May 3, 2020

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How’s the social distancing thing going? Don’t you sometimes just want to get in your car, go somewhere—anywhere—and just go up and hug someone; even a total stranger? For those of us who haven’t left our homes in 7 weeks, we are rapidly approaching the fight or flight moment. And in many states, things are starting to open up, albeit in spurts and small steps.

One thing we know—the models and predictions for how bad it was going to be were all wrong. For those who had an acute case of Wuhan Virus, it was awful. For those who’ve had a family member die from it, there are no words adequate to offer condolences and compassion. But I hope we feel the same way when an acquaintance dies of cancer or heart disease or from an accident. But we were told there would be up to 2 million in the US who would die, our hospitals would be overrun and suffer a serious shortage of equipment, and the impact of the virus would be unlike anything the world had ever seen. We followed the public health experts and didn’t just stop shaking hands-we stopped life. Schools closed for the year, all public events including NCAA March Madness, Major League Baseball, and the NBA shut down. Theaters and restaurants closed. Malls shuttered. Disney World and other theme parks went silent. Beaches closed. And even on Easter Sunday, churches closed. Some government officials went overboard, prohibiting fishing or planting gardens. Without haircuts we’ve accepted looking shabby. Offices reverted to online meetings while their office buildings are closed and everything is now down on Zoom or Skype. And with that, some people didn’t wear pants or forgot to close doors and may have revealed more their point of view to fellow office workers.

But as we start to re-open the world, I hope we will realize a big take-a-way from all this is to never again let government strip us our all our liberties and our common sense in the name of “protecting us.” When I was Governor of Arkansas, we often repeated a mantra in our office that said, “Trust the Lord and tell the people.” We were actually serious about it. It meant that we needed to remember we weren’t the highest authority in the lives of our people—God was. And that our job was to be honest with the people and tell them the truth, but realize they would have to ultimately choose what to do with the truth.

Life is filled with risks. We take them every day. We ultimately calculate the risks vs. the rewards and act accordingly. I can with 100% assurance guarantee to not have a car wreck if I don’t get in a car. There is no possibility I can fall off a ladder if I don’t get on one. I can’t be killed in a plane crash if I never board a plane. There are some risks I can eliminate. Others, I can mitigate—like wearing a mask or gloves, practicing social distancing, and sanitizing my hands. But I have to decide if the risk of a disease I might catch is a chance I have to take because the certainly of not being able to feed my family or pay my bills is one I do face by staying holed up in my house.

It’s not the government’s decision; it’s mine. And honestly, some people will violate whatever the rules are. Some people exceed the speed limit; others smoke, drink alcohol excessively, skydive, or climb mountains. They decide that the inherent risks are worth whatever rewards they feel. But in a free society, we allow people to make decisions and do things that scare the hair off our arms. And sometimes, people who take all the precautions imaginable still get hit by a falling limb, are diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, or get food poisoning from their Grandma’s pork chop. Be careful, but not fearful. Most of all, accept responsibility for your own life. Government isn’t God. It’s not family. It’s not even a very good friend sometimes.

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  • Angelo & Sharon Viggiano

    05/07/2020 05:37 PM

    We absolutely love your wonderful newsletters. You have a real gift in writing! Keep up the good work and Trust in the Lord daily. We enjoy watching you on are very gifted and we get to enjoy all that you bring to us. Thanks a million! You are a true inspiration!

  • Helen Collette Ellenberger

    05/07/2020 12:52 PM

    Hi Mike! Once again, you've 'hit the nail on the head' by your comments. Your comments mean so very much, to me, as I want to pass them along to my youngest son, 48, who had open-heart surgery,12 years ago. He, to me, is overly cautious, and I truly understand that. Thank God I have never experienced what he has with my own health. However, I've mentioned to him I believe he should at least think about going out walking, wearing a mask, etc., and, sure enough, he actually started doing that. Praise the Lord. Again, thank you, Mike. 'Keep 'um comin' Regards, Coco (Collette) Ellenberger

  • Lawrence C. Phelps

    05/05/2020 09:53 PM

    I just wish I could find out if Lawrence Huckabee, who was from Dequeen Arkansas and was in World War 2. He would be 94 year old today if he was still alive. We were in the Federal Building in San Francisco. Hope is not far from Dequeen. I do like your Emails. Lawrence (Larry) Phelps. I have retired in Sequim Wa.

  • Noreen Talaga

    05/05/2020 01:35 PM

    I so appreciate your Christian world view. Your email is the only one I read. Our God is sovereign and He is my ultimate authority. Thanks for all you do.

  • Stephen Rein

    05/05/2020 08:49 AM

    Hello Mike, thank you for all this information. I live in the country in Central Alberta. Only thing different is going to town. I was in the hospital twice, thanks be to God, I was not in long. Sinxe There are animals to feed, and I haul my own garbage, I am free to do so. Nothing is different. Doggy daycare opened up again. We are not the only ones that miss their friends. Dogs do too. My sister in law needed her garbage hauled, so we hauled it. For me, nothing has changed much. Going to Church has been interesting. Watching videos, you miss the people of the Church. I watch a lot of Pastor Greg Laurie videos. Since being born again. It is hard to watch movies with nudity and cussing. I have watched the first season of the Chosen. Even though this is a show, when ever Jesus does a miricle, you get a good feeling in your heart. Of course you get very emotional. This is how I know his spirit is in me. At times like this, you think of Paul and Silas, Acts 16:25-32. He was in prison beaten by the jailer. In the end, other prisoners and the jailer turned and worshipped God. Paul wrote a lot of letters from being locked up or under house arrest. With Gods help we shall servive.

  • Wendy Lamp

    05/05/2020 03:37 AM

    I have to say this has made me sad. All of it. I do not like to see the total attack on Donald Trump. I guess he could never of seen what was coming, All he ever got was attack after attack...Impeachment and then this. I do not think Joe Biden could take it on. So let us all pray for our country, it's leaders and ask the Lord to stand by us all!

  • Carl "T" Smith

    05/04/2020 11:20 PM

    Welcome to the Socialist States of America! Do as we say or else? I cannot believe this has continued for this long? Now even the Rural Hospitals are Laying Off Nurses? How Insane is this? I am 82 and I grieve for every lost life-even the 1.2 million abortions the Democrats demand as essential services, but the economy has suffered enough and the Gov. cannot keep PRINTING FIAT money to keep the economy alive. I was a child that felt the effects of the Great Depression and WWII and folks WE Don't want to revisit that era. If you think it's bad now just sit on your hands and moan and be sure and stay at home come election day. You would hate to be called a Racist HOMOPHOBE by the media.

  • John Hyatt

    05/04/2020 06:04 PM

    Governor Huckabee
    Good afternoon, Governor … I have been a longtime fan of yours … in fact, I wanted you to be our President both times you ran … and I still feel you would be a fine President. Though I am a registered Independent, I generally cast my vote for a Republican due to the outlandish overbearing, wacky and expensive views of the Democratic Party and its bedmate the Media [most of]. In addition to backing you in election run-ups, I am in lockstep with politically nearly 100% of the time. However, recently you and I seem to be at odds or at least out of sync on two key issues:
    >> First there is the Church issue … while I agree that a few leader types have been overzealous with the restrictions, I am far more troubled by the religious zealots. You may recall the Pastor in Virginia that vehemently refused to obey social distancing guidelines and opened his Church anyway. Bad idea … he died of the coronavirus, gave it to his wife to his daughter and to his son-in-law. How many parishioners do you think got it since it is obvious he had a very dangerous strain of Covid-19? A few weeks ago, when he first took his stand, you seem to side with him. I do not … in the Bible Jesus does not command us to go to a man-made building called Church to worship. During extraordinary times, such as these, we can still come together with fellow Christians via the Internet, Conference Calls, Podcasts, etc. Churches are wonderful but not if they are dangerous due to a highly contagious undetectable virus amongst us.
    >> Secondly, during last evenings show you stated, “never again let government strip us our all our liberties and our common sense in the name of “protecting us.” All due respect, I do not feel the Government stripped us anything. What they did do was to protect us in the only way they could, based on available information, from a killer that is undetectable; countless people can be carrying it and not know it … spreading the virus throughout their days and weeks. In my opinion, had we not been put on strict guidelines; i.e., social distancing, masks, gloves, close contact businesses closed, etc. the deaths would have been astronomical. Heck, look at CNN’s Chris Cuomo … he defied the orders and ended up giving it to his entire family. He then took a walk in the park … how many more innocent folks has he condemned to illness or death? As of this writing, there are 68,000 deaths in the U.S. … isn’t that scary considering all of the restrictions? What do you think that total would be without the restrictions? Did you see the new projections now that we have loosened the restrictions? They are expecting 3,000 deaths per day throughout May [as opposed to the current 1,700] … that is 93,000 more deaths potentially bringing our total to 161,000 and growing. Isn’t that alarming to you? Did you see the Michigan Protestors on Judge Jeanine’s April 25th show? 50,000 people … no distancing … no masks … no gloves. How is this going to get us past Covid-19? Can you imagine how much of the virus they spread?
    Bottom line for me. Yes, the restrictions are inconvenient. Yes, they are temporarily damaging our economy. And yes, they are imposing on our personal and business lives. Yep, all of those things and more … but, my God, those inconvenient restrictions were necessary… they were saving lives … they were preventing catastrophic spreading causing uncontrollable loss of life … they were protecting those of us who followed the restrictions from getting ill and possibly dying … they were making it possible for our medical personnel and medical facilities to keep up with treating the seriously ill folks.
    All along we have had many folks not follow the restrictions and they no doubt many of them have spread the virus far beyond where it would have been. Now, due to impatience, all bets are off … due to the ‘relaxing’ of restrictions the situation is escalating; more deaths are projected going forward than in the past couple months. Hmmm, doesn’t seem like a good trade-off to me
    All the best … please stay safe … see you Sunday night [here in Sarasota on TNN], John

  • Hadasah Wilkinson

    05/04/2020 05:41 PM

    AMEN!!!! It is time to halt the insanity and take our country back. I pray fervently that, with the Lord's grace it will happen. May Jesus bless and guide you.

  • richard mader

    05/04/2020 02:19 PM

    Excellent article. You left politics out, I will insert some. Media has created and stoked the fires of fear, to benefit the democrats in the 2020 election. My question is when will Fox apologize to Ms. Regan who was fired after she delivered a surreal monologue on Monday, March 9 in which she accused Democrats and the media of perpetuating a coronavirus hoax. The facts finally coming to light say she was right.
    Biggest concern is how the Federal Government has stoodby and allowed govenors to ignore/trample the Constitution. Protestors arrested, churches closed. How do we prevent this from ever hapening again?

  • Jane Canfield

    05/04/2020 01:33 PM

    So very true, Mike! Well said!

  • Viviana Mejia

    05/04/2020 11:50 AM

    That's exactly RIGHT! We should be allow to make our own responsible decisions of taking charge of our own health not by a FUNDED ORGANIZATIONS RUN BY DONATIONS! Why are we allowing Fauci and Bill Gates to turn our country into a CULT STATE programming us to fallow extreme cult like behavior soon people will not have a mind of their own. God help us all.

  • Linda Boothman

    05/04/2020 11:18 AM

    Right freaking on Governor!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agree 100 percent.

  • jack macdonald

    05/04/2020 10:20 AM

    Regarding one of your readers observation that protesters with guns could spark a conflict. I agree that is a possibility and I think the idea behind the guns was symbolic to let the authoritarian governor of MI know what her actions could lead to. Sometimes you have to use drastic measures to get the attention of someone like that governor. They assumed she needed to have a stark message because she was not listening to her citizens.

  • jack macdonald

    05/04/2020 10:00 AM

    Time for Pelosi to go. She only knows obstruction and abuse of power. If they can impeach a President for that, why not a Speaker? She does not have the nations best interests at heart. She creates more damage to this nation than Putin ever thought of. In time of war she her actions would have to be considered traitorous. There has to be a mechanism to remove this evil witch from her ivory tower. I'm not a psychiatrist, but there is some type of mental illness in play here. It's pretty clear that at the least she has a lust for power and attention. jack

  • Stephen Davis

    05/04/2020 09:58 AM

    Thank you Mike for your sound factual and encouraging message . Yes we are trusting God !
    We appreciate you and pray for you and Janet and Sarah.
    Some old eternal friends in Russellville,
    Stephen and Jonya

  • Heather Peterson

    05/04/2020 09:39 AM

    Here's how a friend of mine is being affected. Please watch it, as he's not the only one.

  • Brooke Brewer

    05/04/2020 09:03 AM

    I trust God completely. When all of this started, I prayed for our government officials to make the right decisions, and I believe they have. If the models said 2 million would die, I imagine that was IF we didn’t change our way of living. But we did. And those models changed because of it.
    Also in trusting God, I have thanked him every day for this time at home. I am a middle school teacher, Sunday school teacher, wife, mom of 5 little ones, daughter, sister, friend... And I was exhausted!!! I cannot begin to explain how needed this time was to rest, reflect, and sit STILL without feeling the pressures of planning outings or activities for the kids or planning lessons or making visits. God commands us to rest. And we weren’t doing it.
    I’m not saying God caused this pandemic. For some, the loss has been tremendous and devastating. But I pray, and have the undeniable hope, that as He always does, God can use it all for good.

  • Ed Williar

    05/04/2020 08:53 AM

    Thanks for sharing your view from the perspective of a faithful Christian, recognizing freedom, common sense, and trust in the Lord!

  • David Nielsen

    05/04/2020 08:43 AM

    Thank you Brother Mike for these comments. What we are seeing is the government is trying to play GOD. Proverbs 3:5 - 7, "Trust in the LORD with all your (my) heart and lean not on your (my) understanding; in all your ways acknowledge HIM, and HE willdirect your (mine) paths. Do not be wise in your (my) eyes; fear the LORD and depart from evil."
    Whether you are a believer in JESUS CHRIST or not, your's and my days are number and the LORD controls those days. Make sure you are spending them serving HIM.


    05/04/2020 08:27 AM

    Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel on 3 May 2020:
    3 p.m.: Wisconsin receives PPE donation from Chinese province
    Gov. Tony Evers announced Sunday that the state received 10,000 procedural masks and 1,000 medical outfits from its sister state, Heilongjiang Province in China.

    The province and Wisconsin have a long-standing relationship, which was celebrated in 2017 with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and U.S. Consulate in Shenyang.

    When Carolyn Brady, international partnership and outreach programs coordinator for UW-River Falls, reached out to see if any masks were available recently, the province said yes and shipped them.

    — Talis Shelbourne

  • Frances Schlabach

    05/04/2020 08:27 AM

    Amen. Wonderful thoughts. Thank you for all that you do to provide thoughtful encouragement to our country. God bless.

  • John inkel

    05/04/2020 07:11 AM

    You always encourage! Thanks.

  • David and Sasha Cobb

    05/04/2020 05:44 AM

    GOD gave man a brain unlike any creature on earth.
    GOD gave us this brain to know HIM and trust HIM.

    GOD gave us this brain to Love and provide for and protect our families.
    GOD gave us this brain to deduce threats to our well-being.

    One of our Greatest threats in this day, is a Global movement that wants to control all of mankind as though we are Lemmings.

    This "One World Government" of Oppression and Submission is clearly defined in the Word of GOD.

    Unfortunately, there are many who are willing to charge off a cliff simply because they are told to, as opposed to picking up a Bible to know the will and the Love of our Heavenly FATHER.

    Trust in Our LORD

  • Brenda Ross

    05/03/2020 11:58 PM

    Always enjoy your perspective and the fact that you speak the truth. Thanks for reminding folks that the government in NOT God.