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September 1, 2022



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9 He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.

Job 5:9 NIV

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Read this and know why they targeted Trump

When California Rep. Darrell Issa appeared with Judge Jeanine Pirro Wednesday to discuss the FBI and DOJ, he brought up an interesting point about FBI agent Timothy Thibault leaving the agency. Since Inspector General Michael Horowitz can speak only with current employees of the DOJ/FBI, Thibault is effectively out of his reach for any internal investigation.

We couldn’t report with certainty yesterday whether Thibault had resigned from the agency after being reassigned or had been fired. But in an update from CBS NEWS’ Catherine Herridge, his attorneys at the firm Morrison and Foerster LLP have announced that he has retired. Thibault “was not fired, not forced to retire, and not asked to retire,” they said in a statement.

They said the “headquarters-like” agents who escorted him out were simply two long-time agent friends, with him as he finished processing his paperwork. “Claims to the contrary are false,” according to the statement. And though whistleblowers have reportedly complained of Thibault’s partisanship, his attorneys insisted he’s done nothing wrong. They essentially denied everything.

In particular, their statement addressed allegations of certain politically motivated actions in investigations, including the treatment of Hunter’s laptop, saying he “welcomes any investigation of these allegations, regardless of his retirement. He firmly believes that any investigation will conclude that his supervision, leadership and decision making were not impacted by political bias or partisanship of any kind. He is confident that all of his decisions were consistent with the FBI’s highest standards for ethics and integrity.”

My concern is that the FBI has lowered the bar so much that this isn’t anything to brag about.

His attorneys denied his involvement in the raid on Mar-A-Lago and said he was not involved in the investigation of Hunter Biden and made no decision about the laptop. (The latter denial directly contradicts whistleblowers if news reports are correct, and Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley also seems to be under a very different impression, based on his own statement.) At the same time, Thibault’s lawyers ignored the allegations that he pressured agents to reclassify cases to pad the numbers and make “domestic violent extremism” look like more of an issue than it is. If they could have denied these, they probably would have.

The point remains, if Inspector General Horowitz wants to look into any of this, he won’t be able to interview Thibault, as Thibault...has...left the building! So, in that sense, it seems like a great time to retire.

Horowitz said this summer that Thibault might have violated the Hatch Act over his social media posts, which attacked President Trump and former Attorney General William Barr. Thibault’s attorneys say these allegations are being investigated through the Office of Special Counsel John Durham and that he’s cooperating.

A few days ago, I linked to an article by Jeff Carlson about retrieval of RussiaGate documents from the Crossfire Hurricane investigation likely being the real reason for the raid on Mar-A-Lago. Now, Lee Smith, author of THE PLOT AGAINST THE PRESIDENT, is providing support for the same hypothesis. He said that according to people he thoroughly trusts, the FBI raid was a search for RussiaGate documents that they don’t want in Trump’s hands.

In an interview with Joel Pollak on Sirius XM’s “Breitbart News Sunday,” Smith said the people whose insight he was relying on “have much more insight” and “much more knowledge” than he does. He pointed out what we’ve been saying: that the same cast of characters has been involved in so-called investigations of Trump for years. In fact, Smith recalled a report we recently featured: “FBI Unit Leading Mar-A-Lago Probe Earlier Ran Discredited Trump-Russia Investigation.”

The orchestrated get-Trump effort got started in 2016, or likely even in 2015. Surveillance of Trump started during the Obama administration, and Smith maintains that Obama must have known about it. But now, with the emergence of these whistleblowers, Smith postulates that the anti-Trump operatives might be getting wary, even of each other. “We want them fearful of each other,” he said.

This will help us deter them “while we’re working to restore our constitutional order.”

“In a constitutional order,” he continued, “corrupt federal law enforcement officers would be charged, tried and, if found guilty, convicted. But we don’t live under those circumstances right now...” For the moment, he said, we’re living in more of a “regime order.”

Stephen Kruiser at PJ MEDIA would agree, and he notes in this must-read column that to maintain their hold, the left are having to lie more and more outrageously. For them, it’s full-out ideological war, with the endgame of one-party rule in America. “What has changed now,” he says, “is the level of hyperbole and the complete absence of truthfulness in their rhetoric.”

Finally, Sundance at THE CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE gets much more specific about this very situation, asking why Democrats are so intent on attacking Trump and labeling his supporters threats to democracy. He says what we have now can be traced to the passage of the Patriot Act in the aftermath of 9/11, and he nails it here: “What President Obama and AG Eric Holder did was take the pre-existing system and retool it, so the weapons of government conducting surveillance only targeted one side of the political continuum. Domestic terrorists were now defined through the prism of political opposition.”

What we have now is essentially a domestic surveillance state, “with a targeting mechanism based on political ideology,” he says. Really, if you read one article addressing the massive, attempted take-down of Trump that’s going on right now, in plain sight in front of the whole world, this has to be THE ONE. It’s a masterful explanation of how we got here and what the current dynamic is now that a fourth branch of government, the unelected “Intelligence Branch,” has been crafted and put to work with social media platforms and political operatives. It explains why simply defunding the Intelligence Community is not enough, and why DC is so set on federalizing elections and minimizing transparency. (“Our elections have been usurped by the Intelligence Branch,” he says. “Start with honest elections and we will see just how much Democrat AND Republican corruption is dependent on manipulated election results.”)

By the way, this piece supports our suspicion that Obama attorney Lisa Monaco is really running the show at the DOJ, to protect Obama and those responsible for the current “Intelligence Branch,” in what actually is the third term of Barack Obama. (We’d say to look for the next Democrat presidential nominee to be his machine’s choice for Obama Term 4.)

It might be said that the system really has, in a sense, been “fundamentally transformed,” as Obama once infamously said he’d do. “Preserving this system is also what removing Donald Trump is all about,” Sundance concludes. “The targeting of President Trump in order to preserve the system, the system that was created during the Bush administration, then weaponized during the Obama administration, is what the actions of the DOJ and FBI are all about.”

Is it all making sense now? This piece is quite long, but please hold onto it for when you have time to settle in for a fascinating, enlightening and at times shocking read.

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions

One could argue that the left’s fervor to spend us into bankruptcy by lavishing money on their green cronies isn’t exactly a good intention, but let’s grant them the benefit of the doubt and say they truly believe they’re saving the planet. And let’s put aside the issue of whether they actually are (no.) Let’s look instead at the most basic, lowest bar question of all: is there a serious downside to allocating hundreds of billions of dollars to subsidizing weatherproofing of people’s homes? Sure, our grandkids will be saddled with the bill, but at least we’ll have lower energy costs and be all snug in the winter and cool in the summer in our greatly improved homes, so that's positive, right?


An analysis by Real Clear Investigations (lots more details at the link) found that the last time the government poured a ton of money into “weatherization” subsidies was in the 2009 stimulus bill passed under Obama. Auditors later found that it resulted in “fraud, embezzlement, shoddy work, inflated expenses for parts and materials, sketchy billing, kickbacks, and gimcrack construction.” And guess what happened when Congress let “Community Action Agencies” oversee the spending of all that money: “prices for smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and thermostats ranged from about 120 percent to 200 percent over the average retail price.”

Wait, are they saying that when the government tries to solve a problem by throwing a mountain of money at it, some unscrupulous people will exploit that situation to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense? Why has nobody ever warned Washington about this?! I sure hope that didn't happen with all that COVID relief money!

I keep asking this question and never get an answer

When are the people who want to regulate and ban guns going to learn the first thing about the object they want to regulate and ban? President Biden just gave us yet another example of his utter ignorance of a subject he claims to be passionate about, telling a crowd in Pennsylvania, “Do you realize the bullet out of an AR-15 travels five times as rapidly as a bullet shot out of any other gun?”

No, it doesn’t. It’s not even the fastest among commonly-available rifles. But if Dems believe that, no wonder they think victims of AR-15s can't be autopsied because their bodies disintegrate (yes, that’s a thing that’s actually been said.) Check out the link for information on muzzle velocity that wasn’t pulled of thin air.

Remember when

You know you’re getting old if you remember when college was a place where you were exposed to a variety of ideas and learned how to think and debate.

Today: a new poll by the college-ranking site Intelligent found that 59% of students censor themselves because they’re afraid of expressing their political views in class. But guess who’s not afraid to do that. 85% if students say their teachers express political views in class (15% do it “frequently”), and 77% say their teachers espouse leftwing ideas.

That’s how college went from being a laboratory of ideas that taught students how to think to being an overpriced indoctrination factory that teaches them what to think.

KJP’s Latest

President Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is the gift that keeps on giving…to Republican meme makers. Latest example:

“MAGA Republicans” are “the definition of fascism.” She then gave an incorrect definition of fascism.

Bonus: the actual definition of fascism sounds exactly like what the Democrats are doing.

Worth repeating

I already mentioned this story before, but it’s worth repeating for its hypocritical absurdity: It’s now the law in New York that you have to show an ID to prove you’re 21 or older in order to buy a can of whipped cream – because teenagers might get high huffing the propellant fumes.

New York: Where you can get into more trouble trying to buy a can of whipped cream than you can stealing it, and where you have to show ID to buy whipped cream, but not to vote, because that’s racist oppression. But what about all the poor black people who won’t be able to buy whipped cream now because, according to liberals like Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman, they aren’t capable of obtaining an ID?

Anne Coulter describes what it’s like in New York City now.

Hint: it’s a lot like it was before Rudy Giuliani saved it, only even worse. The Dems were voted into total control and did to NYC what the ones in DC are doing to America. It’s no longer safe to ride the subways or for a woman (or anyone, really) to be out alone after dark. Homeless people come into restaurants, sit at your table and threaten you. The Democrats let all the criminals out of jail, and now the only thing that’s locked up is all the merchandise in stores (even cans of SPAM), which makes shopping a lengthy ordeal.

Why is it that when I think of the Democrats’ idea of “justice reform” (letting all the criminals out of jail and doing away with bail so they never have to return to jail) and what it’s done to New York, I keep thinking of the obnoxious EPA official in “Ghostbusters” who refused to listen to reason and ordered the ghost containment field shut down, and Armageddon ensued? Any minute now, I expect to hear of a giant marshmallow man in Times Square getting mugged and eaten by homeless people. Well, at least anyone under 21 won't have whipped cream to put on him.


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  • Joseph Orsini

    09/02/2022 09:26 AM

    Republicans MUST tie Democrat candidates to Joe Biden and his policies!
    Red-state Alaska just replaced a Republican Congressman with a Democrat
    Their strategy: heavy nice-guy advertising with a hide-in-the-basement strategy.

  • Jerry

    09/02/2022 09:18 AM

    Biden and the his Press Sect. are focused on keeping the the Federal Government as the Guardians of the US citizen. The Press Sectary is uneducated what the founding Fathers had put together to form this country. She and so many others mayors of Democratic run cities so uneducated and programed to denounce the concepts of our countries beginnings. The answer is simple the Government wants to run the life of every citizens, corporation, lives name an aspect of a US citizen life the government wants to control it. It is as simple as that. Figure it out Citizens the control of yourself is on the Ballot this Nov. Do you want a Biden type in control of you if yes seek rehab immediately !!!!!!

  • Jerry

    09/02/2022 08:32 AM

    Is the Fox outlet turning to appease the biden administration? This morning I viewed the oath of Army enlistees oath to become a soldier a phrase that said to obey the President the Commander in Chief orders, that does scare and infuriate me. This unhinged president should not be in command of anything, the Armed Forces for sure, anyone remeber the withdrawal of Afghanistan complete disfunction. The demonic action biden is taking on and showing more and more each day is alarming and disturbing and becoming critical each day. Removal of this demon is overdue a Catastrophe is in our near future the raid on Trumps home is the continuing over reach of the this government arm.

  • Stephen Russell

    09/02/2022 08:12 AM

    Bidens PA & MD speech:
    Both deranged, tyrant style esp in PA
    Red background & 2 Marines?

  • Jerry

    09/02/2022 07:55 AM

    As biden and its administration continues its demonic demonstration, what agencey can stop this invasion and destruction of our Constitution? Biden appears to be threathing voters with invasions by the FBI the DOJ, the military and anyone that can ward off voters that oppose the Democrat candidates. This action confirms the fear this administration has at losing its power to make rules and laws that don't abide to our current laws and Constitution. The GOP had better up its game soon to ensure GOP Candidates win their elections and hope they will not be a part of the current set of RINOS we have today.

  • Judy Radley

    09/01/2022 05:12 PM

    The real reason for climate change, is because of a 26,000 year atmospheric cycle, (or something to do with the cycle of the Sun & Earth & other planets), and we are in the Earth's warming trend that will continue until the cycle then switches to Earth's cooling trend. That is why the polar caps, glaciers, and icebergs are melting, etc., has NOTHING to do with humans' existence on Earth. The dinosaurs, if there really were dinosaurs, went through the 26,000 year cycle of the cooling trend that was encapsulating the Earth then, that's why they died out and why we now have ice bergs and glaciers, and why we are finding bones from prehistoric animals & humans and ruins from prehistoric cities, like the lost city of Atlantis, existing under water and glaciers.

    Then once the current 26,000 year warming cycle is done, it will go back to the cooling cycle. It is part of the cycle that all planets in the universe go through. Has nothing to do with human habitation on Earth. The melting of ice bergs, snow caps at the Arctic Circle and Antarctica will all melt, and water will rise in the oceans and all over the Earth, islands will be submerged and the land mass will shrink because water will flood over it. Then it will evaporate because of the heat and the Earth will have more deserts than non-deserts. Average temperatures will rise every year until maybe not even have 4 seasons any longer, while the Earth is in this warming cycle. Then it will be the cooling cycle again. Scientists know all this, but they are using it to their advantage for 'fear mongering' to get monetary gain. They won't tell the truth in order to get people to be prepared, they use scare and guilt tactics for their political agendas and make billions of dollars by not telling the truth. "Liberals never let a crisis go to waste in order to use it for political and monetary gain by exploiting it".

  • Paul Kern

    09/01/2022 04:57 PM

    As a young Christian I was given the tools to grow. Bible, concordances, classics and the like. I passed that it on the few who wanted it. Found very few fldid! Now there have been a few generations still breastfeeding. Both pagan and Christian.
    In order to save the nation we need God's heavy hand. Then level all federal agencies, including Congress and go thru each separately to weed out the Benedict Arnold's. Will take a long time as it looks like most, includingng the fake chief will need to go permanently!

  • Robin Rebhan

    09/01/2022 04:55 PM

    RE: "Read this and know why they targeted Trump". One of the things I have herd frequently from the DOJ & FBI is that these documents were not secure. So what the DOJ & FBI are saying is President Trump has an inadequate and or incompetent Secret Service Detail at Mar-A-Lago. Or Mar-A-Lago property is in fact in the good hands of the Secret Service and false accusations are being made by DOJ & FBI that these documents were not secure. Which is it?

  • Stephen Russell

    09/01/2022 04:42 PM

    Domestic survelliance state:
    We experience Enemy of the State 1990s movie
    THX 1138
    Red Eye

    We must purge the FBI CIA NSA NSC
    Or lose OUR freedoms

  • Chelsea Martin

    09/01/2022 03:08 PM

    "...a new poll by the college-ranking site Intelligent found that 59% of students censor themselves because they’re afraid of expressing their political views in class."

    That could be encouraging. If the bulk of teachers spout off Leftwing Lunacy in class, and 59% of students censor themselves because of fear, then that would put the "non-afraid" students at 41%.

    Of those "non-afraid" one could feasibly imaging at least 10% are outspoken regardless of the consequence. Which would put the number of actual leftwing collegiate lunatics at approximately 31%.

    Someone really should take the "bullhorn" that this 31% minority seems to have seized and proverbially beat them with it in exactly the same way that they've spent the past 8-10 years proverbially beating society. Preferably with the same level of "proverbiality" that West Germany employed against the Nazis post-WWII.