changing the description of Hillary’s handling of classified emails from the potentially criminal “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” He also reviewed and edited the comments James Comey made in July 2016 that he would not be recommending criminal charges against Hillary. It’s good that they got him on the record.

So progress is being made on some fronts, But we’ll have to start screaming for some heads if the IG report is allowed to languish in the very departments it threatens to expose.


Mike Huckabee


Join me in Branson June 12

By Mike Huckabee

I'm coming to Branson at Silver Dollar City on June 12th.

Join me and a host of great guests including Tony Orlando, Irish Tenor, Anthony Kearns, Country singer Moe Bandy, the Shanghai Acrobats and much more! The show starts at 11 am at the SDC Opera House and ends at 1pm. You'll even get first entry and the best VIP seats in the house! Attending the show is free, but you will need to purchase an admission ticket to the park. You can enjoy all the attractions and other great Silver Dollar City shows the rest of the day. Just click here for all the details:



This D-Day Anniversary

By Mike Huckabee

On June 6th, 1944, 156,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches at Normandy. And so we officially mark today as the 74th anniversary of D-Day, the massive Allied invasion that turned back the Nazi sweep of Europe in World War II. But it was called “The Longest Day” for more reasons than one. This wasn’t the kind of battle that ends at sundown.

A 50-mile stretch of the French coast had been divided into five sectors that Allied commanders planned to take separately, and then join. But by the end of the first day, only two had been joined. It took six more days of intense fighting before the entire beach was unified under Allied control. And that was just the toehold to begin the long march across Europe.

There were at least 10,000 Allied casualties on D-Day, and tens of thousands more were wounded. Among those who survived, there are fewer each year who are still alive to tell the tale. One soldier who landed on Omaha Beach that day, James Gabaree of the 5th Ranger Battalion, said he and his fellow soldiers were young when they went over there, but they came back as old men, if they came back at all. I’ve walked on those beaches and stood at attention at the flag ceremony in the US cemetery in Normandy. Few moments have caused me to reflect more soberly on the sacrifice of those brave men than to see the thousands of graves lined up ever so neatly in the well-kept cemetery.

There was nothing neat or orderly on June 6, 1944. It was pure, deadly chaos. But despite a hail of gunfire coming at them, those brave soldiers kept coming off those boats and moving forward. They did their duty to liberate Europe from Hitler and his war machine. Looking back at age 91, D-Day veteran Jacob Cutler of Long Island told Newsday, with the humility typical of the Greatest Generation, “We were 19, 20, 21 years old, kids sent to war. But we did the job.”

Once the heroes of World War II are no longer here to tell their inspiring stories, it’s up to us to preserve them, to read them to our kids and pass them on to future generations. Americans must never forget their incredible courage and sacrifice in saving the world from one of the greatest evils mankind ever faced.

If you can’t make it all the way to France to pay your respects to the heroes of D-Day, then consider taking your family to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. You can learn more at


"Where's Melania?"

By Mike Huckabee

First Lady Melania Trump has been out of the public eye for a few weeks, which seems perfectly normal considering she recently underwent kidney surgery. But since lack of facts never seems to get in the way of the media reporting an anti-Trump story, her absence has sparked wild and crazy conspiracy theories that she’s fled her marriage or, most disgusting of all, that she’s trying to conceal the marks of spousal abuse. That one came from Rolling Stone senior writer Jamil Smith, who tweeted his fake news with a dollop of fake sad regret, adding, “I wish that it was a ludicrous prospect.” Well, you got your wish: it is. Nearly as ludicrous as the idea of Jamil Smith having a job in professional journalism. Oh, wait, I forgot: he doesn’t. He works for Rolling Stone.

Politico helped fan the flames of the nonsensical “Where’s Melania?” game by running a story about how her absence had fanned the flames of conspiracy theories, which gave them an excuse to print the conspiracy theories. If that dog-chases-own-tail narrative sounds familiar, it’s the same theory of why James Comey briefed President Trump on the “Russian dossier”: to give CNN a “news hook” as cover for running claims that were patent nonsense. Hey, they didn’t make up the conspiracy theories; they’re just reporting them! Because “reporting” things is their job. Even if those things are ludicrous.

For the record, the First Lady hosted a reception for Gold Star families in the White House last night. Even before that, she sent out a tweet dismissing the rumors and saying she was at the White House with her family and feeling great. While CNN’s Brian Stelter tweeted about her “disappearance,” other journalists responded that at least two reporters had seen her walking with her aides last week.

I guess the real news here is that the First Lady is fine, she’s with her family and once again working on children’s issues close to her heart. Meanwhile, the Beltway media are still printing any ludicrous, unsourced rumors that make the Trump family look bad. In short, everything is back to normal.


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Steven Hayward's climate change piece

By Mike Huckabee

This article by noted libertarian scholar Steven F. Hayward is the best piece about climate change I’ve seen in quite a while. Unlike most such articles, it’s neither about debunking manmade climate change nor ginning up alarm over it. It’s about how the public has refused to be panicked despite its proponents’ fervent efforts, and how “climate change” as a major worldwide environmental movement is now “over,” having devolved into a completely politicized, “social justice” crusade. But most interestingly, it’s about how it all happened according to a predictable, five-step arc first described by a prominent political scientist ‘way back in 1972.

This is well worth reading, whether you believe climate change is the Apocalypse or a power-grabbing hoax. It’s not about whether there’s any validity to the theory, just why it’s run its course as a public concern and been destroyed by the self-serving political interests that infected it. And why this process will inevitably repeat itself with other sweeping public issues.

For all the eye-opening points in the article, this might be the most surprising of all: Hayward’s bio line states that he is “a senior resident scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.” I thought expressing views this rational was banned at UC-Berkeley. Say, maybe the climate really is changing!


Evening Edition - June 5

By Mike Huckabee

A wrap-up of all the news you might have missed yesterday!


Daily Verse

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 - Exodus 23:25

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