November 20, 2020

November 20, 2020      

Good evening! Today's Evening Edition includes:

  • A sharp political divide
  • Down-ballot elections not getting the attention they deserve
  • Texas still seeing red


Mike Huckabee


There’s seldom been a sharper divide in America over the views of an election. Trump’s people claim he really won in a landslide and was cheated by massive vote fraud. The Democrats and the media brush that off as crazy, unfounded conspiracy talk and irresponsible, un-American rhetoric that undermines faith in a free and fair election.

I’m deliberately not taking a side on issues that I don’t know the truth about. I made my view clear early on, and caught flak for it, in calling on Joe Biden and the Democrats to simply agree to work in a bipartisan fashion to audit the vote to reassure voters that they could trust the results. If there was nothing amiss, then they should be eager to prove it, dispel the suspicions and move on.

Instead, the accusations have devolved lower every day (“You’re crazy!”/”You’re a thief!”), and a new poll shows how corrosive this has already been. A recent Rasmussen survey found that 59% of Americans think mail-in ballots will lead to more voter fraud (that’s 86% of Republicans and even 36% of Democrats.) Now, a new Rasmussen survey of likely voters finds that 61% think Trump should concede to Biden. That includes 84% of Democrats, 59% of Independents and 37% of Republicans.

But here’s the weird part: even though 61% think Trump should concede, 47% think it’s likely Democrats stole votes or destroyed Trump ballots to win, while 50% disagree. That means that not only do nearly half of voters not trust the election results, but as many as 14% apparently believe or suspect the election was stolen, but Trump should concede anyway.

Democrats are rushing to blame this apparent loss of faith in elections on Trump refusing to concede and making wild accusations of fraud and conspiracy. But they’re conveniently overlooking their own part in preparing the ground by spending four years making wild, unsubstantiated claims that the 2016 election was rigged by Russia and that Trump is an “illegitimate” President. They even made a party leader and celebrity out of Stacy Abrams, who has yet to concede her loss in Georgia in 2018. She’s currently leading their drive to win Georgia’s two Senate seats, even as prominent Democrats openly call for liberals to move temporarily to Georgia and commit voter fraud by voting in the runoff.

It’s not healthy for this nation to have so many people start to believe – whether that belief is accurate or not – that they can’t trust our election process. It’s like ignoring a crack in your home’s foundation. Restoring their trust is going to take both parties working to pass bipartisan reform to make our elections more secure. One top priority should be an end to the push to simply mail ballots to every name on unvetted, out-of-date voter lists, which even 39% of Democrats see as an open door to vote fraud. That’s how we treat junk mail, and ballots are not junk.

Unfortunately, as Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko points out, the House is already poised to do the exact opposite if the Democrats win the Senate. They will ram through HR 1, a bill that federalizes election laws to remove most safeguards, including banning voter ID laws and legalizing ballot harvesting. This is why it’s so vital that the Republicans win those Georgia seats so the Senate can put the brakes on incredibly irresponsible bills like these.

Now is the time to tighten election security and reassure Americans that the system works, not undermine their trust even more. Anyone who would fight even the most basic, common sense laws to insure that every vote is secure and legal is signaling a lack of concern for the disenfranchisement of legal voters and prioritizing the pursuit of their own power over the good of the nation.


While the presidential race is spinning into surreal territory, the down ballot races are getting less attention, but they carry serious national implications as well. For instance, there was the “blue wave” that didn’t appear (Republicans were supposed to lose House seats, not retain and flip so many that they came close to retaking the majority, which AOC apparently thought they did.)

Another monumental story that’s been largely overlooked was the election results for state legislatures, where redistricting lines will be drawn that will shape the House for the next decade. Democrats were salivating over grabbing that power, but Nate Silver at points out that not only did Democrats not flip a single state legislative chamber, Republicans shocked them by flipping both the House and Senate in New Hampshire. Now Republicans have a huge advantage over redistricting. He wrote:

“Republicans are set to control the redistricting of 188 congressional seats — or 43 percent of the entire House of Representatives. By contrast, Democrats will control the redistricting of, at most, 73 seats, or 17 percent.”

Of course, legislators aren’t supposed to draw districts to their parties’ advantage, but it happens. That’s how we get Congressional districts that look like a chalk outline drawn around a dead centipede. When Republicans do it, it’s called “gerrymandering,” and when Democrats do it, it’s called “fairness.”


Another big election story that didn’t pan out was “Texas turning blue.” At the link, “Beto” O’Rourke writes about what Democrats learned from this race and why Texans didn’t fall for what they were selling (my terminology.

As usual with liberals, he misses the point again and again. Whenever the left loses, it’s always because their “messaging” wasn’t effective enough. Having billions of dollars in both paid advertising and free friendly media to promote their economic and social policies just wasn’t enough to overcome the lies of the Republicans playing upon the fears of the poor, uneducated voters (quite a ringing endorsement for public schools, by the way.)

He cites as examples “lies” like “Biden will kill your oil and gas jobs” and “Biden will close down the economy” (two things Biden specifically said he would do, before looking at the polls and backtracking furiously.) He forgot, “Hell, yes,” the Democrats will take away your guns, which is what he famously said. I’m sure that played well in Texas.

He almost came close to getting it right when he said the national party had ignored Texas border districts and were shocked when Trump got such a high percentage of the vote there. But he misreads the reason. It’s not because the Democrats didn’t put in enough ads or outreach or canvassing. It’s because, as always, they assumed racial groups think monolithically, not as individuals. Latinos living along the border are on the front lines of suffering the negative effects of illegal immigration, including drugs and gang violence. Why would they vote for the “open borders/defund the police” party?

You’ve heard the saying, “When you ‘assume,’ you make an ‘ass’ of ‘u’ and ‘me’”? That was part of the Democrats’ problem in Texas. They assumed that all Latinos think alike and their votes belong to the Democrats by divine right. But in Texas, most Latinos are hard-working, God-fearing, law-abiding, church-going, patriotic, pro-family and pro-life. It’s not that they didn’t hear the Democrats’ message, they heard it loud and clear, found it terrifyingly radical, and rejected it. No amount of slick ads could put enough lipstick on the pig the Dems were trying to sell them.

And if you insist on putting people into categories, at least get the category right. Texas Latinos have their own proud heritage dating back to before Texas was a republic. It’s called Tejano, not Latino, and certainly not the annoying PC invention, “Latinx.” The Democrats’ leftist policies went over with them about as well as they did with Cubans in Florida.

One of my writers who lives in suburban Dallas provided a perfect example. He said the person he knows who is most adamantly opposed to illegal immigration is a lady who moved here with her husband from Mexico City. It infuriates her when illegal aliens come to them for jobs in their construction company, assuming she’ll hire them because she’s Mexican. She said she and her husband followed the laws, waited their turn, studied, took tests, paid fees and swore an oath to become Americans. She considers it an affront to her beloved adopted homeland for people to break its laws and demand the same rights they worked so hard to earn. What would the “one-size-fits-all” identity politics left make of her?

While it’s sadly true that the Democrats are making inroads in Texas, many Texans are seeing what allowing them to take over the big cities has led to and are recoiling in horror. Leftists have taken over Austin, and between the homelessness, trash, defunding the police and huge spike in violent crime, they’re turning the city’s motto from “Keep Austin Weird” to “Make Austin Unlivable.” The biggest problem Democrats have in selling their policies is not that their messaging isn’t effective enough; it’s that their policies are disastrous and anything they gain full control over, they destroy. Their biggest opponent isn't Republicans, it's reality.

“Beto” is right about one thing. He said: “People are smart. They smell a focus group-tested message, talking points derived from polls, a campaign driven by consultants, from a mile away.”

But their real problem is that there are also a lot of things about leftwing governance that people can smell from a mile away.


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  • Michael

    11/22/2020 08:54 PM

    President Trump fought to Make America Great Again for the past four years. So are We the People going to fight for him? Or are we just going to wimp out? Don't depend on most in the Republican party as most are wimps and have allowed President Trump to be out front, saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done- drain the very deep swamp full of most Democrats ( and some Republicans) and full of the lying propaganda mainstream media. If this election is stolen by the Biden-Harris Communist regime, then America is no more, never again the United States of America. If corrupt Joe and his corrupt family along with far left whack Kamala Harris, our country is doomed and it is going to be more than just a dark winter. There will never again br a fair election or a Constitution that will be honored!!! Evil prospers when good men do nothing. The fraud in this election should be obvious when common sense and math is applied even without all the evidence yet presented. Tired of the lying MSM, the evil Democrats and those who suggest or urge President Trump to concede. If the two frauds Biden-Harris become our WH representatives, THEY ARE NOT MY President or VP. They will be illigitimate and there will be NO UNITY. The MSM and the corrupt Demonrats did nothing but HATE and smear President Trump for four years, falsely accusing our president of Russia collision, quid pro quo with Ukraine and impeachment as just a few examples and now suddenly we are suppose to unite behind a couple of frauds and an entire corrupt dispicable political party- Democrats (and some RINO'S). Not going to happen. 77 million people who voted for President Trump know that this election was ripe with fraud. Don't give up, fight the good fight as if our nation depends on it because it does!!! And do whatever you can to support Trump-Pence, because they have fought for America and Americans, the least we can do is fight along side of them against the evil Democrats-Communist. And most of all as believers pray without ceasing for God to appoint President Trump as our nation's leader and to expose all the election fraud!!!

  • Steven Peet

    11/22/2020 11:47 AM

    I know I state the obvious, but I think it needs said. It is the responsibility of whoever hosts an election or of whoever runs for office to see to it that the election is fair and honest. But we know the winners will never challenge the results, so the losers need to do it for everyone. That said, if President Trump wants to challenge the election results, then his opponents and the media should shut up and let that happen, although they also have the right to quietly oversee the audit process for a fair and honest reporting.

  • Janet Pingston

    11/21/2020 07:44 PM

    I know in Michigan you can check one box on the voter ballot. to vote for one party- democrat of republican. then you can skip any individual selections. your votes are automatically given to the individual that falls in your selected party category. one mark and the ballot can be turned it.

    how many other states have this also ? how often is it used ? can the computers tell us how many votes were cast with the ONE MARK ?

  • Gregory Weinman

    11/21/2020 04:42 PM

    As regards "A Sharp Political Divide"
    It's important that election security is complete both from the cybersecurity side and the physical security side. Complaints from election canvas volunteers cite both. As you mentioned I think it's not appropriate that I weigh in before legal actions complete. Nevertheless, the software in Dominion Voting Machines, Smartmatic, is at the heart of some complaints. Physical security of the ballots and counting rooms is at the heart of another complaint. Both need resolution so Republicans and Independents can believe the election.

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/21/2020 03:34 PM

    PS to COMMENT I SUBMITTED SECONDS AGO BECAUSE.....ONLY seconds after I wrote what I wrote IN my comment, I pulled up an article where I read:

    "What’s troubling through all this is the president’s behavior — and that of the people on his legal team,” Snyder said. “They’re actually undermining democracy with their actions.“I’m concerned about the damage that’s going to go on for the next several years in terms of misinformation, creating doubts in the minds of his supporters, things like that,” he said. “There’s a lot of damage. President Trump has done terrible things. This man is the divider-in-chief of our nation.”

    IF THEM STATEMENTS are NOT a confirmation OF what I just stated IN the comment I just submitted, I don't know what is! I wonder how many other Christians....BECAUSE they love HIS truth...will experience HIS righteous rage over these statements that make a mockery OF His truth!!!!! WHY do I say this? I'm glad you asked!

    TO SAY THAT IT IS TRUMP'S BEHAVIOR...F ....along WITH his legal team....that is "undermining democracy with their actions" ....when, in reality, it is the Democrats' behavior....for four years....that has not only undermined "democracy", but also all the biblical values our democracy is founded on.... IS A STATEMENT AUTHORED IN THE PIT OF HELL!

    THEN...TO GO ON AND STATE THAT Trump is the "divider -in -chief" of our nation is yet another statement that was also authored in the pit of hell.... by Satan himself.... because it is HATRED that is the chief divider of our nation and the Democrats have been so filled WITH hatred toward Trump that their "actions" were all motivated by their desire to DESTROY him .....All the while our blessed Lord was weeping over the reality OF hatred...that is authored by Satan himself....
    and crying out to Americans to STOP hating...and start another, so His kids could SEE that love...NOT hate...was the answer to their PAIN that authors their anger that makes them pick up a gun and kill another kid!!!

    AS Christians, may our Lord's tears be our indictment against the Democrats who were throwing stones, of hatred, at their President when they needed to be uniting themselves WITH him....IN HIS love that transcends political that TOGETHER their "actions" could be a witness TO "His love in action" because of their SHARED desire that HIS love...rather THAN his hatred...would be sown in the hearts of our hurting,!

  • Kay DeWitt

    11/21/2020 02:29 PM

    BELOW I AM GOING TO COPY, AND PASTE, YOUR STATEMENTS THAT I WANT TO COMMENT ON...THEY ARE: "I’m deliberately not taking a side on issues that I don’t know the truth about. I made my view clear early on, and caught flak for it, in calling on Joe Biden and the Democrats to simply agree to work in a bipartisan fashion to audit the vote to reassure voters that they could trust the results. If there was nothing amiss, then they should be eager to prove it, dispel the suspicions and move on."

    You see, dear brother in Christ, THE only reason you would RECEIVE flak FOR your view is because you wear two hats...that of a POLITICIAN and that of a CHRISTIAN! When you stated, "I'm deliberately not taking sides on 'issues ' that I don't know 'the truth ' about" , the issues you were referring to were POLITICAL issues, so you were correct to state that...HOWEVER...when you went on to state:

    ". I made my view clear early on, and caught flak for it, in calling on Joe Biden and the Democrats to simply agree to work in a bipartisan fashion to audit the vote to reassure voters that they could trust the results. If there was nothing amiss, then they should be eager to prove it, dispel the suspicions and move on"......YOU ALSO STATED CORRECTLY BECAUSE.....

    WHAT you were "calling on Joe Biden and the Democrats" to DO is what He who IS truth would call them to do....THEREFORE, because this fact is a BIBLICAL issue
    ...OF truth...this IS an "issue you (DO) know the truth about" and, as a Christian, you are called TO "take sides"....the side OF His truth....despite the flak you receive from the he in the world who hates HIS truth!

    My viewing the YouTube video, you included in your newsletter, has served to, for me, personally, put the media's hate-filled posture toward Trump in 3D because, while I was SO impacted BY Giuliani's press conference, I did not pull up ONE article about it when I googled "latest news on Trump."

    And, Mike, KEEP stating...until you are blue in the face....the demonic darkness that authors the hypocrisy that ENABLES Democrats to slam Trump FOR HIS unwillingness to accept the constitutional "legality" of Biden's election...WHEN
    back in 2016...they spent the next four years trying to prove Trump's election was "fraudulent" because Hilary Clinton could not "concede that SHE had lost!

    IF CHRISTIANS TRULY CARE THAT A POLITICAL PARTY...... that thinks nothing of slaughtering our Lord's precious unborn babies...and thinks nothing of calling our God a liar by declaring that homosexuality is NOT, as God so claims it is, a sin...... NOT BE DECLARED THE "WINNER... unless the election IS proven not to be fraudulent ......THEN THEY HAD BETTER START SUPPORTING TRUMP IN HIS STANCE ON THIS ISSUE AND FIND WAYS TO GET THEIR VOICES HEARD.........
    ......BECAUSE....if they DON'T......

    They will experience a darkness that whatever darkness about Trump the Democrats claim they hate will seem as light in comparison!!!

  • Brian Jacobs

    11/21/2020 02:09 PM

    Hello Mike,

    I admire your ability to convey your perspective on the election with caution and patience and a clear definition on what democrats can do to put peoples mind at ease over who won.
    I can tell you that you are correct in your assumption that people are becoming untrusting of our election system. I am one of those people and I personally know many who like me believe this election was tampered with and I believe Biden's team cheated so much that they stole the election. I don't care if Biden had won the presidency legally. I'm devastated that our system of democracy has been forever destroyed by this terrible event of fraud. They have taken the voice of all Americans away including democrat voters too. If the election is won through cheating then nobody's vote counts. "Its not the voters that matter its the vote counters that matter. Joseph Stalin". If the Fraud isn't brought to light and the true winner of the election revealed I will never vote again because my vote no longer matters. I'm not the only one who feels this way in my circle of friends. If we do not figure out what really happened in this election I would not be surprised to see less that 20 million Republicans vote in the next election effectively ending the Republic as we know it forever. I've never failed to vote in 31 years and I'm not a conspiracy theorist or nut job who believes theirs some government plot under every rock. This election stinks bad and anybody with eyes can see that something very wrong happened that night. If you don't believe me that people are done with voting because of this election I urge you to put it to a poll and see for your self how the people really feel.

    Thank you for your time and God Bless you

  • Carolyn Wright

    11/21/2020 01:56 PM

    Please tell the President NOT to concede we the people and America with GOD need him to finish the work he started,, Drain the SWAMP!!! God has a plan we as Christians need to stand firm and pray like never before. We need to put God back into our Nation or we will fall.

  • Floyd A Unger

    11/21/2020 01:35 PM

    Thank you

  • Chip Woods

    11/21/2020 11:45 AM

    I actually agree with several of the things you’ve written in this particular column today, which is uncharacteristic of me regarding most of what you normally post in your opinion pieces on this website. Additionally, your notation of the various pole results you described show that far too many people in this country, and on both sides of the political spectrum, are clearly uninformed on many of the situations they answer to on poll inquiries. That shows either a lack of interest in acquiring knowledge, a lack of critical thinking skills, a susceptibility to making emotionally-driven responses without consideration to the actual facts, and/or a willful decision to get their information only from sources that will affirm and support what they’ve already decided they want to believe. These are the same people that are casting votes to decide the leadership of our country in our elections and that is a serious problem for this country. Again, this problem applies equally to both major political parties, and especially to the extreme sides and “core bases” of both parties. You called for bipartisanship in checking the votes... agreed, but I say that should extend to all legislation all the time. To call out just the Democrats, or some in the party, for threatening now to ram through anything they can if they hold the power to do so is hypocritical, or at least disingenuous, after what the Republican Party has done in ramming through their own self-interested legislation whenever they could over the last 4 years, not to mention the many other times they’ve also done it when they were in power. It’s equally wrong when either party does it just because they can. The unfortunate losers in all of that is almost always the American people, especially when either party rams through anything that the American people are known to be against the legislation by a large margin. And this has also happened on far too many occasions in the past, again by both the Democrats and the Republicans. Both parties need to lay down their gauntlets and start working together again to legislate in the interests of the American people, first and foremost, rather than their own party’s power interests, their lobbyist’s interests, and often in their own individual interests relating to their next personal election. None of this is what our Founding Fathers risked their fortunes, their livelihoods, their property and homes, and even their lives for when they sacrificed selflessly to give birth to this nation. Will that happen with the way this country is presently divided? *No* is the unfortunate answer. But the political parties could make the changes to move our country back there if they have the will and the self-sacrificing mindset to actually serve the people of this nation again as they once did. That is my hope and prayer for our country, our people, and our future.

  • Johnny D Bullman

    11/21/2020 10:23 AM

    Democrats are our enemy. That was their doings not ours. When Germany, Japan declared war on us we had to see them as enemies and defeat them. The Dems have lied about and to us. When someone disregards you rights they are your enemy and must be seen as such. The Bible says good has no place with evil. If you can't see the Washington Dems and media as enemies to be defeated then you are bound to become slaves of the state.

  • Terry Larson

    11/21/2020 09:45 AM

    The more I read and hear it appears that a lot of people and by default the people they elect would not mind if the US Constitution went away as they think of it as a hindrance to their goals. Total enslavement of the citizenry of the country to the whims of the government. The Constitution was written to limit the federal government's power. The original document set up the election processes for the citizens to elect their representatives in the House of Representatives. The state legislatures to appoint their state's Senators to the federal government (changed by the 17th Amendment). The state legislatures to determine the procedures to select electors to the electoral college for electing the President and Vice President with specific procedures for the electors to cast and record their votes and send the results to the President Pro Temp of the Senate to Count the votes of the several States and certify the results of the election. Then and only then Is the winner known and is either named as President Elect or continues as President for the next 4 years.

    The US Constitution sets up elections for the federal government with the only directly elected by the people are members of the House of Representatives. Until the 17th amendment State legislatures chose The Senators from their respective States. And still to this day the State Legislatures decide how the Electors for the President and Vice President are chosen.

    The procedure set up in the US Constitution was purposely done in such a manner as to protect the rights of the minority, something the Democrats claim to be so concerned about, and that the highest elected officials in the federal government be elected by the several States rather than by a few major population areas.

    The founding father's actions formed the "United States of America" and the "People's Democratic Republic of America. Until we teach our children and young adults, its too late for middle age and older adults, this basic principle of our founding this nation will soon devolve into a 3rd world socialistic country and be rendered to the ash heap of history.

    These are some of the ramblings of a senior citizen, retired Air Force (over 24 years), still living under the oath I took when I enlisted and every time I reenlisted, and a PROUD and UNABASHED AMERICAN wanting our nation to become a "more perfect union" as in the preamble to the US Constitution. We have a come a long way and still have ways to go to accomplish this goal but, will never make the ultimate goal as we are imperfect beings.

    May God continue to bless and protect the United States of America.

  • Lois Louise Robeson

    11/21/2020 09:32 AM

    Governor, the other day I had Glenn Beck on my car radio, so did not hear the entire message, but you could find out. A guest was speaking about how the socialists in Texas put eleven people in eleven carefully chosen districts....ones in which they knew there were enough Dems to win...gave them their version of what would get their vote, and did not reveal that their agenda was truly socialist. All eleven won. It didn't make much sense to me until a few days later I heard a sound bite from a speech given by Stacey Abrams ("I did not lose the election, y' was stolen from me") saying that Harris/Biden did not win themselves..."We put them in there." And she said 'they' were not their friends, but would go after them. I wish you would look into this and report on it.

  • MJ Cogburn

    11/21/2020 09:27 AM

    Now retired I find myself reading several newsletters—yours is my favorite— appreciate the Bible verses, especially!

  • Barbara Riefner

    11/21/2020 09:20 AM

    Mike - I am so disappointed in you. Americans have every right to question the election. That is our basic right as American's to have honesty and integrity in our elections. If there is suspicion of meddling, it should definitely be questioned. I do believe that Trump would have won this election. I can't believe a man who can't join two sentences together can get enough votes to beat Trump. Also, there had to be a reason why he felt it unnecessary to campaign for three days before the election. Too many things do not seem to add up. As American's we deserve an honest investigation to put our mind's at ease. If we Republican's can't stand up to a little adversity, then we don't really believe in our cause. I am so disappointed in your change of attitude on this. I have been one of your loyal followers and supporter, but may have to rethink my loyalty after you sounding like a turncoat.

  • Robin Rebhan

    11/21/2020 09:11 AM

    We are in a fight for our democratic republic. If the democrats win I doubt very much you will ever see a fair election again.
    Now I know why they wanted early order to figure out the algorithms in the software of the voting machines in order to win. Not just the Presidency but the House Seats and the Senate Seats as well. The mail in ballots were a back up that the Democrats learned from the last Presidential election. One has to wonder how far reaching this voter fraud goes, Federal, State, County, Local ?
    This isn't just about Trump, this is about America being America! I for one am so glad that we have a President willing and able to fight for our nation!

  • Stephen Russell

    11/21/2020 09:01 AM

    Biden Harris platform for Civil War 2:
    Mask mandates & other miscl
    & Tribunals for we Trump voters , allies alone

    Tribunals alone can co seed for Civil War 2 Unless Dems being blowhards
    Only lead can cure real sick minds: see movies: Cobra, Dirty Harry, Robocop,
    Dems going back to 1917 Russian Rev & borrow from ChiComms.

    Can this happen, will it? Or just bluster blowhard talk
    & yes Revoke Section 230 for Big tech

  • betty willette

    11/21/2020 08:43 AM


    I am one of the 86% of Republicans who believe there's been massive voter fraud in this election. I do believe Pres. Trump will concede, if only because the fraud and cheating continues and "they" (you know who they are) will not let the American people decide we know better than the political elites using Big Tech and the media to bulldoze and bully to have their own way.

    I donated over $1000 to various races this past 9 months, and am still contributing to the Georgia senate seat races, but I have no hope whatever that the Republicans will win. (See comment above, fraud continues).

    I am scared to death, as I near retirement, that all I have saved and planned for will be taxed/stolen by the Democrats to be given away to illegal aliens for their votes. I am angry and feel as though I am witnessing the death of our country. I am in mourning. 2 of my grown 4 children voted for Biden, and they are, coincidentally or not, the same 2 who still rely on their parents to pay for their cell phones and phone plan.

    I do not want "free" stuff. I just want the stuff I've saved for and earned over my working life. Your news letters I read daily but am unable to listen or look at any other news, as I cannot trust it. Keep up the good work while I bury my head in the sand and sew for awhile.


  • Rhonda Schwartz

    11/21/2020 08:18 AM

    Thank you!!

  • Stacey Rollins

    11/21/2020 07:54 AM

    Hey Mr. Huckabee, I know you are a believer in the Bible. With all of the prophecies about the mark of the beast and end times prophecy, what are your thoughts on this vaccine (if you are at liberty to say). It has some qualities that put a check in my spirit. I don’t feel it is a blessing at all. I trust your thoughts very much.
    Thank you :)

  • Jerry Korba

    11/21/2020 07:51 AM

    People are strange people are led to believe issues because that is the way they want the issue to carried out. When given facts as to why the issue can not work they will not believe facts over their wishes as to why their theory will not work or does not work. The slogan when one tells a lie over and over sooner or later people will start to believe the lie to be fact try to unravel that. People are reluctant to admit they are clearly wrong as this election will clearly demonstrate Harris and Biden are just wrong for this country and the world itself. I think 73 million people will agree with me.

  • Bearden Darlene

    11/21/2020 07:36 AM

    Thank you for your insightful comments and your fair reporting of the facts.

  • susan Keomanideth

    11/21/2020 07:35 AM

    We have laws for reason and they should be followed

  • H M Hargrove

    11/21/2020 07:33 AM

    Mike, sorry to see you're out of politics except as an occasional commentator. You and your kid should both be holding elected positions in the national arena, to further protect the basics of what has made (and kept) America great these scores of years.

  • Laura Morgan

    11/21/2020 07:30 AM