August 20, 2020


When I promised that we’d watch the news so you don’t have to, I wasn’t thinking about having to sit through four nights of the virtual Democratic convention. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it, so we’ll hold our noses, prop open our eyes and press on.

If you’re interested, here’s the live stream of the entire 3-1/4 hours. I notice that it took them until night three to figure out to turn off the comments on YouTube. Too bad, that might have offered some entertainment value.

For the more entertaining recaps, check out the liveblogs by PJ Media and

Last night was when the convention was supposed to hit its stride, with speeches by superstars Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech. Instead, we got the same small ideas, just mouthed by bigger names.

Conventions are supposed to fire up the base and get them enthused about backing the ticket and the Party. But have you seen any positive messages or fresh policy proposals AT ALL? All we hear about Joe Biden is that he’s a nice guy (which might be true if he’s not yelling at you that you’re a dog-faced pony soldier.) But I’m nicer, and none of these people endorsed me for President. I don’t really want a President who’ll be really nice to China. I think the mean tone is because they know what a new NBC poll found: that only 36% of Biden supporters support him because they want Biden. 58% percent do it because they hate Trump. It says “Love, Tolerance, Compassion” on the label, but the ingredients are hatred, frustration and resentment.

It’s no wonder Americans are tuning out in droves. Night two of the convention was slaughtered in the ratings by “America’s Got Talent,” which featured some yo-yo artists. Understandable: at least their yo-yo’s have some pizzazz. I wonder how many people on night one turned on Penn & Teller’s show because they saw “Fool Us” in the TV listings and assumed that was the Democratic Convention?

This is coming across as a convention of angry, bitter cranks, furious that they were voted out of power by all you dumb racist deplorables and even more enraged that Donald Trump is in the seat of power that should be theirs by divine right. I don’t even recognize America, the way they describe it: a dark, dystopian, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic wasteland where there may be “liberty and justice for all…someday,” as they rewrote the Pledge of Allegiance. I was reminded of Sally Field’s famous Oscar speech: “They hate us! They REALLY hate us!”

Not only is the dour negativity relentless, it’s also incredibly boring and predictable. I’m not even going to bother to recount Obama, Clinton or Harris’ speeches in detail. Just imagine what you think they were like.

You’re right.

Harris mostly dispensed unmemorable platitudes to make sure she didn’t tick off the moderates or the crazy leftists. Hillary did what she’s done for over three years now: snipe at the guy who beat her, remind us that she won the meaningless popular vote (by 3 million votes!), and hint darkly that some foreign influence was going to rig the election for Trump. She’s the Miss Havisham of politics, forever frozen in time on the day she was jilted at the altar.

And Obama was…Obama. Haughty, condescending, defensive, making vicious and underhanded political attacks on his successor while posing as if he were taking the high road. You know the routine. And just as predictably, the media wet their Depends over it.

Obama also implied that Trump, who has lost billions in net worth since entering politics and donates his entire salary, is only interested in enriching himself and his supporters. FYI: since leaving office, Obama has cashed in more than any other ex-President, including a $65 million book deal and a $50 million Netflix deal. Not that you could tell that by any generous donations made to his brother Joe’s campaign.

Republicans always say that you can tell what the Democrats are doing by what they accuse their opponents of doing, but never have they been so transparent about it. So far, we’ve had John Kerry telling us Trump has made a mess of foreign policy, Bill Clinton telling us Trump’s not behaving properly in the Oval Office, Andrew Cuomo telling us Trump botched the handling of COVID-19, Hillary Clinton telling us that Trump dehumanizes his political opponents (I’m sure she’s also worried that HE won’t accept the results of the election), and Barack (Operation Crossfire/rule by executive order/weaponize the IRS against the Tea Party) Obama telling us that Trump abuses Presidential power and doesn't observe the polite protocols of office (like not badmouthing your sitting successor?)

On the very same day Obama spoke, one of his former FBI employees pleaded guilty to falsifying evidence to get illegal FISA warrants to spy on a Trump campaign aide.

I did appreciate that Obama appeared from Philadelphia’s Museum of the American Revolution and talked about the Constitution. But it would have been more persuasive if he’d ever shown any regard for the Constitution, and if the Democrats would say one word about their own followers who are currently ripping down and burning every monument to the American Revolution. They’ve also never mentioned China. Apparently, Donald Trump and climate change are the only threats they recognize.

That would include the threat of being shot in one of the cities they’ve run for decades. Last night’s show also included a lot of talk about gun control. They want to empty the prisons, open the borders, defund the police and take away law-abiding citizens' guns. There’s a winning combination! They also talked about the Parkland shooting while demanding that police be removed from schools. Do you know why so many children died there? Because it took the police so long to show up at the school.

I also wonder how well all the gun-grabbing talk is going over with their voters, considering that thanks to the rampant street violence they refuse to do anything about other than condone it, gun sales are up 95% over this time last year. And guess what’s driving those sales: first-time gun purchases by blacks and women who realize they can no longer count on the police to protect them in blue cities.

And if they’re going to tell constant lies, can’t they at least go to the trouble of thinking up some new ones instead of repeating the same dusty, debunked lies, like “children in cages,” “very fine people among the white supremacists” and “Trump called all Mexican immigrants animals”? I’m not even going to bother refuting those again; by now, anyone who hasn’t been in a coma since 2016 should know those are all bogus and why. But they just keep rolling them out, like a faded pop star sleepwalking through his greatest hits for the 10,000th time. Their only new song is the “Trump is responsible for the Chinese virus and the job losses caused by blue states shutting down businesses” shuffle, but the audience goes to the bathroom during that one.

In a nutshell (emphasis on “nut”), here’s what I’ve gotten out of this convention so far: We HATE Trump! Trump is the cause of all bad things in the universe! We hate people who voted for Trump! America is a really bad country, but maybe there’s hope for it someday if you let us run it. We see countless problems, but our only solution is “Put us back in power!” For instance, if we only had Congress and the White House, we could give everyone affordable health care.

Yeah, they had that from 2008-2010, and they gave us the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare.) It cost people their family doctors and doubled and tripled their premiums. It was so unpopular, it cost them the House in the next election.

It’s ironic that Obama accused Trump of “not growing in the job,” when Trump came in as a complete outsider and political amateur, won the Presidency, and has racked up an impressive array of achievements, some by simply doing the opposite of what Obama did. It’s these people who seem to have learned nothing since they were thrown out of office. They’re long on resentment, but short on self-reflection. They’re like the cool kids who peaked in high school, still acting like Big Shots on Campus at the reunion when the rest of us have outgrown being impressed by them. All this convention is doing is reminding us of what a smart move we made when we moved on to something new. They’re forever stuck back in 2015, and demanding we make them prom king and queen again.

It’s funny that Bruce Springsteen appeared on night one of the convention, since he wrote a song that would be the perfect theme for this week, “Glory Days”:

“…Well, time slips away and leaves you with nothing, mister, but

Boring stories of…

Glory days, yeah, they'll pass you by,

Glory days, in the wink of a young girl's eye,

Glory days, glory days, glory days…”


A few good random observations on the Democratic convention from around the Internet:

From Thomas Sowell: “Barack Obama's political genius is his ability to say things that will sound good to people who have not followed the issues in any detail — regardless of how obviously fraudulent what he says may be to those who have.”

From’s Brad Slager: “This will be fun - long segments to come about the need to get people back to work, from the party that is arresting people for going back to work.”

From Matt Margolis: Barack Obama, who slams Trump’s character and lack of judgement, gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a sex predator who preyed on underage boys.

From Steve Guest: “Biden: ‘When I think about climate change, I think about jobs.’ Biden’s ban on fracking alone would eliminate 19 MILLION jobs between 2021-2025 all while reducing our GDP by $7.1 TRILLION.”

From the Washington Post: "While the Obama administration deported 1.18 million people in his first three years, the number of deportations has been a little under 800,000 so far under Trump." And "DNC misleads by implying Trump called all immigrants 'animals.' He was talking about the animalistic MS-13 gang.” (Surprised that WaPo actually committed journalism.)

Elle Bufkin commented: “Democrats love to say no one is above the law when torching Trump. Meanwhile, they defund the police, advocate for the abolition of jails, and allow rioters and looters to go unpunished. Also, they reward illegal immigrants with sanctuary cities and hide them from the law while advocating for free health care for them.”

The GOP tweeted: “The ‘anemic’ economic recovery under the Obama/Biden Admin was the slowest since World War II. Under the Obama/Biden Admin, homeownership plummeted. In their final year, just 62.9% of homes were occupied by their owner, the lowest level in more than 50 years.”

From Julio Rosas: "Obama said the president shouldn't use troops as political props, right after the DNC did just that yesterday."

And after a DNC rep said you can see that women virtually run the Democratic Party, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel tweeted, “A WOMAN ACTUALLY RUNS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave pretty much the convention speech that everyone expected, but there were two unusual side notes…

1. The subliminal messaging of arranging three children’s letter blocks in the elementary classroom background to spell out “BLM,” which not only tells us where the Dems are coming from but also why so many parents don’t want to put their kids back into public schools run by them…

2. In pushing for government child care, she recalled how her family was only saved because her Aunt Bee brought her suitcase and came to provide child care for her. This prompted some pundits to question if she’s stopped appropriating Native American heritage and started appropriating the plotline of “The Andy Griffith Show.” I won’t doubt her, since maybe she really does have an Aunt Bee. Just in case, I won’t ask her for her pickle recipe. But I will suggest that she stop letting Otis the town drunk write her economic proposals.


Congratulations to the Denver City Council for giving us hope that a little sanity still exists in the world.


Attorney General Bill Barr announced that over 1,000 arrests have been made, 400 weapons seized and over 217 people charged with federal crimes in a crackdown on violent crime in major cities.

It’s part of Operation Legend, named after a four-year-old African-American child, LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while he was sleeping in Kansas City, Missouri. Barr said, “LeGend is a symbol of the many hundreds of innocent lives that have been taken in the recent upsurge of crime in many of our urban areas. His life mattered and the lives of all of those victims matter. His name should be remembered and his senseless death, like those of all the other innocent victims in this recent surge, should be unacceptable to all Americans.”

It's not at all surprising to me that President Trump’s DOJ is doing more to uphold the principle that black lives matter – indeed, that all innocent lives matter and deserve protection – than all the violent agitators who are destroying black neighborhoods in the name of Black Lives Matter.


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  • Michael K. Garrett

    08/22/2020 01:23 PM

    I'm sure this is just a coincidence and God has nothing to do with it. But is it a coincidence that California is burning up with more than 350 uncontrolled wildfires, is leading the nation with the most reported Covid-19 cases, all of whom are more in danger of dying from the virus if all that smokes reaches their unprotected lungs and the entire state is a sanctuary state for illegals? They are the only state I'm aware of that has shut down all its churches and won't permit singing inside of those churches. A judge recently overruled that unconstitutional mandate. I'm sure Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris all have good solutions for what ails their home state. If all these calamities are not God's judgment on a state of liars and con artists, what is the explanation? I tuned out the Liars Club national convention in hopes I'll hear the truth at the Republican convention and also hope the average American sees through all the hyperbole. PBS top story Thursday night was the indictment of Paul Manafort on fraud charges. I guess all those California fires forcing thousands to evacuate their homes and causing billions in damage just isn't newsworthy enough for them.
    Michael Garrett
    Trinidad, Colo.

  • Sue Burris

    08/22/2020 12:31 PM

    Mike, (Private message) Do not post
    PLEASE tell Trump for all of us that he cannot win if he continues to tweet and insult people, living or dead. We are sick of it and he is driving all of us insane! Voters are punching back at the polls. If Trump doesn't change his unhealthy obsession with twitter he will sink the HOUSE, SENATE and Presidency.
    Also, he better get off the gay activism rant because that is very objectionable to us. He praises homosexuality all the time and the RNC has just hired Ric Grenell, probably with a huge salary, to push gay activism and win gay voters. Ric better not be a speaker next week. Also....Trump better get off the " teachers should have guns" rhetoric. No one agrees that teachers should have guns. AG Barr is low energy. He could do sooo much more. Trump and Barr should have asked Black Leaders to speak to calm the violence immediately after the FLoyd killing. The Blacks could have calmed people but no one spoke in the void and now we have riots and BLM on the loose.

  • Michael

    08/21/2020 05:29 PM

    Governor: Your list of 20 things you believe if you are a Democrat was so exactly right. I hope you can send that list to the President, as I am sure he can use that when he is campaigning. Send it to the RNC Campaign Committee, would make a great campaign ad. So many Americans need to see that list as it is truth!! Of course all those affected with TDS will disregard it, but Americans need to see it!! The Republican woman candidate in Baltimore did an excellent job of showing the truth and reality of s Democrat ran city. God forbid if Dems win the WH a lot of our nation will look like these Democrat cities, our Constitution will be amended or disregarded and in a short period of time we will become another Venzuala and our freedoms and our system of capitalism will be forever gone. Go to the polls in person on November 4th and vote against every Democrat at every election level, local, state and federal. Democrats is what is wrong with the country!! VOTE REPUBLICAN to save our nation and republic!!!

  • Patricia Raduziner

    08/21/2020 03:09 PM

    I love how you are right on so many issues! Your sense of humor is absolutely spot on and I marvel at your wit day in and day out I especially belly laughed at your reference to Elizabeth Warren and her Aunt Bee comment! I was thinking the same thing when I read your Andy Griffin Show and the pickle comment. Cracked me up. Keep up with your very informative column. I look forward to reading you everyday! Just wish I could post some of them on Facebook. .

  • Rallen Fontenot

    08/21/2020 02:48 PM

    "I won't ask her for her pickle recipe." :) That's a good one Governor! Thanks for the laugh! :)

  • Elizabeth Sandberg

    08/21/2020 01:37 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, you and your team have been such a help in deciphering all that is going on in this election. Thank you!
    It’s so hard not to give in to fear and despair listening to the Democratic candidates and how they are able to spread lies with such straight faces!!!
    If I could ask the president to speak about anything between now and 11/3 it would be : Give us the State of the Union or July 4 speech. Remind us of how great we are and America is. Cast your vision of what America will look like- in real terms with you at the lead. Such as walking in the evening safely in our neighborhoods; a vaccine for Covid and schools and businesses open; the American Dream in tact for those who choose to pursue it legally; healthcare that makes sense. Then go down the list of all you have done- because that leaves everyone speechless!

  • Charlie Poe

    08/21/2020 11:36 AM

    They HAVE to do a “Virtual Conference”,
    Creepy Joe CAN’T be Trusted NOT TO GROPE All the Females in the room (even the kids)
    It’s Much Safer for his image, and the Females!!!
    On another note,
    ISIS, just sitting back Hoping their TOP DONORS, get the White House back.
    Kamala, New ISIS Bride recruiter?
    “They too Need Jobs”

    God Has to Protect this Beautiful Country from their Lunacy.

  • Gary Carter

    08/21/2020 11:36 AM

    Obama's only success and hence legend legend is:

    Obama's Great Victim Nation. Where a person's bad judgment, mistakes, and subsequent bad outcomes are always someone else's fault.

  • Jerry

    08/21/2020 10:25 AM

    Hope for my Country is on the rise nobody is watching the DNC the party is filled with Shitff a toxic waste product produced by human beings. Has Beens ,Losers, Traitors , Back Stabbers, Corruption Experts, Liars, People that use power to seduce others the best way to describe Hell is to take a look at the people at the DNC most of them have residence there, their spirt commutes back and forth as the more miserable they can make it on earth the better its is for them misery love company.

  • James Johnson

    08/21/2020 10:23 AM

    Trump the Democrats in November!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jerry Korba

    08/21/2020 10:11 AM

    The DNC is a worthless Party unless you are a CCP operative. The Congress and the Senate are the reason why people cannot trust government agencies most of them are full of overrun costs do not deliver the product as advertised and become corrupt mismanaged with no accountability. Take Congress for an example they do not care for issues until the issue becomes a problem then they bring in a person like the new postmaster gang up on him like a BLM gang on a defensive person on the street the congress has been the poster child why big government has to be reduced the business portion is feeble I refer it to cotton candy it is worth about 5 seconds of excitement and it becomes nothing no real lasting value but expensive for what you get. The Congress is a building full of do nothing and very expensive and the DNC wants to expand that policy.

  • Jerry korba

    08/21/2020 08:18 AM

    When one is dishonest corrupt Is called a nice guy ask the person or corporation what it’s liked to be lied to when it’s job is sent to other countries leaving people and companies With nothing oh they say gee that Biden is a nice guy he just sent my livelihood to China this nice guy belongs with church groups not the president of the United States

  • David Nielsen

    08/21/2020 06:16 AM

    Thank you Mike for choosing this Bible verse. It's very appropriate for what we're seeing happening accross our Country.
    May the LORD bless the readers today.

  • Kenneth Brack

    08/21/2020 06:04 AM

    Excellent summary. Thank you for watching what I could not stand watching.

  • I. Frank and Treasure Smith

    08/21/2020 05:48 AM

    Governor Huckabee, I believe that Romans l:21-32 explains why we are hearing many "Crazy"
    beliefs. A Reprobate mind equals Crazy. We are praying for you to continue to get the truth out. J. Frank and Treasure Smith

  • Jannette Dillingham

    08/21/2020 01:09 AM

    Thank you for enduring in watching the "strange democratic convention." I couldn't watch it; too many lies. When obama talks, it's like Satan is speaking.

  • Judi Fey

    08/21/2020 12:45 AM

    Insulting that the DNC Convention was on every channel interrupting the programming we want to watch. The assumption that everyone wants to see that shows how far out of touch the media is.

  • Angela Schmidt

    08/21/2020 12:26 AM

    Thanks for covering the Democratic convention so that we didn't have to. I would rather go for a root canal than listen to all of those people spout their lies.

  • Jerry korba

    08/20/2020 11:18 PM

    Did the dnc talk about the China virus or any punitive action against the CCP or any of the violence in the cities around the country

  • Johna Meyer

    08/20/2020 10:41 PM

    Didn't watch any of Dem conv I try not to have anything they have to say in my house they are a bunch of greedy pedophiles saying the same old thing. Tried to tell people that Obama was a monster along with Hilery. Most didn't listen and look what happened.

  • Floyd A Unger

    08/20/2020 09:57 PM

    Oh gee I missed the YO-YO ?? show...... I just had to turn the TV ?? off to do something a book.

  • Patricia de la Tejera mi

    08/20/2020 09:54 PM

    My son Johnny

    owner-operater long distance truck driver says he and others will not accept any loads to be delivered to cities that have defunded their police forces.

  • June Swezea

    08/20/2020 09:23 PM

    Thanks Mike for your summarizing the DNC
    IVe been a Trump supporter since Fay 1 but every time I try to respond to a survey I get “access denied”. Wonder why??

  • Twila B Flowers

    08/20/2020 08:51 PM

    Thank you for the comments on the DNC. I could not tolerate watching and listening to that. This election can not come soon enough but I suppose the Socialist Democrats will continue their horrible attacks on this President. He and all who work with him need our prayers and Gods protection. Thank you again for your messages.

  • Carl "T" Smith

    08/20/2020 08:41 PM

    My Sympathy goes out to those that were burdened with watching the DNC Clown Show the last couple of evenings. I got mentally Ill just watching some of the snippets That even normally reliable Fox is showing. I will watch the music channels since I'm FORCED to pay for them. I have people in my little town that have actually told me that Trump has told 10,000 lies and all I could do is hold up a mirror-PROJECTION any one?