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February 23, 2023



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Today's Must Read

Law professor Jonathan Turley reports on the efforts of various groups posing as “disinformation watch dogs,” partially funded by your tax dollars and mine, to smear conservative news and commentary sources to block their advertising and put them out of business. Note that this specifically mentions my website among those dangerous spreaders of “disinformation.”

Yes, my little source of rational, humorous, well-researched, reality-based commentary is “dangerous disinformation,” while these shadowy skunks claim the web’s #1 source of reliable, unbiased truth is (brace yourself) the Huffington Post! What have these people been huffing? And what has anyone been huffing who’d believe them?

As Turley reports, the congressionally-created and federally funded National Endowment for Democracy as well as the State Department were giving our money to the so-called “Global Disinformation Index,” which provided secret blacklists of conservative outlets to ad distributors such as Microsoft’s Xandr. After this was revealed, Microsoft said it would no longer use the GDI list, but that hardly spells the end of it.

The left is nothing if not relentless. They are determined to silence anyone who questions their radical agenda, so don’t think that having one ad company dump one blacklist pusher means this is over. Turley describes this as “a never-ending Whack-a-Mole game” where you get rid of one group claiming they’re saving you from “disinformation” by censoring anyone who disagrees with them, and another immediately pops up. Meanwhile, anyone who shines a light on this anti-American censorship and defends free speech rights has to put up with Democrats accusing them of being “Russian allies” and “Putin lovers.” Because, of course, the only reason anyone would defend free speech is because they like Russian propaganda.

(By the way, when did the Democrats become bigger Russiaphobes than the John Birch Society? Didn’t Bernie Sanders honeymoon in Soviet-era Moscow?)

Turley writes, “This is why, despite fierce Democratic opposition, the House needs to move forward with an investigation into the full scope of government efforts to regulate or censor speech.”

I agree. But until such time as this anti-free speech movement is eradicated, I vow to continue whacking these moles every time one of their little heads pops up from their holes in the ground. If it costs us ad revenue, then might I suggest that you support our efforts by subscribing to my Substack feed and get our material ad-free for only a few bucks a month.

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Updates on the East Palestine, Ohio, train derailment and toxic spill and fire

The White House has finally found someone else to blame for the train derailment. Surprise! It’s Trump and the Republicans! Biden’s press office put out a statement saying that they owe East Palestine an apology for “selling them out to rail industry lobbyists when they dismantled Obama-Biden rail safety protections.”

It’s a predictable bit of deflection but as Bonchie at points out at the link, it’s total garbage. The changes made under Trump had nothing to do with the Ohio disaster. They involved trains carrying Class 3 materials, not Class 2 like chloride, and it was a rule about brakes. This derailment was caused by a broken axle, not brakes. And the claims about changes in crew requirements are irrelevant because this accident wasn’t caused by crew errors. Bonchie’s conclusion:

“In short, the memo is just a pathetic, sad attempt to deflect blame from an Administration that has been in charge for the last two years, yet has enacted none of the things they claim are so important.”

But speaking of Trump…Neither President Biden nor any top members of his Administration have bothered to visit the town, until now. “Transportation Secretary” Pete Buttigieg finally arrived today, 20 days and several feeble excuses after the train derailed. He seemed to be in town to avoid questions.

However, former President Trump did visit the town on Wednesday. He personally donated a truckload of cleaning supplies and 13 pallets of drinking water.

He told a crowd, “We have told you loud and clear: You are not forgotten. We stand with you, we pray for you, and we will stay with you and your fight to help [receive] the accountability that you deserve.” He also blasted Biden for going to Ukraine and giving away $500 million in aid while Americans in Ohio are in desperate need of help. Someone asked what would have happened if he’d been President, and he replied, “FEMA would have been here a long time ago.”

Trump also visited a local McDonald’s, and unlike some politicians who pose as “friends of the common man,” he actually knew the McDonald’s menu. And he paid for lunch for all the police officers and firefighters, and everyone there at the time.

Trump also gave away something that might be considered self-promotion, but the people who got them should hang on to them as potential valuable collector’s items. He was passing out and autographing MAGA caps that they later realized said “47” on the side instead of “45,” implying that the 45th President was also going to be the 47th President. I hope someone saved one for Pete Buttigieg.

Chuck melts down

Add Chuck Schumer to the list of Democrats who are having a Chernobyl-level meltdown over the public being allowed to see all of the January 6th Capitol surveillance footage that Nancy Pelosi’s Kangaroo Kommittee selectively edited to make their case.

Apparently, letting us see the footage from the cameras we taxpayers pay for in the Congress that’s supposedly owned by all Americans will present a grave security risk by giving away the super secret security measures in the House. Well, first of all, what kind of state secrets would be revealed by cameras pointed at a public place? Secondly, if they’d had any effective security procedures, there wouldn’t have been a January 6th riot.

The excuses are becoming more desperate and laughable by the minute. Sunshine is the best disinfectant, so pull aside the shades and let it in. If these Trump supporters did such horrible things that they can be compared to the terrorists of 9/11, then roll the footage and let’s all see it. After all, if what the Democrats have been telling us for the past two years is true, then this will show it. It will make my side look really bad, but I’m willing to take that risk to expose the truth, the whole truth and nothing but. If they’re telling us the truth, then why are they so afraid to let us see the evidence?

Swalwell likes to travel on other people's money

Being in Congress may not give you much in the way of real world experience these days, but you can’t say that Rep. Eric Swalwell hasn’t become an expert in what Democrats are best at: squandering other people’s money.

Fox News reports that during the 2022 election cycle, Swalwell spent $583,000 (about three times his annual Congressional salary) on lavish travel expenses paid for by his campaign donors. That’s even more than the $434,000 Nancy Pelosi spent. It includes $20,240 at the Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Bay; $3,539 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris; $28,646 at Just Dreaming Yacht Charters; and somehow, $131,000 in childcare expenses (Fang-Fang doesn’t babysit for free, apparently.)

Incidentally, he represents a California district that’s so in the bag for the Dems that he won last time by 69%, so he hardly needs to campaign at all. Which I guess is why he spends so much of his campaign funds on luxury hotels in Paris and rented yachts. It might also explain why he and so many other Democrats in DC don’t really care that their constituents have to take out second mortgages to fill up the gas tank and buy a dozen eggs.

Are we learning any lessons about America's response to the pandemic?

An analysis of data from around the nation by George Mason University’s Mercatus Center found that vaccine mandates had no effect on reducing either COVID case numbers or deaths.

This follows on the heels of a study by the Cochrane Library that found masking mandates also had no discernible effect on COVID spread. Both of these mandates were ruthless, and now we know pointless, exercises of power that destroyed people’s careers and deeply harmed many children, and the people who pushed them want us to simply let it go and move on, without them even admitting they were wrong. No, it doesn’t work that way.

At least we know we’re finally ALLOWED to talk about this when even the New York Times runs an op-ed titled, “The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned?”

Considering that it had to be written by Bret Stephens, one of the few token “conservatives” at the Times, and not their editorial board, I’d venture to guess that no lessons will be learned, at least by the New York Times.

Anonymous sources say Biden is wavering on 2024 run

I have a rule of not reporting “news” from anonymous sources or that hasn’t actually happened yet, which saves us a lot of time because we can ignore so many major media stories that turn out not to be true. But this one is interesting enough that I’ll at least share it with you:

President Biden was expected to announce that he was running for reelection around the time of the State of Union Address. That’s come and gone with no announcement. Four people “familiar with his thinking” (that must be an exhausting job!) told Politico that “events intervened,” and they’re now looking at April. But others say Biden is wavering back and forth like Hamlet on whether he’ll run again or not, which has discombobulated Democrat donors and other potential candidates. One “Biden confidant” said, “An inertia has set in. It’s not that he won’t run, and the assumption is that he will. But nothing is decided. And it won’t be decided until it is.”

So basically, his reelection campaign is like his response to the toxic derailment in Ohio. Also, they both center around a train wreck.

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Sam Brinton, the “non-binary” (ahem – obviously male) former Biden official who wears women’s clothing and was fired after he was accused of stealing women’s luggage from airports is going to have a hard time wiggling his way out of the charges. It turns out that some of the luggage he stole belonged to a fashion designer, it contained one-of-a-kind dresses and accessories, and he was photographed wearing it.

He even allegedly posed for a fashion article for Vanity Fair wearing the stolen designer clothing.

Again, I have to ask: If Biden’s reelection campaign theme is really going to be “Competent beats crazy,” could he please tell us who in his Administration is supposed to be “competent,” and who is NOT “crazy”?

(I would also like to point out that Biden might want to rethink that theme because he’s aligned himself with people who want to cancel anyone who uses the word “crazy” because it’s offensive to crazy people.)


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  • Jerry

    02/24/2023 11:58 AM

    Take Joe Biden out of the WH and make him an ordinary citizen and one would see silver alerts all around Delaware on a daily sequence trying to find joe Biden. When a person gets to a mental stage as Joe is in today all he can do is what he had done in the past get his 10% kickback or huge blocks of money thru blackmail or selling someone assets like the US treasury. Would Joe be able to pass a drivers examantion to be able to drive his Corvette on an American street or Highway my answer would be to set up a little track in an Oval track and just let him drive no stop signs or 90 degree turns and keep a governor on his car at about 40 MPH and Joe would do just fine. Hands on Nuclear buttons please, or orders to go to war please remember the withdrawal a complete disaster a simple withdrawal completely mis managed even with all the technology at his disposal with deaths galore and some people still believe Joe is alright I say get rid of him send him to Disney Land and let him live out his life with a Fake Oval Office and some ice cream cones see I am not a hate filled guy i have compassion, joe would love a bike with some training wheels and rides on the small trains at Disney Land just put a sign on the ride Amtrak Joe All aboard, Paradise for good old Uncle joe.

  • Joseph Healy

    02/23/2023 03:27 PM

    Mike, I hope Tucker Carlson plays video clips of the Jan. 6 committee lying and then follows each of those with the actual video that shows the truth.

  • Dave Newbry

    02/23/2023 02:54 PM

    The people in that piece of Ohio vote overwhelmingly republican, so it's no surprise to me that catastrope was so disgustingly mishandled and whatever is going to pass for federal aid is being slow walked.

  • Jerry

    02/23/2023 01:46 PM

    I hear bits and pieces about the MSM CNN and some of the other propaganda outlets in its reporting and it is no friend of Americas Conservative or if some Democrats that might be a Chrstian a friend. Does the term Racist bother a Democrat Christian? I can not answer that for a Democrat; or is Christian and Democrat just an oxymoron. I watched a short video of Buttigeig on TV and I am concerned how creepy IT looks and to hear It made me feel nauseous Pothole Pete is the definition of Anal Canal not to single It out the entire biden Administration has the same effect on me as I am not sure what criteria is used to describe them as Human just maybe I might understand why the Government is hiding the UFO's and its creatures this Administration units may have been programed by ETs Parents.Not good.