June 26, 2020


I’m sure you are as sick as I am of reading about race-baiting, America-hating communist radicals smashing statues and demanding that all of America’s history be erased to soothe their injured feelings. You’d probably like to start your weekend without hearing about these over-indulged, under-educated, ungrateful, loud-mouthed, self-righteous, man-bunned, nose-pierced brats.

Well, trust me, you are not alone. If you listen to the media, you’d think that all of America is in flames, when it’s actually mostly isolated areas of deep blue cities. Everywhere else, Americans of all races are doing pretty much what they’ve done for years: they’re working together, serving each other, dining, watching sports and going to church together, and all without flying into a rage and killing each other.

This disconnect between perception and reality started long ago, with the rise of mass media, and it’s been exacerbated by news channels and social media, which need "shocking" provocative content 24/7. Years ago, it was noted that even though the murder and violent crime rates were steadily falling, polls showed that people believed they were going up. The main reason was the media’s motto: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

In the 1800s, you could live your entire life without ever hearing about a murder that took place 100 miles away. Today, you immediately hear about murders that take place 2,000 miles away. There’s never any shortage of scary stories if you get every one of them that happens anywhere in the world poured into your head through a funnel. That’s why it’s so important occasionally to turn off the “news,” get off the Internet and social media, and go outside to clear your head and see that the sky really isn’t falling and most people are decent folks just trying to live their lives and get along with each other.

Here are a couple of stories to help you get started washing all that negativity out of your head so you can enjoy the weekend. You likely will not hear these on the “hair-on-fire” news channels, but they’re really more important than many of the stories they do report.

In a cell phone video that went viral, a young African-American woman says her brother is chasing down a young black man whom they saw robbing an elderly white man. When they catch him in a parking lot, the brother forces him to sit down and demands that he hand over the loot. When he tries to play dumb, the sister tells him they saw him do it: “You just robbed that man like that… and this is what we are fighting for right now.” He finally hands over the money, and when the victim drives up, she asks him, “Are you okay, sir?” as her brother gives him his money back.

Meanwhile, last Sunday, another Huck’s Hero, Daylan McLee of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, was at a Father’s Day cookout when he heard an explosion that felt like an earthquake. Someone said a police cruiser had just crashed. McLee ran to the scene, somehow ripped open the car door, and pulled the injured officer inside to safety, just as flames overtook the car. The cop had surgery to repair a serious leg injury, but he will survive.

Backstory: McLee is black, and he would have every reason not to risk his life to help the police. A cop once accused McLee of drawing a weapon on him in a parking lot, even though security cam footage upheld his story that he’d broken up a fight, taken the gun away from someone else and tossed it aside before the cops arrived. By the time he was acquitted, he’d spent a year in jail. He’s also fighting a charge of fleeing and resisting arrest (he says they were plainclothes cops who approached him with guns drawn and never identified themselves.) So why would he risk his life to save a police officer? His response:

“Human life. A lot of crazy things are going on in the world, and I haven’t had the best ends in life, but I know the value of human life. You can’t replace it. It’s Father’s Day. I’m not sure if he has children, but I know he has family, and I’m pretty sure they’re glad to have him there, and I’m glad he’s home, or going to be home.”

“I know this man is my brother through Christ, and I couldn’t leave him behind.”

Can you imagine how different the national mood might be if stories like that – and there are a lot more of them than you think – were leading the news 24/7?


As the sun rose Friday morning, the Emancipation Memorial in Washington, DC, was still standing, police having prevented protesters from making good on their threat to tear it down Thursday night. As President Trump said in a Fox News town hall last night, “I can understand certain things being taken down. But they ought to go through a process, legally. And then we take it down, in some cases put 'em in museums or wherever they may go.”

The protesters admit that the memorial was started with contributions from freed slaves as a tribute to Lincoln, but they claim the donors had no say over its design, and that the slave figure in front of Lincoln depicts blacks kneeling in subservience.

But some black historians (yes, we actually still have some people who care about learning actual history) say they are misinterpreting what the statue depicts. They say the statue fund began with $5 from Charlotte Scott. It was the first money she earned after being freed from slavery, and she wanted to give it in homage to Lincoln. A spokeswoman for the group FREED (Female RE-Enactors of Distinction) said that if you look at the position of the freed slave, he isn’t kneeling on both knees with his head bowed. He’s in the process of standing up from kneeling, with his head up, “because he’s looking forward to a future of freedom.

However you interpret it, it’s both an important piece of history and a great work of art. Whether it's in a park or a museum is a matter that people of good faith can debate. What’s not debatable is that smashing it with hammers is, and ought to be, a federal crime, as well as a crime against both history and posterity.


Joe Biden was actually allowed out of his basement to make a campaign appearance, but it was in front of fewer people than were waiting in line in front of me the last time I went to Starbucks. I keep hearing that he's leading Trump by 10, 15, 20 points in the polls, but where are all these Biden groupies? While there, he made another strange gaffe, claiming that 120 million Americans had died of the coronavirus (it’s actually about 124,000, although that number is likely inflated.)

Add that to the 150 million Americans he claimed had been killed by gun violence since 2007, and it’s a miracle if there will be anyone left alive to vote in November.


The elected officials of Seattle refuse to do anything about anarchists taking over six city blocks of other people’s property, covering it with trash and threatening them with guns. And since the criminal justice system refuses to do its duty, a group of business and property owners and residents are turning to a different, potent means of defense. No, not the Second Amendment (it is Seattle, after all.) I mean the civil court system. They’ve filed a federal class action lawsuit against the city government for its utter failure to do its basic duty of protecting the safety and property of Seattle residents.

Check out that link and read excerpts from the lawsuit, which include stories of what the people stuck inside that Hell zone have had to endure while the Mayor babbled on about it being “patriotic” and a “peaceful expression of our community’s collective grief and their desire to build a better world.”

After you read it, I think you’ll agree that step one to building a better world for Seattle residents would be to replace the entire city leadership. Incidentally, note that this story includes a gem of an illustration of white liberal guilt: the plaintiffs start off their lawsuit by stressing that they support many of the political and social goals of the protesters – then go on to detail how the “protesters” are a bunch of violent, filthy, thieving, bullying vandals.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

On the other hand, some people who are fed up with the CHOP wokesters are taking a more direct approach. Like this black Seattle resident who'd had enough of with them perverting and exploiting a legitimate protest to put on their commie flea circus. So he started tearing down their barricades while cursing them out thoroughly and telling them to go home (Warning: very bad language at this link, but no filthier than the people living in CHOP.) I think he may be an indicator to Seattle’s “leaders” that people of all colors are reaching their “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!” stage.


Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to pretend it doesn’t exist, Project Veritas just released a second undercover video from a second Facebook insider/whistleblower, and it might be even worse than the first.

Content moderator Ryan Hartwig says he signed a confidentiality agreement to work at Facebook, but he couldn’t keep quiet after learning what goes on there. He said, “I was seeing them interfering on a global level in elections. I saw a blatant exception that just targeted conservatives or favored liberals—and you know, we're deleting on average 300 posts or actioning 300 posts a day. If you magnify that by however many content moderators there are on a global scale, that's a lot of stuff that's getting taken down.”

Warning, there’s some bad language in the undercover quotes from the Facebook staffers, who brag about classifying all Trump supporters with Hitler and Nazis, but allowing “hate speech” if it’s in support of the LGBTQ agenda.

Meanwhile, Facebook finally responded by firing one staffer and claiming that the attitudes exposed in the tapes are “not consistent with our policies” and they will be “reviewing training and oversight.”

That’s sort of like dealing with a fungus-plagued redwood by plucking one leaf off of it. When you’ve got that much internal rot, you can’t fix it with tweezers. It’s time to fire up the chainsaw.


Last night, President Trump sat down for a town hall on Fox News, hosted by Sean Hannity. He talked about his political opponents, the protests in the streets, John Bolton, and the crime in Democrat-run cities, which he said was like “living in Hell,” while he compared Chicago to Afghanistan, which might arguably be worse. The highlights are recounted here.

And you can stream the entire broadcast on YouTube at this link.


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  • Carl "T" Smith

    06/30/2020 10:29 PM

    There are a LOT of Patriots left in America but they have been busy earning a living for their families and taking care of Community AND NOT VOTING. Have no idea what it's going to take to save what's left of this Republic short of just accepting the Dim Wits ( Progressive / Socialist ) definition of Co-Operation spelled C A P I T U L A T I O N! I however REFUSE to abandon the Constitution I gave ( ENLISTED -NOT DRAFTED) to Protect. Academia has for all intents and purposes now capitulated to Socialism as the NEW NORM.

  • Carol Fraser

    06/28/2020 09:29 PM

    There's one statue in the USA that I would help remove. It's the statue of Lenin in the Fremont section of Seattle. Yes, it's been there awhile. Maybe BLM could move to that part of Seattle when they leave Capitol Hill.

  • Gerald

    06/27/2020 06:08 PM

    Great read I enjoy your honesty

  • Daniel Craft

    06/27/2020 04:35 PM

    Thanks for the updates Mike. I'm a Fakebook casualty, as are a few friends. I would really like to have a behind-the shed conversation with Mark Zuckerberg, but somehow I feel he is going to get that chance with more powerful people than me. I do have a couple of good chainsaws, though, and yes, I am one of those 'white male, conservative, MAGA, Trump supporters'.

  • Barbara A Travaglini

    06/27/2020 12:45 PM

    Thank you Governor! I needed that upbeat column....our wonderful country has been obsessed with negativity. We need to feel uplifted by the good in our people!

  • Sandra Trippe

    06/27/2020 12:28 PM

    Mike, I live in Jacksonville FL. Our Mayor, Republican Lenny Curry made a decision to remove our 62 foot Confederate monument erected in honor of Florida’s Confederate soldiers. It was donated by Civil War veteran Charles C. Hemming. The monument was removed from Hemming Plaza in the dark of night. I made a statement that if the solution is to take down historical monuments, then we need to rename Jacksonville, Hemming Plaza, the schools named after Presidents and Generals, and make sure we eradicate all Southern history from our city. Guess what? The far left #BLM now is calling for all to be changed. Where does or when does this all end?

  • Judy Radley

    06/27/2020 12:05 PM

    Thank you Gov. Mike, for your positive and factual information on what is really going on in America. And I also like the verse noted above as I can understand it better than the thees and thous and eths, and yes, I agree that not every town is like what is inaccurately portrayed on different MSM baloney sandwiches, but peaceful and helpful people helping total strangers, regardless of their race, gender, sexual preference, etc. There are many more good people than there are bad, but of course only the MSM likes to give the bad people or misguided people their 15 minutes of fame, like an undisciplined toddler or child, they crave attention no matter how negative, just needs attention. There is a new good group of American citizens who are resisting the liberal, socialist lies, the group is called, BLEXIT, it is an abbreviation for Blacks Exiting liberal lies, they are fed up with the liberal Democrats trying to say the represent people of color. The BLEXIT group are conservative people of color who are supportive of Conservative policies and supporters of President Trump, but we won't hear about them much as it is against the liberal mantra, and this group is not a group that will promote the liberal narrative. It is a good sign that the younger generations aren't fooled by the liberals & Pelosi's gangs of lies.

  • Raymond Smith

    06/27/2020 11:21 AM

    Thank you for bringing the truth about the "revolution" to me, just an average American. Unfortunately most of my friends, no matter which political party, sit and shake their heads at the violence but do nothing. We are a majority in this nation, regrettably, of lost lambs ignoring the wolves at our fences. Unless we unite and say "NO MORE", the violence will continue.
    BTW, I am an 80yo white guy, a retired RN and nurse anesthetist, who has taken care of folks of all nationalities and colors. I served in the Army Nurse Corps for 5 years, volunteered to help the folks fleeing Katrina, and worked at an inpatient Hospice. I have no white guilt as I had no choice in my DNA.
    The only guilt I have is not being physically able to join peaceful protests over the savage, brutal murder of Mr. Floyd by a member of the police force. Age has taken a toll on my physical strengths, but my mind is alive and well.

  • James Johnson

    06/27/2020 10:45 AM

    United States, U.S., us!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    06/27/2020 10:40 AM

    I, for one, am sooooo tired of heardin about the riots, the marching, the new BLM painted on another street somewhere, as if MY LIFE HAS NO MEANING. In appearance, I am white, but heritage shows me 16th Cherokee. Where is this "White Priveledge" they keep talking about? When I was a child, we used an outhouse till I was four; I was sexually abuse from 8-12 years of age, I was beaten on a regular basis, was never given direction for my future and could NEVER AFFORD COLLEGE. I worked from the age of 15 until turned 62 (recently) and put my self through technical college in Atlanta, worked 18 hours a day until I could afford to start my own business and then worked 20 hours a day for 15 years...I then slowed down when my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia, moved...paid for school again and changed careers. NOBODY HELPED ME...I did this all on my own working my self to the bones. No welfare, food stamps...NO FREE EDUCATION, no AFFIRMATIVE ACTION to help me and I STILL CANNOT AFFORD HEALTH CARE...so, I ask....WHERE IS THE WHITE PRIVELEDGE? You want what I have, as I told my stepson once upon a time...GET YOU BUT OFF THE COUCH AND GO WORK FOR IT, just like I had to.

  • Mark Fiedler

    06/27/2020 09:41 AM

    I agree with all of the above. I also believe we need to pray as never before as internal and external threats are quite evident in their attempts to destroy this country. Our enemies are waiting for the right moment to attack us while our nation faces possible anarchy. We are asleep while our enemies are awake! We have engaged in an orgy of hedonism and immorality. We think we are immune from God’s Judgment? Think again! We have examples of American complacency, i.e., Pearl Harbor, The 1945 Yalta Conference (which led to the rise of Russia and China as deadly enemies disguised as trade partners and helping to weaken our resolve through monetary debt, espionage and so called foreign exchange technologies ), The decolonization of Africa into a socialist state for the last 75 years, lethargy involved in allowing our former allies to surrender to the dictates of the socialist UN, etc. This forthcoming election may very well determine whether we survive as a nation. Wake up America, unless we repent as a nation, our fate is sealed!

  • Jerry chandler

    06/27/2020 09:14 AM

    When Sean Hannity interviews the president why don’t those other news channels show the interview in full?
    I know the answer but thought you might like to comment on it.

  • Nancy Sneed Highlander

    06/27/2020 09:03 AM

    I am praying that the Lord will grant you the wisdom to find and proclaim the real truth. I look forward each Saturday to hear your program. Stay strong and speak truth. God’s people are hungry to hear what’s really going on.

  • Ruth Ogle

    06/27/2020 07:59 AM

    You made my day! You are spot on everything! Thank you for putting everything into perspective!

  • Arturo DeVitalis

    06/27/2020 07:40 AM


  • Kenneth Brack

    06/27/2020 06:44 AM

    Thank you, Mike, for your uplifting perspective. I greatly appreciate your ability for seeing the larger picture. I am especially grateful for your analysis of the General Flynn story and the "soft coup" against the President. Here's a thought about voter polling: nothing is easier to abuse than statistics, and polling is essentially a statistical enterprise. If you want to judge the value of a poll, judge the motives of the people paying for it.

  • Phillip Ridenour

    06/27/2020 06:44 AM

    President Trump was right: the Mainstream Media are the enemies of the people.

  • Amy Hamblett

    06/27/2020 06:19 AM

    I am getting really tired of you telling me what I should think. And name-calling those who think differently. I have been a Republican my whole life (I am turning 60 this year) and for the first time will not be voting for our Republican President. Do you not see the blatant mistreatment of POC in our society? Have you seen the Phil Vischer you tube commentary on race in America? So succint. Such a good explanation of the way we built a society from the ground up on the backs of black people. So many unfair laws and policies. Disproportionate imprisonment of black people for "crimes" that white kids will get a slap on the wrist for because of their rich, white lawyers. I can't unsee this stuff anymore and it seems like you have your head in the sand. Can you EVER see what we have done to make the system unfair? I doubt it. You've got your narrative going. You are giving Christians a bad name. What does God require of us? Seek justice, love mercy, walk HUMBLY with our God. (Micah 6:8)

  • Michail Kalman

    06/27/2020 02:33 AM

    An automatic link to share this on PARLER would be most useful.

  • Linda Olds

    06/27/2020 01:20 AM

    I've been complaining for a long time about the extreme bias in the mainstream media. I think these "journalists" are worse than the Dems.
    I also knew that social media is biased; Facebook has removed posts of mine that were not violent, had no bad language, just funny.
    I'm really shocked by these Facebook whistleblowers, though. I didn't know things are so bad.
    We need to fix this...but how? I don't think taking away their special tax status will change their attitude.

  • Andrea Barnett

    06/26/2020 11:59 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee, for the uplifting stories about the brother and sister who helped that man, and Daylan McLee, a hero, and true Christian. We need more of this on the news!

  • Suzy F Schenk

    06/26/2020 11:55 PM

    Would it help to remember that the only time God mentions “race”, He speaks of an athlete? There is only ONE “race” - the human race. God speaks of tongues and peoples. And of respect and honor for all made in His image. Could we ever get that message out??!! Answers in Genesis has great information!!
    Thank you (and all your family!) for staying strong and standing firm!

  • Jerry

    06/26/2020 11:39 PM

    Most Us citizens with a bit of knowledge know the Democractic Party runs the country they control just about everything in this country. President Trump showed he could take the control and the party tried to run him off impeach him humiliate embarrass him every way possible. When the Minority groups started going to work that frighten the party how dare does the minority group get a bigger piece of the pie 401k pots where getting bigger how dare does that happen more financial independence for the public the rest of the world were put on notice America First, now the Dems are sweating America is doing Fantastic the Dems could lose a bigger part of the minority vote they are feeling better about themselves everyone is feeling good the Dems get China to send the virus then they set up Black Lives Matter and this Antifa group fill em up with drugs and money and go ruin America while the paid off leaders hide in their bunkers here we are today President Trump is hanging on he has more guns pointed at him then any President in the world he still is standing firm and he will attack soon after America looks at whats in its future under the lefts takeover if thats what the public wants well not only will the public be shitfing in the streets and shooting up poison on the sidewalks America will crumble just like in the movie Planet of the Apes better cancel that before Americans get wise.

  • Jerry

    06/26/2020 11:07 PM

    Enemies of the us are very happy at the diminishing of us cities the burning rioting the laughter of the demolition of the urban police force the total ignorance of the mayor’s and governors they laugh as our enemies get ready to pick what’s left of the American city. The heads of state think our enemies will reward them with a special role in the takeover I tell u again the leadership doesn’t understand no one likes a traitor enemies will not trust them and will be cast away I may caution always exceptions to the rule the biggest enemy Obama held his mob together although his slip up was Clinton locked up Biden could continue Obama’s legacy

  • William Morley

    06/26/2020 10:54 PM

    It's time to clean up Seattle either by the police force or by the military. If it takes bringing in the Navy Seals or the Marines, bring it on by force no rubber bullets. Use lead, then gather up the dumb politicians and put them in the cells next to them. It is time that we Americans stand up and take charge.