July 18, 2019

Wednesday’s commentary on the link between all four members of “The Squad” –- featured this week in a horrifying press conference  –- and a radical leftist organization called Justice Democrats sparked a huge number of letters, many of which asked the question, “Is George Soros funding Justice Democrats?” We were tempted to simply answer, “OF COURSE he is!” but, unlike the FBI, we don’t like to print material that hasn’t been verified.

So we went looking. We found a few sites that had been dedicated to Soros-related topics but that were no longer online, no doubt because they were thought to deal with fringe conspiracy theories and were taken down. But then we found some solid information from the Daily Caller News Foundation dating from about a year ago.

“Members linked to Soros-funded digital media asked Ocasio-Cortez to run for office,” the report states, “which guarantees she would get favorable news coverage by a media network that reaches almost 300 million people monthly.” Well, we know it was Justice Democrats that recruited her to run for office, so this suggests a strong connection.

The report goes on to confirm that connection, saying that “one member of the Soros-funded media, Cenk Uygur, also founded one of the two political groups responsible for asking Ocasio-Cortez to run, Justice Democrats, whose goal is to get Sanders-like politicians elected to Congress.” Sanders, as in socialist.  (Our understanding is that Uygur is no longer officially with JD, due to some #MeToo issues regarding his treatment of women in the workplace.)

The DCNF story also links favorable news coverage by “Soros-linked digital media” to AOC's win in the Democratic primary, which, of course, meant an automatic win in the heavily Democratic district. The other organization mentioned in this report, Brand New Congress, had essentially the same people involved.

According to the Media Research Center, “[George] Soros funds nearly every major left-wing media source in the United States. Forty-five of those are financed through his support of the Media Consortium...The list is predictable --- everything from Alternet to the Young Turks.” The Young Turks is Cenk Uygur’s YouTube channel, so that must be the “Soros-linked digital media” mentioned by DCNF.

So, there you go. Is George Soros involved? OF COURSE he is!

Details of Ocasio-Cortez's Ties To George Soros Revealed

Here’s the full report from the Media Research Center on Soros’ media empire. It mentions the Young Turks and Cenk Uygur, founder of Justice Democrats. This will curl your hair.

Soros-Funded Lefty Media Reach More Than 300 Million Every Month

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  • Madeline Koehler

    08/02/2019 05:08 PM

    I don't understand how Soros can interfer with American elections and policy. He was kicked out his own country where he worked for the Nazi to kill his own people. Why is here and helping the Dems to ruin our country.

  • mike houston

    07/23/2019 01:22 PM


  • Richard L Start

    07/23/2019 11:08 AM

    The Democratic Party has been pulling Left for a lot longer then people realize the biggest indicator is that Ronald Reagan was a Kennedy Democrat long before he became a Republican exclaiming "He didn't leave the Party the Party left him", a fact that can easily be proven if you listen to JFK's 1963 speech about taxes! Pay attention and you'll hear Reagan's "Trickle down theory"! The cuts didn't come until after JFK's assassination but his theory proved true more then once since then! When more people work under a strong economy we can make head way on our national debt, but only if we aren't spending foolishly like this Congress is doing to keep this President looking bad!

  • Harriet Carey

    07/22/2019 03:18 PM

    I just read a comment that Karen McClure sent you on 7-18-19 regarding the President taking the Lord's name in vain at his North Carolina rally. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who heard it. I was so disappointed. I think he was quoting someone else when he said it, but it was not bleeped out like some other words are bleeped out. I don't know where Ms. McClure got the President's email address from, but if I had it I would also email him. I am a Trump supporter all the way and I am very disturbed about the hatred the left wingers are throwing at him. He is doing a great job and I pray for him regularly, as well as those who work for him. I do not have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other of the social media. But I do have email. I considered sending him a letter, but somehow did not think he would get it. Please pass on my sentiments to President Trump to please do not take the Lord's name in vain again, even though he may be quoting someone else. Keep up the good work you are doing, Mike Huckabee. I appreciate you.

  • william fuhrer

    07/21/2019 12:08 PM

    I wish you could replay the beginning of Dr James Kennedy Ministries where it states...Marks and Engle first target of attack was RELIGION...LEAGUE OF MILITANT GODLESSNESS. iT WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE A PANEL DISCUSSING

  • Carole Mansfield

    07/21/2019 12:39 AM

    The people need to stop calling Democrats "Democratic", as in this story "Democratic Primary"! Besides isn't this country suppose to be a Constitutional Republic? Saying Democratic leads uninformed voters to associate it with Democracy. No connection in my book. Let me know if I am mistaken!

  • C Andez

    07/19/2019 02:08 PM

    The DNC logo is Copyrighted with Limited License and are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Surely there are still genuine democrats out there...they should sue the Justice democrats for infringing certain exclusive rights granted only to the copyright two cents.

  • Carol Popp

    07/19/2019 07:55 AM

    Soros is involved in anything that spells chaos and division in our country. He is the devil

  • Audrey Haymond

    07/19/2019 02:47 AM

    Thank you so much for all the information you provided about the 4 Radical Congresswomen!! It is so important that we are informed. I've been able to share this on Facebook and Twitter, so many haven't a clue and I am so grateful for your information and helping us to be aware of what is happening!! Thank you, thank you, Audrey Haymond

  • Gwen Collins

    07/18/2019 11:16 PM

    Keep up the good work. Stay safe.

  • rodney burke

    07/18/2019 08:26 PM

    sure doesn't reach me. My spam folder has 30-40 a day on two accounts.

  • Joe Wilkerson

    07/18/2019 07:59 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for confirming something I've suspected for a long time. This is why his country kicked him out a long time ago.

  • Richard D Trumbo

    07/18/2019 07:27 PM

    Good evening Mike. Thanks for all of your service sir. Question? WHY do we not file an arrest warrant for George Soros ? It is quite evident that he and sonny boy Adam Schiffty are working against the USA. Your thoughts sir.

  • Ellie Early

    07/18/2019 07:08 PM

    How did this man ever get into the US? Who was the President at the time he came here?

  • Jerry

    07/18/2019 07:04 PM

    Thanks for the info many have thought this evil and vile person has a lot to do with our nations discord it will take a lot to shut him down and if anyone can he has a lot of backups to carry on his evil ways so the fight to keep America depends on it's American people that means people that love our America needs to keep our Constitution in tact that means no more socialist ideas that can become law a vote for the 20 candidates from the left will be the demise of America.

  • Barry Ligus

    07/18/2019 05:51 PM

    The far distant history of Soros before he changed his name should be of concern to people, as should his support of socialists.
    The NDSAP called themselves socialists, as do the violent cabal in Venezuela.
    Does anyone in this country believe it would be any different here if they take over? (Other than brainwashed college graduates?)

  • Deanne Phillips

    07/18/2019 05:49 PM

    Wow, thank you for this! Soros really, really hates this country, doesn't he? Does he think he'll live forever? And after he's destroyed this country, where will he go? We're the last "free" country...Gracious! What a blooming idiot!

  • James Bagby

    07/18/2019 04:48 PM

    Gov. Huckabee; This doesn't suprise me because he is in tight with practically all democrats in congress as well as some cross-over republicans. Soros was pushing and financing all the racist riots during the St. Louis problems and also responsible for financing the cop killers in Texas. My question to you and every congressman in Washington, "why has he not been accused and prosecuted for the crimes he is responsible for through his financing. The least the government should do to him is revoke his tax-exemption on all his corporations. Thanks again, Jim

  • Michael

    07/18/2019 04:47 PM

    Thank you Governor Huckabee for enlightening us and doing the work of obtaining facts on George Soros. I like many other of your readers, wonder why someone like George Soros funding any left wing organization and Democrats like AOC and others, that something can't be done. Is there any violation of law or constitution with someone who works and supports taking down the United States?
    On your article Trump vs. Democrats what a fiasco and joke that the House Democrats pass a resolution declaring Trumps racist comments have legitimized fear and hatred of new Americans and people of color. The majority of all hatred, fear, labeling, etc. comes from the left and many of the Democrats. Look at what the House Democrats have done since they gained control- they have done nothing for Americans and America. All they care about is going after Trump, open borders, socialism, sanctuary cities and states (why are they receiving any federal funding?) and everything that goes against what this country represents.
    And as you said- these are the same Democrats who couldn't bring themselves to vote on a measure to condemn anti-Semitism on the charges made against Rep. Ilhan Omar (who proved herself many times) spewing her hate towards Trump, America, etc.
    What a complete hypocritical joke. America- are you waking up to what Democrats do to our country every week? I hope so, because masses upon masses of conservatives and patriots need to get out and vote in 2020 to the point where the Democrats lose the House, never gain the Senate or the White House and all throughout our country in the smallest to the biggest elections- toss out the Democrats, so we have a chance to get our country back!!!

  • Joanne G Melear

    07/18/2019 04:11 PM

    I just heard today that an AWESOME man is running for the position that one of them has in MI. We need to have an excellent candidate in each of the other 3 states where those women live.
    There also needs to be a focus on deporting illegals from those 4 states and doing whatever is necessary to make elections there Fair.

  • Brenda Grafft

    07/18/2019 04:08 PM

    It wouldn't surprise me if Dems don't use one of these freshmen Congresswomen as their sacrifaial lamb as a last ditch effort to take down President Trump. They've already set the stage to blame it all on the president and his supporters. I pray this is not true, but it is not beyond what the Left is capable of doing.

  • Rev. Sam Martin

    07/18/2019 03:36 PM

    I think it is time we go on offense and get someone elected who will really represent the people of New York.

  • DeDe Ching

    07/18/2019 02:46 PM

    Governor Huckabee, first, thank you for daily emails. I always enjoy reading them. The question I have is, how is Soros continuing to support these groups? In other words, where is he getting his money?

  • Karen McClure

    07/18/2019 02:45 PM

    I emailed President Trump. I am hoping he sees it. He needs to not take The Lord’s name in vain!( The speech in Greenville,NC ) I am a big supporter of him and appreciate all he is doing! I want him to win! (It hurts my heart to hear GD) This was not necessary at all and will make it hard for his evangelical base to accept! If you have opportunity please relay this to him! Love your commentaries and your show very much!
    Karen McClure

  • Anne Barber

    07/18/2019 02:31 PM

    Thank you for your persistence, wisdom, and hard work for "We the People". Also, what a fantastic job you & your wife did raising such a wise, amazing , courageous daughter, Sarah.

    God Bless You and Your Family,