November 25, 2017


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Today's Commentary:  Ivanka slammed for "White Thanksgiving" -- Pray for the victims of the Sinai terror attack -- Black Friday violence-- Moore rising? -- Abortion in America -- Laura Ingalls Wilder's book -- Additional Mike Huckabee commentaries


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Here’s a question for those anti-Trumpers who criticize Ivanka Trump for literally everything she says, wears and does.

What is wrong with you?

After Ivanka simply posted a nice tweet linking to suggestions for creating an interesting centerpiece for a Thanksgiving table, the people who see racism absolutely everywhere couldn’t resist showing their own in their responses.


Mike Huckabee


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Pray for the victims of the Sinai terror attack

By Mike Huckabee

During our Thanksgiving break, there was a devastating terrorist attack on a mosque in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. At least 235 people were killed, including children, and 109 more injured by a bomb that was set off (brace yourself) in the mosque’s kindergarten area. Gunmen reportedly blocked exit roads to prevent anyone escaping and even fired at ambulances as they tried to help the victims. It’s believed to be an ISIS attack on Sufi Muslims, a sect that doesn’t conform to the twisted version of Islam advanced by ISIS.

President Trump denounced it as a “horrible and cowardly terrorist attack” (his full comment is at the link), and Egypt’s President declared three days of mourning for what is the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Egyptian history. Egypt has already begun retaliating with air strikes in several mountainous areas where ISIS militants are believed to be hiding out. The link has background, but watch the news for frequent updates. In the meantime, all we can do is pray for the victims, and that we shall do.



Black Friday violence

By Mike Huckabee

Sad to say, there were again reports in some places of violence in stores on Black Friday, as shoppers let their lust for bargains overwhelm their basic human decency. For those like me who are hopelessly old-fashioned and think that a holiday devoted to family and giving thanks to God for your blessings shouldn’t involve tourniquets and riots over cheap X-boxes, here’s a big salute to some of the store chains that bucked the trend and refused to open on Thanksgiving so their workers could enjoy the holiday with their families. They include Hobby Lobby (no surprise there), Nordstrom, Barnes & Noble and Bed, Bath and Beyond. As one store spokesman noted, if you want to shop there on Thanksgiving, simply go to their website.

That’s good advice. In fact, many stores’ Black Friday deals are available online (and Cyber Monday is still ahead). So here’s another tip: If you have a primal need to commit violent mayhem before buying a discount TV, then please do everyone else a favor and just play Grand Theft Auto before shopping online.


Moore rising?

By Mike Huckabee

In the Alabama Senate polls, Republican Roy Moore dropped as low as an 8-point deficit to Democrat Doug Jones after Moore was hit with claims of sexual misconduct with young girls. But the latest poll by WBRC-TV has Moore back up by 2. That could be partly because the tsunami of sexual abuse allegations has made some who rushed to condemn Moore look like hypocrites. Or it could be, as some analysts claim, that the power of national parties and media to shape local elections is waning as voters reject attempts to tell them how to vote. There’s also been pushback against some of Moore’s accusers, questioning their veracity. First there were questions about the legitimacy of Moore’s alleged signature in a yearbook one accuser presented. Now, holes have appeared in the first and most damaging story. You can read the details at the link.


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Abortion in America

By Mike Huckabee

Here’s some heartening news: the latest CDC report on abortion in America found that between 2013 and 2014, the number of abortions dropped by 2.2%. Tragically, there were still 652,639 abortions during 2014. But that’s the lowest level on record. Abortions rose after Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, peaked in the 1980s, and have been steadily declining ever since. Since 2005, among teenagers 15 to 19, the birth rate has dropped 40% and the abortion rate has dropped 49%. Some credit the easy availability of contraceptives, which certainly had an effect. But others note that in states with pro-life laws, such as Texas, the drop in abortions has been even greater. However, abortion defenders interpret that as government strong-arming.

Might I suggest that maybe it’s something deeper than that? Every year, we’ve learned more and more about the development of a baby in the womb. Those who once claimed they spoke for science have been reduced to trying to convince us that at the moment of birth, some magic takes place that turns a “fetus” into a “baby.” In pro-life states, it’s not considered a politically-incorrect thought crime to tell the truth about what pregnancy and abortion really are. If more young women are rejecting abortion, maybe it’s not just because they know more about contraception. Despite the best efforts of Planned Parenthood to keep their activities a state secret, more young women also know more now about abortion.


Laura Ingalls Wilder's book

Fans of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House on the Prairie” series might be shocked – shocked! – to learn that they are not 100% accurate journalism, and that the stories were embellished to make them more interesting. Oh no, the “Little House” was fake news?! This is according to a new book, which I’m guessing is called “The Big Book of Obviousness.”


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  • Veronica Deevers

    11/28/2017 07:35 AM

    I cannot find a link regarding the falseness of the Laura Ingalls Wilder's book. Can you please provide more information? Thanks.

  • Wendy Brion

    11/25/2017 08:06 PM

    652,639 abortions--can we say in-utero murders?--during 2014 and roughly 5,000 gun deaths, and yet the mass media would have us believe guns are the greatest threat to our society. I think Lewis Carroll said it best: "We're all mad here."