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February 4, 2022


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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness

Galatians 5:22

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2. Jobs and the Economy:

The Biden Administration had been bracing for a dismal January jobs report possibly showing jobs lost due to the Omicron variant. But this morning, the Labor Department reported that monthly payrolls in January rose by 467,000, far more than the 150,000 forecast.

That’s good news, even though it’s not really “new jobs created” as the White House claims, but more the return of jobs crushed by the lockdowns. It’s also more proof that Biden was wrong about Omicron, which he ominously predicted would cause a “winter of severe illness and death” if everyone didn’t hunker down and vax up one more time. Omicron spread and case rates shot up, but deaths didn't and the economy effectively shook it off.

Before the President throws out his back taking bows, I should also toss in that a new study found that the only good news he can point to, the rebounding jobs numbers, are mostly due to red states that he vilified as they ignored him. According to RNC Research, 16 of the top 20 states for job recovery are led by Republicans, and of the four that aren’t, two are red states with Democrat governors.

For reasons I won’t try to explain, but you can read about them here…

stocks tumbled on news of the good jobs report. At least at this writing, Facebook (now Meta Platforms) stock is up a bit, but there was hardly anywhere else for it to go after Thursday’s drop, the worst ever for a single company.

Facebook’s stock fell over 20%, wiping out $200 billion of its value. CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw a one-day drop of $29 billion of his personal fortune. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. I bet he wishes he had some of that money back that he spent to get Joe Biden elected.

The stock wipeout was blamed on a drop in Facebook’s fourth quarter revenues due to advertisers cutting budgets because of inflation and supply chain disruptions. However, I can’t help feeling that it might also help their business if they’d quit censoring half their potential user base and driving them to other social media outlets.

3. Discovered: A Pretext for War?

On the standoff over Russia and Ukraine, is a false flag operation being used to wag the dog, or is that just Alex Jones territory?

If you’re baffled by that sentence, you’ll be even more confused by some of the questions that are arising about what’s really going on with Ukraine and whether Russia is using disinformation as a pretext to start a war, or is the White House lying about Russia using disinformation as a pretext to start a war? Nobody wants to think Putin is more believable than our own President, but hey, here we are.

It’s gotten so hard to know who and what to believe that it led to this remarkable confrontation between the Associated Press’s Matt Lee and State Department spokesman Ned Price.

The writer Bonchie at has a good explanation of what all this tangled web of distrust of the White House is about (plus a similar exchange involving Jen Psaki.) I will refer you to him while I go take an Excedrin.

4. "Voter Suppression":

Proving that they’re better at talking out of both sides of their mouths than Terry Fator, Democrat leaders are accusing Republicans of attempting “voter suppression” by gerrymandering Congressional districts while simultaneously gerrymandering GOP districts out of existence in states they control.

For instance, in New York alone, Republicans could lose up to four seats due to gerrymandering. Democrats think they have to do this because New York already lost one seat due to reapportionment due to its population fleeing to red states like Florida. On the bright side, if they keep up their disastrous policies for another 10 years, Florida might have taken almost all of their House seats because the entire population will have moved there, other than career criminals and Democrat politicians (but I repeat myself.)

Republicans are protesting that it’s yet another attempted power grab by Democrats who are willing to rig the system in any way possible, from stacking the Supreme Court to eliminating the filibuster to changing the way Electoral votes are counted…

…if it helps them hang on to power against the will of the people. All in the name of “democracy,” of course.

At least for once, the self-serving political maneuver is so shameless that it’s actually gotten some media coverage. Jerry Nadler’s proposed new district has one section that zigzags so much to take in any Democrat voter's apartment that it looks like someone traced around the teeth of a pocket comb. That’s caused local media to coin a new phrase to describe this: “Jerrymandering.”

5. CNN Update:

Like a fastidious cat in its litter box, the anchors at CNN are trying desperately to cover up the mess created by outgoing boss Jeff Zucker. They’re defending his “open secret” relationship with CNN executive VP Alison Gollust as nothing but a “consensual relationship” between adults that’s being blown out of proportion.

This story explains why it’s a lot deeper than that because it encompasses Zucker’s part in protecting former anchor Chris Cuomo as he was unethically aiding his brother, then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, for whom Gollust once worked as communications director. This isn’t a consensual adult relationship, it’s a journalistic incest scandal!

By the way, even apart from the deeper ramifications of the story, where do they get off dismissing secret romantic relationships between CNN employees? Aren’t these the same PC liberals and feminists who wanted strict HR policies imposed on everyone else, and lectured us about “power imbalances” and “hostile workplaces”? They said we must believe any accusations of sexual harassment by women, which scared male executives out of mentoring female employees, just as their policing of personal relationships in the work place killed the chance for many people to meet potential spouses.

But now that someone they like was found to be having a secret relationship with a subordinate, their attitude is, “Hey, lighten up, they’re both consenting adults!” I would say they made their bed and now they have to lie in it, but that phrase is probably banned by CNN’s Human Resources Department.

6. "Little to No Evidence"

Color me shocked: I wrote recently about a massive meta-analysis of 34 studies by researchers from Denmark, Sweden and Johns Hopkins University that found “little to no evidence” that all the draconian lockdown measures imposed in the US and Europe to prevent the spread of COVID-19 had a noticeable effect on COVID mortality rates.

We thought that the finding that the massive, economy-destroying, freedom-crushing ordeal of the past two years was basically futile was a pretty big story, at least big enough for us to cover it.

However, we were obviously wrong, since the professional journalists at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the A.P., Reuters, USA Today, Axios and Politico all yawned and ignored it.

There are a lot of other details at the link about which policies did help reduce deaths and which ones actually increased deaths, and how the bad effects of some policies outweighed any benefits. I suggest you click and read it, since you’re not likely to see it anywhere else. Unless, of course, you’re a liberal journalist and have zero curiosity about anything that might contradict your cherished narratives.

7. I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Morning Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Patrick D Canan

    02/06/2022 05:48 PM

    Indeed, the D's gerrymander when they have a majority. It is a game without rules. Dem majority Maryland is a stunning example. The difference is that, in the absence of SCOTUS intervention, the D's want to impose some federal guidelines and the R's do not.

  • Jerry

    02/06/2022 08:13 AM

    If I were a communist and the president of the US today I would order the MSM to concentrate on Russia and the Ukrainian border that is what is happening today the United States southern border is unprotected replaced by conciergers to handle travel and hotel plans for criminals from all around the world to have them resetting in all parts of our country without identification can these people rent vehicles purchase or rent houses apply for welfare or social security numbers how will they function? Perhaps they will sell drugs join anti American gangs work for less I’m wages untraceable income to send out of the country democrats hand in hand policies to undermine theUSA

  • gary stilwell

    02/04/2022 09:58 PM

    2nd comment about your links to fox news articles---we can't read them--fox blocks reading their articles unless you disable your ad-blocker and cookie blocker---So--disabling these privacy blockers will allow(and you can look at their privacy policies) them to sell/give away/donate your data that the ads/cookies can secure--Just as a coincidental note: I can watch these news articles for free on TV-when they suddenly"run out of time" and switch to their sponsors, I turn it off, or change to fox business channel--amazingly, that channel just "ran out of time" as well and they are running commercials--ok let's go to cnn---same thing-they just ran out of time as well--these people are all fishing out of the same boat,here.---
    A most casual observer here would think that these people would actually check the schedules of their rival networks and find out their 'commercial time', so as to continue their own news when the viewers switch--apparently even one of their two brain cells are not working

  • Jayne Hampton

    02/04/2022 07:50 PM

    The photo of Putin and Biden at the top of this post says it all! Putin's expression is classic "cat that ate the canary". He knows a pushover when he sees one.

  • Stephen Russell

    02/04/2022 04:30 PM

    Pretext for War:
    Setting up events for WW3?
    Ez 38-39 War OT Bible

  • Paul Kern

    02/04/2022 04:04 PM

    It is hard to get good news anymore. Your stuff is better. Many conservative sites are like the left now
    I think my state of Washington is the left's policy testing ground. A Harvard professor helping the governor write new laws where he can fine or imprison any who doubt election results!

  • Jerry

    02/04/2022 03:58 PM

    History and present day data will show how corrupt Hilary Clinton Obama and Joe Biden are people in the future will recognize just how corrupt this time was and is. I do hope pence will be left alone he may have been the the most loyal guy in the trump administration although I still believe in MAGA

  • Floyd A Unger

    02/04/2022 03:04 PM

    Thank you

  • Jerry

    02/04/2022 02:53 PM

    Are Americans listening or believing that wages are rising I do however when you add 25 dollars to the cost of a tank of gasoline did the wage increase match 25 dollars? When one fills the shopping cart with items to feed the family does the rising wage match the cost of the items I remember what items costed 3 months ago and every item had increased 12 cents on the dollar to 1 to 2 dollars a pound on other items does the wage increase match the cost of grocery items not even close. If one wanted to remodel or replace a home you will find 20 percent increase to buy the same lumber 6 months ago so ask biden wages up 5.6 % lumber up 20% how can that be helpful or positive to the everyday American remember biden we have about 350 million Americans and 30 million people we don't know about. Most people don.t know about you biden the math doesn't add up and neither do you Putz.

  • Jerry

    02/04/2022 02:13 PM

    Why are we allowing people to CCP run China? Does anyone on remember the student that went to North Korea and came home with 15 breaths of life. That was so disturbing I wanted to go back to the Peninsula and finish the job that started 70 years ago. Comrade Pelosi gave warning to the people entering CCP run China not to speak knowing the dangers the inhumane treatment china would do if one spoke freely Pelosi is a coward with out a soul much like biden a hollow being that are self serving only; to all the supporters of these May Lets go Brandon echo your lives in whatever diabolical mission you engage in, may horror embrace you for what you have done and are about to do. Mike I might be a little upset with these hollow people, The student that visited North Korea and was so tortured to his death still leaves me with unforgiveness and the CCP also fits my outrage as it torture of life is just simply EVIL. Divine intervention is needed today as our "Leadership" is compromised by the CCP.