December 29, 2019

Melvin from Oregon wrote to share a very special Christmas memory about a small gift that made a very big impression on him:

“Christmas 1945.  I am five years old, and we are still staying with my grandparents… My father was in Japan in the Second World War, his two brothers were in the European theater.  All three came home OK. I thank God for that and for all of the men that have gone before.

We are trimming the Christmas tree. Grandpa comes in, and he has all of these walnuts that he has painted silver and put a yarn loop on to hang them with. Well I think they’re neat, but that’s about it.

Christmas morning, I come down and start opening my presents. Grandpa says, ‘Why don't you open one of those walnuts?’ I say ‘Naw, I got to open my presents’… Well grandpa keeps after me. Finally, I say, ‘Okay!’  So I crack a walnut open, and a penny falls out. Well, NOW, I'm opening walnuts!  There's dimes, nickels, and pennies.  When I get done, I have about a dollar fifty, and that’s big money in 1945

…My grandfather thought enough of me to take the time to cut the walnuts open and take out the meat for grandma to cook with. Then he put a coin in and glued each one back together, just to make a little five-year-old boy happy on Christmas morning.

Sixty-five years later, I don't remember anything else I got that Christmas.  But I remember the walnuts and the love that went into making them. That might be something for young parents to think about... It really is the little things that count the most.” 

Thanks, Melvin, for giving us all something important to remember before we go frantically hunting for whatever the latest “hot” gift is.   


* * * * *

Nobody is more excited about Christmas Day than children, and sometimes, it inspires them to come out with some real gems.  For instance, Mona from Kentucky wrote:

“When I was a child, we had a coal stove. One of those potbellied stoves. Of course with those stoves, there was a small pipe that went out the ceiling so the smoke would not get in the house. I remember wondering how Santa got down that skinny pipe.  So one day I asked Mom how he got down that pipe.  I guess I really put her on the spot because she replied, “He has a house key!”  And that satisfied me.” 

Thank you, Mona, and Merry Christmas to your mom, who I bet had to answer a lot of tough questions before you grew up! 


Here’s another story of a Christmas miracle that started with the words of a child.  Tom from Louisiana wrote that he used to volunteer for the park district in Calumet City, Illinois, in a low income area.  One year, the man playing Santa was ill, so Tom filled in.  It was a hard job, listening to the Christmas wishes of hundreds of children, knowing most of their parents were too poor to make them come true. 

One day, a little 5-year-old girl, as beautiful as a china doll, hopped up in his lap and didn’t say a word.  He asked her if she’d been good and obeyed her parents.  She said yes.  So he asked what she wanted for Christmas.  She replied, “Nothing.” 

Tom was dumbfounded.  He asked if she was sure she didn’t want anything.  She said not for herself.  But could Santa give her daddy a job?  He needed a job.  Well, Tom didn’t know how to answer that.  So he just said he’d try his best, but that was one wish Santa might not be able to fill.

But, Tom wrote:

“God works in great ways.  At the time the young girl was sitting on my lap, (a local reporter) was there taking pictures and…overheard the child’s conversation with Santa. The next day, the paper (ran a photo) of the little girl sitting on Santa’s lap with the caption ‘All she wants for Christmas is a job for her daddy’…The next day, the little girl’s father received a call and was offered a job. A day or so later, the little girl came back to see me with my favorite chocolate chip cookies and a thank you for Santa…

Till this day, and it’s been at least twenty-five years, I still tear up thinking about that little girl and her unselfish wish. Christmas is truly about miracles.” 

Thank you, Tom.  I bet that little girl was the best gift her daddy ever received. 


We are finishing the year 2019 and I’m glad.  This has been a grueling year if you have to follow the news as I’m required to do as a TV commentator and publisher of a daily newsletter.  I’m frankly sick of the never-ending serial attempts to overturn the election results of 2016.  Remember when it was all about Russia and collusion?  And then the Mueller report fizzled even though taxpayers spent about $35 million for a desperate effort to implicate President Trump.  Then we heard obstruction of justice, until that “bombshell” became a dud; then it was quid pro quo, then extortion, then bribery, then obstruction of Congress.  Frankly, given how recklessly irresponsible Congress is, obstructing it ought to be grounds for a prize, not an impeachment.  But Democrats in Congress clearly are frantic because they have a weak field of candidates and they fear not one of them can defeat a President who has juiced the economy, jobs, the stock market and wages and who has pushed back against bad trade deals and  America getting sucker-punched by foreign governments.  We were once content to let the US pay the bills for NATO, trade deficits, and endless wars in the Middle East.  Granted, President Trump isn’t always artful in what he says or how he says it, but he is disrupting the deep state of globalism, institutionalism, and bureaucracy.  And the powers of government, media, and big business is fighting back—not to protect your interest, but theirs.

So next year is 2020, and I’ll attempt to give you 2020 vision into what we can expect for the coming year, which of course will be a Presidential election year.

I predict that Joe Biden will slightly edge socialist Bernie Sanders and will be the nominee for the Democrats-not because he’s a good candidate but because he will be viewed as not as crazy as the others.  The media will ignore his daily verbal gaffes and he will be presented as a seasoned and ready captain, even though Bob Gates who served President Obama and President Bush 43 as a cabinet member said of Joe Biden, “He’s consistent in that every single position he’s taken on foreign policy is wrong.”

I predict that Democrats will pay a heavy price for having wasted a year of do-nothingness and millions of taxpayer dollars chasing down a reason to impeach President Trump.  They constantly use the phrase they can “walk and chew gum at the same time,” but they tend to drop their gum on the ground and then get their shoes stuck on it.  Voters in their districts have been benefited far more by the economic policies of President Trump than by the phony and hateful efforts by the Democrats to impeach him. 

In other areas, I predict that Tom Brady will announce his retirement from the NFL—effective in the year 2045, and that the World Series will feature the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.  Not because I have any reason to actually believe that, but they are my favorite teams in their respective National and American Leagues and I just want that to happen.  The Oscars will be canceled because no one wants to hear whiny Hollywood actors lecture us on their worthless political views.  CNN will lose so many viewers that it will cease operations as a News Channel and will become a television safe space where triggered liberal snowflakes can sit in a dark room and watch a blank screen, which will vastly improve the programming they currently offer.  And finally, the Huckabee Show will win 6 Emmys and 10 Golden Globes for being the best show in television!  And that would truly be 2020 vision!


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Comments 1-25 of 98

  • Julia

    01/02/2020 05:51 PM

    Absolutely beautiful. Now you DO say things that make sense.

  • Louise DeVall

    12/31/2019 10:43 AM

    You are the best . You were our first pick to lead this beautiful country. But it was not to be so we voted for our President. We so enjoy you on my favorite station TBN. We are so greatful. God's continued Blessings on you your show and your family

  • Christine Rogers

    12/30/2019 04:31 PM

    I really enjoy your daily briefings, this one made me think. The base salary of a member of the house is $174,000 annually plus benefits (of which I am sure there are many). If we take the 233 democratic members of the house and have them forgo their salaries for one year, they'd have paid back $40,542,000. That would go a long way to paying back the country for the massive waste of time and energy they have put in to this fake impeachment! Just a thought!

  • Linda Spatz

    12/30/2019 02:22 PM

    I think the Huckabee show is a winner!

  • John W Hancock

    12/30/2019 02:13 PM

    My prediction is that Kim will realize how much he and his country will benefit and will announce they are stopping nuclear weapon development. I'm willing to bet if I can get proper odds. Someone told me about the same as Powerball.

  • shelby Umphress

    12/30/2019 11:58 AM

    I consider myself as normal US citizen. I have lived in different abodes in my lifetime from tents with sand floors in migrant farm worker camps to multi storied apartments. My extended family includes ethnic people from china, Phillipean islands, southern Africa, Mexico, Russia, and only God knows where else. I have some concern when people talk of some special group within the American communitie, are they trying to exclude me or am I part of all these groups. does that only allow part of me and if so, what part?

    god knows where else

  • Peter J Nyvall

    12/30/2019 11:49 AM

    The Democrats that are in power over the House, hate America and American values, and we the deplorables know it. Pelosi will reap the whirlwind of contempt! When that reporter in asked why she hated Trump, answered the question, we knew she really hated American values and our Constitution.

  • Dusty

    12/30/2019 11:28 AM

    Gov. thank you so much for all you do daily on keeping us informed on the truth today. Not the liberal media bias and fake news. I use to watch all the news even CNN and MSNBC along with Fox and the BBC too. Even Aljazeera who moved away not sure why. During Pres Trumps campaign I saw the total liberal bias on CNN, MSNBC, loved Morning Joe I had voted for him in Fla. I just want fair news not that you are for Hillary or for like on The View now VP Biden. Give me the news only like years ago and then let me vote. I was for Sen Bernie the last Pres. election because of health care I am an RN we need AFFORDABLE health care. I now back what Pres Trump has been doing for us the people the workers again. Jobs back here. Stop illegals who took jobs for low low pay. Think if you look at where our jobs went for over 20 years and why you would see this was the Democrats who took these away? WHY? Illegals have taken jobs from many blacks why? So beware of what is being said and by who and amazing the millionaires on The View who attack daily WHY is this on ABC who owns ABC. Who owns CNN, Who owns NBC? Gov you keep me on the right road and this whole scam to IMPEACH is the worst we are facing per our Govt. No way did Pres Trump do anything wrong in Ukraine we need to know where are our billions we sent to them who got this our tax dollars. Try to say this $400,000 was hurting the Ukraine military and our security. Oh help us please. No, I did not just fall off of a Turnip Truck. Happy New Year Gov to you and your family.

  • M. Bennett

    12/30/2019 10:09 AM

    Dear Mr H.
    Russia and China are not spending billions for elections. Obama promised election reform..a cap on campaign spending. When Trump gets control of house and senate..would he please save USA from China and Russian pending domination if keep spending so much on elections?

  • Rada Morgan

    12/30/2019 08:13 AM

    Thank you for always being the voice of reason. I can read your writings without wondering if it’s true. And I always enjoy your wit and tongue-in-cheek musings. We ’get’ you and appreciate your being our true conservative friend. Happy New Year!

  • Gerald Cohen

    12/30/2019 07:09 AM

    Happy New Year, I look forward to your E-Mails as a breath of Fresh Air!!!

  • Mark Lovins

    12/30/2019 02:11 AM

    Mr Huckabee,

    My Vision for America for 2020 is an America that is moral, strong, prosperous, free, and reasonably secure against unconstitutional actions by ANYONE. Also to spread freedom and liberty across our world, and stripping every land of tyranny!


    Mark Lovins

  • Mary Oscarson

    12/29/2019 11:49 PM

    Thank you for so much for sharing these stories,i just love them..Gods many blessings always.

  • gary Stilwell

    12/29/2019 08:22 PM

    The Walnut piece is priceless!!

  • Fran Wilson

    12/29/2019 07:18 PM

    Thank you for being a voice we can always count on to be one of truth and integrity, a voice we can trust with some common sense, and yes, a voice of one who can add a little humor into the mix. But, I particularly want to praise you for supporting the Texas Rangers!! Now I know for sure you are the real deal! (Fran from Fort Worth)

  • Leo Draegert

    12/29/2019 07:18 PM

    Huck! You and I both know prayer works and miracles do happen. God is still in control for good, and your views look good to me. 2020 will be a year of fishing for souls that is what we are here for. So may we all have the happiest New Year.

  • Philip Morgan

    12/29/2019 07:17 PM

    Always great to hear your outlook and entertained by how many amusing and heartwarming things it contains!

  • Anna Louise Falls

    12/29/2019 06:40 PM

    Thank You for keeping us informed and I wish you and your family a Happy New Year! God Bless

  • David Meek

    12/29/2019 06:35 PM

    can u push- Inexpensive, Elective 4 high Schools. Endorsed by Walker, TX Ranger & many others!! FREE Good News Clubs 4 Elementary & Middle Schools NOW!!!
    People say I look like Actor Tommy Lee Jones! Thanks 4 assisting me n making movies so we can assist r 12 Grandkids through college. I also portray, n buckskins, r relative, Legendary Mt Man Joe Meek, OR God Richly Bless You USAF 66-70 England, Germany, & Thailand Pastor Greeley, CO


    12/29/2019 06:03 PM

    Right on Huck. Especially the CNN part!

  • Judy Gibson

    12/29/2019 05:54 PM

    Every thing you wrote is exactly the truth! Loved every thing you said. Keep up the Good Work! God Bless you for all you do. We never miss your T. V. Show. It sure is nice to have a born again Christian on T. V. Best wishes to you and your family??

  • Betty Jo Simone

    12/29/2019 05:54 PM

    Thank you, Mr. Huckabee, for keeping us informed on the real news. I am so comfortable reading your comments because I can trust that we are hearing the truth. Happy New Year. Jo

  • Margaret Waggoner Lake

    12/29/2019 05:50 PM

    Excellebt usual! I cannot imagine that Dems will win the presincy unless they get rid of the electoral college or give voting registration to their pet priject..the taming and usery of non citizens.

  • sharon meier

    12/29/2019 05:49 PM

    I love your comments...the use of humor and your incredible ability to see through the mess we are being subjected to each day. You make me think, and most of the time, you calm me down when I want to strangle some of the ding dong people called politicians....I wish you a blessed New Year and pray you will continue to do what you do , so well. God bless you and your work,

  • Larry Lockwood

    12/29/2019 05:27 PM

    I really enjoy your TV show and daily commentary and tell all my friends about it.
    How many people watch your weekly show and how does that compare to last year