October 7, 2016

At a Clinton rally in Youngstown, Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan told the crowd that Donald Trump “will gut you and he will walk over your cold dead body, and he won’t even flinch...He’ll climb over your cold dead body and get on his helicopter.” Ryan added, “I don’t mean to be dramatic, but that’s what’s at stake.”

Well, thank goodness he wasn't being dramatic. Although, personally, I think that accusing your political opponent of wanting to gut people and climb over a pile of their cold corpses to get into his helicopter (doesn’t he have some sort of ramp for that?) does seem a tad over-the-top. I miss the good old days of civilized political discourse, like back in 2012, when Joe Biden told African-Americans that Mitt Romney would "put you all back in chains." That must be what Obama means when he says that Trump is not a qualified, acceptable candidate like Romney was. Trump wants to murder every voter and walk over their dead bodies while Romney just wanted to reinstitute slavery.

Oh, and don’t forget, Trump has also coarsened our high-minded political discourse. That’s what makes him so much worse than Romney. That, and his secret “Gut Everybody and Walk Over Their Corpses” plan.


President Obama loves to lecture people on the only proper way (his) to do things at which he has failed miserably, and the latest example comes courtesy of The Economist magazine. Obama has written an article offering economic advice to the next President, which is sort of like taking fire prevention advice from Mrs. O’Leary’s cow. Before clicking over to absorb Obama’s wisdom on how to get an economy charging along at 1.2% growth, check out the Gateway Pundit’s list of Obama’s negative economic achievements, some of them historically bad enough to have earned him a place in the record books.


A tale of two political mindsets: Donald Trump tweeted out prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Matthew and urged people in evacuation zones to get out and stay safe:


Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton didn’t let the crisis go to waste: she rearranged her commercial buy in the affected areas to run more campaign ads on the Weather Channel. The decision was hastily reversed after it threatened to turn a hurricane into a firestorm of outrage:


I pointed out that Hillary Clinton’s description of Bernie supporters as a bunch of naïve, underemployed youth living in their parents’ basements and wanting free stuff was a rare instance of her actually being honest about what she thought, and it would be ironic if that one fleeting moment of honesty cost her the election. Her media minions have done their best to downplay it, but this excellent article by female Millennial Alex Smith nails what’s really wrong with it: that she’s right, a lot of Millennials are underemployed and still living with their parents; but it’s because of the failed, top-down, unfair policies of Obama and Clinton that she’s threatening to continue for four more years.

Brava, too, to Ms Smith for pointing out why Hillary and the media are so obsessed with making this race about Trump’s distant past: his 21-year-old tax form, an alleged comment about a beauty pageant contestant from 20 years ago, or what he said to Howard Stern about the Iraq War 14 years ago. She can’t make her campaign about America’s future, the way Trump is, because there’s absolutely nothing on her resume that indicates that she knows how to make the future better. All her decisions up until now have only contributed to making the present worse, particularly for Millennials.

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