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May 26, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Tonight's newsletter includes: 

  • Michael Moore calls for a repeal of the Second Amendment
  • Mike Rowe: Targeted for his beliefs 
  • And more…


Mike Huckabee


For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

Isaiah 9:6

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Michael Moore calls for a repeal of the Second Amendment

I generally don’t comment on political statements by Hollywood celebrities. But since Michael Moore seems to have some inexplicable influence over the “progressive” left, and I was on “Hannity” last night when this story was brought up but didn’t get the chance to address it, I thought I’d briefly respond to Moore’s call to repeal the Second Amendment (and he’s hardly the only one doing that.)

As one might guess from its name, the Bill of Rights is not a list of privileges that the benevolent government generously grants us. It’s a list of God-given rights that the government can never take away. You can’t repeal the Second Amendment any more than you can repeal the First Amendment. Now, somebody please tell this Administration that they can’t repeal the First Amendment.

It’s also beyond irritating to hear the same people who sided with teachers’ unions on keeping schools closed despite the growing evidence of stress and mental illness it was causing children, and who have promoted a culture that undermines families and erodes respect for the sanctity of life, and who backed “progressive” DA’s who’ve sparked violent crime waves that forced law-abiding citizens to buy guns to protect their families, now blame Republicans for youth violence and demand to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media has more inconvenient truths about school shootings that demolish many of the talking points.

Frankly, I resent being forced to talk about politics at a time like this, but I can’t let outrageous false attacks just pass unanswered. However, this time should be reserved for prayer, mourning and comforting the families, and for coming together to talk about real solutions that would help prevent these senseless assaults on innocent children from ever happening again.

There are things that can and should be done to make schools safer, but leftists actively oppose them. As former Boston, L.A. and New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton pointed out, the “Defund the police” movement included demands that safety officers be removed from schools because somehow, having a police officer on school grounds allegedly made kids feel “unsafe.”

The left accuses Republicans of having an “irrational love of guns.” I certainly don’t love guns, but I love the Constitution, and I don’t see the point of laws that violate the rights of innocent people while doing nothing to prevent crime (we had an “assault weapons” ban for a while; it was allowed to lapse because it made no difference.) But why can’t the left acknowledge that it has an irrational hatred of police?

The father of a school shooting victim has proposed a three-point plan that could actually help prevent such horrors. It could be implemented with some of that “COVID relief” money that was showered on schools that are still trying to find something to spend it on.

Former Attorney General Bill Barr agrees with him…

The points don’t include useless new gun laws, but they do include having an armed guard at schools, the same sort of armed guards that liberal celebrities and politicians rely on for their own security. Would they agree that our children deserve the same level of security that they enjoy themselves? If so, then let’s talk.

PS – Matt Vespa at offers some concrete examples of how school resource officers have prevented potential school shootings.

Mike Rowe: Targeted for his beliefs

My friend Mike Rowe is the latest to allegedly be targeted by the government for his political beliefs – even though he doesn’t even talk about his political beliefs!

Mike says he was all set to shoot an episode of his show “Dirty Jobs” on boilermakers when the Government Services Administration suddenly yanked permits they’d had for months, claiming vague “security concerns.” It ruined months of costly preparation, caused his freelance crew to lose work and have no time to line up other jobs, and kept the boilermakers from being able to show America what they do.

Mike said he’s shot shows in all sorts of sensitive government environments, from the Capitol to a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, and never had a problem. Then he said he got a call from someone high up in the GSA, telling him that another GSA higher-up didn’t like his “personal politics” and deliberately strung him along just to yank the permits at the last possible second.

If true, this is not only yet another example of politicized bureaucrats arrogantly abusing their power, it’s also stupid. Mike Rowe doesn’t discuss his personal politics, and he pointed out that his foundation is “aggressively nonpartisan” and gives scholarships to liberals and conservatives alike. All he can figure is that the petty tyrant doesn’t like the fact that his show “How America Works” airs on Fox Business.

I’ll add that his great show “The Story Behind the Story” airs right after “Huckabee” Saturday nights on TBN. Maybe that’s why the GSA jerk’s nose was out of joint. I spend too much time telling you the sleazy stories behind how Washington works. And now, we have another one.

CDC Report: deaths by gunfire rises among children and adolescents in 2020

The CDC reported that there were 4,368 deaths by gunfire among US children and adolescents in 2020, the vast majority of them homicides. That means gun deaths inched past vehicle accidents as the #1 cause of death in that group.

I have a feeling that statistic is going to be widely quoted in the media. It’s important to note, however, that the CDC defines “children and adolescents” as anyone age 19 and under, which stretches well into legal adulthood and includes teenage gang members who account for the vast majority of shootings. Any gun deaths of young people are tragic and unacceptable, but if we’re going to find solutions, we first have to understand what the real problems and causes are.

Michigan Update

UPDATE on the Michigan scandal in which five leading Republican challengers to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer were barred from the ballot over alleged fake signatures on their petitions. A whistleblower spoke to and provided what is claimed to be background on how petition scammers work and how not just these campaigns but many others of both parties have been victimized by them.

Memo to Georgia Voters

Stacey Abrams, your Democratic candidate for Governor, has been trying to distance herself from the “Defund the Police” movement. But she’s still a board member and governing person for a Seattle foundation that was tweeting “Defund The Police” as recently as March, and “Abolish the police” as recently as February. Abrams claims she does not hold the same views as the foundation, which I guess is…why she’s on their board?...

The Price of Gas

Triple A reports that as of Tuesday, the average price of a gallon of regular gas was $4.598. As noted by Western Journal, that’s an increase of 35.5% since November 23, 2021, which is when President Biden announced “a major effort to moderate the price of oil, an effort that will span the globe in its reach, and ultimately reach your corner gas station, God willing.”

The global effort doesn’t seem to be going so well. Saudi Arabia just announced that it won’t make any further efforts to increase oil production. They say there’s plenty of crude oil but the problem is refining capacity, so they won’t pump any more than they are now.

November 2021 was also just over three months before Putin invaded Ukraine and gas prices were already high enough to justify a global effort to moderate them, so these aren't "Putin price hikes." What it would really take is a domestic effort: stop waging war on our own oil and gas industries.

Speaking of that, I hate to bring you more bad news, but this story reports that one of the few bright spots for US energy prices is that we pay about one-fourth as much for natural gas as Asia and Europe does. But an industry expert said that over the next six months, our prices are expected to surge and line up with other nations’ prices. That’s more of the “equity” of high fuel prices that Democrats have long argued for as an incentive to force Americans into small electric cars.

So when you hear Biden talking about bringing down gas prices and they only keep going up, remember that someone who really wants to bring down prices doesn’t do everything in his power to make them more expensive.

Unpopular Idea

The ideas of doing away with the Senate filibuster and packing the Supreme Court might be popular fever dreams on the left, but not with most Americans. The First Liberty Institute conducted a survey and found that voters opposed killing the filibuster by 54-37% and opposed court packing by 68-27%.

But here’s the poll finding that’s most likely to make a difference in Congress: 54% said they would be less likely to vote to reelect a Senator who supported packing the court and killing the filibuster. Some Senators might dream of packing the court, but the last thing they want to have to do is pack their bags.

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  • Judy Radley

    05/27/2022 03:05 PM

    Our local police dept., LeRoy Police Dept., LeRoy, NY, Genesee County, is having a training event to help our community be more prepared for another horrible event like what happened in Buffalo, NY, and Ulvalde, TX. It is called, 'Citizens Response to Active Shooters' training event. It will educate the public on what to do to keep safe in case, unfortunately, if another active shooter happens. Our community is very conservative and rural and traditional American society, where we are neighborly, and know our neighbors, but unfortunately within 30 min. of Rochester, NY, where there are criminals, even in the mayor's home, that come into rural areas and commit crimes. Rochester, NY, is full of far-left liberals and transgender freaks, and gay people who are against religious freedoms, freedom of speech, licensed law-abiding gun ownership, and caused many lucrative industries, like Kodak, Xerox, GM, etc., to flee the city because of the misguided green party, and all of those who are against charter schools because they help educate real educational benefits that the public school system no longer seems to care to teach real life skills, like math, reading, writing, home skills, trade skills, etc. The charter schools also provide a choice for parents where to send their children for real good education, and not just pass everyone because it is better to be fair to all instead of celebrating the best achievers over the least achievers, as it takes more dedication, discipline, and to do homework assignments, than to just 'show up' to school and not to engage in learning or anything, which is another way of saying, 'anti-social behavior', which can cause more problems for young people when they get older. LeRoy, NY, respects law enforcement and supports more not less, and we still have resource officers at our schools, as this part of NYS is the part that wants to divide NYS into two states, we don't like to be part of NYC for anything! We can govern ourselves far better in Western NYS, that any governor in NYS that only caters to NYC moguls and doesn't care about Conservatives' beliefs and Christian beliefs, and only tear down more and more laws that are common sense, instead of whoever gives them (the NYS governors) the most money to favor the 'woke' jokers instead of hard-working Americans and who value traditional rights and Constitutional Rights, instead of making their own 'for thee but not for me' ridiculous policies and mandates. My husband and I will be attending the training our local police will be giving us and our neighbors, on how to be prepared and how to react or use proactive tactics instead of reaction tactics. Like what has been said about governors of far-left states, 'to little to late'. Of course NOW Gov. Hochul wants more police presence around schools and communities, but it was okay not to arrest the BLM rioters and vandals and criminals who ruined communities 2 years ago, but NOW they want more police presence. There should have been MORE patrols put on the payroll when the BLM and 'anti-antifa' riots were happening instead of making the law enforcement stand down. It seems always like whenever there is a far-left or even just a Democrat in the White House, MORE CRIME not less, happens, because they are snowflakes and not true leaders that are strong and don't take any guff from 'insurgents' that the rioters and vandals and criminals really are, like President Trump was, a strong leader and a respected leader and a feared leader from the leaders of nations who hate Americans. We NEED another President Donald Trump, if not him, then someone who is just as strong and as fearless a great leader, and true American who loves America, as he was. Hopefully one day, none of the states in the USA will be blue states, but red states.....! But I don't think that will happen in our lifetime, as I am already over 60. Was there ever a time that all of the states governors were Republican? Even if only 3 states were blue states, would be an improvement and that the USA would be better off than it is now. Here is an 'off-the-wall' thought I just had, maybe move Washington D.C. and all it residents to Mexico, as they seem to benefit illegals more than legal American citizens, or better yet, move Washington D.C. to China or Russia, as they seem more in line with those countries mentality than this country, i.e. no freedom of speech, no freedom of religion, no Second Amendment rights, no sanctity of human life, like abortions, no unity but segregation instead, etc. All the rights in the U.S. Constitution they want to violate and do away with, so if they live in those other countries I mentioned above, then they won't have to worry about any human rights at all, except for the ones the corrupt communist government officials have, they'd be right at home there.

  • Carmen Price

    05/27/2022 01:58 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    First off, congratulations on your daughter winning the Republican nomination for Governor, she will be just as great as you.
    Now, regarding the price of gas.............I am a senior, I live in NV and our gas is heading towards $6.00 per gallon, and in CA it's even higher..........Thank You Joe Biden. Now we will have to decide weather to buy food or gas...........such a horrible decision!
    Carmen Price


    05/27/2022 10:04 AM

    Thoughts for the day:
    Does anybody really care what the non-important micheal moore has to say about anything?
    Me thinks abrams speaks with forked tongue!
    I think Gretchen banned the republican candidates because she would lose to any and all??
    How in the world could Mike Rowe be targeted for anything, what a spokesman for the skilled labor in this country.
    High gas prices are bad enough, but wow the price of diesel will kill this economy!

  • Jerry L Hale

    05/27/2022 09:37 AM

    Mike - I read your newsletter every day and never miss your Sat. evening TV show. I read your references to articles that have proposals for ending the terrible mass shootings we have been experiencing and I agree with most. However, I believe the focus continues to be far too small. If we really want to significantly reduce these horrible incidences, a holistic approach must be made. These are my suggestions:
    1. Most suggestions are for hardening security in and around our schools. That could help but will probably not be very effective.
    2. I believe that we must better protect young minds from our obsession with violence. That means eliminating video games that mindlessly blow-up, shoot, stab, and bash thousands of humanoids - this desensitizes young minds to mass killings and even glorifies it. Our TV shows and movies are filled with all manner of violent killings - these are especially aimed at a young audience. I saw a statistic that if you watch all the violent TV shows on TV you will see in excess of 2000 shootings per week. Most of that is in prime time.
    3. Teachers should be trained to recognize mental problems in the young especially those traits that can lead to violence.
    4. Mental health clinics should be expanded to help those who have been observed to be potentially capable of harming themselves or others.
    5. Parents are the first and perhaps the best at recognizing aberrant behavior in children. Public courses should be made available to young parents to help them provide good mental health practices for their children. They should also be given resources to help them if they see mental problems in their kids.
    6. This last one may be the hardest to do. We must emphasize the basic law that "Thou shalt not kill." Spiritual guidance in our nation has dwindled to the point it is almost non-existent. Even our churches seem to be weak in training our children to 'love one another' - 'not destroy one another.' We who love the Lord must do a better job in getting that most basic of commandments ingrained in our children and ultimately in our society.
    Failure to do the above will in my opinion bring about further escalation of school violence. God help us if we fail to grasp that.

  • Heather Mailloux

    05/27/2022 06:54 AM

    One of many problems in our society today is that we have taken God out of schools. I'd like to comment on just one portion of this. Believing this world came into being through random evolution gives humans no sense of purpose and does not give them value. Believing this world came into being through God the Creator gives humans a sense of purpose. They are the created in the very image of God, and loved and valued by Him (enough to send his Son to die for them). We are God's handiwork and created for His glory!

  • Lydia Gugich

    05/27/2022 03:30 AM

    Do you ever wonder why these horrific school shootings never occur in ghetto schools? It’s because the killers know someone will be shooting back.

    I raised my sons for awhile in Vallejo, CA — lured by a lovely new affordable development — we soon learned was surrounded by everything bad.

    The private school I had planned to educate my children, failed to tell me they were not accredited by the State.

    My oldest son landed in the third worst jr high in the state. Soon after he enrolled, a gun, rumbling around in a backpack, went off in one of the classes.

    Long story short, I met one of the school secretaries who was revered by the students. She said it was common for the children to carry guns - in order to get home ‘safe.’

    When my son went to high school, there were armed police present - to ward off gang wars. The kids who were there to learn were grateful for the police presence.

    Anyone who lives in a crime ridden area - and is NOT a criminal — LOVES police presence!

    The notion that normal kids like going to school with criminal gangs and feel ‘uncomfortable’ with armed police present to protect them from theft, rape, assault and murder is ludicrous.

    Only a privileged liberal would come up with something so laughable.

    We ended up putting our children in a different private school a half hour away for awhile, then I homeschooled them for a short time - great fun - until we finally moved.

    The book ‘More Guns, Less Crime’ by John Lott ended the gun debate for about 20 years . . . but the no common sense crowd has regrouped!

    Thanks for listening - we learned a great deal in Vallejo!

  • Errol Collins

    05/26/2022 11:44 PM

    I believe there are zealots willing to die for a cause. If you were a gun control fanatic, is there a better way to further your cause than shooting up a classroom of first graders?

  • Bob Ernst

    05/26/2022 09:55 PM

    People are griping about gas prices but aren't driving like gas is expensive. Jack rabbit starts from traffic signals, speeding everywhere they go, long-term idling. And it's not just a few doing these things, it's MOST drivers. I took a 60-mile trip the other day, driving at the speed limit...I passed one vehicle in that distance, but was passed by dozens, some running way over my speed! There are few things more worthless than whiners who complicate their own complaints.

  • LaVon M. WALKER

    05/26/2022 09:25 PM

    TEACHERS UNION dictates to GOVT to "shut down" schools and "wearing masks" .....
    WHAT is the TEACHERS UNION doing to shut down the "violence training" video games and websites that these young males are being trained by ????? Young males -15 or so - are murdering young girls - 9-11 - and then "raping their dead bodies" ............. who/where is this VIOLENCE being promoted ??? ....... What did the TEACHERS UNION provide for these "young males" when the schools were shut down ???

  • James Drury Jr.

    05/26/2022 07:39 PM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!