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November 1, 2021


Good evening! Here are some stories from me that I think you will want to read.



1.  TWEET OF THE DAY: From Clay Travis of "The same blue check brigade members who have spent five years arguing Colin Kaepernick should be able to make political statements in uniform at work are demanding a Southwest Airlines pilot be fired for allegedly saying ‘Let’s go Brandon,’ on the plane PA.”

2. DC DEMOCRATS ARE INCAPABLE: The Democrats in DC are proving incapable even of recognizing the real problems Americans are facing or what they want done about them, much less doing anything to fix them. The warring factions within the Party kept both of the two big spending bills they’re pushing from passing, but now they’re vowing that they’ll pass them on Tuesday.

They’re counting on passing these bills to boost their poll numbers, but a new ABC News/Ipsos poll found that only 25% of Americans think these bills would help them if they passed. 18% think they’d make no difference, 24% don’t know, and 32% think they would harm people like them. Even among Democrats, only 47% think these bills would help them.

People are starting to wake up to the dangers of rising inflation that worsen when the government prints and spends trillions of dollars. They also know about the staggering national debt that ballooned even more during the pandemic. And maybe they’re starting to become skeptical about all these promises of free everything (child care, health care, college, a guaranteed income) when we’re constantly worrying about the funding for the two big programs we already have, Social Security and Medicare.

Meanwhile, as his agenda was struggling in Congress, and Americans were struggling with the disastrous results of his policies, Biden was in Rome for a G20 summit, where his biggest “accomplishment” was getting other nations to agree to a minimum global tax on corporations that will make products even more expensive. Then he was off to Scotland for a “climate change” summit.

But he groused that China, Russia and Saudi Arabia wouldn’t make any commitments to reducing greenhouse gases. And why should they? Biden entered office by bludgeoning our own domestic fuel industry, including killing the Keystone XL Pipeline project while okaying a Russian pipeline. He blew our hard-won energy independence while empowering and enriching our rivals. Now, he’s criticizing Russia and Saudi Arabia for not generating enough oil.

He’s even been reduced to begging OPEC to drill more oil to save us and lower the gas and heating fuel prices he’s driven up. They said no. And why should they do what he says? He gave away his power. He’s King Lear. Or King Leer.

And with the world’s biggest polluters refusing to comply with restrictive “climate change” measures, as puts it, Biden is killing the US economy for no reason.

As bad as all this is, there were further embarrassing details. If you want to see them, has a round-up of quotes and videos. I warn you, it leaves a depressing feeling that we’re all in the backseat of a runaway car and the driver is asleep at the wheel.

3. BIDEN IS PRESIDENT NOT EMPEROR: It apparently hasn’t yet occurred to President Biden, but the Presidency is not like being an emperor or dictator. Since taking office, he’s done a lot of ordering, but precious little leading or persuading. And that could be about to wallop America in a big way.

At a time when we desperately need cops, first responders and health care workers, his draconian vaccine mandates are threatening to spark a major shortage due to thousands of them refusing to comply.

In addition, fellow wannabe-dictator Bill de Blasio’s New York City vaccine mandate was predicted to cause up to 24,000 New York City workers not to show up today.

Hundreds of airline flights are being canceled, and a whistleblower told the Gateway Pundit site that it’s partly because of worker shortages.

A number of companies are warning the government that they might have to drop their federal contracts because they can’t meet the vaccine mandate requirements.

The Air Force has the first deadline for vaccination among the military branches (tomorrow), and there are reportedly 12,000 holdouts willing to be discharged over it.

While 87% of active duty troops are vaccinated, if you include National Guard troops, that drops to just 68%. Biden claims he’ll use the National Guard to fill in for all those vacant healthcare and first responder positions. How is that going to work out if there's a shortage of National Guard troops, too?

And the pushback is growing. There’s a movement afoot for a “Worldwide Walkout Day” on November 3rd to protest the vaccine mandates:

And there's a growing number of high profile dissenters, and not just among Republicans. Rapper/actor Ice Cube turned down a $9 million movie payday reportedly because it required vaccination. It was a comedy ironically entitled, “Oh Hell No.”

And we can only speculate on how much worse the supply chain crisis will get if Biden tries to enforce his mandate on all those truckers and warehouse and port workers.

This is why good leaders operate through persuasion and leadership, not threats and bullying. That doesn’t work, especially not on Americans. It’s no surprise that over the weekend, Biden channeled his inner Mussolini, although it would have been more diplomatic if he hadn’t done it while visiting Rome.


“Let’s Go, Brandon,” a family-friendly euphemism for an obscene rebuke of President Biden, has become a cultural phenomenon, and it’s both instructive and hilarious to see how top Democrats and liberal media gatekeepers are frantically trying to squelch it.

I already reported on how Tik-Tok removed a popular hip-hop song called “Let’s Go, Brandon,” claiming it somehow violated their ban on “harassment and bullying.” So after four years of brutal assaults on Trump that were perfectly fine, criticizing or satirizing Joe Biden is out of bounds. I’d compare this to the Emperor’s New Clothes, but nobody wants to think about Joe Biden naked.

Remember how Alec Baldwin viciously mocked Trump on “SNL” every week? Even if you stopped watching “SNL” after Bill Murray left, or Norm MacDonald was fired or Chris Farley died, you couldn’t escape those sketches because major media outlets and social media posted them everywhere, as if they were actual news, just as they did whenever Colbert, Kimmel or other late night DNC mouthpieces posing as comedians ripped Trump. Now, they’re trying to convince us that Americans are not allowed to mock Biden when the professional “comedians” refuse to do it.

And how well is that attempt to kill the “Let’s Go, Brandon” craze working out? Well, that phrase is being chanted at sporting events, sold on T-shirts and bumper stickers, and popping up everywhere. It’s being shouted at anti-vaccination mandate protests, even in New York City. Sunday, three of the top 10 downloads on iTunes were called “Let’s Go, Brandon,” and two of them were at #1 and #2, ahead of Adele’s new single. These were rap tunes, giving the lie to the claim that only white supremacists are upset with Biden, but there are also variations on the theme in rock, country and other genres.

It even has its own dance, which Stephen Green of PJ Media joked should be called “The Incontinental.”

But the CNN/MSNBC crowd really went ballistic after a Southwest Airlines pilot slipped “Let’s go, Brandon” into his intercom chat to passengers (Southwest is investigating the incident: The hysterical media overreactions ranged from calling on all the passengers to file complaints with the FAA to declaring the phrase the “MAGA version of ‘Sieg Heil.’”

First of all, I doubt that the young black rappers cutting songs blasting Joe Biden are Trump supporters or Nazis. Secondly, as the article at the link explains, equating mocking a President for his incompetence to the Holocaust is far more offensive than what even the real version of “Let’s Go, Brandon” stands for. And if liberals seriously don’t know what it stands for, then I can tell them quietly and privately. But I can assure them it’s NOT “Sieg Heil.”


5. A SERIOUS PROBLEM: Are you worried about the supply chain breakdown leading to empty store shelves, skyrocketing prices, weeks-long waits for delivery, Christmas being ruined and many other serious problems we haven’t even heard about from the media yet? Wondering what’s really causing it and what could fix it, but nobody’s even attempting to do it?

Then check out this detailed article by Ryan Johnson, a Teamster (fair warning, he doesn’t have a high opinion of non-union trucking) and 20-year veteran “Class A truck driver with experience in nearly every aspect of freight.”

I won’t even attempt to summarize it because it’s a giant, tangled ball of problems, from a need for thousands more truck chassis to a severe shortage of truckers and warehouse workers. Here’s an excerpt to give you an idea of how complicated this is:

“What we have is a system with a limited amount of trucks and qualified drivers, many of whom are already working 14 hours a day (legally, the maximum they can), and now the supposed fix is to have them work 24 hours a day, every day, and not stop until the backlog is cleared. It’s not going to happen. It is not physically possible. There is no ‘cavalry’ coming. No trucking companies are going to pay to register their trucks to haul containers for something that is supposedly so ‘short term,’ because these same companies can get higher rate loads outside the ports. There is no extra capacity to be had, and it makes NO difference anyway, because if you can’t get a container unloaded at a warehouse, having drivers work 24/7/365 solves nothing.”

His dire assessment is that we’d better get used to doing our Christmas shopping in July because things are only going to get worse, partly because the “experts in charge” are useless (ordering ports to stay open 24/7 will do nothing) and partly because shipping companies have no incentive to fix it. The huge backlog means they can run full time and charge much higher rates to those who can afford “premium priority” shipping. They’ll make higher profits (for Democrat politicians, that’s called “the law of supply and demand”) while consumers will pay much more for shipping and goods and most people will deal with shortages (again, for Democrat politicians: that’s called “inflation,” an invisible tax on the poor and middle class.)

I’d suggest that our current “Secretary of Transportation” read this and actually learn something about his job, but I hear he’s in Scotland, dealing with this Administration’s #1 priority: trying to improve the weather a hundred years from now.

6. TOMORROW: New Jersey and Virginia will hold elections that include races for Governor that the entire nation will be watching as a harbinger for 2022. I always warn people not to read too much national significance into local and state elections, which often hinge on issues unrelated to national politics. Still, the Democrats are desperate not to lose these elections because they’re already panicking over their 2022 Congressional prospects and think they need wins to shore up their base.

Under ordinary circumstances, these should be slam-dunks, and it’s likely the Democrats will still pull out wins. New Jersey is solidly blue, while Virginia has become dominated by federal government trough-feeders in the DC suburbs and McAuliffe has already served a term as Governor. However, they’re facing gale-force headwinds from Biden’s unpopularity, and from making the biggest mistake any Democrat can make: letting the public know what they're really going to do once in office.

An advisor to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy was caught on hidden camera revealing that he plans to sock the people with a vaccine mandate but they’re not saying that until after he’s safely reelected. And McAuliffe keeps shooting himself in the foot with a machine gun, from siding with leftist school boards over parents to storming out of TV interviews to his campaign promoting a hoax smear against opponent Glenn Youngkin. He’s brought in all the big name Democrats, including Biden and Kamala Harris, as if suggesting he’ll govern like them is a positive. And in the latest blasts, he said on “Meet The Press” Sunday that parents should not be picking school books because “we have experts who actually do that.”

And the Washington Free Beacon reports that a watchdog group asked the FEC to investigate whether his campaign violated federal law by taking a $350,000 donation from a foreign-owned company linked to an overseas money-laundering probe.

Will any of this keep Murphy and McAuliffe from being elected? I hope so, but in those states, you can’t bet the farm on it. Plus, with early voting, a fifth of the Virginia vote has already been cast, much of it during a time when McAuliffe was still riding high in the polls (another reason not to vote so early, but that’s another essay.)

At this point, all Republicans can do is turn out and vote as if their states depend on it, because they do. Take as many people along with you as you can, and I hope a lot of you volunteered to be poll watchers. I have a feeling those polls will need a lot of watching.

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  • Mike Horst

    11/02/2021 05:31 PM

    Well Governor...I wonder if the scum bucket, no count Democrats are going to deliver a middle of the night miracle win in the governors race in Virginia. I'd be willing to bet it will happen barring the Republicans guarding the counting centers with loaded guns to prevent it. I have to say when Biden basically guarantees a victory for the Democrats. Sleeping all the while! How does he know that? We know from the 2020 elections how that happened...Don't We!

  • Jacqueline Johnson

    11/02/2021 01:26 PM

    While I routinely have my Christmas shopping done by July, I do worry that the price of foods for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners will be outrageous, if we can even get what we are looking for.

  • Carmen Price

    11/02/2021 01:22 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I am a senior and live a good healthy life, but I have never in all my years seen America in such
    shambles as we are in now. Shortages in stores, gas prices back to the 70's, chaos all over the place, and now mandates that we don't need. Our military and police treated like criminals, it has to stop before we get into another civil war............and now parents treated worse then criminals for just wanting to protect their children from indoctrination! It has to stop!
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV
    Get Captain Sam Brown on your TV show

  • Judy Radley

    11/02/2021 11:04 AM

    Now would be a great time to go back to everything made and shipped in America. Then the containers piling up from China, won't be a problem. To heck with climate change, it is the Earth's strength that is causing any change, not humans. The universe is mass, infinite, and what happens up there, has not much to do with what humans do or don't do on the surface. There is still more surface area on Earth than people can cover. It is the universe causing changes, not teeny tiny life-forms, in comparison, on the surface.

  • Stephen Russell

    11/02/2021 10:20 AM

    Supply Chain issue: saw other site of a photos from a dumpster where local diver found Intact NOT Expired products from a local Whole Foods store.
    Location not given

  • George A Reynolds

    11/02/2021 09:31 AM

    Here's a suggested verse of the day passage:

    2 Thessalonians 3:11-12 (St. Paul says...)
    "Yet we hear that some of you are living idle lives, refusing to work and meddling in other people's business. We command such people and urge them in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and work to earn their own living." (New Living Translation)

  • Mark Smith

    11/02/2021 09:27 AM

    Regarding “Biden is not Emperor”, I fear that we are misunderstanding what is happening. Too many people are quick to accuse this administration of being incompetent. Instead, I’m afraid that it’s all by design. Reduce oil production to make us reliant on foreign sources and drive the cost up, mandate vaccines knowing there will be a disruption in services, police, fire department, and medical staffing, open borders with no concern for disease status, pay many who entered illegally. All designed to create chaos and despair in the hopes that the citizenry will turn to government and beg for them to fix it. If conditions get bad enough, if the trash is piled in the streets, if crime becomes more prevalent, if people die due to lack of emergency and medical personnel, people will be willing to sacrifice freedoms to make it all go away, and government will be all to happy to oblige.

  • Jerry Korba

    11/02/2021 07:55 AM

    People should understand the power of addiction it comes in many forms and when I watch Americans that support Democratic views I can only hope that they can get help. As most addicts live miserable lives the Dem is no different the Dem just doesn't get what a great feeling of what freedom can reward them with. Lifestyles come in different forms some love simple clean honest way of life no need to look over your shoulder for corrupt and dishonest activity some love to work and make themselves and the community they live in a better place some will try and bait others into giving assets away for products that are useless as what Joe Biden has done along with a media that pounded the poor unexpected Dem. supporter, an easy target that is unable to see thru the slimy exterior of a Democratic Politician the Democratic supporter is addicted to stupid as they have no regard for history and they repeat the insane mistakes time after time look at the Democratic run communities they are addicted to Chaos and misery and most of all stupidity.

  • Marianne Gregory

    11/02/2021 07:25 AM

    Governor, as always thank you for reading the news so I don't have to! How about instead of worrying how to make, ship and buy all this stuff for Christmas America gets back to what Christmas is really about, and finds better ways than stuff to show each other how much we love each other? There is a VeggieTales show called Madame Blueberry that features what happens with too much stuff....we could all learn a good lesson this year and just not buy all that stuff! Maybe not great for the economy, but great for our souls!!

  • Wallace Rowan

    11/02/2021 06:47 AM

    Dear Mike,

    Just start calling them "The Party of Cain." Simple as that. The democrat party is rooted in evil and has been since its inception. Theirs is a long history of damnable insults and malignancies to our country, our Constitution and our society that continues unabated under the doddering "leadership" of the geriatric fool and ventriloquist's dummy, Let's Go Brandon.

    Wallace Rowan