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March 7, 2024

Tuesday night, Dan Bongino hosted a live-streamed election returns show with guest Mike Benz.  If you missed our two recent commentaries on Benz and his prodigious inside knowledge on the interaction between government agencies and non-state actors, this interview will open your eyes.

We should first clarify that Bongino doesn’t like this term “Deep State” simply because it doesn’t account for all those non-state actors colluding with the government.  He sometimes uses an alternate term that originated with Obama national security adviser/propagandist Ben Rhodes:  “The Blob.”  At that time, it referred to the foreign policy establishment through which Obama functioned.  We’d say “the Swamp” fits, too.  But for this discussion, we’ll stick with “Deep State,” with the stipulation that it’s actually short for what we might call the “Deep State Network” or “Deep State Complex.”  Either of those effectively implies that this is a diabolical web encompassing many more entities, doesn’t it?

Of course it does.  That said, Bongino’s show was pretty light on election returns --- which was fine, because the results were a foregone conclusion --- and heavy on Benz, who is the Mother Lode of information on the government’s inner workings.  We thought we’d summarize and comment on his most important points, because he can be like a fire hose, challenging to follow at times as facts and names spew out of him.  If (when!) Trump is re-elected, Benz should be strongly considered as the person to put in charge of reforming the intelligence community, or at least THE top consultant.  If anyone knows where the bodies are buried (perhaps literally), it’s this guy.

Today’s Blob/Deep State is described by Benz as “the managers of the American empire.”  Since the Monroe Doctrine in 1898, he explains, we’ve actually been a part of an overseas empire, in that we rely on our control of foreign territories and “manipulation of foreign political systems,” which we depended on for our agricultural products, oil, gas, minerals and much more.  Our foreign policy establishment is responsible for trading and exploiting those riches.  Within the government, that’s three principal entities:  the Defense Department, State Department, and Intelligence Community.  “Defense, Diplomacy and Intelligence...these three things move as one through the inter-agency process of the government.”

The CIA doesn’t just act on its own; what it does is synchronized with the other agencies.  (NOTE:  we saw so much of that coordination with the Russia Hoax.  Apparently, it was business as usual.)  All three of these components will have a role to play in any mission.  The CIA is there to supply “plausible deniability.”

These entities form the core of the Deep State, which is rimmed by “the donors and drafters on the outside,” huge industries such as oil and gas that are highly dependent on the State Department and CIA and our military/diplomatic relations with other countries, even to the point of overthrowing other governments.

“Sometime by the 1990s in this country,” according to Benz, “there began to be a serious divide between the economic interests of the managers of the empire and the citizens of the homeland, and there’s now essentially a kind of occupation by the empire managers, where they’re not letting the citizens of the homeland vote the way into a different foreign policy.”

Given this established order, it’s easy to see why an outsider like Trump would be seen as such a threat to it.  Biden, in contrast --- in fact, his family --- has been part of it for years, with Biden serving on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and later being Obama’s “point man” in Ukraine.

New office-holders tend to get (pardon the expression) “groomed,” taken under the wing of Swamp members who can show them the ropes, and are vetted by the intel community.  The Bushes --- George H.W. Bush headed the CIA --- and GOP presidential candidates Mitt Romney and John McCain were vetted by this longtime process.

Trump would have no use for this.  And since the Deep State has been bipartisan for decades, Trump becomes not just a threat to Democrats but to some in the GOP as well.

When it comes to foreign policy, payoffs to both sides of the political aisle tend to ensure uniformity of purpose for the two parties.  Each side traditionally benefits, and there is money to be made.  But then, “a populist knocked out both the Bush Dynasty and the Clinton Dynasty in one blow.”  When their friends in the media couldn’t stop him, the political establishment turned to prosecutors to stop him, to the point where Trump is now facing “700 years and 91 different felony counts.”

Trump was trying to put an end to military operations where he could, and he was the first President in four decades not to get us into a new war.  He wanted to focus on making AMERICA great again.  He became more neutral towards Russia and flipped the policy when it came to, for example, Iran.  In short, “[Trump] totally threatened to re-jigger the world’s energy markets as had been invested in during the Obama years,” Benz explains.  This interferes with the spoils going to “the financial class surrounding the Biden world,” including such multinational financial entities as BlackRock.

(About 20 minutes in, and for about four minutes, Benz offers details about Victoria Nuland, then at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, and the CIA-backed coup there in 2014, using non-governmental agencies [NGOs] to “rent-a-mob,” and how our policy there got shaken up when Crimea subsequently broke away and later when Trump came in.  Well worth a listen!  And if you have time, keep listening for a discussion of the stunning “red lines” memo from our State Department that went to Zelenskyy a week after his election.  It informs the new president what he will and will not do “on issue after issue” if he doesn’t want to see instability brought to his country again.)

As Bongino points out, the “Russia Hoax” actually started in Ukraine, with the fabricated “black ledger” used to target Paul Manafort after he became Trump’s campaign director.  Before they framed Trump for being in cahoots with Russia, the Deep State had had plenty of practice framing people in other countries.

Speaking of framing people, Benz also touches on the recent arrest of FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, who made allegations concerning bribes paid to the Bidens, saying, “That guy can squeal all he wants about, you know, how he was set up by the FBI to actually talk to these Russians.  But the plain fact is, he’s still going to be staring at prison bars for the rest of his life, [with] the only chance for mercy being for him to not spill ALL the beans.”

Zelenskyy might face the same choice about telling what he knows about the Russia Hoax.  And when Trump tried to get the truth about the corruption in Ukraine, he was impeached over it.

Bongino and Benz address a few more topics, notably Bongino’s concern that if Trump does win in November, entities such as the ironically-named Transition ‘Integrity’ Project that came together during the Obama administration will coordinate with antifa/union-style groups (and, we would add, media) to organize and whip up massive street violence.  Benz is worried about this “tremendously,” he says.  After all, “these people are professional overthrowers of governments around the world.”  And we concur; such people, both inside the government and out, are a menace to a free society, the REAL threat to our republic.  If (when) they do this following a Trump win, it will serve to prove that those people should never hold power, ever again.  They’re the real insurrectionists --- no “peacefully and patriotically” for them --- and where they really belong is in prison.  Better buckle up.

As Benz says of this organized violence, “It’s a frigging RICO case.”  This time, a real one.

Learn more from Mike Benz, more specifically about free speech and censorship, at his organization, Foundation For Freedom Online.

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