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June 30, 2023

A federal judge struck down Kentucky’s law banning gender-related hormones and surgery for minors, claiming it’s unconstitutional because it "would have the effect of enforcing gender conformity." I’ve read the Constitution numerous times, but I somehow must’ve missed the section that bans enforcement of gender conformity.

The case was brought by LGBTQ activists and the ACLU (if you support them these days, know that this is what they’re doing with your money.) The court said these drugs are accepted by "all major medical organizations" in the country (yes, and many members of those organizations have complained that that’s due to them caving to threats and blackmail by trans activists and not medical science) and that “these drugs have a long history of safe use in minors for various conditions,” which I guess is why other nations such as the UK have been revoking their support for them.

I expect this to be appealed, since nearly a dozen states have passed similar bans. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said, "Senate Bill 150 is a commonsense law that protects Kentucky children from unnecessary medical experimentation with powerful drugs and hormone treatments. There is nothing 'affirming' about this dangerous approach to mental health, and my office will continue to do everything in our power to defend this law passed by our elected representatives."

Reminder: New York State continues to ban giving tattoos to anyone under 18 on grounds that minors are incapable of understanding the ramifications of making permanent alterations to their bodies so adults have to protect them from making bad decisions, and as far as I can tell, the ACLU has yet to say squat about that.

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