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April 8, 2021

Of the letters we received in response to our commentary on "Crossfire Hurricane" being proven a total fraud, this is one we especially wanted to answer, to put the FBI's unconscionable political spying into historical perspective. They've done it before.

From Todd:

Having worked for the FBI in the early and mid ‘70s, and actually having met Director Hoover, I find the Special Agent's actions and attitudes involved with trying to corroborate allegations made in the dossier to be reprehensible. I'm certain had Mr. Hoover been in charge of the Bureau when all this garbage was alleged that it would have been crushed early on.

I know one thing for sure...if FBI agents knocked on my front door and wanted to speak with me, I'd order them off my front porch. I wouldn't talk to anyone from the Bureau ever. And that hurts me, but it's a fact!

From the Gov:

Thanks so much for writing. I’ve long spoken with pride about our rank-and-file FBI, no matter who was calling the shots from the top. I would imagine that most current and former FBI agents are as embarrassed and disgusted by the reprehensible conduct of McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Brian Auten and that group as you are.

Sadly, your advice not to talk with anyone from the FBI is on the mark. After what they did to set up and ambush Mike Flynn, deceiving him into thinking he was just having a casual meeting and didn’t need a lawyer, the trust is gone. It would be extremely ill-advised to speak to someone from the FBI without a lawyer present, even if you can’t imagine that you’ve done anything wrong.

It must have been quite a moment to meet someone with the stature of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a powerful legend who served eight Presidents, running the Bureau for decades. Still, Hoover’s long tenure was also controversial, especially as it related to violations against the civil liberties of Americans. In other words, there was a whole lotta spyin’ goin’ on, and we didn’t really start learning the extent of it until the 1970s. I’d like to think Hoover would have refused to work against Trump by spying on innocent Americans associated with his campaign, but given his history, that’s very hard to say.

My writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth wrote about this a couple of years ago in her commentary, “The FBI’s Long, Proud History of Political Spying.”

“In an interview in 1971,” Ainsworth wrote, “J. Edgar Hoover revealed that he had bugged [Republican presidential nominee Barry] Goldwater’s plane on orders from the Oval Office. Why? ‘You do what the President of the United States orders you to do,’ he said. Hoover’s second-in-command, William C. Sullivan, also confirmed the spying operation.”

Ainsworth turned up an archival story from THE NEW YORK TIMES in December of 1975 that “details acts carried out ‘for political purposes’ by the FBI at the behest of all six Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to Richard Nixon.”

Aside from the breaking-and-entering of Democrat Party headquarters at the Watergate Hotel, which was carried out by Nixon’s re-election campaign, the most famous bugging episode, which was outlined in a 16-page report by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, is no doubt the FBI’s bugging of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s hotel rooms. This was done by Hoover’s FBI on three different occasions, on order from President Lyndon Johnson in the mid-’60s.

We’ve turned up something else of interest, a website called TODAY IN CIVIL LIBERTIES HISTORY. Here’s a page that describes an event from August 24, 1936, “FDR Authorizes FBI To Resume Political Spying.”

It includes a number of links to more information.

“Given a green light by FDR,” the piece reads, “Hoover went on to conduct the greatest violations of civil liberties by any single person in American history.”

It should be acknowledged that, then as now, the country faced serious threats. In the 1950s, it was Communism, of course, threatening America from within, and today, it’s –- wouldn’t you know? –- Communism, once again threatening America from within (and, at the moment, succeeding). Surveillance has necessarily been a part of the FBI’s activities. The problem is when that spying is done on American citizens for political purposes, and J. Edgar Hoover, on order from several U.S. presidents, crossed that line numerous times.

Apparently, Todd, at the time you met Director Hoover, the extent of these violations was not well known. Much of this came out during Sen. Frank Church’s congressional investigation in 1975-76. That, in turn, resulted from the exposure of documents taken during the break-in of a small FBI office in 1971. A book came out about this in 2014, “THE BURGLARY: THE DISCOVERY OF J. EDGAR HOOVER’S SECRET FBI, by Betty Medsger.

It’s important to note that Hoover was following orders that came from the very top, directy from the President in office at the time. So far, we don't have hard proof that FBI Director Jim Comey was acting under direct orders from President Obama to spy on the Trump campaign, but under Obama's tenure, not only did Comey’s FBI cross that same line and conduct political spying on Americans, but they also obtained warrants with uncorroborated and even falsified evidence. That’s taking it yet another step. And, as we reported, the agent in charge of "corroborating" the fictional evidence for "Crossfire Hurricane" still has his job with the Bureau.

It’s going to take a concerted effort --- by the next Republican President, please! --- to clean house at the Justice Department, State Department and FBI and to make sure laws are followed. The dedicated rank-and-file deserve to be working for agencies they can be proud of once again.

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  • Phil Spampinato

    04/09/2021 11:28 AM

    Until the Lobbying Industry is reined in any persons forced out of DC positions of influence will just morph into Lobbying. These "undesirables" in one spot, become pawns of power in another. This should be regulated.

  • June Chandler

    04/09/2021 06:57 AM

    What a different America we would have if all citizens - especially politicians - had studied under your Ouchita professor who challenged you to read a chapter from Proverbs every day - and did it. That has to be a good thought filter.

  • Donna Goodwin

    04/09/2021 01:15 AM

    In your opinion is Gab a trustworthy site to download and follow?

  • Marnie Mitchell

    04/09/2021 12:24 AM

    As an American I have watched the FBI, CIA, NIH, Homeland Security, Governors, Secretaries of State and the list goes on ... abuse power, frame and persecute innocent political opponents. Allow the biggest election heist in history and lie and stand by and do nothing. This country is already destroyed. I have little hope of her being brought back to a place of liberty and justice for all.

  • Rikk foringer

    04/08/2021 05:45 PM

    Lately your newsletter is the highlight of my news intake for the day.

    Today the most profound paragraph was:
    “It’s going to take a concerted effort --- by the next Republican President, please! --- to clean house at the Justice Department, State Department and FBI and to make sure laws are followed. The dedicated rank-and-file deserve to be working for agencies they can be proud of once again”
    Amen to that. I can’t help but think President Trump regrets not doing just that.
    Keep up the good work Governor and team!


    04/08/2021 05:08 PM

    IT is so true-there are very few people that would stand up against govt. when that govt. agency is wrong. I made that choice twice during my law enforcement career and it prevented me from further promotions. That is the price one pays.

  • Margaret Johnson

    04/08/2021 05:02 PM

    This is about Biden’s gun control “laws/bills/executive orders, whatever you wish to call them.
    It’s my understanding that executive orders only pertain to Federal property?? Is this correct?
    Also States don’t have to follow them unless they are Democrat run??
    Your thoughts please. Thanks!

  • Lee Swann

    04/08/2021 04:46 PM

    Gov; Before POTUS Trump left the White House, and there was some sense of "normalcy" in Washington, D.C.; Tom Fitton & "Judicial Watch" claimed to have all the necessary evidence of MASSIVE corruption in D.C. & the Biden family, especially, Hunter & his damaging laptop. There was also an investigator in the Justice department, who was also going to name names and reveal ALL the corruption in the Clinton Foundation, the Biden family and the ties of George Soros to the fake dossier. Now, Sleepy, Uncle Joe is in office (but, NOT in charge), WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ALL THJIS THAT WAS GOING TO BE REVEALED? Has EVERYONE been bought off? Your comments, PLEASE. Thank you.

  • Jo Cluck

    04/08/2021 04:23 PM

    Cleaning the FBI, DOJ, SCOTUS is going to be a monumental task. President Trump will need some mighty staunch people to get this done. Pray we get a GOP House & Senate in 2022!!! Thank you for all you do, Gov. Huckabee. We are so privileged to have your daughter stepping up to fill a much needed position at the head of the state of Arkansas. We support her. Wish this state of Washington would get kicked into gear and go that way. Inslee is a snake (per #45 LOL) God bless!

  • Sarah B.

    04/08/2021 04:14 PM

    I am a senior at the University of Arkansas and I wish every student and faculty member here had to read your newsletter. I am so glad to be leaving U of A at this time because it has become so far left and advocates for so much that goes against the Bible and the Constitution. It is just like so many other institutions that are giving into the left woke mob. I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to speaking the truth about what is happening in our country and I can’t wait to vote for Sarah in this next election so that she can bring our state back to being great.

  • Elizabeth B. Crouse

    04/08/2021 04:02 PM

    Thank you for all you do. I agree with all your writings and this one was what I always thought. What is going on in Washington is a disgrace and is bringing down America. All I know to do is pray. They have lots of evil and lies and that is not what I want or even live in my own life. God please bless America

  • Jeanne Kilroy

    04/08/2021 03:56 PM

    I am very concerned & confused to read that more Americans are going left ???
    In light of the left’s socialist agenda. Do people realize this is a New Democratic Party - not your parents or grandparents “nice” party!?????????

  • Andy Kushner

    04/08/2021 03:34 PM

    As a Canadian, who worked for an American company in New Jersey for many years.... I was impressed with the American spirit.. I caught that honesty and pride; and have it still. However, I heard then, and wonder even now, the fact .... that it is almost impossible to remove anyone from political power, regardless what they have done or how serious their actions were. That fact exists in the USA and Canada.. The privileged elite do as they please. Pity !!!

  • Liz Rome

    04/08/2021 03:25 PM

    Yes--a lot to clean up in the upper ranks of FBI DOJ etc. This is a necessity --or all people will have every move watched and maybe even a point system for "proper" behavior like China.

  • Robin Rebhan

    04/08/2021 03:14 PM

    FBI spying. Recent events went far beyond spying. False evidence was manufactured and presented and arrests and prosecutions were wantonly and willfully made by the FBI and DOJ for political purposes against innocent people, who still suffer from the effects today. The recent damage to freedom by a weaponized branch of law enforcement is both disturbing and disgusting beyond anything in our nations history. The silence by the judiciary in this country I find to be equally disturbing.

  • Audrey waxmonsky

    04/08/2021 03:04 PM

    I am 74 and my Dad was a WWII vet. In NE PA the Democrats were in power for over 50 years. At election time, they would pay the people who were usually cash strapped. Dad became the Republican Twp. Chairman and called himself the gadfly referring to Socrates. We were watching TV and the Hoover was the topic of the news commentator. The newsman said that Hoover was too powerful to fire. My Dad laughed and said it was because he had something on everyone in DC.

  • Donald Plunkett

    04/08/2021 02:11 PM

    Bro. Mike
    You and your staff put out a great newsletter. Glad you moved the Bible verse of the day to the lead. And so glad you put national parks info at the end of the letter. There are lots more parks than I thought and you haven’t written of them all. How about highlighting the first national park - Buffalo River.
    You keep us informed and entertained in each edition. And you call out people who need to be exposed for their shenanigans. I say bear down on Mr. Biden and his corruption along with his son’s wrongdoing. And keep us informed about the people in high places in the alphabet soup of agencies like Homeland, DOJ, FBI, IRS. I’d love to know what the tarmac meeting in DOJ and former prez Clinton was all about.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Jennifer Mathew

    04/08/2021 12:44 PM

    Great article. Praying the next Republican president does exactly as Gov. Huckabee concluded.

  • Jerry Flavin

    04/08/2021 11:26 AM

    As a retired LEO, it saddens me to read the real history of the Bureau. I have friends that worked for the FBI who are fine honorable people. I believe the Bureau and we in local law enforcement made great strides in anti terrorism. However, their leadership was subverted right from the start and it has never gotten better. Most of Directors, from Hoover on, have been little dictators.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    04/08/2021 10:56 AM

    Wasn't Robert Kennedy the Attorney General under much of Hoovers FBI malarkey?