It turned out to be a good thing that Attorney General Bill Barr released his opening statement in advance of his appearance before Jerrold Nadler's House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, as that statement was just about the only way he had to express an opinion or offer any information at all.

In fact, he could have just submitted it and not even appeared, as Team Nadler had obviously huddled beforehand and decided not to let him answer their questions.

Their strategy was to berate him, throw an incriminating question at him, and, as soon as he began speaking, interrupt with the parliamentary phrase “Reclaiming my time,” intended to make him stop. When ranking Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio requested that they quit cutting Barr off, Nadler responded, “What you want is irrelevant. Irrelevant to the rules.”

While attempting to smear Barr as someone who acts politically, they turned their own hearing into the worst political spectacle since impeachment. (Once again, Democrats do the very thing they accuse others of doing.) The level of hate in that room was turned up to 10 –- for fans of Spinal Tap, 11 –- and it reminded me, uncomfortably, of the Antifa burn-it-all-down show currently playing in an American city near you. It was that nasty. Here’s an example of how it went down.

Here’s a more amusing take, as we could all use a laugh.

In the most bizarre, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink moment of all, Barr was implicated in Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

I get the impression the Democrats must start every day with a Two Minutes Hate against both Trump and Barr. They likely hate (and fear) Barr as much as they do Trump himself, as Barr has no doubt seen every bit of classified material that incriminates them in scandal. He KNOWS. They know he knows. And he knows they know he knows.

Chairman Nadler showed a similar lack of respect to his Republican colleagues, telling them they couldn’t even have water during the hearing. In retrospect, that might have been a good thing, because he refused even a five-minute bathroom break when Barr finally, politely, asked for one. He received no break for lunch or for...anything else.

Barr did get a few chances to express himself, such as when he said, “What makes me concerned for the country is that it’s the first time in my memory that the leaders of one of our great political parties, the Democratic Party, are not coming out and condemning mob violence and the attack on federal courts.” Amazingly, he managed to call the Democratic Party “one of our great political parties” without revealing a trace of sarcasm, which would probably have been impossible for me to do.

Weirdly, Democrats keep trying to insist the protest has been “peaceful” when Barr sees it as decidedly not. No doubt you’ve seen video from Seattle, Portland and Atlanta; what do YOU think it is? Any sane person would agree with Barr. It has been a bloody freak show, and the violence needed to be shut down with the first brick thrown.

The always colorful and thoughtful Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana appeared Tuesday night on Shannon Bream’s FOX NEWS show, where he expressed disgust. He said he had to turn the hearing off after watching “bits and pieces” of it, because, he said, “It was triggering my gag reflex.” Rather than being a hearing, he said, it was “an attempted persecution" --- one he thought the American people would see through.

"I think the point that some of my Democratic colleagues seemed to be trying to make was that the attorney general is out of control. But what they really mean is that he’s out of THEIR control.”


He went on: “Bill Barr is guided by the rule of law, and he doesn’t do anyone’s bidding. He calls it like he sees it. I thought that he was, for the most part, his usual unflappable self. And he’s tough; you’ve got to be tough to be in that job. He’s tough as a pine knot, and I respect that about him as well.”

Since Barr didn’t get to talk much about the true nature of these “peaceful” protests, I’ll link to this excellent commentary from Victor Davis Hanson, who ends on an optimistic note that the American public will recognize what this is and push back forcefully on Election Day.

Finally, a couple of tweets to wrap up the day. Byron York tweeted: “Democratic Rep. Greg Stanton speaking to Attorney General Bill Barr, in a line that sums up today’s Judiciary Committee appearance: “You’ll have a chance to comment after your testimony is over today.”

And this caution, from Greg Gutfeld: “In that hearing you witnessed people whose salaries you pay, accuse a man of murder and treason – then refuse to let him speak or defend himself. You think the unbending mob on the street is worse? No, this is. And it’s coming for you.”

We’ll be ready. As Sen. Kennedy said, “The American people are not morons.”

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  • Elizabeth Honaker

    07/29/2020 11:35 PM

    Ah, the "Two Minutes Hate"!! I love it that you are familiar with George Orwell's 1984. I taught it a dozen years ago for high school English, but I have started re-reading it. Boy is it SCARY -- and coming true before our very eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathleen Tomer

    07/29/2020 11:25 PM

    The whole thing was a waste of my time. The Dems are despicable!!! I so wanted AG Barr to be able to respond to the questions but the Dems had a plan from the beginning and they all stuck to it!

    Evil, every last one of them!

  • Elizabeth Wyrick

    07/29/2020 10:59 PM

    I hope the Attorney General has a very diligent and trustworthy bodyguard.??

  • Carl "T" Smith

    07/29/2020 10:00 PM

    Nature Abhors a Vacuum! This is the perfect explanation of the current Dim Wit Party.

  • Brian Woodell

    07/29/2020 09:53 PM

    I'm done leaving any comments, we're just preparing for the end. Won't win, but that's not the point. Maybe we do win in the end. Didn't Jesus? He suffered and endured a lot. Just as we will in the end!

  • Bill Domenico

    07/29/2020 09:00 PM

    Democrats again demonstrated that they are stone cold certified morons. They would show more respect to Ho Chi Minh and Osama bin Laden than to the Attorney General of the U.S. Sickening to watch! A disgrace! We are in deep quicksand if the unthinkable happens in November, even if Jill Biden is from my hometown of Hammonton!

  • Debra Black

    07/29/2020 08:37 PM

    Yesterday's hearing was the most disgusting site. I thought Kavanaugh's hearings was bad but this was really bad. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Barr. I would have flipped them off and walked out. Those democrats were a disgusting group of people. It was all a Democratic Campaign at Mr. Barr's expense. The demons are coming out.

  • Darrell McKinnon

    07/29/2020 08:34 PM

    I heard Nadler say that “Antifa is a myth” in an interview today. Does he know something that we don’t? Is it a screen or cover for liberals possibly hired by Democrats to keep conservatives from voting as they are trying to instill fear and disorder? To stop them, Phone signals need to be jammed and all social media sites need to be shut down so they can’t plan a or communicate and then police and fire fighters need to get out the firehoses and “wash them out of our city streets!” How long could they protest while being pelted with water from a fire hose?

  • Dee S.

    07/29/2020 08:32 PM

    Kudos to AG Barr! I loved the "amusing take" also! I am so ashamed for our country with our House DemocRats behavior and the entire Party as well. It is such an embarassing thing listening to them, especially! the Ring leader Pelosi. I watch her speak and I think this person really thinks shes cute and hip. If only she could see what the rest of us see. Love your take on the world Gov. Huckabee. God Bless.

  • George Lyda

    07/29/2020 08:09 PM

    Jasper deserves jail immediately. Loss of “job” loss of pay, loss of pension and health benefits and start repaying his salary to the American people from his personal assets. We’re sick of crap like this.

  • Betsy Woog

    07/29/2020 08:06 PM

    I am disgusted and appalled with the insane, crazy Dems and their disrespect towards AG Barr. You could tell that it was ALL PLANNED by the deceitful, evil, liars!!

  • George Cooper

    07/29/2020 07:45 PM

    "We’ll be ready. As Sen. Kennedy said, “The American people are not morons.”"
    I'm sorry Mike, I think many Americans are uneducated morons today, and the ones that aren't, may be to afraid of the mob to go vote....... Heaven help us if that happens.
    I'm with Trump... My family is with Trump... And everyone we know is with Trump... We pray for him daily, and we pray for all of our leaders, even the ones we cannot stand. I wish you could run and win Mike...... We could use a good man like you in Congress or the White House. Hang in there!

  • Rose Ann Schienle

    07/29/2020 07:28 PM

    I hope all voters see the truth of the Democrats stand on keeping our nation safe and free. Right now I wouldn't give you a for any of the leaders of Democratic states.

  • Janet Foster

    07/29/2020 07:18 PM

    I can think of no one who could have endured the rudeness and disrespect as well as AG Barr during this travesty. He showed himself to be a man of quality, intelligence and integrity. One has to wonder if those making accusations against him, and asking questions he was not allowed to answer, realize the degree they belittled themselves. There is no longer any doubt these people have no place in governing our great nation. We, the people, deserve better.
    AG Barr deserves better. AG Barr deserves a hand written, notarized apology from each for their behavior. This, of course, depends on their ability to pen an apologetic letter!
    Thank you, AG Barr, for all you do for our country. May God Bless you.

  • Michael

    07/29/2020 07:17 PM

    The Democrats have the appropriate symbol- the "jackass". Barr and the Republicans were treated with total disrespect. Who would sit there during that circus and not be allowed to have a bathroom break, something to eat and drink!! Nothing but hateful and totally inexcusable. I hope, truly hope that one huge never seen before majority of Americans are seeing that if we don't vote to make the Democratic jackasses nonexistent, we will lose this nation. We can not afford to let the destructive cancer of the Democrats to keep growing and destroying our country. VOTE REPUBLICAN in November 2020!

  • Virginia Latino

    07/29/2020 07:13 PM

    It is ridiculous and a waste of taxpayers money to put atty general in a circus run by dems. Their behavior is unacceptable and to deny they clearly see the antifa rioting and injuries to police is out of control.

  • Cathy Bryan

    07/29/2020 07:13 PM

    The democrats have shown America who they truly are and We The People will get to show how we feel about the democrats in November. That hearing was an example of what these democrats want for America!!!!! We will resist them in November!!!!!! Trump 2010

  • Paula R Carreno

    07/29/2020 07:06 PM

    They were horrible the entire time never giving him a chance to comment at any point it wasn't a hearing to me it was just a show of their hate filled lives. I finally had to turn it off because I was shocked that these people where acting so disrespectful and with so much hate coming out of their mouths

  • Francine Garifo

    07/29/2020 07:05 PM

    When will it end? The democrats will never let it end sore losers!

  • Jerry Korba

    07/29/2020 07:01 PM

    Politicians on the Left are being funded by big Corporations that do business with China and are funded by people that hate America and organizations that hate America from around the world. BLM Antifa are funded by American haters. And you ask way does the Left Hate America they are being paid to hate America. The Left will be panicking more as the election nears. They fear that the way they manipulated the Black vote for a century is losing some appeal. Blacks are starting to understand why Abortion clinics are set up in their communities to kill black babies, blacks are now starting to understand that black people are killing black people more each year and the politicians let them kill. City councils want to abolish police in their communities so the killing will be less investigated if that is possible. White women are afraid of the Conservative politician because of what? The Conservative will try to keep law and order in their community Conservatives know that safe and good schools are important to the children's future for a good life Conservatives believe in the Constitution that brings freedom for the people. Our President is not a politician he is a Business man forced to worked with corrupt Politicians. White women think our President is a bit to rough when dealing with corrupt politicians or having to work with Communist regimes one that that is killing white women's friends relatives, and neighbors and Americans in general. Look at DeBlasio and Cuomo Newsom the mayor of Seattle and the rest of the Left, these people come out hating law enforcement, white women these are not your kids future the Left will lead you to Portland Chicago LA NY people there they can't get away fast enough, thats The Lefts idea for your kids future if you elect a Leftist you won't have to move they will come to you. When you elect a Leftist board up the down town board up your house its over.

  • Glenn Coffey

    07/29/2020 06:46 PM

    A while back, I watched an old news reel showing a Nazi courtroom where enemies of Hitler were being tried in a Nazi kangaroo court. Nadler and associates in the AG Barr hearing reminded me of what I saw in that old news reel. Nice of them to show us in advance how they will govern if ever given power. Hope freedom loving Americans are thinking about that in November. I appreciate the work you do and all of your commentary. Keep it up.

  • Linda Radosevich

    07/29/2020 06:29 PM

    Thanks for your continued excellent news, Governor! If I don't hear it from you, I don't trust it.
    I think the Left sees that their end is near, and they are frantic in their targeting of Barr, Trump, and anyone who stands with them. They are trying anything and everything to take them down. But as Sen. Kennedy says, "The American people are not morons."

  • carlos davis

    07/29/2020 06:12 PM

    As a Spinal Tap fan,"I know that Democrats "BREAK LIKE THE WIND".
    Renaming Nader as George Oscar gets the GO for his Go-nader nickname.
    I'll be learning bass guitar since you and Gary Sinase make it look SO EASY!!!

  • Tim Payne

    07/29/2020 05:59 PM

    Great article. Yeah, totally agree the liberals are an embarrassment and are lawless with no dignity. No one is surprised by their behavior but everyone is very tired of seeing and the coup continues in the streets at this point. The DOJ and GOP better do something about the censorship of conservatives on social media and the attack on voting with the mail in election tampering and voter fraud.

  • Christine G. Anderson

    07/29/2020 05:50 PM

    I am a day late but I have to write-Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris-we know all we need to know about Both of them-Peter Shweitzer's Profiles in Corruption-it gives you all you need to know about both of them-Governor: do you. remember the time when theatre troupes were looked down on as somewhat amoral-they haven't changed-they just think they have. B.S. (Streisand-what a hypocrite-she is a "frog in the water" They will come for them after they get their money-they hate them too-they hate everyone-especially themselves.